American Greatness Publisher Named One of National Journal’s Top 50 Influencers in DC

In celebration of their 50 years in operation, National Journal published a list of 50 movers and shakers who are “changing the game in Washington”— and our own Chris Buskirk made the list!

National Journal, long considered one of the most trusted sources of information in U.S. politics, says the “NJ 50” features “individuals who are driving positive impact and conversation in Washington through their work.”

In his profile, Buskirk describes how he went from being a successful entrepreneur to creating his own conservative journal in 2015.

“I got this idea,” Buskirk said. “I thought, ‘You know what? This is a unique political moment. A lot of things are up for grabs. I could go back to doing what I really love. There’s actually an opportunity here to move the needle in a positive direction.’” So in 2016, Buskirk created American Greatness.

“I actually started from the premise that most people actually are smarter than media generally gives them credit for. So if you pitch it a little higher, people will respond to that. We thought that legacy of conservative journalism had really descended to a low level … to a point where it was just sort of hyperbolic and outrage porn for the Right. We wanted to resurrect a more serious journalistic enterprise that represented something that was thoughtful.”

Today, Buskirk and his team have created a booming website, a podcast to boot, and a following of readers of all political stripes. Buskirk says that his journalistic endeavor is informed by the “Greatness Agenda,” which, simply put, holds a duty to citizenship before ideology or party.

“Every government policy has to be what’s best for the country. And that is a symbiotic relationship—citizens have to have a sense of fraternity among ourselves,” Buskirk told the Journal.

Other conservatives featured on the list include legal activist Carrie Severino, RNC “data guru” Katie Walsh, and the Heritage Foundation’s Kay Coles James.

The list also includes Lawfare’s Benjamin Wittes, Bullwark Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes, and Biden adviser Symone Sanders on the left.

About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

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