Alt-America Is the Dream of Stalinist-Democrats

America needs to act promptly to safeguard our freedom, our nation, and the fate of civilization itself from destruction at the hands of neo-Stalinists disguised as Democrats. America is the exemplar of Western Civilization, civility, and prosperity. It is accomplished, religious, and generous. It has done more to help more people, in more ways, in more places, than any nation in history.

Think what the world would be like, what your and your childrens lives would be like, without America. Without America’s tradition of Judeo-Christian decency, without American capitalism’s genius for economic growth and upward mobility, there would be no social justice.

We cannot let Stalinist-Democrats provoke a race war by dividing, stereotyping, and stigmatizing Americans according to skin color. These double whammy provocateurs are stigmatizing white-skinned Americans as mindless knuckle-dragging racists, and black-skinned Americans either as dangerous rioters and looters, or hapless victims.

The 2020 battle for Americas future is a contest between good and evil. The difference between good and evil has nothing to do with skin color. Rather, according to the Lord, it has to do with character and conduct.

We need to wake up from our media-induced stupor and take charge. Defend America. If you are of African-American heritage, you may want to lead the charge by stopping Stalinists from stealing your identity and fraudulently attacking America in your name. 

The Stalinist bully boys who blame everything on “racist” Americans are reminiscent of shock troops in Nazi Germany when Hitler blamed everything on the Jews. Had the German people acted promptly, they could have stopped their descent into Nazi insanity and prevented the Holocaust, but they did not.

We must stop the Stalinist-Democratic insanity while we still can. Millions of Americans have had their minds bent, beaten, and subjugated by the insidious power of broadcast and social media. 

People in America who have genuinely sought more social justice will find that life in alternative America, while not necessarily shorter, is “mean and brutish” compared to the life they had.

As a result, they claim special privilege to harm, humiliate, and harass other people; to take away their money, property, and jobs; to punish them for what they say and think; to demean and insult their intelligence, patriotism, religious beliefs, culture, and family history; and to demand that the “Star-Spangled Banner,” the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, and other icons of American life be erased and or become the objects for abject and demeaning apologies. 

Given the opportunity, many cognitively damaged new converts to Stalinism would vote to destroy the American economy, the rule of law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and, ultimately, civilization itself.  

The Biden ticket in November offers the zealots both the opportunity to vote against America and potentially the means by which to replace it with an alternative America built upon destructive Marxist economics, political correctness, Stalinist oppression, and often downright stupidity. Before the new model can be built on the ashes of the old, America as we know it must first be burned to the ground. 

To hasten the destruction of America, the temporary “brain trust” (Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) proposed a plan in their “unity platform” that would shoot the American economy in the head with deadly tax and regulatory bullets just as it is beginning to recover from the coronavirus lockdown. What the Biden brigands would do to the many tens of millions of die-hard patriots who fought to save America remains to be seen—but one can easily guess.

If Biden wins (or steals) the election, the change will not be some temporary shift to the hardcore Left in the course of American politics. Rather, if it occurs, the change will be apocalyptic and permanent, the culmination of a decades-long effort by Stalinist-Democrats to reshape the minds and morals of three generations of Americans, to subvert governmental, religious, and commercial institutions and, through judicial reinterpretation, to undermine the Constitution. People are already losing their jobs for failing to be sufficiently enthusiastic about today’s woke Stalinism.

Buyers’ remorse will set in when the zealots and their dupes regain their sanity. They will not like living in alternative America, which is likely to resemble some blend of Communist Cuba and China. Living standards will be low and most aspects of personal, family, religious, and economic life will either be prohibited or tightly controlled. 

Ambitious young women in America who have worked hard to acquire big-time professional skills will be disappointed to learn that merit has little value in alternative America. Similarly, upwardly mobile African-Americans will be disappointed when the merit-based brass ring is snatched away just as they were about to grasp it. People in America who have genuinely sought more social justice will find that life in alternative America, while not necessarily shorter, is “mean and brutish” compared to the life they had. 

Americans should beware the bogus Biden ticket. We do not even know the identities of the puppet masters who will be pulling his strings. If we let ourselves be duped into selling out both ourselves and our country to the Stalinist-Democrats, they will never give back the freedom and prosperity we relinquished. 

About Ernest S. Christian

Ernest S. Christian, a lawyer, served as a tax policy official in the Treasury Department in the Ford Administration.

Photo: iStock/Getty Images

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