Over 100,000 California Mail-In Ballots Thrown Out Due to Mistakes

The push for mail-in voting has yielded a significant amount of fraud in the nation’s largest state, with over 100,000 ballots being rejected due to various errors in the March 3 primary in California, as reported by the Daily Caller.

Out of 7 million ballots returned in the primary, approximately 102,428 of them were thrown out. Among the leading causes of ballot rejection were ballots being returned past the due date (which accounted for over 70,000) or due to the voter’s information failing to match up with voter records (over 27,000).

This development follows Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) signing an executive order in May mandating that every single registered voter in California would have their ballot mailed to them. Newsom also recently reinstated numerous lockdown measures across the state of California, even though the coronavirus seems to have plateaued.

Mail-in voting has become the latest radical movement to earn the support of many Democrats, who claim that it is a safe method of conducting elections in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. However, there have been numerous widespread instances of voter fraud all across the country in states that have enacted vote-by-mail, including South Carolina ballots being found in Maryland, and a voter registration form being sent to a dead cat.