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Ernest S. Christian, a lawyer, served as a tax policy official in the Treasury Department in the Ford Administration.

Measuring Decline by What’s ‘In’ and What’s ‘Out’ for 2019

As the calendar rolls over from the last days of the old year to the first ones of the New Year 2019, predictions are popular. So are Out-In Lists, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, that by juxtaposition contrast the new year’s fads, fables and facts—usually expressed in only a word or two—with last year’s

By | 2019-01-13T12:14:02-07:00 January 12th, 2019|

Will the Thin Red Line Save America from the Blue Wave?

If they do their duty in the next Congress beginning at noon on the third day of January, the 53 Republican members of the 116th Senate will steadfastly repel all the attacks that the radical 116th House of Representatives is expected to make on the principles of free-market economics and our defining constitutional

By | 2018-12-11T22:27:19-07:00 December 11th, 2018|

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