Looking Without Seeing

Fans of the fantastic HBO series “Westworld” (the second season of which just started) will know that when one of the cyborg “hosts” encounters something that conflicts with its programming it will intone, “Doesn’t look like anything to me.”  This response bears an uncanny resemblance to how the leftist collective deals with any news it can’t handle.

Consider the astounding cache of documents obtained by Israeli intelligence which shows that Iran has consistently and egregiously lied about its nuclear program, and that the Obama deal was exactly the sham its critics predicted.

The New York Times—one of the main programmers for the hive mind—can’t completely ignore the story,  so it carefully frames the shocking revelations for its robot readers, to prevent short-circuiting. Sure, it looks like “Mr. Netanyahu presented records from a secret warehouse in Tehran, making the case that Iranian leaders had deceived the international nuclear agency.” But don’t melt down just yet, because:

  • “Mr. Netanyahu did not provide any evidence that Iran had violated the nuclear agreement since it took effect in early 2016.”
  • “[T]he Iranian program to design and build nuclear weapons was hardly a secret . . . .”
  • “Mr. Netanyahu . . . brandished what he described as Iranian plans to build up to five nuclear weapons. But he cited no evidence that those plans were pursued.”

That was yesterday. Today, it re-enforced the artificial reality on the op-ed page, “Benjamin Netanyahu’s Nuclear Nothingburger.”  For robots a bit slow on the uptake, the headline is all that is necessary to resume life back in the virtual world.

In other words, “Doesn’t look like anything to me.”

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