How California Republicans Could Avenge Kavanaugh

When discussing the electoral implications of the circus surrounding the Supreme Court confirmation battle of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the conversation is often divided into a question of a “red wave” versus a “blue wave.” Will this blatant character assassination fire up the Republican base in November? Or will the constant backing down and delaying from spineless Republicans lead many would-be GOP voters to simply throw their hands up and say “What’s the point?”

Either thing could happen at this point, especially as we still don’t yet know if the good judge will even be confirmed.

Electoral motivations should not be the object of these hearings, of course, but given where we are, it’s hard to see how this mess could be explained in any other way. Accepting that reality, when it comes to one particular individual from one particular state, it may very well still be possible to punish her, even if it involves electing another Democrat in November.

The Guilty Party
It is no question in the mind of any decent, fair-minded American that what is happening to Brett Kavanaugh and his family right now is pure, unadulterated evil. A particular group of people, hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to possess political power, are willing to fabricate outright lies, claim evidence doesn’t matter, and trot out well-paid activists to blubber and whine in front of cameras in an effort to convince people that due process is a thing of the past.

That, of course, is when their mobs are not outright physically accosting people everywhere they go, accusing them of the “crime” of being a Republican. Actions that are encouraged by leaders of the Democratic Party, and now by spineless Republicans like Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), are going to continue because they have proven to be “effective,” even if in a most disturbing way. It is pure evil, and a threat to our great republic.

And to whom do we owe our thanks for this whirlwind being unleashed? The ranking Democratic member of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)

From the very beginning of this entire confirmation process, there was a brief ray of hope for DiFi. In early September, when a new protester was popping up every few seconds during the first Kavanaugh hearings (remember those?), Feinstein actually took time out of her line of questioning to apologize to the judge for “the circumstances,” and said at the time that “we’ll get right through it.”

And of course, how did the far-left react to this apparent lapse of sympathy for their rage coming from a Democrat? With more outrage, of course! Outrage is all the rage and the conductor of that particular orchestra was none other than Feinstein’s challenger in this year’s Senate race, fellow Democrat Kevin de León, who actively has been running much farther to the left than the ancient incumbent. “We should be praising the protesters and standing outside with them, not apologizing for their actions,” De León tweeted, adding, “We need a senator from California who will stand up and #RESIST not #ASSIST.”

What a far cry from where we are now.

Early on it already seemed strange that Feinstein, of all people, was the one to open this unholy can of worms so late in the process. After de León’s criticism, as well as the emergence of further worrying indicators such as the California Democratic Party’s endorsement of de León, it was clear that Feinstein had to start appealing to her far-left base. What better way to do that than to fabricate your very own #MeToo allegation and suddenly become Judge Kavanaugh’s archnemesis in the Senate? The woman who saved Roe!

No Pros, Just Cons and More Cons
Now of course, the only way to beat these vile Democrats and squishy RINOs is to elect more conservative Republicans all across the country and defend all incumbent Republicans, so that the majorities in both houses become so large that the agenda can no longer be thwarted by a small handful of self-righteous “moderates.” As frustrating as the actions of the Senate GOP have been, abandoning the party in order to “burn it all down” (as some have suggested) is not the answer.

In California, however, when it comes to the U.S. Senate race, there is no Republican option. California’s ridiculous “jungle primary” system means that only the top two vote-getters in the primaries advance to the general, regardless of party. This year, just as in 2016, two Democrats advanced to the final round: Feinstein took a decisive first place, while de León narrowly defeated the top Republican James Bradley, a pro-Trump veteran and businessman.

De León, the President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate, has been running as an outright socialist and even more anti-Trump than Feinstein. He is against the very idea of the Second Amendment and advocates single-payer healthcare and increased minimum wages, among many other things, and has been loud in denouncing Kavanaugh, even before these allegations emerged. Long story short, a Senator de León would make Kamala Harris look like a moderate.

If anything, de León would become the U.S. Senate’s equivalent to what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) would be to the House of Representatives. And as has been made abundantly evident from her numerous interviews and other press appearances, Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have the first damn clue about how economics work, how politics work . . . or how pretty much anything works. She is a laughingstock.

But at least Ocasio-Cortez has a Republican opponent in the general election; Feinstein and de León’s race is simply a “choice” between one Democrat or another.

A Senator de León undoubtedly would be much further to the left than a Feinstein could ever hope to be. But his mere existence would put the total lunacy of the far-left on full display for the entire nation to see. Every other word that comes out of his mouth will incite either laughter at its sheer stupidity, or anger at its anti-American or anti-capitalist tones. He could be every bit as inadvertently damaging to the already-tarnished Democratic brand, and alienating to moderates and independents, as the creepy porn lawyer and his ill-FFFFFitting suits.

Justice for the Judge
When all this is said and done, we had better hope and pray, for all that is good and just in our world, that Brett Kavanaugh makes it to the Supreme Court. Not only would his confirmation be a victory for due process and his decades-long tenure drive the Left even further over the edge, but you had better believe that Justice Kavanaugh will never forget what the Left tried to do to him. They will have made a powerful enemy out of the fifth justice in a 5-4 originalist Supreme Court.

But even that just won’t be enough to demoralize them.

There are few better ways to demoralize an army than to take down their leader. Even if the Democrats are reduced to an even smaller minority in the Senate, and don’t take back the House, it would still be an insult if the orchestrator of this madness isn’t punished. Feinstein has problems. The far Left wants her gone. Moderates and independents may be turned off by the fact that her age and tenure in office puts her on par with the Crypt Keeper in terms of longevity. And Republicans don’t have a candidate of their own.

Republicans have little hope in California this year. Aside from defending all incumbents in key congressional races, as well as potentially flipping a few state assembly seats, it looks to be another Democratic sweep at the statewide level.

A vote for de León would be a way for Republicans to send a message to Democrats. It would punish the incumbent for leading the charge on the most despicable character assassination crusade in recent history. Republicans could join with the far-left in ousting the woman who has unleashed an unspeakable evil by weaponizing fake claims of sexual assault, which has greatly devalued real acts of sexual misconduct while turning women into props in our already-debased political discourse.

If Feinstein truly believed that this anti-Kavanaugh charade would help her win reelection, then it truly would be poetic justice if that were the thing that crushed her.

Perhaps after she is handed an early retirement, she can work as a lobbyist for the Chinese government?

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

About Eric Lendrum

Eric Lendrum graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was the Secretary of the College Republicans and the founding chairman of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter. He has interned for Young America’s Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, and the White House, and has worked for numerous campaigns including the 2018 re-election of Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22). He is currently a co-host of The Right Take podcast.

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