Washington Redskins to Change Long-Time Name Due to Leftist Pressure

The Washington D.C.-based football team known as the “Washington Redskins” will finally be changing their name, which has been under attack from leftists for years, as reported by Fox News.

Although the name, which includes as its mascot a caricature of an Indian with red skin, has been falsely criticized for years as a supposedly racist name, the team faced a whole new wave of controversy as part of the ongoing racial unrest across the country. After pressure from multiple major corporations, including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Nike, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, it has been confirmed that the team will officially retire the name.

The name change will not be immediate, pending a “thorough review” and working out the trademark issues over the iconic logo and original name. Although it had moved to D.C. from Boston in 1936, recent efforts to build a new stadium within D.C. itself had been blocked due to the controversial name, which could be one of the main reasons that the team has finally made the decision to change its historic name and logo.