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Soros-Linked Group Pressures Six Republican Governors to Accept More Refugees

- December 12th, 2019
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Six Republican governors across the country have been pressured into accepting more refugee resettlement measures in their states due to the lobbying efforts of a Soros-connected group, according to Breitbart.

World Relief, an ostensibly Evangelical organization dedicated to bringing more refugees into first-world countries, has been lobbying governors to take on more refugee resettlement measures. World Relief has links to the National Immigration Forum, which is funded by Soros and also promotes an open borders agenda.

Their efforts have led to several Republican governors, including Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.) and Doug Burgum (D-N.D.) to approve refugee resettlements in their states.

These groups and others are part of a larger left-wing effort to bring as many refugees and immigrants into the United States as possible, as President Donald Trump continues to reduce immigration flows into the country. Since taking office, President Trump has slashed the maximum cap of refugees into the country by more than 80 percent from the levels under the Obama Administration; for 2020, that cap has been lowered to just 18,000 for the entirety of the year, thus marking the lowest it has ever been since the refugee program was first established.

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