Nearly 90 Protesters Arrested for Protesting Outside of Kentucky Attorney General’s Home

Eighty-seven far-left demonstrators were arrested on Tuesday for gathering outside of the home of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, as reported by ABC News.

The gathering was one of many radical demonstrations by a Black Lives Matter-affiliated group called “Until Freedom,” demanding “justice” for alleged police brutality and so-called “systemic racism.”

The protesters staged a “sit-in” on Cameron’s lawn, and refused to leave after being ordered to do so by police, thus forcing the police to arrest them. During the protest, they could be heard chanting that they would “burn it down” if they didn’t get their way.

As such, police determined it as “an attempt to intimidate, persuade, or influence the attorney general,” and thus charged the protesters with the class D felony of “intimidating a participant in a legal process,” which includes a possible sentence ranging from one to five years in prison.

Among the protesters who were arrested was a football player named Kenny Stills, and reality TV actress Porsha Williams of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Cameron, a Republican, is the first African-American Attorney General in the history of the state of Kentucky. Cameron condemned the protests, pointing out that they would only serve to cause “further division and tension within our community.”