This is CNN: The Children’s News Network

Every child knows intuitively that losing is not fun. Toddlers will steal a coveted toy right from the hands of an unwitting playmate in the ultimate power move; grade-schoolers will weep openly on the soccer-field sidelines after the usual 1-0 loss; and just try to console a sophomore girl whose latest crush asks someone else to the Homecoming dance. The need to win and get what you want is as basic a human instinct as breathing and shoe shopping.

So, it must really hurt the tender feelings of the puerile talent pool at CNN that the Investigation, Discovery, and Hallmark channels have more viewers than they do. They must really want to pout and kick their little sister over the fact that Fox News had more than double the number of viewers than they did in 2017, and their right-wing rival has been the most watched cable news network for 194 months in a row. To make matters worse, the biggest bully in school, Donald Trump, keeps giving them social-media wedgies on Twitter every week. Even when they try to fight back by explaining how an apple is really a banana or something, everyone makes fun of them.

Being unpopular really stinks.

The CNN roster of reporters and anchors is loaded with some of the most immature whiners in television news. The network’s White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, is Arnold Horshack to Sarah Sanders’ Mr. Kotter, the annoying (but not nearly as loveable) class dunce trying to get attention from his eye-rolling teacher. On Monday, Acosta tussled with Sanders about whether Trump would have run into Stoneman Douglas High School to “save the day” during the February 14 shooting and worried that schools will become like “the Wild West.” Alisyn Camerota pouted that NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch was using explosive rhetoric against the media: “How dare you?” she wailed.

It’s not just gun control that causes CNN hosts to have petulant meltdowns. During a long monologue recalling his experiences in Haiti, Anderson Cooper cried on air following the president’s alleged “shithole” comment, bewailing how Trump, “with all of his money and all of his power” could learn about dignity from the Haitian people.  (You big meanie president!) Don Lemon choked up when he read an open letter to Trump advising him about how to treat the widow of a slain U.S. soldier.. Van Jones cried on election night. Good God,  my teenage daughters cry less often than these guys do.

And Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter are….well, they’re Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter. The pair recently taunted Senator Ted Cruz for refusing to appear on their network to discuss gun control the day after the massacre in Parkland:

Cuomo might as well have tweeted, “Hey dude, meet me in the parking lot after school!” (Cruz responded by posting a photo of his 15-minute interview with a CNN reporter the day after the shooting.)

Considering the juvenile climate at CNN, it’s no surprise that they will do just about anything to improve their popularity or that they will use their emotional and intellectual doppelgangers—resentful adolescents—to help achieve it. Like the invisible girl who suddenly turns goth to get attention at school, the network has changed its identity from fruit-loving truth-teller to raging, hormonal teenager. In a shrewd and obvious attempt to boost their sagging ratings, CNN has served as the high school counselor’s office for nearly two solid weeks, giving hours of air time to kids emoting and ranting about the mass shooting in Parkland.

What might have started as a sincere effort to give voice to the surviving victims quickly devolved into a 24-7 campaign in favor of gun control and a political crusade against Republican lawmakers, gun owners, the National Rifle Association and Donald Trump—all shouted from the mouths of babes. It’s one thing for a purportedly respectable news organization to allow reporters and anchors to peddle biased coverage from the news desk; it’s quite another level of exploitation to allow kids who can’t even vote to take over the set night after night.

During a so-called town hall meeting, which was staged like a boxing match, grieving children were given a public platform to scold professional adults, call them names and even demean them as parents. One student—Cameron Kasky—told Senator Marco Rubio that it was “hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15, and not look at [the shooter].” Kasky, a high school junior who is organizing the March for Our Lives, said he wished he could have “talked to the NRA lady and ask her how she can look in the mirror because she has children but maybe she avoids those.” (When Rubio asked him to clarify who he was talking about, Kasky replied, “I don’t friggin’ know.” He was referring to Loesch.) Emma Gonzalez looked directly at Loesch and told her, “I want you to know we will support your two children in a way that you will not.” Jake Tapper, the adult referee, er, host, of the grudge match, sat silent.

The network has shamelessly elevated Stoneman student David Hogg to fame. The day after the shooting, Hogg told Camerota that he had a message for Congress and the president: “Take action. Ideas are great, and they help you get elected and everything. But what’s more important is pertinent action.” And thus, a star was born.

Since then, the network has either interviewed, hosted, or reported on Hogg nearly every day. Hogg has appeared with his father, his sister, and with disgraced journalist Dan Rather. He bragged how conspiracy theorists have been “great advertisers” and helped increase his Twitter following to more than a quarter-million people: When you’re a teenager, social media approbation is really all that matters. (And despite his protestations,we now know some of the stories about how this has been orchestrated by powerful interest groups are true. A report today in Buzzfeed confirms that former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been advising the students since the day after the shooting, the group has a Hollywood-connected public relations firm, and has been collecting money and assistance from teachers’ unions, celebrities, Planned Parenthood and gun control activists.)

In a cringe-worthy interview Monday night, Cooper held an 8-minute chit chat with Hogg and his 14-year-old sister about how the Trump family has reacted. They blasted the First Lady and Donald Trump, Jr. Lauren Hogg said she “knows more and am more mature” than most of the adults replying on her Twitter feed. (Hubris must be a genetic trait in the Hogg lineage.) Cooper then seriously engaged a 14-year-old girl about whether we need age limits for weapons purchases, and if the president would fulfill his promise or not. (She of course said no.) David Hogg then went on an unchallenged stream-of-teen-consciousness, citing the House of Cards show, smearing Rubio and Florida Governor Rick Scott, and repeating how everything and everyone was, like, totally “disgusting.”

Hard hitting stuff, there, Anderson.

It doesn’t appear as though CNN’s High School Musical is scheduled to end any time soon. Even after the Stoneman students move on, the network will still have immature, reactionary journalists throwing temper tantrums and looking for their next schoolyard fight. Hey, CNN: Call us when you grow up.

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138 responses to “This is CNN: The Children’s News Network”

  1. The parents of these minors should sue these media mercenaries and the Democrat Party for mentally abusing their high school children in front of the entire nation.
    There’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for exploiting the tragedy these kids and their families have gone through to capitalize on their heartache and suffering after losing so many of their classmates, simply because they DO NOT WANT TO FACE THE NEGLIGENCE THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE KILLERS ACTIONS.
    These gullible kids are also being fully employed to cover for the criminal negligence endemic with the Broward Police Chief, Scott Israel, and throughout the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

    • lol. Meanwhile the Trump supporting dad was caught lying ad admitted to doctoring his end of the CNN emails.

      • Meanwhile, every Democrat politician and CNN meadia person has been serially lying to their useful idiot supporters and their useless idiot supporters go to conservative websites to troll like the low-life filth they are.

      • The idiot troll we have been wasting our time with posts over 15000 times per year. I keep forgetting to check profiles so I can see which of these nimrods have no life, no brain, and no real job – just piece work trolling trying get pot and pizza money from their mom’s basement.

      • Hey! Let’s not drag pot and pizza into this! I’m sure it has an effect on a person’s “carbon footprint”, but it’s different subject entirely.

      • Wrong.
        All we know is that the wording of the email that he has presented differs from the wording presented by CNN.

        Since no independent copy exists, we have no idea who doctored the email, but one thing’s for sure…. HOWEVER, CNN has a long track record of these sorts of lies to present evidence in a false light so as to manipulate viewers’ minds into believing things which aren’t true, where as the high schooler’s father has no such record of doing such things.

      • Because he admitted to leaving parts out. He got caught lying. Are you guys retarded?

    • If their parents are gun control proponents, they are likely celebrating the fame, not contemplating legal action.

      • Yup. Dollars to donuts, there were releases signed by guardians, and money changed hands. Not even CNN is going to put a minor child on a talk show without a cya letter in hand.

      • It’s still abuse of minor children to subject them to this. I expect it would be pretty easy to locate an expert on the subject willing to testify.

      • They seem like they’re being coached.

  2. We have fumbled around with Clinton NN and Criminal NN, I think Childrens’ should stick.

  3. I would say as a journalist social media approbation is all that matters

  4. If we enforced slander laws properly, most of CNN’s programming would be yanked and their license revoked. They’re more than happy to promote the fraud children to further their agenda.

      • And no evidence CNN stacked it and ran it as a show trial, right?


      • According to Tucker that didn’t happen. LOL at you.

      • Eventually you’ll learn “LOL” isn’t an argument, it’s generally a signature move made by a fool who doesn’t have one.

      • I’m laughing at you fools because your boy tucker said CNN didn’t lie and you crybabies can’t handle it.

      • It doesn’t really matter why you claim to be laughing, and frankly I doubt you are if that even made a difference in what passes for your argument. I have no idea who this “tucker” person is.

        Your presentation is foolish. It has no substance. Its juvenile and empty. No information content. Noise.

      • Tucker Carlson has a show on Fox. He’s very serious but also funny. He tears liberals apart by using facts and logic. And he’s not afraid to debate anyone. Tucker is great and funny as well.

      • Wow you are still stuck on this laughing stuff? Yes, I am laughing at all of your stupidity and the fact I triggered you guys into commenting about this for 3 days. Lol fugging idiots.

      • We’re trying to help. At least I am. You aren’t making any sense.

      • Name a time and give an example when Fox News has lied? And if they got a story right they went back and corrected it. I bet you cannot. However, I bet I can find CNN lying daily. Liberal troll. How much is Soros and Hillary paying you to post on sites like this> Or is it the Russians>

      • Hannitys seth rich story. Haha that was easy. You aren’t the sharpest of marbles.

      • At best the “Town Hall” was an organized hate right out of 1984

      • You clearly don’t know what the word “NO” means

      • Just because no evidence was produced, doesn’t mean that there was no evidence. Did I use “no” correctly?

      • No (see how I did that again?). Just because he couldn’t find any evidence doesn’t mean that no evidence exists.

      • Using your logic Trump worked with the Russians even though there is lack of evidence. Your dumbssa just got owned

      • No (there’s that word again). Lack of evidence proves nothing, except that nobody found any evidence.

        Listen – this has been really “fun,” but I have to go rearrange my sock drawer. Bye.

      • Right! So using your logic Trumps not inncocent because there’s no evidence prove he is or isn’t. Lol, Mo Ron.

      • are you able to follow a discussion?

        No evidence means *no* evidence.

        it does not mean evidence doesn’t exist. It implies neither innocence nor guilt.

        it means there is no evidence.

        without evidence, nothing can be said with certainty….it really is simple….

      • So that means Trump may have colluded with russia, correct?

      • Liberals think Trump is guilty because Mueller filed charges against 13 Russian citizens. Is Putin going to extradite these people? Hell no. Mueller is chasing down a rabbit hold and the investigation is DOA. Trump has done nothing wrong. And this all started under Obama and his former administration is guilty as hell. We have proof.

      • Are you retards still arguing about this?

      • Perhaps if you used the word “nyet”, the little bot would understand!

      • There you go doing it again with the attempted “public shaming” rather than addressing the point.

        You hear people say “no news is good news” all the time, like it means something. Truth is, no news is just no news. It means nothing. Basic information theory.

      • I’ve addressed the point multiple times. Deplorable CBB said no evidence doesn’t mean that there isn’t any evidence. When usingbhis logic that means Trump may have colluded wish russia and none of you fanboys want to accept that. You can’t have it both ways

      • You really don’t understand this do you?

        “When usingbhis logic that means…”

        It means exactly nothing. Nothing at all. It doesn’t mean what you think it means. It doesn’t mean what you claim others think it means. It doesn’t mean anything.

        That’s the point. That’s what you don’t get. It’s the reason your intelligence is in question here.

      • @Trumps coming for our guns., what you’ve just wrote is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in reading these comments is now dumber for having read to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Haha!! None of you can admit that the original commenters logic is flawed because if you did it makes Trump look like he may not be innocent. Your rush to trash CNN backfired

        I don’t need god to have mercy on my soul. I’m not the one who voted for a 3 time married sexual assaulted who said he would sleep with his own daughter and cheats on his wife while pregnant with porn stars. You sold your soul to the devil and the price was cheap

      • How long do you intend to keep demonstrating to the entire planet that you’re a moron?

      • Anyone with half a brain cell knows the Mueller investigation is DOA. They also know the real Russian collusion was done by the DNC, Hillary’s campaign, and Fusion GPS by producing the fake dossier. And this has been proven. Why our wimpy AG has not opened an investigation into this is beyond me. Especially since we have actual FACTS of collusion.

      • DOA? Multiple guilty pleas say otherwise

        Poor rubes

      • Ah yes, a guilty plea from one nobody for forgetting who he talked to, and another guilty plea from some semi-bigwig having to do with something he did while working with the Podesta brothers on a DEMOCRAT’s campaign.

        Neither of which even implies anything wrong with Trump.

      • That is only in reference to the single individual who did not participate. The rest of that town hall travesty was 100% manufactured.

      • I keep forgetting to check profiles so I can see which of these nimrods have no life, no brain, and no real job – just piece work trolling trying get pot and pizza money from their mom’s basement. This twit churns out more than 1250 cut and paste posts per month.

      • They are trolls and on the payroll of Soros, Organizing for America, Clinton Foundation, and Think Progress etc.

      • That was in response to one kid,…and CNN wanted him to “alter” his question..

    • This interview takes me back to one scene in the movie “The Dead Zone” when candidate for president Greg Stillson, played by Martin Sheen grabs a small child from his mother and holds the infant up as a human shield to protect himself from being shot. These advocates will use the caskets and graves of the dead children from any mass shooting as a speaking platform and living kids as human shields to deflect any criticism of the gun confiscation laws they wants to enact.

  5. Brainless adolescent engages mummified has been in challenge to previous all time intellectual lows on cable TV.

  6. I renamed CNN to RNN, Russia News Network. All they do is push Russian propaganda in an attempt to bring down the US.

      • Why would CNN be pushing pro Russia propaganda? Are you stupid?
        Never mind you are from Texas.

      • Because they both want to see America kneecapped? Duh!

      • Because they’re anti- American globalists like you you worthless piece of crepe.

    • Commie News Network.

      Commies USED TO looooooooooooooooove Russia… until the Russian’s threw the Commies out.
      Now commies ABHOR Russia, and are looking for any excuse to gin up a war against them.

  7. Cancel cable TV. Trim their paychecks and their reach. Even if you don’t ever watch a CNN or an MSNBC, they still get a piece of your monthly cable bill. Don’t let them.

    • You guys talk about them so much you keep them relevant.

    • Our satellite connection has been gone for several months now. Don’t miss it at all. With the new TVs all you need is an internet connection and the streaming world is open to you and you don’t have to subsidize propaganda channels.

  8. Hogg excoriates politicians for accepting donations from NRA, claiming the NRA kills children while he and his child cohorts receive funding from the likes of Planned Parenthood that murders 300,000 babies a year. This world has gone mad.

    • How many school shooters, mass shooters have been members of the NRA? I haven’t seen that statistic. Surely the NRA can access its roster and cross check names against actions.

      Doesn’t Chicago have strict gun control laws? How many shootings occurred in Chicago in the last year? How many teens were shot and/or killed in Baltimore last year? Another city with strict gun control laws. And then the question has to be “Do Black Lives Matter to CNN” when the black lives are lost in cities controlled by Democrats who have enacted the strict gun control laws CNN advocates?

      • I wonder why the mass shooting of 3 people (4 if you count the self-inflicted gun shot when the police caught up with the shooter) in Detroit this week wasn’t covered anywhere than the local Detroit media, and then only for a day? Then again, the same thing happens across the country nearly every week, but they don’t get much presstitute coverage either. Maybe it is because the shooter was black, the gun was obtained illegally, and a hand gun was the weapon used? That surely blows a hole in the leftists’ and presstitutes claims about automatic weapons like the AR-15 being the cause of mass shootings.

      • and many more like that, they do not fit the narrative

    • How do you “murder” a fetus which is nothing but a bag of mush with no soul

      • Sorry, but “…nothing but a bag of mush with no soul” is the description of members of the Democrat Party. The unborn, unlike leftists, haven’t sold their souls.

    • Too bad you dont care as much about the born as you do about the unborn.

      • You don’t know what I care about. I care about children born and unborn. Because I care about the most helpless doesn’t mean I can’t care about those who have won the lefts lottery and escaped Planned Parenthood’s Genocide.

  9. We Are CNN

    Confused News Network

    Clown News Network

    Children’s News Network

    Communist News Network

    Callous News Network

    Clumsy News Network

    Creepy News Network

    Corrosive News Network

    Crying News Network

    And finally my favorite


    At CNN we know the game
    As to how we can affix the blame
    To red state rubes
    And flyover boobs
    Without proof or the slightest shame

    Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Sure watching parades, saluting the flag, pissing off liberals. That’s a full days work.

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Picador to smugs & fools

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Golf is fun, maybe try bass fishing, No internet needed. I have never heard someones hobby is watching parades, but hey.

      • “Golf is a good walk spoiled.”
        Mark Twain

        Don’t kill any animal I’m not going to eat. Water close enough for me to fish in you don’t want to eat what comes out of it

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Tut Tut Tut Profiling? Some of the highest priced real estate has some really bad water in close proximity.

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Wouldn’t know about those, but pig farm runoff brings us back to the subject of CNN

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Pig farms are mostly in the dirty south. Google tar heel nc.

      • Not being an expert on effluent other than that produced by the MSM I don’t know. Please inform me from what is a apparently a considerable knowledge on the subject. First hand knowledge? There you go profiling again, sections of the country this time rather than people.

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

      • Iowa is in the South? So, since you are ignorant and like to stereotype people you have never met, here are the top 8 (edited from 10) hog raising states:
        Iowa – $4.2 billion.
        Illinois – $1.54 billion.
        Minnesota – $1.47 billion.
        North Carolina – $1.46 billion.
        Indiana – $1.04 billion.
        Oklahoma – $952.7 million.
        Missouri – $791 million.
        Nebraska – $657.5 million.

    • Yeah, thank God we have truly “fair and balanced” news organizations like FOX NEWS from which to get our information, right?

      • Ah I almost gave you an up vote for honesty of expression in describing yourself. Bravo Ballsy Move.With a little help & hard work you can possibly make it to moron

        Illegitimi n0n carborundum

  10. Where is the article on donnie taking your guns first then asking questions? Can you imagine the militia nutballs if Obama said that?

  11. But hey, don’t you remember all the coverage of the Vegas shooting, with day in and day out interviews with the survivors (who really were getting shot at) and…uh…hmmmm….never mind.

  12. It is not as though I needed yet another reason to not tune in to ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/PBS/MSNBC/CNBC or read NYT/WP.

  13. CNN is the news of a fairy tale world so naturally its attracts children

  14. Where are the caskets and funerals? Did any of this really happen?

  15. Let’s go with Cnowflake News Network. They are like the whining students whose little virgin ears can’t stand to hear any words that might “trigger” them or cause an adolescent emotional meltdown. These are the ones who, instead of actually listening to what anyone on the other side has to say, cover their ears and yell, “Nah-nah, nah-nah-nah-nah, I can’t hear what you’re saying!” The worst offense anyone can commit is to disagree with their point of view — which, of course, is nothing more nor less than the dictionary definition of a liberal.

  16. I guess you have to read about what CNN does. That channel is so predictably boring, I simply stopped watching it.

  17. CNN? That is the channel you see in airports? The one with the weird white haired gay dude?


  19. The msm is worthless. I have a Vietnamese friend at work in Chicago who told me before the election that he often watched CNN and they always criticized Trump but never said anything bad about Hillary.

    I told him most of the media is leftist and they lie all the time because they want a leftist government which will mandate equal outcomes in all areas of life. To them, equal outcomes is social justice.

    I told him our media is as corrupt as the media in places like Vietnam, Russia and China. He already knew that though. He grew up in Vietnam so he knows what leftist propaganda looks like. He once told me that his father’s family was from the north. They were Catholic and upper class. When the communists killed his father’s parents his father fled to the south and joined the French to fight the communists. When the French pulled out his father joined the American forces. When we pulled out his father was captured when the communists broke through the border and poured into the south. His father then spent the next 12 years in a prison camp.

    He said all his father’s years of fighting were “for nothing. All for nothing.” That was extremely sad to hear. The Vietnamese are smart and hard working so if the south hadn’t fallen to the communists it’d probably be like South Korea today. Certainly a great loss for the Vietnamese people.

    After the election though he told me he stopped watching CNN.

  20. Fredo: “I’m not dumb like they say, I’m schmaaat.”

  21. no interested in CNN’s manufactured ” news”. everything the left does these days seems to acknowledge the fact that american adults hate them and they are desperate for new voters to fool. be they illegals, children , jihadis or dead people, a vote is a vote.

  22. This story was fantastic. It perfectly encapsulates CNN and its culture of immaturity. Jim Acosta is the proverbial 7th grader, lobbing silly insults and, what he thinks are, gotcha questions. He’s an embarrassment to journalism — and that’s saying something these days.

  23. The top 10 in “Fake News”
    1. CNN
    2. Washington Post
    3. New York Times
    4. NBC
    5. MSNBC
    6. ABC
    7. CBS
    8. Politico
    9. HuffPost
    10. AP

    Notice that the top 3 produce 90% of the “Fake News” from anonymous sources.

    The definition of “Fake News”: The use of supposition, rumor and innuendo as fact.

  24. The network that provided presidential debate questions to HilLIARy. A despicable f***** up elitist club.

  25. “How can a place with 58,000 homeless people continue to function?”

    That’s a good question. Here’s an excerpt from this horrifyingly depressing article about L.A. in the Los Angeles Times: “There’s an unavoidable, often unspoken, fear that the city around us may be in a state of irreversible decline.”

    I have an unavoidable, often spoken, fear that this whole country is in a state of irreversible decline. Read the article and comments from ordinary people living in California who are utterly appalled by what the leftist Democratic Party has done to their once beautiful state.

    What do leaders in places like Russia and China think when they read articles and comments like this? Obviously they think that America is disintegrating. What else could they possibly think?

    Instead of worrying about Russia and China perhaps we should worry about our own ever more insane left.

  26. CNN &MSNBC will publish 2,000 articles based on anonymous sources that President Trump never said!

    Thank God for President Trump!

    America First!

  27. Los Angeles Times
    March 1, 2018

    Justice Department reviewing Oakland mayor’s tipoff of immigration raids, which led to 232 arrests.

    “Harry Litman, a former U.S. attorney and deputy assistant attorney general who teaches at UC San Diego, said he was struck by the “the near open warfare between the local and federal authorities.”
    “Normally the federal government takes the lead and the state authorities follow in these sorts of things,” he said. Now, “you have essentially an almost guerrilla movement by local authorities to try and undo federal law enforcement efforts.”

    • The second civil war will begin in California. There’s little doubt of that,

  28. It seems clear CNN, along with the recently published list of “fake news” outlets, completely miss the idea they’re doing irreparable damage to their argument against the private ownership of military grade weapons as a check on tyrannical organizations. Their almost ceaseless use of propaganda testifies convincingly on the subject; they openly lie and distort “news” to instill fear in the electorate. They use traumatized children to advance their goals. Apparently they will stoop to any means to achieve them.

    Its impossible for a thinking person to accept any of this drivel, but like so many past regimes who rightly believed society’s perception of truth could be influenced by repetition, they continue to use the technique. It can’t be mistaken for journalism. What’s truly odd is they don’t seem aware they’re actually selling “assault rifles” with every story they tell. Not since the first Clinton administration has there been more interest in the subject.

    Their weakness, if there is one, lays in this practice. The demise of the Fairness Doctrine was a death knell for contemporary journalism, though it might be true it had outlived its usefulness with the advent of subscription media. The problem seems to rest with a growing population of indoctrinated citizens over the past 3 generations; people with no exposure to a responsible press. There was a very brief time during the late 1990’s when the rise of a free internet seemed it might reverse that trend, but the internet was quickly and effectively controlled by aggregators and it seems now the chances of a true free press have been dashed once again.

    But we have at least some evidence to support the idea there are still a few remaining critical thinkers out there, otherwise the Progressive Socialist party wouldn’t have been dealt such an unexpected setback in 2016.

  29. Julie omits to mention that FOX is the only right wing propaganda network, whereas CNN has to split center and left viewers with MSNBC. And Fox and CNN are both losing viewrs, whereas MSNBC is gaining them.

  30. I was recently watching a YouTube video about how Swedish schools are trying to eliminate gender distinctions. Swedish feminists are very powerful. They believe women are oppressed by men and the only way to stop this is to change the culture by eliminating gender distinctions and this can be done by their schools.

    This seems quite insane to me plus how will they ever assimilate refugees from the Middle East like the Muslims and Assyrian Christians from places like Iraq? I work with many Assyrians in Chicago and I know them quite well since I talk to them every work day. No way will they give up their traditional culture to assimilate into something so perverse and the Muslims certainly never will either. This leftist culture is the exact opposite of Islamic culture. Which culture is stronger? Obviously the Islamic/Christian culture from the Middle East is far stronger so what does that mean for Sweden’s future?

    I do feel sorry for Swedes for being foolish enough to import such impossible to assimilate people. Now though I also feel sorry for the Muslims and Christians from the Middle East who are expected to assimilate into an obviously insane culture. Leftists seem to be insane wherever they are. Why is that?

    Such a crazy world we live in. Time will tell what fate has in store for us.

    • “Time will tell what fate has in store for us.”

      Nickolas Cruz is the fate in store for us.

      When we destabilize the sexuality of adolescent males, we’re playing with fire. Nick is the result. When we intentionally emasculate our children, we risk war. We can’t continue this assault and deny the consequences.

      Progressive policy is literally killing our children.

      • We do live in a very strange time but then there’s really nothing unusual about societies becoming insane and tumbling into the abyss.

        Here’s an excerpt from an article I saw called “Camille Paglia on Movies, #Me Too and Modern Sexuality: “Endless, Bitter Rancor Lies Ahead.” She points out here that gender differences are quite real and most people are quite aware of this obvious truth.

        “Women’s discontent and confusion are being worsened by the postmodernist rhetoric of academe, which asserts that gender is a social construct and that biological sex differences don’t exist or don’t matter. Speaking from my lifelong transgender perspective, I find such claims absurd. That most men and women on the planet experience and process sexuality differently, in both mind and body, is blatantly obvious to any sensible person.”

        So why then is this feminist craziness about gender being a social construct taught in academia and why do most leftists support such grotesquely insane idiocy? I’ve always liked reading history. Something that’s always bothered me about reading history though is that you realize how distressingly common it is for societies to become insane and self destruct. During the dreadful twentieth century major nations like Germany, Japan, Russia and China plus some minor nations like Cambodia became quite insane for periods of time. Is it our turn now?

        Why does this happen? Why does this keep happening? Why do people periodically become insane and destroy what they worked so hard to create? I suppose it’s just a severe flaw in human nature.

        Hope springs eternal. Hopefully this time will be different. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the abyss.

      • “Why does this happen? Why does this keep happening? Why do people periodically become insane and destroy what they worked so hard to create?”

        I wish I could offer you an answer, sincerely.

        I have no idea. None at all. It defies what I understand as logic.

      • Seems to me the left has become insane and is waging a race war against white people. Certainly an unfortunate development but it sure could be worse. If we were a defenseless minority like the Jews in Europe or rich landowners in China when Mao took over we’d really be in trouble.

        As it is, there are quite a few of us here, quite well armed plus we do have many allies among “people of color.” I have many Vietnamese and Hispanic friends who do not see me as a white devil oppressor. They sure would not be fighting on the side of the hate whitey left.

        Plus, no denying there are many beautiful things in our world. Here’s a link to a video about a woman grieving the loss of a loved one. Very strange but beautiful. The snow leopard is great and the part where time is flowing in reverse in the old theater and everything is becoming like it once had been is really good.

  31. CNN colluded with Russia for the Townhall,…..I’ll let you know when I have evidence.

  32. No denying we’re all on a sinking ship which certainly is quite a distressing development but this awful world isn’t all bad.

    Here’s a link to a Caroline Campbell video. Such a beautiful church. Such beautiful music. Such a beautiful woman. Some say it’s Satan, the Prince of Darkness, who’s the supernatural force behind our fallen world but if that’s true then at least Satan’s not all bad because we certainly do have many beautiful things in our terrible world that we should be thankful for.

  33. No matter how terrible conservatives think CNN is, their response is always some petty, bullshit opinion, that’s grounded in news sources 100x worse. I mean really, what kind of idiot complains about the MSM and turns around to use tabloids as their news source?

  34. CNN and MSNBC continue to act like children. Viewership is horrible and the anchors are terrible. Typically so care the guests. I saw today that CNN and MSNBC gave less than five minute to the death and funeral of the Reverend Graham. Where Fox News covered well over an hour covering this man, his great work while alive, and his laying in rest and his funeral. I feel sorry for people who get news from CNN and MSNBC. Both networks are targeted towards an audience of people of less than average intelligence or just the typical hardocre leftist America hating crowd. I’d rather watch my dogs crap harden watch either of these networks.

    • I have a Mexican friend at work who says Univision, where many Hispanics get their news, is every bit as leftist and biased as CNN. He actually came here illegally in 1980 but became legal in the 1986 amnesty.

      Why would someone who came here illegally from Mexico have voted for Trump and be a very strong Trump supporter? Because he’s spent more than half his life here, his wife ( Mexican-American ) was born here as were his kids, he is by nature conservative and traditional and totally distrusts the left plus he knows how corrupt and lawless Mexico is and he’s afraid America will end up like that if the leftist democrats are in control.

      Basically, he’s simply an intelligent guy. He has a concealed carry permit and urges me to get one too. He says the more he reads about what’s going on the more guns he buys. He also told me his nephew is a cop in one of the northern suburbs and has a huge gun collection and even a spare bedroom full of 4’ high stacks of ammunition.

      His nephew doesn’t even live in Chicago but fears the worst. I also work with many Vietnamese who are appalled by illegal immigration and want it stopped. One of the many lies of the left is that legal immigrants support illegal immigration. Most of the people in my life, both at work and outside of work, are legal immigrants. None support illegal immigration. All of them strongly oppose it and want it stopped.