Trayon White, the Antisemite

The recent revelation that Washington, D.C. city councilman, Trayon White, is an avowed antisemite makes is a kind of poetic confirmation of Leftist projection. Everything they say about the right turns out to be a reflection about something deep and nasty within themselves. So to send this up in proper form, what better that a bit of verse?

Councilman White
Is an anti-Semite,
But since White is black,
That’s quite alright.

His view on Jews
He blurts with impunity:
“The Warsaw Ghetto?
A gated community!

“And the Rothschilds
Can summon snow—
The Nation of Islam
Told me so!”

Councilman White
Need have no shame—
For he has a “D”
After his name,

And so, he helps
Control DC.
It’s like some sort of

Photo credit:  Bonnie Jo Mount/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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