It’s Not About the Flag—It’s About Trump

One of the many revealing things that has happened since John McCain’s death on Saturday (other than Democrats praising a man who, back in 2008, they labeled a racist, insane, over-the-hill politician who lost his grip on reality back in North Vietnam) is the controversy that erupted today over the flag at the White House. On Sunday, the flag was lowered to half-staff and by Monday morning, it was raised again. I keep reading that this broke some long-standing tradition, but I really don’t know. (After all, as Charles Kesler recently pointed out, one of President Trump’s most important virtues is his breaking of norms.)

But what I do know is the irony of Democrats now screaming about the sanctity of the flag when they saw no problem with NFL players kneeling during National Anthem ceremonies the past couple of years. What’s the actionable principle here? Why, it hurts President Trump of course. That’s why they praise McCain today. That’s why they applauded when Colin Kaepernick, fully clad in socks depicting the police as pigs, first took that fateful knee in Santa Clara. It’s all about Trump all the time.

Don’t let them preach to you about honor, patriotism, sacrifice, etc. It’s simply a power game to them. Don’t believe the lie.

About Tom Doniphon

Tom Doniphon is not, as you may imagine, an iconic character from John Ford's greatest western. He is, rather, a writer in the Midwest. The moniker, suffice to say, is a pseudonym.

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