A review of “The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return” by Michael Anton (Regnery Publishing, $29.69, 500 pages).

Is Our Fate Really Out of Our Hands?

Michael Anton’s new book, The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return is the sort of book no one in his right mind enjoys reading. I don’t mean that it’s badly written or badly argued—just the opposite, in fact. But what the author has to say—about matters involving, quite literally, life and death—is not pleasant to hear.

Our country seems to be coming apart. Even if President Trump wins reelection in November, it will mean—at best—a few extra years of breathing space in order to . . . do what exactly? Well, forestall for a while a tyranny of vindictive leftism unleashing its pent-up anger and aggression. That’s not meaningless. But one of the sobering things Anton shows is just how bad our condition is, and how difficult it will be to restore any semblance of constitutional government.

Full disclosure: I’ve known Mike Anton a long time. We were graduate students together in Claremont a few decades ago. At one point during our student years, Mike (who loves to cook) was renting a basement room with no kitchen, and used to come over to my place periodically to make a home-cooked dinner. The food was great but, holy cow, what a mess he made! He would use every pot and pan I had, and it took a long time to clean up.

To give this story a relevant point, it was a fair trade-off. We both got something out of the deal, to which we both consented. Plus, of course, as friends we enjoyed hanging out and indulging in a symposium of conversation along with the banquet he prepared.

This is actually a good metaphor for the theme of Anton’s book—except that my pleasant personal memory has been twisted into a national nightmare.

The Left has invaded America’s domestic establishment, cleaned out the pantry, and created a disgusting mess of chaotic lawlessness. There’s just one problem: the glorious utopian feast they promised never materialized. 

Well, that’s not quite true. As Anton explains in excruciating detail, the liberal oligarchy has created a very nice lifestyle . . . for itself, while impoverishing and endangering the rest of us. They’ve made a nice meal all right, but they are eating it all themselves; and even flaunting that fact. This, in one sense, may be their worst harm: poisoning the civic friendship that was once the heart of America’s peace, prosperity, and freedom.

None of this is a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention. “Our elites,” Anton observes devastatingly, “love themselves but hate their country.”

Anton is well-read and has real-world experience, with stints in the New York world of corporate finance and as a senior national security official in the Trump White House. He puts his education to good use. Even before the novelist Tom Wolfe’s name gets mentioned on page 26, I could see the exuberant new journalism that Anton learned from Wolfe on display in his electric Kool-Aid prose, describing how the Left has mau-maued California (his case study) over the last 50 years. Liberal Democrats turned a near-paradise into a dirty, congested, dangerous “anarcho-tyranny.” This latter term, which Anton borrows from the late Sam Francis, refers to the new feudalism created by our leftist oligarchy. On the one hand, zealous and almost arbitrary prosecution of the “laws” is imposed on the many, while the ruling class gets to do pretty much whatever it wants.

Likewise, a discerning reader can see hints of Anton’s previously published criticisms of the “dissident Right,” and its leading spokesman, the mysterious Bronze Age Pervert. These right-wing critics of the American founders attribute today’s egalitarian social engineering to the Declaration of Independence. (Wrong!) Over-reacting to our clown world of political correctness, they pine for a mythical aristocracy. Anton writes: 

If our present system were someday to give way and some group of former Americans were forced to reconstitute a functioning polity of their own, the leaders would be unwise to do so on the basis of an alleged natural or divine title to rule. [Pretensions to] natural aristocratic superiority will be—and be seen as—nothing more than what the kids call “LARPing” (“live action role playing,” or dress-up). It’s hard to envision any former American accepting the assertion of his own permanent inferiority with good grace.

Considering what would happen “if our present system were someday to give way” is the heart of this book.

Anton describes the credo of our leftist oligarchy as “liberation from all restraints, sneering disdain for tradition and Christianity, contempt and hatred for America and its history, recasting of whites as the archvillains of their country’s story.” That’s great for virtue-signaling, but not so good for maintaining a stable, functioning nation. It’s hard to see how the elites can sustain their wealth and privilege while destroying the conditions of a productive economy.

Assuming something has to give, Anton lays out a variety of possible scenarios. These are fascinating and hard to summarize, but include ongoing, low-intensity conflict between blue-America power centers and red-America resistors, Caesarism (“something between monarchy and tyranny”), or a major calamity that really breaks the nation apart into a multitude of city-states. 

To avoid these outcomes, Anton lays out a plan for what might be done during a second Trump term—a long-shot plan that Anton pretty clearly sees as wishful thinking, even if Trump wins. Thus, he does not end the book by rallying his readers to that fight. Instead, he concludes by speculating about a more or less peaceful geographic separation and reshuffling of red and blue populations, but notes somberly that this would require “an act of statesmanship on the grandest scale since the Civil War.”

Without disputing the accuracy of Anton’s political diagnosis (which almost reads like an autopsy) of America’s ills, I don’t share his gloominess. Perhaps this is more a difference of temperament than analytic judgment. Although on the latter, here’s one example of how or why Anton might be too pessimistic. In discussing the various sub-factions that support the ruling class, he analyzes “Freeloaders,” “Wokerati,” and “Avengers.” But he overlooks what I have argued is perhaps the biggest segment: the Fashionistas (to use a term that imitates Anton’s clever descriptors). 

Many people who vote liberal and parrot politically correct slogans have no real commitment to the ruling class agenda. They are just being trendy, imitating the popular opinions they hear from famous actors, athletes, and musicians. 

Given that Anton is a close student of Machiavelli and Montesquieu, it is bit surprising he does not give more attention to the significance of fashionable opinion, which is, of course, notoriously fickle and shallow. There is no reason to suppose that this popular opinion has to remain unalterably fixed. (Think about the immensely popular action movies that Hollywood produced during the Reagan years.) 

I don’t want to overstate this. Our culture is more degraded in almost every way since the 1980s. I only mean to point out that popular opinion—like politics in general—is changeable, and can change again in sudden and unexpected ways.

The last line of the book asks plaintively if there exists a statesman “with the justice, moderation, talent, courage, and wisdom” to save the country. Is that the right attitude? Is our fate really out of our hands? I’m with the Spartan king Leonidas. Confronted with the vastly superior forces of the Persian empire, which demanded that the Spartans surrender their arms, Leonidas answered, “molon labe”—“Come and take them.” If the Left wants my liberties, molon labe.

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9 responses to “Is Our Fate Really Out of Our Hands?”

  1. “…it will mean—at best—a few extra years of breathing space in order to . . . do what exactly? Well, forestall for a while a tyranny of vindictive leftism unleashing its pent-up anger and aggression.”

    Some of our best and brightest conservatives have written many books over the past 3 years about Spygate, Obamagate, etc. and it’s clear that all this isn’t going to fix anything, readers just end up upset and $30 lighter.

    “…one of the sobering things Anton shows is just how bad our condition is, and how difficult it will be to restore any semblance of constitutional government.”

    I wonder if anyone who works in government feels the same and is willing to start a soft-revolution to restore conservative government. Assuming PT wins reelection, will the DOJ do anything or will AG Barr recede back into retirement, leaving PT wondering who he can replace both Dir Wray and AG Barr with?

    Thank goodness for ACB’s nomination, PT has done his part, here’s hoping those vindictive leftist’s don’t pull any fast-ones on Sen Graham.

    “…If the Left wants my liberties, molon labe.” They’ve all ready taken many of them without many even noticing, or a fight.

    Awaiting stateman, Benjamin Martin’s call to arms…

  2. “ These right-wing critics of the American founders attribute today’s egalitarian social engineering to the Declaration of Independence. (Wrong!)…“
    What a brilliant counter argument.
    Aside from it being a declaration of war, meant to get as many people and nations on our side or at least not against us, which people often confuse with the constitution and our government at all, it rests heavily upon a lie that I would argue has led to our present mess. Beautiful prose aside, equality is a fiction, and all men are not created equal and will never be equal.
    Until we can shake that nonsense from our thinking, we will be stuck on this revolutionary road.
    Before someone says “but equality before the law,” that is also a fiction and has always been a fiction.

    • Neither physical equality, nor equality before Man’s law, were the referent in the Declaration. The Founders knew that all men are created equal by God in relation to Him, under His authority, as beings who are eternal, not temporal. This is why we have rights in relation to each other, and a duty before God to respect those rights.

  3. Yes, Anton is brilliant. And perhaps giving in to despair too quickly. Beyond the Fasionista voters (which is indisputably real), the glimmer of hope I see is the black vote. Just in the nick of time we have a Republican President who genuinely campaigns for the black vote. And the black community by all indications has responded. No, we won’t see 80% of black voters going GOP (nor even 50% for some time), but we don’t need large numbers. 20% will do just fine, both as a guarantee of victory in 2020 and as the tipping point for a preference cascade in 2022 and beyond. This, one thing has the potential to dramatically change the entire political course in America. And it is in reach on November 3rd.

  4. One Complaint from the Trump-Biden debate was that neither candidate presented an agenda for the next four years. Biden said, “I am the Democratic Party,’ and said ‘The New Green Deal is not my plan,’ so what, hopefully, should we hear from Trump, to start the next Trump-Biden debate. “The accomplishments of the first Trump-Pence Administration do not have to be defended, they have enriched the middle class, and provided jobs to those who need them. Rather, the first 100 days of the 2nd Trump-Pence administration will see the start of perp-walks for those who think they are above the law. Those in the Justice Department and FBI who participated in the Russian probe scam will be indicted, arrested, and tried in Federal District Court. Those who violated US laws with foreign nations,, like Hunter Biden, will be indicted, arrested, and tried in Federal District Court. That may also result in the indictment, arrest, and trial of Former VP Joe Biden as well. For violation of our national security laws it will also be former Secretary of state, and First lady, Hillary Clinton. I will also ask the Attorney General to empanel a Federal Grand Jury to review the violation of their oath of office of the members of the House of Representatives who i nitiated and participated in the Impeachment Proceeding. It will be directed against Speaker Pelosi, House Judiciary Chair Jerrold Nadler, and House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff. Since CNN and other tv channels have replayed on numerous occasions, Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatening the person of the President of the United States, I will direct the head of the Secret Service to take her threat seriously, and as also a violation of her oath of office as a Congresswoman, have her indicted, arrested, and brought before a Federal Magistrate, and incarcerated without bail until tried. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Manual, “Of the individuals who come to the Secret Service’s attention as creating a possible danger to one of their protectees, approximately 75 percent are mentally ill.”

  5. Interesting concepts – I live very close to Boston and have been in Massachusetts my entire life. Known as a liberal bastion of the highest order (see the dimwits we send to the Senate for example), what strikes me is Boston and Massachusetts are far left on national issues but much more centrist on local ones? For example there was one high profile looting episode after Saint Floyd and since then every time there is a hint of the next one the governor publicly announces a call up of the National Guard – no riots here. Although still somewhat Covid crazy they have opened up a bit other than some hot spots.
    I’m not defending these economic idiots that run my state (see the looming pension debacle here) but they have managed so far to thread the needle in keeping taxes high but services pretty good without inviting homelessness and driving away productive citizens.
    So maybe just maybe there is a compromise here nationally that everyone isn’t happy but can live with? Kind of like how we used to be?

  6. To a large degree, the right paved the way for this to happen by abdicating the education establishment exclusively to the left.

    The left had a plan: Seize the minds of the children, and in time, their goal of one party rule will simply fall into place. The right did nothing to stop them.

    There are now several generations of people who have been indoctrinated into believing insane left wing values that no one would have dreamed of teaching 40 years ago, while simultaneously being force fed the false notion that white people and the USA at large are a force for evil. We stood by for decades, complaining, but refusing to take action. Even Trump hasn’t done much to reverse the tide.

    And here we are…

  7. Hello.

    Yes, culture can change.

    However, it is our least accessible lever (farthest from reach); and it slips our grasp even further as we speak.

    I see the trend of decades (as do you) yet you are pointing to … to what ? hope ?

    Thank you for this article Mr. Ellmers.

    And thank you AG for the new comments section — I may come play here sometime.

  8. Those are yours alright! . We at least need to get these people stealing images to start blogging! They probably just did a image search and grabbed them. They look good though!