Total Political War

The election of President Trump made it clear that America is not engaged in politics as usual. We are in the midst of a political war.

If this wasn’t evident to some observers before, the furor this week over the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should have driven it home. These are not ordinary political times.

Regardless of their partisan leanings, those earnestly seeking to grasp what is happening understand that President Trump is, as Venkatesh Rao says, “more consequence than cause” of the underlying conflict. Perhaps he is a consequence of the fact that “[t]he fault line in American politics is no longer Republican vs. Democrat nor conservative vs. liberal but establishment vs. anti-establishment,” as William Lind put it at the American Conservative.

What we mean when we say “establishment” versus “anti-establishment” is the question of the hour, but as Jordan Greenhall declared, “while 2016 still formally looked like politics, what is really going on here is a revolutionary war.”

War is confusing. In the fog of battle it is not clear what might be happening or even who and where one’s friends and enemies are. While this is especially so in the midst of a revolutionary war, there is agreement among keen observers as to what the revolution is against.

Eight years ago, Claremont Institute Senior Fellow Angelo Codevilla called it the “Ruling Class,” a popular thesis which he turned into a book (The Ruling Class) and used deftly to explain the 2016 election and its aftermath. Michael Anton, in perhaps the most significant essay of the election, called it the “Davoisie oligarchy,” or the “Davos class” and recently coined the word the “oligogues” to describe the majority of elites in their camp that flatter and support them.

On our rulers, widely disparate thinkers agree. In 2012, Joel Kotkin called these same elites the Clerisy, which he says minister to the Oligarchs. In 2014, Kotkin published a book, The New Class Conflict, which aptly applies to explain the 2016 election and beyond. Jordan Greenhall calls it the “Blue Church.” The influential “Dark Enlightenment” thinker Curtis “Mencius Moldbug” Yarvin, calls it “the Cathedral.”

Regardless of its name, the ruling class attempts at present to reinforce, daily, morality tales of justice and injustice surrounding a single battlefront.

The political and media establishments relentlessly promote a tale in which Donald Trump became president of the United States by colluding with a foreign government and the inappropriate use of digital media.

President Trump and his supporters say this narrative is fictional.

These positions are irreconcilable.

As Trump’s opponents will readily tell you, at stake is not a normal matter of policy but the legitimacy of the Trump presidency itself and its power to set policy. There is, however, another side to that coin. Also at stake, in a way it has not been for nearly a century, is the legitimacy of the administrative state itself—at the moment most prominently represented by the FBI. Further, given its long time collusion with and partisanship on behalf of the administrative state, the legitimacy of the old media as a whole hangs in the balance of the outcome of our revolutionary cold war.

Weekly events like the McCabe firing and reports about Cambridge Analytica prompt only a doubling down on all sides. Trump’s administration is “all in,” defending its political life. Most of the political establishments and most established media outlets are “all in,” in defense of various interpretations of the status quo that would allow them to hold their respective positions.

For some time now, the political stage has been inexorably set for a collision course on the matter of collusion and digital media.

Make no mistake: the process is now indeed inexorable. In this digital age of “leaks,” if the truth is that Trump colluded with the Kremlin, it is hard to imagine that it will not eventually out. If the truth is that the political establishment and the deep state, aided and abetted by a zealous media, colluded against Trump, it is hard to imagine it will not eventually out, if it has not already.

But the truth does not always win wars, be they about rhetoric or geography. Geographic wars are won by means of physical maneuver and violence. Rhetorical wars are won by means of strategic communication and persuasion. And what is at stake is nothing less than the means of communication and therefore persuasion in America.

There is a tightly controlled communications technology that has profoundly and purposefully influenced and manipulated American society, behavior, cultural self-understanding, and politics without most people realizing its deeper effects for decades: it’s called television. The medium, as Marshall McLuhan taught us, is the message: ultimately, digital rhetoric is never going to be able to be controlled the same way elite society was able to control discourse and cultural self-understanding in the era of TV. Until figures like Mark Zuckerberg can find the courage to tell the establishment to go to hell, however, it will seek to find a way.

At first, the oligogues cheered and gloated when the co-founder of Facebook or the CEO of Google and the top minds in tech worked directly for and with President Obama and candidate Clinton. But when the message fails, the messenger blames the medium. Since President Trump’s win media establishmentarians have begun to turn viciously—and ungratefully—against the larger digital corporations, putting increasingly intense and grossly unfair cultural, political, and legal pressure on them to control speech and fall in line with “Blue Church” dogma and politics.

Meanwhile, almost every opportunity the mainstream media has had to moderate or qualify themselves in relation to the Russian collusion narrative has been rejected in favor of all-out attacks.

They had better be right.

Like most American cultural and civic institutions, the old media is already distrusted by historic numbers of Americans, but has not yet been dealt a knockout blow. If it turns out that there was no collusion, CNN has become the Ivy League version of InfoWars.

Trump has already begun to wrest the #fakenews spear—hand-forged for use against him by titans like Obama, Clinton, CNN, and the New York Times—from their hands. The question is whether he’s able to drive it right through their beating hearts over the next year on the matter of collusion. Their hands are wrapped around his so tightly it looks—and, if he is right, will continue to look—as if we are witnessing a kind of old media seppuku.

It is the fact that they are waging total war against an active opponent in the White House that makes this a potential last stand: regardless of the usual obfuscation in the aftermath, if it turns out old media is wrong about Russian collusion and digital media, its collapse will be complete. It will diminish over the next few years, to be re-processed and subsumed forever into a new digital landscape.

For most Americans, the results will be deeply unsettling, but mesmerizing: like watching the old family car catch fire, crackle, and melt as it goes up in smoke.

In the meantime, it would be wise for Silicon Valley to hedge its bets. Thoughtful observers ought to recognize the frenzied desperation and shrieking hysteria coming from the side with the most to lose. Methinks they protest too much.

Blame President Trump all you want. He didn’t actively work for decades to create a “post-truth” era. Our educational and cultural leaders did. He didn’t “weaponize” communications technology or the federal government. His predecessors did. He didn’t destabilize democracy. That happened under the long and increasingly decadent watch of our ruling class, which is now irrationally blinded by rage that their house is on fire.

President Trump didn’t start the fire. The fire summoned him.

Impeach him tomorrow, and it will rage on. Install an establishmentarian from either party in his place, and the fires will only burn brighter and more dangerously than they did before.

Let those with ears to hear and minds to apprehend begin to think longer term about new modes and orders of rhetoric, and new coalitions of power. Take some advice from Generation Z: “Let the past die.”

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210 responses to “Total Political War”

    • There is more to what you said than the majority understand. Nothing changes until you get money out of politics. The fascists thought that Trump was the answer, the truth is he’s the anti-truth (is that a word :) That SOB in the White House wouldn’t recognize truth if it kicked him in the keister.

      • Damn you’re clever, now pick up your toys and run along.

      • Well you’re right about one thing, el Fuhrer is in it for himself. He doesn’t give a rat’s posterior of the party.

      • It’s apparent you have no idea what constitutes “fascism”.

      • Your second sentence almost makes sense. How would YOU go about getting the money out of politics?

      • It is a problem since the right wing Supreme Court ruled money was free speech.

      • Money as free speech is not the problem.
        It’s just a basic truth that they acknowledged.

        Here’s how you go about getting the money out: You make the politicians powerless enough so that they aren’t worth it. You thoroughly decentralize political power out to the states, out to the counties and towns, and mostly out to the people, as the constitution intended.

        Government corruption and waste and tyranny would collapse almost instantly. Because when you divide political power, you diminish the total political power as well.

      • No, then it just becomes localized corruption, like some small Mexican town. Mining interests will own a rural city, banking in cities, etc.

  1. Assuming that the Russia collusion narrative proves to be false (apparently the case), and further assuming that it can be proven that it was dirty politics knowingly advanced at the highest levels with a complicit media from the outset ( only Fox will report it ) would Zucker get fired at CNN, or the editors at the N.Y Times lose their jobs ? Would they even be ashamed ? Not if, as you maintain, they are a ruling elite on a mission.
    The anti-establishment seems at most capable of saving the elite from its most self-destructive excesses ( open borders, a crippled military, confiscatory tax rates, unaffordable health ins., etc.) We all know who is winning the culture war in the meantime.
    After giving the elite every dime they wanted today, I would say that even with Trump in the cockpit, Flight 93, is still on course, fully fueled, and thanks to POTUS, with an enhanced air force escort. ..
    The Swamp cannot be drained. Maybe it will be abandoned.

  2. So far Trump has helped preserve Obamacare and has locked in Democrat spending priorities for the rest of his first term. I don’t see him actually fighting to change things.

  3. This is a very well written essay which summarizes what I have always called the Great Culture War.

    This has gone far beyond Liberal vs. Conservative and transmogrified into a battle of Good vs. Evil.

    The fascinating part in all of this sturm and drang is that it is as if there was a sudden mass Awakening to the absolute necessity of firmly drawing the line upon the values, morals, and beliefs for which our culture and society stands…or falls.

    Complacency is no longer an option–they will find you, and force their social/cultural processing upon you wherever you hide.

    • I hope you have a better idea what you’re talking about than I do. ;)

      • I’ll translate for you – a person might not be interested in left wing fascist nut jobs that want to control speech and have zero tolerance for dissent, but those same left wing fascist nut jobs, of which there are millions, are sure interested in that person

      • That’s right. And as is often the case with crazy people, the left wing nutjobs will only be stopped by death.

      • I have a news flash for you – it’s not the left wing that wants to control speech. Dear Leader Don the stupid lying Con has consistently undermined the press, one of the very foundations of a working democracy.

      • You could not be more wrong. Ask any conservative who has been cut off social media for no good reason, or denied free speech on campus or in the classroom.

        The press undermined itself with ever increasing bias and non-professionalism. President Trump is the result of a backlash against establishment corruption, not the cause.

      • Apparently I could be more wrong. I could think like you think.

      • Perhaps you should think about reality instead of your current delusions. The opinion of the press is at an all time low because they have become a propaganda MACHINE, right out of 1984….the socialist paradise. Rage against the machine all you want, but the reality is….it’s going the way of the Dodo.

      • I consume media from a wide variety of sources (gleaned from RCP, progressive, libertarian & conservative), look at data behind those sources and then I decide what is real AND what is not….

        With the MSM, delusion is what becomes readily apparent.

        American hate speech is a very leftist idea, born of political correctness. WJC bragged about ushering a new form of political correctness, while giving his first inaugural address. The left would love nothing more than to criminalize speech they disagree with. They’ll shut your business down if you won’t bake a gay wedding cake if they could. That’s worse. The left even wants to control what you do with your own labor, property, and money. Don has undermined the lapdog of the left. It tried to crap on his lawn, so he shot it. It’s dying now. The owners should of curbed their dogs a long time ago. Now we will curb those dogs for them by simply turning the channel.

    • They will find us “hiding” behind the sights of our rifles, waiting to take them out.

  4. The church or cathedral is Manhattan Media. This includes all television programming with the added monopolies of Google and Facebook. Manhattan Media serves their lord Manhattan Privilege. Manhattan Privilege owns all of the aforementioned vehicles of communication. All of these corporations are multinational, thus they are only concerned with their privilege (profits). Nationalism threatens Manhattan Privilege’s business plan and profits. They like having the most modern military at their disposal but they seem unaware that it is manned by patriots who love their country. They also see borders as an expensive hurdle to their plan. This collision has been coming since the end of the Cold War. Obama and Merkel are certainly the kindling that started today’s civil war. Both have decidedly Leftist backgrounds – Obama, the scion of two generations of CIA operatives employed to recruit newly independent colonial Marxist/leftists away from the USSR to align with the US – Merkel, the daughter of a Marxist Lutheran Minister that chose to move to East Germany. Both being raised as Marxist, both encouraged the invasion of their respective countries to damage the idea of a nation via a divide and conquer strategy. Both are committed to the nation states demise. Both of these players were recruited, groomed and propelled by Manhattan Privilege.

  5. Didn’t like the knock on Infowars; they are already far more trustworthy than any MSM outlet

  6. Leftists really do suck. They will not be happy until there is absolute anarchy in the streets.

    The NRA is the largest and oldest civil rights organization in the world.


    • We don’t need anarchy; we’re usually the younger generations, so we are just waiting for the old kooks to die off.

      • Too bad for you then that there are many young people not on your side.

      • Ah, but there are also many young people who ARE on our side. Each generation develops pretty much into complex demographics. It has been that way since 1776 and will keep right on being the same.

      • If the clash comes to blows you may find the mortality curve sloping backwards.

      • Younger people usually get smarter and realize that the Dems are the party of failure. Of course most young people are so stupid they will wait in a line at the Apple store for 15 hours to buy Iphone 21 and then complain about not having any money.

      • Yes, but by then they will have been co-opted by the old adage,
        if you not a Prog when you are young, you have no heart, but if you are not a conservative when you grow up, you have no brain…..

      • Try your Orwellian double speak on someone else, the Fuhrer is in the White House and his days are numbered.

      • In November I’m going to throw an election night party as we watch the Tsunami wash you Fascists out of power in the House and with some luck, the Senate. For the life of me, I will never understand the installing a petulant, misogynist, racist circus barker for President

      • The tsunami already washed you communist faggots out of power. Put one of your feces-colored subhumans up for president again, it’ll be fun seeing the president annihilate them the way he did Queen Kunt.

      • You’re quite the manifestation of human dignity and an excellent example of right wing fascism.

      • which fuhrer spied on journalists?

        which Fuhrer weaponized the IRS?


        Which Fuhrer told Putin “after my re-election, I’ll be much more flexible and can give you whatever you want, Vladimir” ?



      • Which Fuhrer ran guns to Mexican drug cartels?

        Obozo, the America -hating, dog-eating muslim

      • This is an excellent example of the lies you right wing fascist promulgate. This program was actually started by Bush and the intent was to trace it to the drug smugglers. Poor executed perhaps but you fascist lie with such regularity you can no longer recognize the truth.

      • “his days are numbered.”

        7 x 365 = 2555

        yeah, his days are numbered. well I guess ya got one right, Dum-phuq
        by the way, fascists bore me………

      • LIfe is full of surprises like this scumbucket of a President winning in the first place but he won on a technicality actually losing the popular vote. Polls show that 10% of women who voted for him now regret their vote so GOOD LUCK FASCIST.

      • Actually, dummy, winning the Electoral College is not a “technicality”, it is the way you ACTUALLY win.

      • F/U we all know all about the Electoral College as the vehicle to keep homer and jethro in the Red States from losing their ass.

      • Only one loser here dummy- Hillary. Rejected in 2008, rejected in 2016, lost votes in the recounts, lost votes when the Electoral College was tallied. Yeah, you sure can pick ’em! Hillary 2020!

      • What color is the sky in your world? Maybe it’s like a kaleidoscope.

      • Irrelevant non-sequitor as an answer. A perfect example of liberalism.

      • It’s not a surprise that Progs lose elections, dimwits like you think the game is checkers, when in reality, it is actually chess…..with Progs like you we don’t need luck, we have YOU!

      • I guess all the nervousness of the fascists in Washington is just a big show. Good luck fascists.

      • But instead, they have over six million members. I wonder why that is?

  7. This is utter TRASH. The ‘peterson’ fella should be ashamed.

    “but as Jordan Greenhall declared, “while 2016 still formally looked like politics, what is really going on here is a revolutionary war.”

    peterson is a deluded fool… and could be dangerous. If he wants a ‘war’, as it seems ALL trumpers want, then he may well get one. His last one.

    • You call yourself “historybuff”, but you write nothing but invective. If you have a real objection to what the man says, state it clearly, please. I am always happy to learn from someone with historical insights.

    • The Libitcheral DemonicRats started the war, they won’t be the ones finishing it!

    • Still bitter that the Queen of corruption lost, eh dum-phuq?

  8. Human progress moves along progressive lines. IMO, it’s the Right that has the problem; for decades, they have based their worldview on religion, and as secularism rises with the younger generations, and as they become more accepting of gay marriage and a subjective worldview in which anything and everything can now be called into question, you have the baby boomers and conservatives who simply will never let go of their worldview. If Trump were seen on video with hookers, most of his supporters would label it a fake or would simply find a way to rationalize an excuse. All they have left at this point is lashing out in fear and anger at a world that has moved on without them; hopefully enough of them will die off in time to stave off more conflict as the younger generations ally with European cultures and try to drag this nation into the modern, secular world. Rural populations continue to decline, cities/suburbs grow, and this is good for liberals. The electoral college is all Republicans have left.

  9. If Trump manages to slay the dragon, he absolutely must get his mug on Mt. Rushmore.

    • There are millions of us dragons and we’re ready to fight to the end.

      • Against double speak fascists who have attempted to subvert that term to their own liking.

      • stoopid fascist

        the fascist left on college campuses who don’t believe in freedom of speech

        the uber fascist anti-fa who are contemtuous of the Bill of Rights

      • The “Resistance”? Ha! Your cabal of criminals at the FBI, CIA, and DOJ is going down, dragon boy. They are going to be indicted, they will be convicted, and they will go to prison for attempting to overthrow a duly elected president.

  10. All our economic problems are a trivial matter compared to the ever worsening loss of social cohesion and trust in this society. Social cohesion and trust are the foundation of a society. Where is our foundation? A society with a strong foundation can survive a severe economic storm. Even without a storm, our society seems to be disintegrating. What’s going to happen when a storm hits our foundation-less society?

    This excerpt from a Real Clear Politics article called “What California’s Racist History Can Teach Us” is a good example of why I consider the left wildly insane and totally distrust them. Our society most surely is now sailing in uncharted waters. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    “The rest of the country would never believe that a state that has essentially declared itself a sanctuary for undocumented folks was, for nearly all of its existence, the most xenophobic in America. But not only is that true, it’s also why the legislature — now run by Gen X Latinos who came of ageduring the last gasp of white America in California — has become so stridently pro-immigrant. It’s not just because it’s the right thing to do, but to atone for the sins of their predecessors.”

  11. I would also add the “Swamp-Business-As-Usual” Trillion dollar deficit budget, in 2018,… a year that will add 1 Trillion to our 20 Trillion dollar debt, amid rising interest rates… this is part of the war between the “Establishment-Mafia” and the anti-establishment… “I will never sign something like this again”… Donald Trump.

    We will see.

    …Western civilization was founded upon the principle… that individuals deserve to be protected from their “Governments and Rulers”… Running up un-payable debts.. that ruin nations.. is something only princes, or socialists can accomplish..

  12. Really, this is your take on the problem? I assure that I have a similar take on the problem but in reverse. I agree that establishment liberal’s failure to hear the cries of homer and jethro about sexufl orientation, world trade and all those durn(s) furreners(s) and mynorities(s) caused the divide; but what were we to do? Become super AH’s like the fascists to remedy the problem?

  13. Last year I read a comment, apparently by a foreigner, who was gloating about the disintegration of America. He said we deserved it. The disastrous failure of the American experiment though is going to send shock waves all over the world and have a profoundly negative effect everywhere, even where he lives.

    Certainly one effect of this will be to totally discredit the idea that “diversity” is something wonderful which is a shame since for the most part it did work quite well. It will also make China the world’s dominant power. Are leaders in China and Russia aware that America is disintegrating? Sure they are. How could they possibly not be?

    • There’s nothing wrong with change. Maybe the idea of America has outlived itself and our different cultures should go separate ways.

      • Easier said than done. America was extremely fortunate to have avoided the raging insanity that ravaged so many European and Asian countries during the nightmarish twentieth century. Our luck has obviously run out. Time will tell what fate has in store for what’s left of this once great nation.

      • Sorry, but your first sentence is moronic. Some change is good, some is bad, some is indifferent.

  14. It was an excellent essay, until one read that thoroughly moronic last sentence.

    The human condition isn’t going to shake hands with those whom over the last 110 years have worked to undermine and destroy the Constitution of the United States of America. You’ll do what is rightfully considered by the common man justice, or you’ll step out of the way.

    I’m from the South, sir…we don’t forgive. We drag them out of the jail and hang them from the lamppost in front of the courthouse.

  15. We are so antagonistic right now because we are extremely lucky. The World War II and Depression generation is gone.

    Most Americans have never had a “terrifying” existential common experience that forced us to really really need our fellow American.

    Donald Trump may change that if he doesn’t drop the China Trade War stupidity.

    • Nonsense. China is a bully who needs to be faced down, to avoid a future war. They are practicing mercantilists who are enriching themselves at our expense. We have been unwisely building in economic dependence on them that impedes our ability to restrain them. Course correction required.

      • China is a million times more dependent on us than we are on them.

        Increasing trade reduces the chances of war. Restricting trade increases it. Study some history.

      • Per, 2017, China trade deficit is ~$400bn on total trade of ~$500bn, with GDP of ~$11t, of which $2.5t was mfg. While we are a significant part of their economy, it hardly amounts to “millions of times more” dependence on us. And only by be ready to leverage any dependence do we have influence.

        Increasing trade is stabilizing, but not if your partner is swaggering around Asia Pacific laying claim to others’ territory. Ask Viet Nam, or the Philippines, or Japan. Have a quick look at the S China Sea, now littered with Chinese outposts. Trade which strengthens them has emboldened them.

        Not reacting is appeasement (go check your history books on how that works out). I already pointed out the effect of our dependence, but to expand the point a bit go have a look a CPU and memory chip manufacturing and see where that happens.

        Get some facts and couple them with a bit of common sense.

  16. Pretty accurate assessment of why Trump is in the White House. We need massive reform in this country, and soon. If the U.S. goes down, the world will never see another country like it.

    • Not only is America terminally ill, but it seems the whole world is rapidly heading for war. This excerpt below from a National Interest article ( on Real Clear Politics ) called “The World Should Take China’s War Threats Seriously” is about how extremely deadly this situation has become.

      The article concludes by saying “Chinese leaders could be approaching the stage where they too believe they can do what they want.” Considering how obvious it that America is disintegrating, why wouldn’t they feel that way?

      “The transit comes at a time of growing tension over the island republic that China claims as its thirty-fourth province. In recent days, Beijing has repeatedly threatened war. The People’s Republic of China is not the Third Reich, but the world is nonetheless approaching a 1939 moment in East Asia.
      Xi Jinping, newly armed with a second term as China’s president, is now full of fire and fury. During his address at the close of the annual session of the National People’s Congress on Tuesday, he promised “full unification of the motherland.” That’s code for annexation of Taiwan, large portions of India, dozens of Japanese islands, a speck of South Korea, Philippine rocks and reefs, and almost all the waters of the South China Sea.”

      • The China situation is interesting. On one hand, the Chinese Military is flexing its potential powers, but on the economical side, it doesn’t make sense to wage physical war against your customers.

      • True. If the Chinese military fires a single bullet at US forces, then we would be totally justified in not paying back the $2,000,000,000,000 that we owe them. That would be a very expensive bullet.

      • We would probably have to wrest certain resources – mostly in Afghanistan and nearby places – from them by force to continue without them.

      • The Japanese thought the same way, it is true. But it worked out poorly for them too….

  17. Can I spend more time with your relatives?? Mine are a bit cranky of late!!

  18. We know the how and the what of the fake Russian collusion story about President Trump while waiting for the DOJ IG report. What we don’t know is the the WHY? Why is the “establishment ” against President Trump? Even if they are all globalists and anti-American, President Trump will be gone in at most eight years. I think that the WHY is a combination of globalism and corruption, both which have resulted in the massive looting of the US Treasury over decades. This is WHY someone not a member of the “establishment” cannot be tolerated as President. All in all, a good article worth reading.

    • The “why” is simple. Team Trump intends to prosecute and jail the people they most admire.

      The media has carried water for Bill “the rapist” Clinton and the Clinton Crime Syndicate, for years. They’ve known since the election their shrill attacks on Trump failed. The Dem strategic response was to pitch Harvey and promote #metoo. The hope is to persuade women voters that Trump philandering is more important than an Obama admin criminal conspiracy. There will be a steady drip through Nov elections, with some sort of finale perhaps joined by a boomlet from Mueller just prior to voting.

      Team Trump hopefully have a plan for staying ahead of this. My wife thinks some remorse and a public apology to his wife is in order, so thinking this women campaign will have no impact is probably wrong. They must be paying these women a ton to get them to go TV and proclaim themselves to be sluts.

      The one thing to guard against is underestimating these people. Every time I think they’ve just reached a new low, they exceed all expectations and find a way to go even lower. Given the existential nature of this battle, we should expect them to go well beyond the normal boundaries this time around.

      • “The only hope for good men is to believe all evil of evil men.”

      • These women’s job description is slut. Really. They got paid for this sort of thing long before the DNC came along with a checkbook.

    • the why may be fear of trump’s competence. the government knew trump was in corrupt dealings with rusian criminals before he was even nominated. the deep state was trying to protect the country from this corrupt incompetent. maybe

      • Maybe your brain matter is too dense for you to comprehend the obvious truth.

  19. We are in a cold civil war. Even without the Russia accusations that would be true. Think about it. If we were attacked again like 9/11 and had a serious crisis, at least 50% of the country, myself included, would not trust a single word coming from the President and would not rally behind or support him or any action he wanted to take at all because he cannot be trusted and is a moral leper. That’s a dangerous place to be in.

    • Your typically brainless leftist stupidity is a good example of why America no longer even still exists as a country. Can we coexist without a country even though we intensely hate and completely distrust each other? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • You immediately just go on the attack with nothing but name calling. Overall I’m fairly conservative. Vote for lower taxes, got my NRA membership, pro-life, but you immediately assume whatever label you hate.

      • Dummy. There’s obviously more than name calling in what I said about your typically brainless comment. If people like you and your fellow hate whitey leftists knew anything at all about the history of the dreadful twentieth century you’d be terrified of the demons you fanatics have unleashed.

      • Interesting. So to you, anyone who dislikes Trump is a “hate whitey leftist?”

      • “Your typically brainless leftist stupidity” You make that comment like that and then have the audacity to complain about disunity? INCREDIBLE.

      • I’ve lived in Chicago all my life and have never met a white supremacist yet according to the left they’re everywhere, even in the White House where a White Supremacist Nazi has been installed by Putin. I consider leftists like you wildly insane and you see working class whites like me as deplorably evil fascists who simply must be stopped.

        I’m not complaining about disunity. I’m saying we lack a common reality which means that America has already ceased to exist as a country and is a low intensity race/civil war rapidly heading for far worse. I’ve been told by leftists that there are white supremacists everywhere but I’m not aware of them since they don’t identify themselves. If there were even only a tiny percentage though of all these white supremacists who are supposedly everywhere I most surely would know about it.

        All the ingredients that are the foundation of a society, such as social cohesion, trust, commonality and a common reality, are now gone. Half the country intensely hates Trump and refuses to accept him as president. The inability to transition to a new government after an election is a classic sign of a failed state. America is now a failed state.

        Many people believe America is simply too big and too powerful to collapse but many people also believed that about the Soviet Union. No one in 1985 would have believed that the USSR, the mighty “Evil Empire”, would be a disintegrating mess in 10 years.

        I told that to someone last year who said “But the Soviet Union was a collection of separate countries”. What we have here though is a collection of separate realities which is a much deadlier situation.

        America was extremely fortunate to have avoided the raging insanity that ripped apart so many European and Asian countries during the dreadful twentieth century. Our luck seems to have run out.

      • Intelligent, secular people have tried to drag the religious kooks kicking and screaming into the modern world, yet they refuse to do so. It’s a tough job.

    • I definitely welcome an attack against Trump, intelligent people need to reach out to foreign nations and let them know that conservatives actually believe in things like the End Times and are actually eager to go down in flames. Gotta find an efficient way to weed them out of society.

  20. No way can the Illiberal Left let go of its agenda. Too many people are owed too much in the Ponzi scheme. What you say, MJP, is true; The Old Media (and fellow subversives of the other various sundry CratMob) is cracking up. Trump is not the cause the result of their decades of self-appointed/self-serving elitism.

  21. another Trump U philosopher with a degree in hard-core baloney

    Trump is the syphilis that the Republicans caught because they were too drunk to use a condom

  22. Just don’t let them take your guns. If armed, you have a chance.

  23. The article is correct. In this instance the liberal left will not recognize an elected president and his right to lead the country. .

  24. Hyrdr did you not read the article? the point is not left vs. right, the point is establishment vs. anti-establishment! THERE IS NO LEFT OR RIGHT, JUST DEEP STATE.
    dude you gotta get out of your box.

  25. A bit heavy with the metaphors, but on the mark.

  26. The only thing that keeps this from being called a coup against an elected president is a lack of dead bodies. Of course, if there were dead bodies, the leftist media would cover for the perps.

  27. A totally over the top straw man argument. Only Trump supporters are obsessed with the Russian collusion idea, perhaps because Trump himself ACTS like he is guilty. The rest of us just want to wait and see.

  28. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury….I present to you “THE TRUTH” and “ULTIMATE GOAL” of said deep state:
    Please read through the “45 Communist Goals” as read into the Congressional Record in 1963 by a true American Patriot. Google it NOW!
    With today’s, supposed student-led, yet a veritable “who’s who” of openly leftist-organizations backing these, anti-gun rights marches, on D.C., and around the country, pay special attention to #19. READ THIS! And see just how much of the Communist manifesto has ALREADY been implemented and just how many of their “45 steps” have already been checked off the list… It is truly scary,

    • I refer to that list often. Many of them explain what is happening today, such as why cross-dressers admittance into our bathrooms is such a big leftist goal.

  29. And just how is he supposed to “prove” that collusion never happened? There are still lunatics that think that 9/11 was an inside job.

  30. If the good people who read this site had truly wanted to take on the Ruling Class, the Elites, the Establishment, the American Oligarchs, they would have elected Bernie Sanders.

    As it is they elected a Manhattan billionaire who was great at creating reality show theater during his campaign but has been a complete disaster as a President of the people. He stuffed his administration with Goldman Sachs bankers and other elites and got busy enriching his family and friends. The Swamp is alive and very well.

    • Bernie doesn’t have testosterone levels anywhere near Trump’s – doubtful either do you.

      • I think the name Ed is short for Edna.

        Don’t be sexthhhhiiiiist.

    • LOL.

      The same Bernie Sanders that Hillary gave a $600,000 Lake House to in order to get him to dropout and support her.

      Good old Bernie folded like a cheap Lawn Chair in the face of adversity.

    • In this war of establishment versus non-establishment, picking communism is NOT anti-establishment. That was only true in 1905 Russia.

    • And the most dangerous thing is that his dumb supporters simply DO NOT CARE how much he lies to their faces, they still support him, Stockholm syndrome here…..

  31. I think that those on the left cheering the deep state on so long as it diminishes the other side, have no idea the fire they are stoking.

    For insight they should look no further than the recent termination of Andrew McCabe. Reportedly initiating the investigation against General Flynn for crimes against the deep state, McCabe is now (at least in his mind), a victim, albeit at least at this stage not criminally prosecuted, for the same basic offense (misleading or lying to investigators).

    The ‘what goes around; comes around’ logic is lost on those incapable of reason…

  32. Z wants to let ‘the past’ die? When is ‘the past’? What, really, is ‘the past’?
    No, what is presented as Z is nothing more than the political preaching of Planned Parenthood through their telegenic little mouthpieces. They are no more, indeed, not as, dangerous to society as their grandparents were in 1968.

  33. In 1964 the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan wrote his most well-known dictum that “The medium is the message.” By this he meant that the specific content of any form of communication (or other type of cultural ‘extension’) had, generally speaking, less important effects on people than the method of communication itself. That is, each method, as such, tended to produce a dominating effect. Today we are witnessing a tremendous increase in the bandwidth of communication between people due to smart phones and social media. In olden days, face-to-face communication meant that if you insulted a man you had to own it and expect physical retaliation. Nowadays people commonly say whatever they want on social media without any consequences. There is no push back. Tempers and imaginations run out of control. Virtual morons carry around semi-automatic weapons along with their intensified sense of self-worth and grudge. Politicians stir up hatred between parties like never before. Along with the communication revolution comes the ability to transfer funds covertly. Politicians and their cronies are looting the wealth of the country as fast as they can. McLuhan’s thesis is worth thinking about.

    • You make some really good points that even a “virtual moron” like myself can understand.

      • I was thinking of the virtual moron who shot up the Florida high school. My guess is he played too many hours on those ‘kill everybody’ video games. Lacking much empathy to begin with on account of his difficult childhood, what little he had was drained away. He somehow convinced himself that it would be a good thing to kill people. Personally, I believe that if more law-abiding citizens carried concealed that we would have less crime. But maybe it doesn’t matter because we are all screwed anyway and just don’t know it yet.

      • Your reply makes even more good points – I agree there is s lack of empathy in many young and not so young males (people) and I believe violent video games contribute to that condition.
        To kill any warm blooded creature is a big deal – how many in our society have never taken a life and experienced what a serious act that is?
        I have hunted and I’ve had to put down animals and I always find it gut wrenching.
        In your first post your comment on virtual morons carrying semi automatics was easy to misconstrue

      • I know what you mean about hunting. A long, long time ago I was out sailing a little boat in the Inland Waterway while in a chemically altered state of mind. It was early morning. The sun was just rising. Suddenly a large fish leapt entirely out of the water and hung motionless in the air for an instant a few feet from my boat, every scale varnished with water and shining with red-gold in the light. Then it was gone. The beauty of the fish, the exuberant joy of its leap, made me forever after unable to go fishing. I had lost something yet gained something better.

  34. The worst thing the media has done has been to convince the Lefties that everybody agrees with them. The formula is simple: Don’t show Conservative values in anything but a negative light, while putting any thing Lefty into the best light possible as morally and ethically superior. This dog and pony show with these TEENAGERS presuming to lecture us Baby Boomers on democracy is a farce, and an offensive one at that. Nobody cares what these kids say or do, yet the media and their posse of the usual suspects are trying to push the meme that we, as a generation, should STFU and listen to the words of Wisdom and Truth, according to a bunch of TEENAGERS, because, well, they’re smarter than us. You can tell, because they espouse Lefty values word for talking point word, doncha’ know. I’ve even read some hysterical posts claiming this is the most important revolution in American history! Hey, Big Media/Entertainment: You’re drawing a line in the sand here. It’s going to bite you in the ass before it’s over.

  35. The problem with the left is their over reach. They want everything yesterday and they can’t shove it down your throat fast enough.

  36. the communist left is england 1776.
    the conservative american people, gun and bible clingers, are the revolutionaries of 1776.
    we know how that turned out.
    to the left: go for it.

  37. Actually we are in a war of religions. Secular Socialists whose deity is government are trying to create a theocracy.

    • No, we don’t worship government, but we do think that religious nuts shouldn’t be allowed to dictate to us based on what their imaginary sky-man says.

      • All Socialists imbue their government central planners with omnisciencents which is a supernatural trait.

  38. Not just good versus evil. Some on the left (or middle) are so brain-washed that it is pathetic. You couldn’t force feed them the truth with an enema. Willfully blind, and happily so, NOTHING will ever convince some (or most) that they have been duped.

  39. It’s something when writers even at this website are willing to implicitly admit that Trump is a feeble instrument.

  40. This is one of the best pieces I’ve read on the state of affairs in this country in at least a year.

    Great job.

  41. They must be destroyed. By any and all means necessary. They threaten our lives and the lives of our children. We must hunt them down and destroy them, every one of them that opposes President Trump.

  42. Congress now threatens Trump more than the media. Trump having been kneecapped by the Congressional Bad Budget Coalition, where does he go from here? All his new appointments need confirmation by the same Senate that shafted him in public. Future budgeting can’t be another sorry rerun. On taxes, the donors, and, thus, Congressional Republicans, lined up with the Trump voters, but these donors and voters are at odds on most everything else (defense spending being a major exception, because donors like Federal spending in general). ‘Til now, Trump has often backed RINO types for re-election, but he clearly got no love in return. He needs a strategy to deal with and replace Congressional careerists on the take. That has to include much better communication with voters through secure channels.

    • Don’t forget, the OIG report is due out real soon now, and when it’s out, criminal referrals for prosecution can be made on the basis of it. Dozens and dozens of criminal referrals …..

  43. I think the media is the most vulnerable to losing everything. Journalism has a low barrier to entry, it is mostly about making phone calls and knowing people. being smart helps but that seems to be optional these days. If they keep losing ratings they will have to consolidate, fold, or switch views. And now with social media they can say one wrong thing and lose a large audience overnight. So I think behind all the bluster what they are all afraid of losing their paychecks and influence. I suspect this will happen sooner or later as the Progressive media has many outlets but the audience cannot grow fast enough to make them all profitable. Maybe Tech will bail them out, we will see.

  44. We already know there was a conspiracy to collude with the Russkies, boys n girls, an we don’t even know what Mueller knows (lots more, ya can bet on that). We know Roger Stone was in touch with Gucciffer, a Russian intelligence officer, we know Trump Jr Manafort and Kushner met with Russkies at Trump tower to get dirt on Clinton, we know Papadopoulos was in touch with the Russkies and knew about the DNC hacking months before the rest of us heard about. Mueller knows more than this! Lots more! So what more d’ya want?

  45. political war ????? bull shit —–ppl will be shot and it will b u not us—Trump, the financial gang raping wall street criminal Jews and corporate america will get theirs –it’s coming

  46. What nonsense. There is truth, and there is fiction. There is a number of illegal aliens in this country. There is an unemployment rate in this country, and there was one in 2016. There is a number of floors in the building known as “Trump Tower” in Manhattan NY.

    donald j trump lies about all three. And more.

    Much, much more.

    And a person with a job as a “professor” ought to be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

    Here’s a clue:
    There’s a place in the United States where the populace is more familiar with donald j trump than any other. Far more familiar.
    It’s Manhattan, NY, where he got his start and lived for 40 years.

    Manhattan NY gave donald j trump 10% of its vote.

  47. Actually, I think it’s worse than Professor Peterson describes. It’s not just that Americans have come to simply distrust America’s institutions and media, they’ve come to despise them. Trust, once lost, can sometimes be regained, but I think we’re beyond that point. I think we’re in for a cultural war, a war between those who would control, aided by those willing to be controlled, and against those who will not tolerate any effort to control them–the “establishment” and the “anti-establishment” in blunter words.

    Ultimately, entropy, the anti-establishment, will win. What’s unknown is how bloody the fight will be, and whether the blood will be literal or figurative.

  48. The Only Chance remaining for the Russian probe is for President Trump to fire them. So, he can’t do that. He needs to fire the guy in the DOJ In charge of the investigation, Replace him, And set parameters And a timeline for the investigation, which they can do.

  49. Well written piece. And a timeless story of what some will do to maintain power in the face of change. The ironic thing here isn’t that Team Trump found a new medium to communicate. It was the old guard who gave him billions in free air time so he would be the GOP candidate which they saw as the easiest to beat. As is often the case, the problem was that they believed their own crap. If you don’t believe me, see the 2015 article below.

  50. I know you keyboard warriors dream of another civil war, but it ain’t gonna happen. You got rolled on the spending bill, you’re not getting any wall, you’re losing in places that shouldn’t even be close, and you worship a morally bankrupt sleazebag. Now take your whipping like a good little pup.

  51. Excellent… But “Geographic wars are won by means of
    physical maneuver and violence. Rhetorical wars are won by means of
    strategic communication and persuasion.”…

    It’s naive to think this is just a rhetorical war. It is also geographic in a sense and real instruments of violence can be utilized. These aren’t just elites; they are “Marie Antoinette” people. And they can suffer the same fate.

    • You reveal yourself as a danger to those who want law and order! Ideas like that can get you a long stint in a bad place! Worse!

      • Uhhh, no. He’s just recognizing the reality that history can and does repeat itself. Whether you or I like or agree with it is meaningless. Denying that reality is foolish and could be what allows the spark to ignite.

  52. LOL! Collusion?! That’s going to be the least of Dear Leader Dotard Don the stupid lying Con’s problems. Try obstruction, money laundering and treason.

    • You realize that by so reflexively projecting you are effectively telling everyone what crimes you believe Leftists are guilty of as well as exposing the fact that you support those crimes.

  53. Trump’s accomplishments have been pure establishment! They have benefited the establishment, the rich, and the corporations far, far more than they have benefited the common man!! In fact, the tax cuts will cost him thousands in a few short years, and for what?? Trump is leading us to war with our foreign enemies, and civil war with the democrats!

  54. This piece is garbage. Pretenders like Peterson use sophistry and twisted facts to convince others of their ridiculous positions, betraying American values and institutions rather than guarding them as they pretend to do. Peterson claims that the mainstream media “promotes” a Russian collusion narrative, when in truth the media has been fairly careful about asking questions and poking holes in the administration’s repeated lies about its contacts with Russia and other misconduct, without directly concluding that Trump or his campaign actually aided and abetted the Russian election interference. Asking those questions is something any free democratic society should do, and certainly what a free press should be doing. Trump’s meddling with the initial questioning, and his own obstructive conduct, is what got us here in terms of the Mueller investigation, not any culture war imagined by pretender Peterson or any promotion by the media of a Russia collusion “narrative.” Trump has only himself to blame. Any honest assessment is that Trump’s election is a historical accident due to a damaged candidate running for the other major party, the Comey surprise, Russian interference, and other factors, not some great culture war.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong.

      But you already know that.

  55. Dr. Peterson makes far too much sense. He needs to be fired instantly and escorted off campus; for it snowflakes ever hear such disturbing truth, they will cry inconsolably, then melt.

    How did this fellow ever get hired in the first place, in a time of Oppression Studies and screaming anti-free speech leftist mobs?

  56. The problem I have with all the people who endlessly moan and groan about Trump being no good is that they’re on the same side as the leftists in academia who teach that “whiteness” is a problem, that white people have “white privilege” and are inherently racist, and who consider it wonderfully progressive that California, a border state, is now a “Sanctuary State” which, in effect, tells people that once they make it across the border they’ll be safe and protected from deportation.

    I think this endlessly revolving merry-go-round of an investigation of Trump is just searching for a way to get rid of him but even if it were absolutely proven to be true that Trump is working for Putin I’d still totally support Trump because at least Trump and Putin don’t despise me for being white and at least Trump and Putin are bright enough to realize that without borders we have no country. Do we even still have a country though?

  57. It has been my experience as a professional and as an observer of politics that Elites tend to use others to serve themselves whereas true conservatives tend to use their gifts to serve others. I don’t believe that we are in the midst of “the war to end all wars” but rather somewhere near midpoint of a fundamental change in the balance of political power in America. As traditional media rots from corruption, the pace will quicken.
    With regard to this effort from Dr. Peterson, the artwork is spectacular and should be properly credited to its creator. I also believe the thoughtful presentation of the piece suggests that we have found our new Buckley!

  58. Peterson doesn’t know it because he’s never been in one, but there’s no such thing as a war without shooting. The shooting hasn’t started – yet.

  59. I fear it is worse than you think. CNN has already started shifting to porn star pablum, and they will quietly let the collusion thing disappear and will still be serving up the Kool-aid from their airport TVs. Mueller will find some reason to fine Trump Inc and that will be the lede for another year. Those few of us who know history and civics can only watch in despair. I fear we respect our constitution but will not have the guts to reinstate it when it’s gone…

  60. Whine, whine, little men.

    Just look!

    You’re no longer needed.

    And it will be worse for men in the future.

    • We have no future thanks to brainless fanatics like you.

  61. It seems to me our society is disintegrating. I believe the left is insane and I think there’s about as much chance of the left becoming sane as there is of ISIS converting to Judaism. It’s just not going to happen.

    I live in Chicago so I often read the Chicago cop blog “Second City Cop.” Very depressing. I put a link to it here where they’re talking about how rap sheets in the juvenile court system keep disappearing. Probably being destroyed by blacks and white leftists who feel it’s just not fair that so many young blacks have criminal records. But how about the fact that they have lengthy criminal records because they commit a lot of crimes? That obviously doesn’t matter to them. Their goal is always equal outcomes.

    The article is “Crime is Down!” As of today, March 25, it’s at the top. I often check this site to find out what’s going on here. You’d never read about things like this in the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times.

  62. I happened to read an interesting book review in Commentary magazine recently called “The Tribe Has Woken: Review of ‘Political Tribes’ by Amy Chua.” Here’s an excerpt:

    “In the book’s most arresting line, Chua writes that “there is now so little interaction, commonality, and intermarriage between rural/heartland/working-class whites and urban/coastal whites that the difference between them is practically what social scientists would consider an ‘ethnic difference.’”…/the-tribe-has-woken/

    Way beyond an ethnic or racial difference. To me white leftists are like the people in a science fiction movie who’ve been taken over by beings from another world. On the outside they look like just ordinary people. On the inside though, they’re totally alien and incomprehensible.

    Most of the people I work with are from places like Vietnam, Mexico and Iraq ( Assyrians ). White leftists love to squeak about how the working class white trash hates foreign immigrants but most of the people in my life, both at work and outside of work, are foreign immigrants and I feel I have infinitely more in common with them than with white leftists born and raised here as I was.

    How did something as weird as this happen? That’s something I often wonder about. Perhaps the white leftists really have been taken over by beings from another world. That does seem to be the only possible explanation.

  63. Very nice indeed. I have said repeatedly that the presidency of Donald Trump is an organic reaction of the American body politic to the virus of the Obama presidency. While I saw the victory of President Trump coming I will confess it was with some trepidation that I contemplated his leading our great country. Despite my initial misgivings however (I did vote for him), I can now see that he is the man for the job. His disdain for the disingenuous media is a case in point. For decades, the main stream media was able to mask their rather obvious left wing bias behind a cloak of journalistic objectivity/neutrality. No more. It has been a great relief to see the talking heads forced out of the closet: Christianne Amampour announcing that new circumstances required greater advocacy on the part of the infotainment establishment was perfect. Despite the MSM owning the megaphone, it is our duly elected president’s message that seems to prevail. Further, despite the constant barrage of noise, President Trump has accomplished than any recent president in the first eighteen months of his time in office. He seems not only immune from the slings and arrows of outrageous bullshit from the left; he seems to feed on it.

  64. Total Political War? Yes, but it’s bigger than that – “Whether you realize it or not, if you live in the West, you are currently engulfed in a civilization-wide cultural war that is taking place all around you. Maybe you’re aware of it, or maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter. The cultural war is real and it is vicious. And unlike a traditional shooting war between different nations, in a cultural war there are no civilians. There are no neutral parties, since no fence-sitting is permitted, and there is no common ground to be found. No one is permitted to sit it out or refuse to take sides; sooner or later, you are going to be forced to declare yourself by either publicly submitting ……… or openly rejecting it.” – Vox Day.
    Now the only question is how did we get here? And if we don’t know, we cannot fix it!
    Politics is downstream from culture and education – is it clear now?
    We must dismantle the entire public education system – every stick and stone – NOW!
    How? Read – – and get real – NOW!

  65. Bye for now, I wish I could say I enjoyed exchanging ideas but few people here had any ideas. When all is said and done, you like that scumbag SOB despite his bombastic, infantile, moronic petulant sense of the world. Like the Hitler that preceded him, he turned hatred of minorities into his winning strategy… for a time. Hate will eventually lose.

  66. Trump didn’t start the fire,the fire summoned him.I like that.