Armed Black Protesters March in Georgia

Dozens of African-American protesters, openly carrying firearms, dressed in all black, and with some wearing body armor, marched on Georgia’s Stone Mountain memorial on the 4th of July, as reported by local newspaper Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The marchers initially started in downtown Stone Mountain before marching to the Stone Mountain Park itself, where the titular mountain features a massive mural carved into the side depicting Confederate President Jefferson Davis and his two top generals, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The protesters never went through the process of properly acquiring permits to march on the park, but the police allowed them to march anyway in order to avoid a confrontation.

At the Stone Mountain rally, one armed black man addressed the crowd and deliberately attempted to stoke racial tensions by directly challenging white Americans to fight their group, saying “to the three percenters and all the rest of those scared rednecks, we here! Where the f**k you at? We in your house, let’s go!”

The march was organized by a new organization calling itself the “Not F**king Around Coalition” (NFAC), which initially promoted two different events set for Saturday. Besides the march in Georgia, NFAC also called for a march in Phoenix, Arizona, but that event never took place.