Organic Drink Company in Britain Advertises ‘Free M*lk Shakes’ at Polling Places

An organic drink company in the United Kingdom is being blasted on Twitter after advertising “Free M*lk Shakes” at polling stations in a tweet, Thursday. “Try our delicious new dairy-free m*lks at polling stations in Kent today,” Plenish Drinks tweeted. “They have half the sugar, and 30% fewer calories than a regular shake, so they’re ‘milkshakes without the nastiness’. Even if Nigel Farage is drinking one.”

The post follows a spate of milkshake attacks on right-wing candidates in Great Britain in recent days — including Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage — as they campaigned for the European Parliament elections. Leftists have been acting out in anger because polls are showing that the Brexit Party is likely to gain the most votes in the UK elections.

Plenish Drinks’ “Free M*lkshakes” tweet came about an hour before an 81-year-old retired army veteran was splattered with a strawberry milkshake while standing outside polling station while wearing a Brexit Party rosette.

Don MacNaughton served with the Paras for 22-years, according to the Telegraph, and is a widower.

But the former soldier, who served in hot-spots all around the world, laughed off the attack saying strawberry was his favourite flavour.Widower, Mr MacNaughton, who had been campaigning for Nigel Farage’s party in his hometown of Aldershot, also refused to go home and change his soiled clothing following the incident on Thursday morning.

He told the Telegraph: “I’m not going anywhere and I’m not going to change out of these clothes, even though lots of people have offered me clean shirts. These are my war wounds and I’m keeping them on. And I’ll be here till the polling station shuts. It’s my duty.”

Plenish Drinks’ timeline soon filled up with disgusted Twitter users who saw the tweet as an attempt to make light of attacks against right-wing politicians — which, of course what it did.

Plenish Drinks “clarified” an hour later that their post was only meant as a “joke” to “diffuse the tension.”  The company wrote that they “never advocate violence.”

That tweet was heavily “ratioed” as well.

“You have a strange way of diffusing tension!” said one user. “It’s in poor taste……perhaps much like the product,” said another.

An “anti-fascist” owner of a British beer company went further, earlier this week, when he advocated hitting Brexit supporters in the head with a brick.

“Note to our customers: Please don’t throw out beer over fascists,” wrote Mike Marcus, the director and founder of the Chorlton Brewing Company. “Hit them over the head with a brick as is traditional.”

In his Twitter profile, Marcus describes himself as “Anti-fascist (any means necessary).”

(Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

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