Do Feminists Have Balls?

Transgender “women” are not women. With or without surgical alteration, they are men. Women of previous generations have fought for the right to vote, against discrimination, against harassment in the workplace, and for representation in academia, sports, and the wider world of work.

A public affirmation of their supposed “femininity” is all these men need literally to run women off their tracks and pin them down on their own wrestling mats.

A case in point is the bizarre case of Jessica Yaniz, the prom dress-clad Canadian man who seeks to force female estheticians to accept his “womanhood” by waxing his testicles. Yaniz is suing more than a dozen salons for refusing to accommodate his request . . . as a woman. It would be funny if women had not already lost their livelihoods over their refusal to serve him. He’s being represented by the Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

Our sisters to the north are not the only ones being sacrificed by aligned feminist LGBTQ activists. No doubt these groups are seeking to swell their ranks, but their conflicting loyalties hurt the same women whose interests they claim to represent. Planned Parenthood, Pride, and other so-called feminist activist groups should be called out for selling out the interests of real women in return for engorging their membership.

Dr. Leana Wen was the most recent casualty of the transgender activists who sit on Planned Parenthood’s board. A physician whose expertise lies in creating and administering so-called public healthcare programs and policies (including abortion), she was fired from the helm of the organization. It was clear that the parting was not amicable and it was widely reported that Wen’s refusal to use gender-neutral language offended transgender staff. Her vision of diversifying Planned Parenthood’s mission to actually provide the healthcare services for women, beyond abortion and contraception, ran afoul of these activists.

Apparently, being an advocate of biological women within an organization that claims to champion “women’s healthcare” gets you dismissed. Wen has been silent. She should be grabbing a bullhorn, literally as well as figuratively.

Wen may be a public figure, but her silence is not unique.

The lunacy of elevating the interests of trans women over those of natural females is ubiquitous, nowhere more so than in women’s sports.

Prominent female athletes have been cowed and forced to apologize for representing their sex. Record-holding Wimbledon champion Martina Navratilova is an advocate of women in sports and an outspoken lesbian. Yet she was infamously forced to apologize for saying that trans women competing against biological women is unfair. Her op-ed in the February 2019 edition of the London Times went viral. But the backlash was fierce and LGBTQ nonprofits such as Athlete Ally cut ties. A contrite Navratilova then posted on her blog, “I know that the use of the word ‘cheat’ caused particular offense in the trans gender (sic) community. I’m sorry for that because I wasn’t suggesting that transgender athletes in general are cheats.”

Navratilova to her credit has maintained that the sport “should not be blind to the possibility that athletes can cynically change gender to gain competitive advantage.” Her refusal to retract that stance has continued to cost her. LGBTQ activists like transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon and leftist publications like NewNowNext blamed her when South Dakota Republicans sponsored state legislation under House Bill 1225 that sought to protect the rights of female athletes.

This allegedly “transphobic” bill simply stated that student athletes should compete as the sexual identity listed on their birth certificates. The outcry was enough to kill the initiative. The bill went down in a partisan split and women paid the price. Female athletes now must acquiesce to males who insist their supposed femininity grants them a spot held for a biological woman. Martina Navratilova, having been duly chastened by these X-chomosone female activists, has pretty much remained mute on the subject of transgender women in sports since March.

The feminists, distracted by the glittering of Jessica’s tiara and the panache of being on the right side of the wokerati, have diverted their gaze away from the problems of real women to those of people pretending to be women. There are young American women right now who could use their support. Feminists who still have any integrity left might be surprised to learn that a conservative legal group is now representing teenage athletes in Connecticut hurt by transgender bullying.

On June 19, the Alliance Defending Freedom filed a complaint on behalf of three female high school athletes. The girls argue that forcing them to run against trans “women” competitors cost them top finishes and college scholarships because male physiology gives the faux women a competitive advantage. Christina Holcomb, their legal counsel said, “Women fought long and hard to earn the equal athletic opportunities that Title IX provides. Allowing boys to compete in girls sports reverses 50 years of advances for women under this law. We shouldn’t force these young women to be spectators in their own sports.”

Meanwhile, trans women like Rachel McKinnon, having successfully bullied strong women like Navratilova, are further empowered to silence other female athletes who speak out in favor of keeping women sporting events exclusively for women. Where are the feminists supporting these young women? For the most part, they are silent. The few who have dared to question the madness continue to be rebuked and face repercussions. Germaine Greer and Camille Paglia, who both have championed that rather obvious observation that biology is integral to female identity, have been met with protests by trans activists and slurred as being “transphobic” in the media.

But there is an answer for these men in dresses. We can look to the media circus surrounding Elizabeth Warren’s much-touted DNA test to see an appropriate response. Warren claimed her self-professed identity as a Native American was verified by this scientific test, even though it turned out not to be. Chuck Hoskin Jr., secretary of state for the Cherokee Nation, chastised Warren, explaining indigious identity is more than a DNA test. It also has to do with life experience and citizenship within the tribe. “The concept of family is key to understanding why citizenship matters,” he said. “Everyone who cares about us as natives are welcome. But at critical moments those who have legal and cultural standing have a unique place with specific rights and responsibilities.”

Substitute “woman” for “native” and the point is clear. Neither biological nor the cultural experience of being a woman can be assumed by someone putting on a dress, undergoing a surgical procedure, or chemically altering his body. One either is or is not a woman. One doesn’t become one through choice or wish.

If women are to keep the gains obtained by the feminist movement, the message must be loud and unequivocal: Women do not have balls. They should have the courage to come out and say it.

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About Elizabeth Fortunato

Elizabeth Fortunato is a wife and mother from New York. She has a background in liberal arts and philosophy.


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