Against the ‘Fake Noose’ Media

The affluent liberal narcissists are at it again.

The FBI on Tuesday released the findings of its investigation into the “noose” allegedly found in the garage of biracial NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. No hate crime was committed. The supposed hate symbol, in reality, was a loop handle tied into a piece of rope used to open and close the garage door. This particular rope handle had been there since at least 2017. 

This outcome was predictable. The scourge of modern-day Ku Klux Klan members in white hoods burning crosses throughout our land is a Hollywood canard, not real life. Mercifully, America has a meager supply of bona fide racists.

We have no lack, however, of wealthy and privileged liberals who want to preen in front of cameras. Hence the rise of our “fake noose” media. Bubba Wallace, like Jussie Smollett before him, lives a life of privilege. His father owns an industrial cleaning company. His mother is a college-educated professional. 

Most Americans don’t have the combination of time, money, and talent Wallace had to become professional race car drivers. The best estimates place his net worth at $3.5 million. The noose kerfuffle raised his profile even higher in elite media circles. Expect his fortune to grow! On Monday, every NASCAR driver and pit crew member formed a parade at the Talladega Speedway walking behind Wallace’s car as it entered the track in order to show their support for opposing racism. 

All of this because of a garage door pull rope. 

Wealthy celebrities like Bubba Wallace and Jussie Smollett have no problem slandering their fellow citizens as racists if it means they get to cosplay as civil rights icons. The problem is deeper than simple celebrity narcissism, however. These hate hoaxes are an attack on the character of the country. They are tools in the hands of the powerful to distract the people from the real problems afflicting less fortunate Americans.

With every fiber of their being, liberals are convinced that rednecks flying Confederate flags are a bigger threat to America than multi-billion dollar corporations outsourcing jobs and wrecking communities. Before anything else, modern liberals are anti-racists. 

That puts them firmly on the side of America’s corporations. Big Business loves boosting profits through outsourcing and mass immigration cloaked in the moralisms of “diversity” and lifting “millions out of poverty.” Since the beginning of the Reagan era, as global free-market economics came to dominate the world, American productivity has grown by 70 percent. American wages, by contrast, grew by a mere 15 percent.

In order to prevent Americans of all races from recognizing they’ve been swindled—that their collective economic interests are under attack—and to prevent them from doing something about it, American elites in the corporate, media, and academic sectors allied themselves with left-wing radicals to foment racial discord. Big Business abuses the American people.

There is a reason Black Lives Matter, the “1619 Project,” and the Equal Justice Initiative maintain extensive corporate backing.

When Americans are focused with a religious fervor on chattel slavery as it was practiced 150 years ago, they aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in the world today

Nike, for instance, has made “Juneteenth,” the celebration of Texan slaves being liberated by the Emancipation Proclamation, a paid holiday for its workers. And yet Nike pays workers less than a dollar an hour to make its shoes at the Hansae Vietnam factory in Ho Chi Minh City. Focusing on past slavery blinds Americans to modern-day sweatshops.

Those manufacturing jobs used to be located here in America, in places like Saco, Maine. But when Nike founder and multi-billionaire Phil Knight wanted to save money, he decided to ship his plants overseas so he could pay poverty wages to Third World women workers in appalling conditions who would make his goods on the cheap. Anti-racism and big business exploitation go together.

It isn’t just Nike. Google is a major supporter of the Equal Justice Initiative’s “Lynching in America” project. The aim is to confront America’s “legacy of racial terror.” As the project’s website and teaching materials make clear, more than 4,000 African Americans were lynched across 20 states between 1877 and 1950. 

Here’s another number: 260,000. That’s the number of black men murdered between 1980 and 2013. The overwhelming majority of murders in America are committed by someone of the same race. In other words, in the last 40 years, more than 60 times as many blacks were murdered by other blacks than were lynched by whites in the 70 years after the end of Reconstruction.

Google’s investment in fomenting racial strife over extrajudicial killings in the 19th and early 20th centuries stands in stark contrast to its lack of concern regarding the challenges actually facing black people in America today. This isn’t about saving black lives. It never was.

This is about power. The rioters and protesters sweeping America’s streets are not challenging authority, they’re representing it. When Americans are flogging themselves (and others) over their white privilege and implicit bias they’re not focused on what’s happening in corporate boardrooms. They aren’t asking hard questions about the massive trillion-dollar cap companies gobbling up ever-greater shares of the American economy. A divided people is easier to manage. Bad citizens make good consumers because they don’t ask questions. They do what they’re told and buy what they’re told.

Google and Nike do not want an America with strong anti-trust laws, low immigration rates, and powerful blue-collar workers’ unions. They don’t want blacks and whites at peace with each other and with the country’s history. An America with strong local traditions and free association is one in which Big Business doesn’t write all the rules.

That America once existed. In the early 20th century, citizens demanding higher pay and corporate accountability would march while armed to the teeth. The Loray Mill strike, Colorado Coalfield Wars, and the Battle of Blair Mountain show that Americans were once willing to do what was necessary to bring Big Business to heel. 

America’s rapacious transnational business class knows what it would mean for their bottom lines if the people were once again to demand corporate fealty to the country and its welfare. Patriotism comes at a price. It means caring about the well-being of “rednecks” and “bitter clingers” who have opinions that lack the Ivy League seal of approval. 

If Americans come to see their country as bad, as fundamentally stained by “original sin” and historic injustices, they are less likely to love and cherish it. They are less likely to fight back against attempts to subvert it for the sake of the lovers of mammon. 

Americans must resist these cynical attacks on their forefathers. The “fake noose” media, our narcissist celebrity class, and their corporate backers must submit to the people. Our economic well-being depends on it.

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