Penn State Deletes Tweet in Support of Tolerance for Conservative Beliefs

Pennsylvania State University, more frequently known as Penn State, posted and then deleted a tweet encouraging tolerance of all political viewpoints, including conservatism, after backlash from intolerant leftist students, as reported by the Daily Caller.

The tweet, posted by the Twitter account of Penn State’s College of Liberal Arts, originally read “Dear students, each of you belongs here. Dear conservative students, your viewpoints are important.” But after multiple leftist students complained about the support for conservatism, the tweet was deleted.

One student complained to Penn State’s student newspaper, the Daily Collegian, falsely claiming that “Conservatives in the United States do not live in a system that was built from the blood and trauma of their ancestors.” She also claimed, without evidence, that “students can scream the N-word at protesters and draw a swastika for a cute sorority squat picture and there are no consequences.”

Another student similarly made the baseless claim that “conservative students are some of the students that call us the N-word and show us firsthand what white supremacy is.”

William Hessert, Penn State’s director of strategic communications, defended the content of the tweet by saying that it was meant to convey the university’s “inclusive and supportive environment.”