Hustler Magazine Sends GOP Lawmakers Christmas Cards Depicting President Trump’s Assassination

The pornographic magazine Hustler distributed Christmas cards to GOP lawmakers which featured a cartoon depicting the assassination of President Trump, Fox News reports.

The cartoon in question depicts a man holding a smoking gun, saying “I just shot Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue and no one arrested me.” The card was signed “from all of us at Hustler.”

Congressman Mike Johnson (R-La.) tweeted that the card was representative of “the radical Left,” and suggested that the reaction to a hypothetical conservative version of such a card, depicting the assassination of a Democrat, would be much greater. He also called for an investigation by the Secret Service into the matter.

The card also received bipartisan condemnation, including from anti-Trump lawyer Mark Zaid, who represents Eric Ciaramella, the suspected whistle blower who started the impeachment process, and tweeted his support for a “coup” against President Trump on the day of his inauguration. Zaid condemned the card as “unacceptable,” and that while he is “no fan of this president…this absolutely crosses the line and there should be a public apology.”

Fox reports that Hustler did confirm the card’s authenticity, but refused to issue an apology or any other public statement.