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3 responses to “Townhall’s Schlichter Discusses the Left’s Attacks on Speech, Guns

  • The Left is Jews and Jews are waging a war on white Christian America out of a deep deep abiding hatred of Christ Christians and Christianity. The truth about Jewish hatred of Christ and Christian is the core of free speech suppression. The truth must be suppressed. It can not come into wide spread public knowledge. If it were to be known, well it would be very very bad for the Jews.

    • Those despicable Jews! Hitler had the right idea about those people, didn’t he? The muslims too!! We only need about 300 million people to populate this earth, the rest are parasites and we should draw up a final solution to that problem, right?

      • What right idea?? Jews were infested with lice and refuse to be deloused. So Hitler rounded up the Jews and sanitized them to protect public health. There was no gasings. Hitler was concerned with fighting a typhus plague. A plague Jews were perfectly willing to spread to all Germans.

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