Voices of the Resistance

My op-ed in The New York Times today on Paul Ryan’s planned departure certainly struck a chord. There were quite a few thoughtful responses to the piece in the comments section.

I will add that I didn’t fully appreciate until now that the mention of Devin Nunes sends The Resistance™ into fits of rage. He should wear that as a badge of honor. It’s because he’s doing his job and exposing corruption in the DOJ and FBI. You can oppose Trump and everything he stands for and still be appalled at the politicization of law enforcement. The fact that they have adopted the “any weapon at hand” mode of politics speaks volumes about the Left’s commitment to constitutional self-government.

Twitter, of course, was replete with misspelled invective. (What else?) But it’s the folks who take the time to send in emails that I most appreciate—especially the long ones. Donald Trump’s many critics never cease to chastise his demeanor, crudity, and temperament. He’s a vulgarian, they rant. So what about them? What if we hold up a mirror to his detractors? Glad you asked.

For you, dear reader, I have selected an excerpt from one typical email I received. Lest you think I am cherry-picking let me assure you, the rest of it is more of the same. Let’s make this the first in a series I will call “Voices of the Resistance”:

Your beloved republicans have fucking RUINED this country. There’s nothing ‘great’ about this country at this point. Your party has relentlessly attacked and torn apart the most vulnerable in our society. How the fuck do you live with yourself supporting that kind of an agenda? White privilege, much? Just remember, the greedy become the needy in this world. I hope to Christ the days of the republicans are done.

The fucktard in chief, the great orange ap Donald ‘I have the best words’ Trump has been an unexpected gift to those of us who stand for moral courage and doing the right thing. Two things the stinking dumpster fire ‘republican’ party doesn’t stand for. I’m extremely proud of those in the U.S. of A. who stood up and said FUCK NO WE WILL NOT TAKE THIS.

I hope to hell that I never see another fucking republican president in office for the remaining time I have left on this planet. American greatness my ass. The ‘republican’ party is the sole reason why I apologize to WW II vets for the pathetic shit hole this racist, hateful garbage country has become. I’m embarrassed to be from the USA.

I am reminded that the Lord instructed us to remove the beam from our own eye before grabbing for the mote in someone else’s.

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