Iowa Bar Owner Arrested for Ignoring Social-Distancing Rules

The owner of an Iowa bar named the Pour Bastards Pub pub has been charged for not following the state-issued guidelines for social distancing, New York Post reports.

On Sept. 4, Newton police returned to the pub after a previous warning in August, officers found there was no social distancing at the bar and no clear distinction between groups. When officers approached the bar owner, Charles King with a copy of the guidelines, King said his customers were adults and it was their responsibility if they wanted to come to the bar they could. He also expressed his disagreement with the guidelines. When officers attempted to serve charges to King, he ripped through the paper with a pen and ripped the paper off the officers’ clipboard, according to a police report.

The bar owner attempted to return to the bar and was ordered not to do so. Officers grabbed King by the shirt to direct him back out in front of the bar where he was told he was under arrest. King became resistant and refused to put his hands behind his back.

King was arrested and taken to the Jasper County Jail and additionally charged for struggling with the police who arrested him and two counts of possession of contraband in a correctional institution when he was allegedly found with a vape cartridge that contained 87.2 percent THC and .2 percent CBD, the paper said.

King was released on a $5,600 bond with his initial appearance set for Sept. 29., the paper said.