A review “Communist China’s War Inside America,” by Brian Kennedy (Encounter, 49 pages, $7.99)

Common Sense About China

Something really strange is going on in America today. If you have wondered why political correctness requires you to avoid using the word “Chinese” with regard to a virus that came from China, then I have the book for you. It’s Communist China’s War Inside America by my friend Brian Kennedy. The good news is that the book—the latest in Encounter Books’ “Broadside” series—is very brief (the main text is only 49 pages). It is also written in a beautiful, clear style. Despite its brevity, it provides all you need to understand the nature of the Chinese threat to America, and to understand what can be done and must be done.

Kennedy gets straight to the point, writing that the Chinese 

are confident that America has grown corrupt, and that its political, financial, and cultural elites are in near-complete sympathy with the globalist project of an interdependent world, with the P.R.C. [the People’s Republic of China] at its head.

And make no mistake: the Chinese have ample evidence that their confidence in America’s elites is not misplaced. 

I have a story from my own life that illustrates Kennedy’s point. Recalling what it was like before the pandemic panic took total control of American life will help to set the stage. Back then, the media, the celebrities, and the politicians had not yet mastered the talking points of the COVID-19 narrative. During one of those early days, a local radio news personality announced with great excitement that she had secured an interview with a prominent epidemiologist from the most prestigious university in our region. After thanking the professor profusely for granting the interview, the reporter asked the obvious question, the one that was on my mind at that time: “What is the difference between this flu and the Spanish flu of 1918?” 

The professor was greatly offended by the question. She admonished the reporter never to use the term “Spanish” with regard to the flu of 1918 and never to use the word “Chinese” with regard to the flu of 2020. The professor simply would not answer the question and, for that matter, she would not address any other question having to do with epidemiology. She confined herself to scolding and reeducating the reporter, making it clear to the reporter and her listeners what was and what was not politically correct to say about the virus. 

It was an astonishing performance. The professor did not speak as an epidemiologist; instead, she spoke as a globalist. When she said, in effect, “Don’t you ever call this flu that came from China ‘Chinese,’” she was acting as a spokesperson for the ideology of globalism. 

The professor’s response, so on-target so early on, is but one example. But if you need another example, have you heard of Yu Ben Ming? If you haven’t, what I am about to tell you, I expect, will astonish you. Yu is the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the California Public Employee Retirement System (CALPERS). He manages the $400 billion in assets of America’s largest public pension fund. Every dollar he invests in China—and he invests plenty of them—makes China stronger and gives China more leverage over American investors and American politics. Feeling queasy yet?

The Chinese are not content to put America’s economic might to work for them while at the same time stealing America’s advanced technology; their goal, as Kennedy writes, is “demoralizing the United States to the point where America believes that further resistance is futile.” They can’t succeed without the help of America’s elites, but everything that must be done to counter the Chinese threat can be done. As Kennedy writes: “These steps must be taken now before it is too late.”

His book will bring all that is going on and all that needs to be done into sharp focus for you. Never, perhaps, in the history of publishing has so much been accomplished in so few words. You owe it to yourself to read the book, and you owe it to your friends to share it with them. 

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