The Confusion of Jonah Goldberg, Pt. X

After my last couple of posts on Jonah Goldberg, I thought I would be done discussing the cosmopolitan conservative commentator for the time being. Well, I was wrong. Check out what he had to say about abortion and the conservative movement on Wednesday:

Um, what? He tried to justify this stance by arguing that one “can be lots of things and be a conservative. I understand why pro-lifers (and I am essentially pro-life) feel the temptation to make this a definitional litmus test, but that’s a bad idea politically and flawed philosophically.”

But if we can’t agree on who is and is not a member of the human species, all other disagreements are rendered meaningless. There is a world of difference between disagreements on, say, how much the U.S. should be giving to NATO and who qualifies as a human being. A political movement that is neutral on the latter matter should be consigned to the dustbin of history. It’s simply not worth anyone’s time—especially for those who supposedly treasure principles and virtue above all else.

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Tom Doniphon is not, as you may imagine, an iconic character from John Ford's greatest western. He is, rather, a writer in the Midwest. The moniker, suffice to say, is a pseudonym.

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