The New Normal Ain’t So Grand

New turmoil greets America every week in 2020. COVID-19 has killed tens of thousands of Americans and the ensuing lockdown wiped out large swaths of our economy. The police-involved death of a convicted armed robber in Minneapolis launched a violent social revolution. Media lies test the limits of human credulity and gaslight half the nation into believing we live in a racist hellhole. “Mostly peaceful” is our real-life equivalent of “War is Peace.” Liberal elites have created a new normal that is abhorrent to any American with common sense.

This new normal shined in all its “glory” last week. A normal that refuses to believe in truth and tolerates all kinds of violence as long as it’s for a “good cause.” If you dare challenge this new normal, you’re evil and deserve the full wrath of the law and that of your employers.

It all started when a black man with a long rap sheet decided to violently resist arrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The story of Jacob Blake was first broadcast to the nation via a context-less video that showed the man walking away from police. Police shot Blake seven times in the back as he reached into his vehicle. He survived the shooting but is now paralyzed from the waist down. 

The story was spread as another example of police shooting an innocent and unarmed black man. Most mainstream media reports ignored Blake fighting with police and how a Taser had no effect on him. Journalists overlooked Blake telling police he had a knife and cops finding a knife in the area of his car where he was reaching. Mainstream reporters also barely drew attention to Blake’s outstanding warrant for sexual assault or how the cops were called on him for threatening his ex-girlfriend. 

It’s part of the new normal to turn violent criminals into innocent martyrs. Of course, there had to be riots for what happened to this morally pure individual. Several Kenosha businesses went up in flames and many innocent people were hurt because of the anger our new normal encourages. If you’re upset over racial injustice, you are right to torch an auto dealership and loot to your heart’s content. That’s called seeking justice, according to our elites. 

They don’t even need to riot over an actual police shooting either. Minneapolis once again saw looting and chaos this week after a black murder suspect committed suicide in front of police. A false story that police shot the man spread quickly and prompted immediate looting of city stores. 

Minneapolis Police released graphic video of the suspect shooting himself to dissuade protesters from their delusions. It didn’t work. Rioting continued unabated after the video was released. 

Rioters attacked police to the joy of internet leftists. One cop was struck with a metal trash can lid flung by a rioter. That assault was celebrated on social media as the work of a real-life Captain America. It’s right to attack police under the new normal. Some states even want to reduce this serious crime to a misdemeanor. No respect is shown to those who protect and serve our communities. 

While you can now attack officers under the new normal, you cannot do anything to the “mostly peaceful” rioters—even if they threaten your life. 

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse learned that hard lesson this week. Rittenhouse showed up to the Kenosha riots with an AR-15 to help protect local businesses from left-wing marauders. He became separated from his group and was attacked by rioters. He killed two and wounded another in the melee. He’s now charged with first-degree murder. 

Very few rioters in America have faced charges for their assaults, murders, and destruction. But if you dare resist them beating you to a pulp, you better expect the long arm of the law to crush you. That’s just how the new normal works.

You should also expect the media and Democratic politicians to condemn you as a “white supremacist murderer” long before your trial starts. GoFundMe will raise money for the “hero” felons who attacked you. Journalists will even transform your white attackers into black men to further cast you as an evil person.

That the media would lie about a young citizen acting in self-defense shouldn’t surprise us at this point. Reporters will literally stand in front of burning buildings and shamelessly tell us these riots are “mostly peaceful.” Someone besides Black Lives Matter and Antifa is causing these fires and looting. We just don’t know who they are—the real demonstrators are “peaceful”! The media will cry foul if you accurately point out BLM and Antifa’s connection to the violence. 

The new normal requires us to nod our heads and believe the lies our very eyes repudiate.

Last week also showed us how far the sports world will go in the embrace of these lies. The WNBA and Major League Soccer canceled their seasons over the Blake shooting. Several NBA and Major League Baseball teams went on “strike” to protest the police shooting a sex offender resisting arrest. Multiple NFL teams postponed practice and issued statements calling America a racist country. 

You can’t escape the new normal through sports—sports remind you of it every time you turn on the ball game. 

Americans have a choice this election: they can either enshrine this new normal with Joe Biden, or they can reject it with Donald Trump. America can no longer call itself a great country if it allows this new normal to reign. A great nation doesn’t get used to looting and mayhem on behalf of dubious social causes. It shuts them down. 

About Paul Bradford

Paul Bradford is a Capitol Hill refugee now earning an honest living.

Photo: Jose Luis Magana/AFP via Getty Images

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