UC Berkeley Offers a Course in ‘Adulting’ with More Applying Than it Can Take

The University of California, Berkeley is offering a new eight-week course in “adulting,” which is proving so popular that it must turn away students who have applied even after the class has reached maximum capacity, as reported by local outlet KTVU.

The class, led by instructor Belle Lau, will feature such topics as “managing time and money, improving relationships…fitness, nutrition, and mental health,” among others. Lau said that the class will also feature guest speakers. With a maximum capacity of 80, Lau was forced to turn away over 200 additional applicants.

Several students enrolled in the class admitted that they need the course because they themselves do not know much about basic life skills or self-reliance. One senior who is a math major admitted that he didn’t know “when to start working on my taxes and what to keep track of.” Another admitted that she had no idea how to mail a letter, and had to ask her sister how to put a stamp on it.