The Left’s Absurd Tribute

An overwhelming majority of Americans looked on in horror as they watched George Floyd die under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis. There was a moment of heartbreak and unification across the country as we collectively tried to process what we saw and demanded justice for Floyd. Four police officers were at the scene as it appeared one of them knelt his full body weight on the man’s neck until he died crying for his mother. No matter the man’s past or even if he had tried to resist arrest, the officer’s life was clearly not in jeopardy at that point, and there was absolutely no reason to use such deadly force.

In sadness and solidarity, people reacted to the grim reality of bad training and bad apples in the nation’s police forces by organizing peaceful protests in major cities throughout the country. These protests quickly devolved into fodder for Marxist revolution in major cities across the nation, complete with looting, vandalism, arson, murder, calls to defund the police, occupation of city blocks, and (mindless to some but mindful to Marxists) destruction of statues including Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Frederick Douglass, and Jesus.

To placate the mob, Democrats everywhere capitulated to the rioters in the “summer of love” by painting BLM slogans on major streets, delivering food and porta-potties to the rioters, allowing protests but denying church services, canceling popular TV shows such as “Live PD” and “Cops” in a move to better dehumanize police officers, and, of course, blaming Donald Trump every step of the way. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) talked about George Kirby, forgetting Floyd’s last name as Congress got into the act by passing a police “reform” bill. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called him Floyd Taylor then George Taylor as he found reasons not to pass an actual workable police reform bill by black Senate Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina. In response, Pelosi said of Senate Republicans, “So far they’re trying to get away with murder, actually. The murder of George Floyd.”

In a completely condescending move, woke educators at Rutgers changed grammar rules to reflect “written accents” while the equally woke Associated Press decided to capitalize “Black” but not “white.” 

In a move that will not make a damn bit of difference to black lives, Major League Baseball plastered Black Lives Matter on jerseys, banners, and the pitchers’ mounds. Meanwhile, MLB sponsor Google along with Nike, Apple, BMW are revealed to be among 83 brands using Chinese Muslim slave labor

If black lives really mattered to BLM and the woke, why haven’t we see protests for the black lives of a one-year-old boy shot in his car seat, 3-year-old Mekhi James, one-year-old Davell Gardner while sitting in his stroller, 77-year-old retired police officer David Dorn, or Anthony Robinson walking hand-in-hand with his 6-year-old daughter?

After more than 60 nights of rioting, looting, and destruction of what used to be beautiful cities, the overthrow of the country continues in the streets, sustained in large part by zero bail laws and celebrities who donated bail money to those cities without such laws. 

Representative Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) denies any violence in our cities, while the weekend headlines read “59 officers injured as agitators hurl explosives, bottles, rocks.” 

A Portland commissioner actually blamed policemen for setting fires. Even Fox News cut away from a White House briefing featuring the violence on the streets because of its graphic content.

Pretending the Antifa and BLM revolutionaries are not there and not committing criminal acts is not going to make them go away; just like singing the “black national anthem” at the beginning of football games is not going to help black lives. 

Fighting back against these violent mobs, returning to law and order, and remembering the day George Floyd was killed to use those feelings for good and not bad would be a start.

How about instead of renaming streets for George, painting murals, removing statues in the middle of the night, and banning the word “looting” we consider actual policies that will help minorities who are struggling?  How about legislating school choice, encouraging families to stay together, creating and funding peer mediation programs in schools and on the streets, local community police recruitment, and voting for Republicans rather than the Democrats who have run these cities into the ground? 

Let’s honor George Floyd with honorable actions.

About Angela Kelley

Angela Kelley is the Director of Operations for American Majority. She has an extensive professional background in higher education and program management. She loves politics and genealogy and is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Photo: Eze Amos/Getty Images

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