What the Heck(ling)?

And how much are YOU worth, Nancy?
The impertinent heckler hollers—
But the answer, my friend, as it blows in the wind,
Is quite hard to express in mere dollars

What have you been worth to us, Nancy?
Though inquring’s egregious effront’ry—
We ask, not what our tax money’s done for you
But what you have done to our country.

Are you worth more than all of us, Nancy?
More honest, more mentally healthy,
Logical and methodic? Or more patriotic?
Wiser? Better? Or just… much more wealthy?

Indeed, just what ARE you worth, Nancy,
And…what are we all worth to you?
We of lesser incomes—why begrudge us our crumbs,
As you eat your cake and have it, too?

And has it been worth it all, Nancy?
The power, the perks, the control?
In the end, what’s it worth
If you gain the whole earth—
Through a high-risk mortgage of your soul?

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2 responses to “What the Heck(ling)?”

  1. Here’s hoping the heckling is a sign some are waking up to her personal corruption

  2. Loved it. Thank you for your creativity, Joe Long…