Biden Tells Seniors in Florida: In 19 Years Every Bed in U.S. Will Be Occupied By an Alzheimer’s Patient

While campaigning in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Tuesday afternoon, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden made a startling prediction.

“If we do not find an answer to Alzheimer’s — within the next 19 years, every single solitary bed that exists in the United States of America — now — will be occupied by an Alzheimer’s patient,” Biden told an audience of seniors.

The former vice president was appearing at the Southwest Focal Point Senior Center to tout his vision for older Americans. The facility is home to hundreds of seniors who live independently.

The Biden campaign limited his audience to 10 invited guests.

The Democrat spent much of his baleful speech blasting Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and blaming him for “the empty chairs around the dining room table tonight.”

“How many of you have been able to hug your grandkids in the past seven months,” he asked the attendees.

Biden went on to tell the small group of seniors that President Trump thinks they’re “expendable, forgettable and virtually nobody.”

“That’s how he sees seniors,” Biden claimed.

Later he attended a drive-in “voter mobilization” event in Miramar, Florida, where only about 100 cars were allowed.



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5 responses to “Biden Tells Seniors in Florida: In 19 Years Every Bed in U.S. Will Be Occupied By an Alzheimer’s Patient”

  1. No…. no, I won’t…
    It is just too easy…..

  2. Biden is trying to use fear to get people to vote for him. There is no one else in the medical field who believes Biden’s claim above. Biden makes things up all day long. He will lockdown our country and take away our private insurance.

    Trump cares about seniors. Trump wants to open the country and also keep people safe.

    • I would first note that I am a Trump supporter and see Biden as corrupt, impaired, and a man with a track record of many bad decisions. That said, on this particular matter. . . . .

      If you look at them, the numbers of people who get Alzheimer’s disease with progressive aging are quite startling. Currently, we have some symptomatically useful drugs starting with Aricept, the first practical anti-Alzheimer’s disease but while they buy circa a year of function, they do not stop the progression of the disease. Consider the actual statistics of the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease by age:
      <65 yo 4%
      65-74 yo 15%
      75-84 44%
      85+ 38%
      Then multiply that by the number of baby boomers who will be in that age range.In the last 10 years the number of 65yo or older has risen 32.5 to 13,787,044. Their average lifespan currently will extend to about 80 and by 20 years from now will be circa 85. The bottom line is that by 2030 there will be circa 40M people in the alzheimer's range and something like 15M with Alzheimers. It generally takes two FTE (full time people) to manage one Alzheimer's patient – meaning that somewhere there will be a need for about 30M caretakers just for Alzheimer's patients. That is a huge number of people. It would be more people than are currently employed in the entire healthcare and nursing home sector now (a sector that costs about 18% of our GDP. To put that in context with our healthcare system – there are about 924K hospital beds. I could easily imagine Alzheimer's Disease patients swamping our system. It is imperative for treatments that delay the progression of Alzheimer's disease or reduce the disability so people can remain functional if we are to avoid a collapse of our economy long term from this single disease. When you realize that from a company getting the idea of what therapy to develop to actually getting the therapy approved for sale takes about 15 years, basically we will be in the problem I describe by a time where the therapeutic has to pretty much have started development now.
      I am skeptical that the government will be farsighted enough to deal with this. But that does not make the problem go away. The Pharmaceutical industry pursued the goal of a therapeutic mostly by focusing on the beta-amyloid hypothesis and spending over $15 BILLION with a B of their money. But that turned out to be a dry hole – the Academicians liked the hypothesis but it turned out to not be the key. There are other ideas out there – especially the neurofibrillary tangle hypothesis – but none of them are especially compelling.
      Personally I think this will be a disaster. Not just in the US but in every country. We are just coasting along into it, wasting trillions on stupid concerns like global warming (a non-starter since the temperature curve is just following its 171 year cycle as it has for at least 3000 years and indeed is heading to a cooling period likely starting to surface over the next decade since the rise has flattened since 1998.
      So Biden is at least generally referring to a real problem – even if he is clueless as to what to do about it.

  3. In less than one year he’ll be in one of those Alzheimer beds.

  4. The more outrageous the lies, the bigger chance the low info leftist democrats will believe it. Biden’s nose should be about 20 feet long by now.