#Walkaway from the Real Fascists

Brandon Straka walked away from the Democratic party after tiring of its surge into what he calls a “fascistic” bent. A lifelong liberal, and gay, the raffish New Yorker hardly fits the typecast of a frothing alt-right blowhard marinating in confected grievance.

But in today’s Democratic Party, renouncing one’s faith is tantamount to heresy. Apostates don’t fair well.

Straka crystallized his volte-face in a tingling video-confessional which has amassed 1 million views, and birthed a new movement urging moderate Democrats to cut the umbilical cord to a party that many no longer recognize as the champion of people like them.

In a barrage of sharpened adjectives, Straka rejects with conviction the modern Left’s “intolerant, inflexible, illogical, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant, narrow-minded, and blatantly fascistic behaviors.”

An exhaustive list, no doubt. Yet, it serves a purpose. Assuming you are not a Molotov-milling member of the modern Left mob, with how many of those adjectives have you been adorned by the tolerant? I’d guess more than half. If not: good for you.

Straka has been vindicated. During a recent visit to a Manhattan camera store, one employee took umbrage with his temerity to think for himself and break away from the arbiters of “tolerance.”

“He stared at me with this kind of dead-pan expression,” Straka told The Epoch Times. “And he said: ‘Are you planning to use this equipment for alt-right purposes?’”

Taken aback, Straka was refused service. “I’m sorry I just don’t feel comfortable selling to you. I can’t sell to you,” said the salesman.

With a touch of class, he later told his Twitter followers to not react negatively toward the store in question. Quite the opposite of the modern Left’s modus operandi of scorching the skin of anyone who deviates from its ever-hardening groupthink.

Thousands more have encountered such grief. Peruse  YouTube or the 106,000-strong #Walkaway Facebook group. Both teem with video recitals of excommunicated liberals aghast at the ghoulish direction of their old party. Most are not now evangelical right-wingers. Far from it. Yet, all speak with the resonance of a Scientology escapee.  

Those still in communion with the Democratic faith, of course, renounce the movement. They blame Russia. The #Walkaway spectacle is Putin propaganda, they claim. A Salon column insists Straka’s effort is a “Kremlin operation” hijacked by pernicious Russian bots in yet another salvo furring the arteries of a comatose America.

Indeed, there is some evidence suggesting Russian troll armies have oxpecked the movement’s viral success. But the video uploads from countless walkers can’t all be directed from the contours of the Kremlin.

It’s not complicated. Other reliably Democratic constituencies are busy questioning their loyalties. Black Americans are scratching their heads. Esteemed liberals like Mark Lilla have penned jeremiads in the vain hope of righting the leftward surge into fantastical revolutionary stupor. The same reaction is lavished upon them: don’t talk out of turn.

The crazies now run the show. We hear ceaseless commentary on the Republican Party’s apparent shift into extremism. But who are the real extremists? Are Republicans physically attacking teenagers for wearing pink pussy hats? Are blackened and bemasked Antifa boot-boys warring on the streets in defense of the U.S. Constitution?

Such vitriol stems from the Left’s faulty narrative of inevitability. The supposed final victory of 2016 was meant to forever relegate Republicans into California-style irrelevance. Hillary, sweeping Texas en route to Obama’s third term, would consign the enemy and its angry white men to the message boards of alt-right atavism. Or so it went.

But destiny didn’t deliver. Now, the aggrieved want revenge. And they’re not paying lip service to notions of compromise. Rather than temper their most toxic inclinations, they’re intensifying their calls for open-borders, violence, and cask-strength identity politics.

Yet, the #Walkaway movement started much before Straka’s seminal video. Voters in 13 reliably blue Wisconsin counties voted for Obama twice, for Governor Scott Walker—a conservative Republican—three times, and lesbian Democrat Tammy Baldwin for U.S. Senate, twice. Then they voted for Trump. So did the former Democrats of Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

This “last gasp” of an apparently dying White America is written off within the pages and pixels of liberaldom.

The theory is convenient in that it allows the “born-to-rule” to ignore the rejection of their faith. Those backward hayseeds, the trope lengthens, won’t matter much soon—demographics are destiny.

Except it’s not quite cut-and-dried. I suspect record low black and Latino unemployment will dangle further spanners above Democratic works. Not to mention the ongoing drive to “red pill” black America.

Also, here in Great Britain, free speech societies are popping up across campuses, stoking the fascistic violence of those claiming to be the opposite.

The real fascists are being unmasked. The lying, smearing, double-thinking modern Left plays out in real-time on the daily. Why wouldn’t anyone with a modicum of sense, walk away?

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