Articles by J.S. Winter

Make English Great Again

ne of the biggest weapons in the takedown of western civilization has been the Left’s amazing ability to frame debates through the cunning use of language. The way issues are framed now presupposes what the outcome should be. It’s all part of the art and science of persuasion. Scott Adams grasps this intuitively. You see […]

Know Your Enemies

ainstream Americans are about as harmless as they come. Focused as we are on work, family, church, sports, hobbies and recreation, we celebrate our holidays and special moments and mourn our loved ones when they pass. Who would want to overthrow a system that allows so many people to live, be free, and pursue happiness […]

It’s Time for the Samuel Adams Option

n 2018, Rod Dreher published The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians Living in a Post-Christian World. In it, he argued that Christians needed to recognize that this is a post-Christian society, and that they should withdraw as much as possible from it and build up private Christian communities. His inspiration for this concept is […]