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Tom Doniphon is not, as you may imagine, an iconic character from John Ford's greatest western. He is, rather, a writer in the Midwest. The moniker, suffice to say, is a pseudonym.

Why Max Boot Was Never Right

The insufferable Max Boot just unveiled the cover of his new book: I hope it's chock full of stories how Boot and his interventionist cronies wrecked the Right and the nation at large, which led to Donald Trump being elected president. That's the real story after all. But somehow, I doubt that will make it

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Woke Sports Writers At It Again

Those who don't possess the meager abilities to write about modern politics write about sports. But many sports writers still find ways to inject their trivial political opinions into virtually everything they write.  Their politics are, for the most part, exactly as you would expect: liberalism in its purest form, complete with all the trappings of

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Charles Kesler on Character

Charles Kesler's "Thinking About Trump" essay from the new issue of the Claremont Review of Books is a masterpiece. It ranks right up there with some of the best political essays written in the past couple of years. There's so much to note about this fine essay, but I want to focus particularly on Kesler's extended discussion

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Hayward on Jonah Goldberg (and Me)

Friend of American Greatness Steve Hayward has a long post up today at Power Line on Jonah Goldberg's book, Suicide of the West. And the best part about it? He cites my work! All kidding aside, Hayward thinks Goldberg's detractors on the Right like me miss the point: Jonah's actually on our side. On the Right, Jonah's real

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The Effete Conservative Elite

The press is distinguishing itself really well right now . . . The courts are doing a really good job." Only a D.C. elite could have uttered that statement. And that elite is none other than . . .  Arthur Brooks, the departing president of the American Enterprise Institute. In a long interview with Tim Alberta of

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Hillsdale College: Making Citizens

A feature article ran yesterday at Politico Magazine on Hillsdale College, the small liberal arts college in southern Michigan that's one of the last best hopes on earth for making citizens. The article details how Hillsdale is increasing its reach and influence during the Trump presidency. It's not a bad piece, but it could have been better. Its

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The Confusion of Jonah Goldberg, Part VI

Richard Reinsch, the editor of the Law and Liberty blog, has just published his review of Jonah Goldberg's new book. Please read it. It will make you think and, unlike whatever the hell this is, it is well worth your time—even if you might disagree with his arguments (I, for one, think Reinsch wrong about

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CNN Poll: 2018 Looking Better and Better for Republicans

It must have pained CNN deeply to report this: "The Democrats' advantage in the generic ballot dipped from 16 points in February to six points in March to just three points now." And the hits just keep on coming: The results come from the same poll this week that found nearly six in 10 saying that things

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Krazy Kristol

You probably don't want to read any more commentary containing the words "Bill" or "Kristol," so I'll keep this as brief as possible. If you need more evidence of the total corruption of Bill Kristol's mind (nevermind his body), see his two Tweets below. Here's the first one, filled with all the usual pompous moralizing

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