100 Ford Employees Sign a Letter Demanding the Company Stop Making Police Vehicles

Approximately 100 employees of the Ford Motor Company signed a letter demanding that the company cease all production of police vehicles, accusing such vehicles of being a part of “systemic racism,” as reported by The Daily Caller.

Although the group makes up an insignificant fraction of the company’s 85,000-strong workforce, Ford executives still took their concerns into consideration, according to chief communications officer Mark Truby. Describing it as “a healthy dialogue,” Truby said that “we want to hear and listen to all employees, understand their point of view, and be transparent about the actions and positions we’re taking.”

In the letter, the hysterical employees claimed that the manufacturing of such police vehicles was “supplying and supporting the very systems that perpetrate violence against black Americans.”

This is just one of many recent examples of widespread anti-police sentiment across the country, fomented by race riots and false accusations of racial bias in America’s policing. Numerous police departments have seen cuts to their funding, including the Los Angeles PD losing more than $150 million, and the New York PD’s budget being cut by $1 billion. Elsewhere, the police-themed TV shows “Cops” and “Live P.D.” have been cancelled, and the iconic toy brand Lego announced that it would no longer promote any police-themed sets.