Make English Great Again

One of the biggest weapons in the takedown of western civilization has been the Left’s amazing ability to frame debates through the cunning use of language. The way issues are framed now presupposes what the outcome should be.

It’s all part of the art and science of persuasion. Scott Adams grasps this intuitively. You see it all the time in political debates. “Anti-abortion” reframes pro-life advocates as being against a procedure instead of for a concept embedded in our Declaration of Independence. “Undocumented” workers presupposes that the issue is a matter of documentation, not legality. 

Thanks to having control of many more echo chambers than the Right, leftists are able to consistently shift language to the best words for their agenda. 

But two (or more) can play that game. Herewith, are some modest suggestions about language conservatives, constitutionalists, and mainstream Americans should consider:

Leftist Establishment Media: One should never say “mainstream media” to apply to pro-Democratic party house organs—not even you, Sean Hannity! “Mainstream” implies that media organs like the Washington Post and New York Times reflect middle America, when in fact they despise it. Elite leftist journalists kowtow to elite leftist financial and political fashionistas in Washington and New York. Plus, if you acronymize it, you can call followers of the LEM, Lemmings.

Border Trespassers: People who seek to come into the United States illegally. If an “undocumented worker” set up shop in Nancy Pelosi’s house, he or she would be thrown out on his ear so fast for trespassing, it’s not even funny. The problem with “illegal alien” is that it is not crime-specific. That’s one of the reasons leftist semioticians were able to undermine it so well. What are illegal aliens doing? They are trespassing into the United States.

Sex-Obsessive (SO): Someone who defines everything they do through the prism of sex. Whether someone is LGBTQ or inanimasexual is irrelevant if they do not bring it up in the performance of their job. Only sex-obsessives would do something like that, and that means they are distracted and not likely to be as productive as others. This can work for any single-minded thinker who reduces everything to one issue—race-obsessives, money-obsessives, power-obsessives, gender-obsessives, identity-obsessives . . . it’s kind of tragic how many people are so narrow-gauge in their thinking.

Neo-Primitive: Someone who believes that progress is defined by getting back to nature, profaning God, flag, and speech, releasing their id, assaulting civilized people, looting from small businesses, justifying criminality, defunding the police, and seeking the destruction of Western Civilization. One side of the Black Lives Matter movement is about promoting equal protection under the law, but another faction is trying to use it to push a neo-primitive, socialist agenda.

Vende Patria” a.k.a. Country Sell-Out: People who would sell their country out for a profit. It sounds a lot better in Spanish, but the principles that drove so many Latin Americans to revolt against their own elites are the same whether in their country of origin or in the United States. Sooner or later mainstream Americans get tired of elite companies outsourcing their jobs overseas and telling them that international norms and people matter more than they do.

Cultural Destroyer: Someone (usually an SO, neo-primitive vende patria) who decides to tack on an “x” instead of an “o” or an “a” when referring to people of Hispanic descent. The entire Spanish language is gendered! Whoever came up with Latinx should be sent to a gulag for sensitivity training forever. This can also refer to people who hate Western Civilization.

Others have noted how in Leftspeak, “bipartisan” means Republican support for liberal or left-leaning positions and “divisiveness” means disagreeing with leftism. This cannot stand. It illustrates how much emphasis leftists are putting on seizing the mainstream. The only way that happens is if mainstream America lets them. 

Words may seem harmless, and you may seem like a crank to get worried about them, but sooner or later they accumulate into points of view, turn into philosophies, and ultimately shape political systems. Do not accept words, or redefinitions of words, that end up putting your worldview down or at a disadvantage. Save western civilization. Take back the language. Make English great again.

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