The ‘Knives’ Are Out for You

American Greatness and I have collaborated on a project we call “American Greatness at the Movies.” The idea has been to alert you to good movies that celebrate America and to encourage you to consider attending them.

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that we are not exactly inundating you with film reviews. That, of course, is because of Hollywood’s grotesque anti-Americanism. Before “hate America” became the fashion in Hollywood, however, love of country was the norm in American movies. Today, not so much. 

Hollywood insiders are more than open about how they feel about America. With few exceptions, they take every opportunity to use their celebrity to grab the microphone and denounce America before all Americans and before the world. One thinks of Sean Penn and John Cusack, just to name two.

My intention was to stick to recommending movies that celebrate American greatness, but as the fellow said, “the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” So I am going to abandon that plan for today, and also break with the honorable tradition of not giving away the plot. If you are a fan of Agatha Christie or the “Colonel Mustard in the library with a knife” genre, or if you have any interest in still seeing Rian Johnson’s “Knives Out,” you have been warned—many spoilers ahead.

One reviewer wrote that “‘Knives Out’ is one of the most purely entertaining films in years . . . with some wonderful political commentary.” He really, really wants you to see it. He writes that the filmmaker uses “a wonderfully entertaining mystery structure that would make Agatha Christie smile.” 

No, it isn’t. The film is a slick piece of anti-American propaganda that uses a tried-and-true movie genre and some big stars—Daniel Craig, Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans—to persuade you to cut your own throat. 

The film wants you to understand that America’s time is up, and that America does not deserve to live.

Plummer’s character is a fabulously wealthy old man, and the burning question is, who is going to get all of his money? Let Plummer’s character stand for America. He decides to disinherit his children and grandchildren who are shown to be greedy and undeserving. Let them stand for the American people. 

Turns out, the old man leaves everything to his nurse, a young immigrant whose mother is living in the country illegally. The plot twist is that in order to leave the money to his nurse, the old man must commit suicide—by cutting his own throat!—to protect the mother from being found out as an illegal alien. 

I kid you not; that really is the plot. 

I’m sure you won’t be shocked to learn that the film was a huge success at the box-office worldwide. Unfortunately, there is big money in anti-Americanism abroad, and—even more unfortunately—here at home. “Knives Out” won many prizes, was selected by the American Film Institute and the National Board of Review as one of the top 10 films of 2019. This is a movie the people in the film world can believe in and back to the hilt!

The reviewer I have mentioned called the film “a scathing bit of social commentary about where America is in 2019.” It would be truer to say that this is where the reviewer, Hollywood’s leading lights, America’s elites, and the Democratic Party have been in America, especially since 2016. They want you to give it all away to immigrants, legal and illegal. They believe America, like the Plummer character, is in its last days, and the future will be all about foreigners inheriting America. 

And what the movie preaches is that non-Americans deserve to inherit America because her own children are unworthy. The young immigrant woman is portrayed as a paragon of virtue; she can’t even tell a lie. Move over, George Washington!

The film is propaganda, not a warning, but it does make clear what’s up—the knives are out for you.

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