Supreme Court Blocks House Democrats’ Efforts to Acquire Mueller Grand Jury Materials

Efforts by Democrats in the House of Representatives to get their hands on grand jury materials from Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation have been blocked by the Supreme Court, as reported by CNN.

The House Judiciary Committee, which admitted in a recent brief with the Court that it was conducting yet another impeachment investigation against President Donald Trump, demanded access to the classified materials from Mueller’s investigation. The Supreme Court blocked the release of the materials on a temporary basis, giving both the House Democrats and the Trump Administration time to file full briefs and appeals, respectively, before the court arguing each of their sides of the case.

While a federal appeals court took the Democrats’ side in their demands to see the materials, the White House and Department of Justice said that the materials need to remain classified in order to protect the identities of certain individuals involved in the grand jury testimony.

Democrats believe that the grand jury materials may provide them with unseen evidence that President Donald Trump committed a crime while in office, even though he was exonerated by both Mueller’s investigation and the subsequent impeachment trial.