House Votes to Impeach Trump But Pelosi Refuses to Say if She’ll Send Articles of Impeachment to Senate

Surprising no one and appalling many, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday night to impeach President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment; abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Zero Republicans voted in favor of the sham and two Democrats voted against it. One Democrat split his vote on the two articles, and one Democrat —Tulsi Gabbard—voted present.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi however, later threw a wrench into the process by refusing to say when or whether she would send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial.

As the first article of impeachment was passed on this “sad and somber” night, Democrats started to applaud, prompting a stern glare from  Speaker Pelosi.

Rep. Zeldin (R-NY) trolled Democrats following the vote:

In one of the more impassioned speeches of the night, Rep Doug Collins (R-GA) called the Democrats’  impeachment charade a “drive-by hit” and accused them of “trashing the institution.”

“I will say this, in this House, whenever the rules are disregarded, chaos and mob rule actually begin and the Majority have taken that to a new level.”

Collins said Republican minority have had to put up with “nothing but rules being broken, people being put down, and questions not being answered” for the past year. He said the Democrats were hellbent on impeaching the president for no other reason than he won the 2016 election.

“I can guarantee that one day you’re going to be back in the minority and it ain’t going to be that fun,” Collins warned.

Meanwhile, President Trump spoke to over 5,000 supporters at a “Merry Christmas” rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, as the House was voting.

“It doesn’t really feel like we’re being impeached,” Trump said. “The country is doing better than ever before. We did nothing wrong.”

“The do-nothing Democrats, and they are do nothing, are declaring their deep hatred and disdain for [the] American voter” with the impeachment process, Trump continued, calling the impeachment “political suicide.”

“Have you seen my poll numbers in the last four weeks?” Trump added. “They’ve been trying to impeach me since before I ran.”

After the impeachment vote, Speaker Pelosi balked at sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, citing concerns about a potentially unfair trial he would receive there.

“So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us,” Pelosi told reporters at a press conference just moments after the House charged Trump with abuse of power and obstructing congressional investigations. “That would’ve been our intention, but we’ll see what happens over there.”

In reality, Democrats just want to deny the president an opportunity to clear his name.

“Is this a joke?” asked Sen. Johh Hawley (R-MO) on Twitter. “Democrats impeach the President without alleging a single crime, with a bipartisan coalition voting AGAINST, and now don’t have the guts to actually try their case? Did they put the country through this chaos just for their own amusement?”

Former White House press secretary Ari Fleicser called Pelosi’s move “a total farce.”

Mocking Democrats on Twitter, he added, “I thought Trump had 2b removed to save the Republic. For this to even be possible shows what a game this has been for the Ds all along.”

Conservatives on Twitter reacted to Pelosi’s gambit with great disdain.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he would comment on the House Democrats’ “precedent-breaking” actions on the Senate floor in the morning:

Late Wednesday night, President Trump pinned the following tweet to his Twitter profile:

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