Far-Left Groups Attempt to Control Biden Transition Team and Cabinet

Although the election is still over 90 days away, radical left-wing groups are already trying to dictate the composition of Joe Biden’s transition team and possible Cabinet members, according to Politico.

Such demands were revealed by a letter that was signed by nearly 50 left-wing groups, including the Antifa-style group Indivisible, the Working Families Party, Demand Progress, and the Revolving Door Project, which demanded that Biden refuse to hire “any individual to a senior policy role in an agency or department with authority over any industry in which that individual held a senior position or served in an advisory capacity within the last five years.”

The demands illustrate an ongoing divide between Biden, who has attempted to market himself as a “moderate,” and the Democratic Party’s far-left base. After Biden defeated Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for the nomination, he has attempted to court Sanders’ voters with a “unity platform” that incorporated some of Sanders’ more radical ideas.

The letter says that “too often, the teams crafting incoming administrations have been stacked with figures who work for corporate interests…unsurprisingly, the resultant administrations overwhelmingly reflect this inherent conflict of interest.” Similar efforts were made by many of the same far-left groups in 2016, when they attempted to influence the hiring of what they expected to be the administration of Hillary Clinton.