Black Woman Throws Paint on Multiple Black Lives Matter Murals in New York City

On Saturday, three different “Black Lives Matter” street murals in New York City were vandalized by the same black woman, Bevelyn Beatty, as reported by Fox News.

The 29-year-old Beatty live-streamed herself in all three cases, first striking at the infamous mural painted on 5th Avenue just outside Trump Tower. She dumped black paint all over the mural while shouting “Refund the police” and “Jesus matters,” while also declaring that “we will never support Black Lives Matter.”

Although she was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, she was released shortly afterward. That same evening, she did the same thing at two more Black Lives Matter murals: One located in Harlem, and another located in Brooklyn. In both cases, she was yelled at by angry leftists as she filmed herself live in the act.

During the Brooklyn stunt, she declared that “we’re taking our country back,” and that “the police need our help. They can’t stand alone. Don’t just sit idly by and watch your country go to the ground.”

The mural on 5th Avenue, painted by Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-N.Y.) and radical racial provocateur Al Sharpton, has been the target of several acts of counter-protest by those opposed to the Black Lives Matter mural. Beatty’s actions mark the fourth time that someone has thrown paint on the mural over the course of just one week.