Migrant Caravan Illegally Enters Mexico, Facing Off with Mexican Authorities

A migrant caravan of hundreds of Central American aliens crossed the Guatemala-Mexico border illegally on Monday, in a standoff with Mexico’s security forces, as NPR reports.

After Mexican authorities confirmed that they would block the caravan’s entry, they sealed off the border bridge across the Suchiate River that the caravan was approaching. In response, many of the migrants crossed the river itself, even as Mexican riot police lined the riverbank on the Mexican side and refused to let them step any farther onto Mexican soil.

Mexico’s tough response to the aliens is further proof of the latest cooperative efforts between the Mexican government and the Trump Administration to crack down on illegal immigration. After President Trump threatened to level more economic sanctions and tariffs on Mexico, Mexican president Andres Obrador vowed to fight back against illegal immigration.

Together, the two countries reworked the American asylum system with the “Remain in Mexico” deal, where asylum-seekers aiming to enter the United States must wait in Mexico while their cases are processed. As NPR notes, “less than 1% of the cases lead to successful entry into the U.S.”