The Media’s Walk-of-Shame Won’t End

The media have been on a walk-of-shame bender since 2016. They were whored out by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, swallowed the Christopher Steele dossier, and still get drunk-dialed by the Left. The cheap-date journos show up every time.

Each morning, the media floozies trudge through the quad wearing their “I’m With Her” t-shirts from the night before while they come up with a new cover story for their bad behavior. They lie, distort what actually happened, change the subject, and make excuses for why they got in bed with an ungrateful lover. “Hey, it’s better than sleeping with that other guy!” They insist they’re not being used, but everyone who sees them meander back to the dorm knows they are.

Last week was perhaps one of the tawdriest of the walks of shame taken by the flat-on-its-back, call-me-later commentariat. Still desperate to prove their Hillary hook-up was worth it, the media had several flings over the past several days: North Korea, FBI Director Christopher Wray (again), a white supremacist group, and Russian social-media bots all got bedded. Like the easy girl who never learns her lesson, journalists and opinion-writers keep ruining their reputations in the futile hope of getting some love from their greedy suitors in the #Resistance, then they traipse their escapades through news websites and social media to justify their deed.

Let’s take a look at last week’s Walk of Shame, shall we?

I Heart North Korea: Nothing says self-respect like going home with the last bully in the bar, the guy no one else will sleep with. The same press corps that was apoplectic after President Trump tweeted about the size of his nuclear button in response to Kim Jong-un’s provocations (some in the media insisted the president was declaring war on social media) fell in love with the dictator’s little sister, Kim Yo-jong, at the Winter Olympics in Seoul.

The New York Times cooed about how the totalitarian’s sis flashed “a sphinx-like smile and without ever speaking in public, Ms. Kim managed to outflank Mr. Trump’s envoy to the Olympics, Vice President Mike Pence, in the game of diplomatic image-making.” CNN said she was “stealing the show” and ABC News fawned over this “youthful, photogenic individual” and her “enigmatic smile.” The Washington Post, while dismissing the fact that her family “threatens nuclear war and deprives its people of food and information,” nonetheless admired her “high cheekbones and fine ears” and “Mona Lisa face.”

But nothing could top this from ThinkProgress, a Soros-funded outfit run by former Clinton/Obama lackeys:

Facing criticism, even from some of the Left, about Kim’s glowing press coverage, CNNs Chris Cuomo, a reliable #Resistance ho, of course blamed the president:

Go home, Chris. You’re drunk.

Chris Wray is My Hero: For a solid week, the media pounded on the Rob Porter story, insisting the White House knew for months that Porter’s two ex-wives had accused him of verbal, emotional, and one instance of physical abuse. (Read more here.) During Senate testimony on February 13, FBI Director Christopher Wray gave a timeline of how his agency handled the former staff secretary’s security clearance.

Although Wray clearly said he couldn’t get into the specific content of what information was given to the White House, the media got all hot and bothered by it, celebrating how Wray’s remarks proved the White House harbored a wife-beater. Slate claimed Wray’s cryptic comments proved, “the White House has been lying for the past week about former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter’s security clearance status.” But leave it to party-pooper Trey Gowdy, the House Oversight Committee chairman looking into the whole Porter mess, to break up the lovefest. Gowdy confronted CNN’s Alisyn Camerota after she insisted Wray had contradicted the White House’s account of what happened: “Do you know what he told them?” She had no answer, of course, because she hasn’t a clue, but why let facts get in the way of a fun romp in the political hay?

A White Nationalist Would Never Lie to Me: Desperate to pin the horrific and heartbreaking Florida high school massacre on Donald Trump—after all, the NRA-has-blood-on-their-hands mantra isn’t sexy enough any more—the media fell for the old “trust me, I’m a white supremacist” pick-up line. Based on the flimsiest of evidence, the Anti-Defamation League reported that “a spokesperson for the white supremacist group Republic of Florida (ROF) claimed that Nikolas Cruz, the man charged with the previous day’s deadly shooting spree at a Parkland, Florida, high school, was associated with his group.” (Since when do white nationalist groups have “spokespeople?”)

But nothing is more powerful an aphrodisiac to the media than the word “alt-right” so upon the suggestion of it, they started shedding their clothes without a second thought. The New York Post declared the shooter “trained as a member of the white nationalist militia” and ABC News also claimed the killer was a member of the group. Pundits wasted no time connecting the killer to the alt-right, to Trump, and to the GOP:

An eager NeverTrumper even got in on the act:

But tragically, from the point of view of the media, the hook-up was brief: The whole thing was a hoax. (Politico published a good explainer.) Friday night, the Associated Press embarrassingly admitted that “a white nationalist appears to have lied to The Associated Press and other news organizations when he claimed that Florida school-shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his obscure group.” Dear God, if we can’t trust white supremacists, who can we trust?

I Must Have Had My Bot-Glasses On: This one could be a longer fling. It’s a holiday weekend so it might need revisiting since they’re still getting it on. On Friday, the Justice Department announced charges against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for conspiring to interfere in the 2016 presidential election starting in 2014.

The indictment is a weird hodgepodge of accusations about social media use, hashtags, rallies and pranks: “For example, Defendants and their co-conspirators asked one U.S. person to build a cage on a flatbed truck and another U.S. person to wear a costume portraying Clinton in a prison uniform.” The defendants are accused of organizing “U.S. political rallies in support of then president-elect Trump, while simultaneously using other false U.S. personas to organize and coordinate U.S. political rallies protesting the results” of the election.

Although the indictment doesn’t mention Russian President Vladimir Putin or make any connection between the conspirators and the Trump campaign, the media claimed the information debunked President Trump’s comments that Russian election-interference is a “hoax.” The New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker magazine, CNN, the Los Angeles Times, and USA Today are just a few of the news organizations insisting Trump was wrong about the “myth” of Russian election meddling.

Rick Wilson, one of the more nasty among the embittered NeverTrumpers, even seemed a little more unhinged than usual:

Ah, nice try, but since the grand jury charges came from the special investigation into how the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to steal the presidency, we can tell the difference. The “hoax” was about Donald, Jr., Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and whoever the Rooskie Villain of the Week was; not about some shady Facebook posts and Twitter hashtags.

So, media one-night-stands, you can cover up with sunglasses, a borrowed sweatshirt, or even a pussy hat. We know who you are and what you did. Maybe morning-after guilt will set in some day, but for now, it looks you’re your perpetual walk-of-shame isn’t ending any time soon.

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307 responses to “The Media’s Walk-of-Shame Won’t End”

  1. You have to wonder what kind of STD these sluts will get from all this whoring around…….

      • Wait? They actually had one to lose in the first place?
        You need to have some good reference for THAT!

      • Yeah … I’d say that falls into the “outrageous claims require outrageous proof” category.

  2. There’s a reason they’re called “presstitutes”.

    What disturbs me is that among what passes for journalism in this country,
    there appears to be no interest in straightening up and rejecting the partisanship
    and the chicanery that blights the profession. I can think of no major media
    player who’s speaking out against what’s happening in journalism today.

    In the ’70’s, when Gallup began tracking Americans’ attitudes towards journalists,
    72% of Americans reported a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in the
    profession. Forty years later, those figures have declined to just 32%
    overall, and only 14% among Republicans.

    Julie Kelly is a voice in the wilderness, sadly. Today we’re saddled with a pack
    of presstitutes who see no need to give up their whoring, while their only true
    asset– their credibility– evaporates. A healthy republic requires a healthy
    press. This won’t end well.

    • I never heard that term before. Sure is appropriate.

    • Forty+ years hijacking education, and the ‘swamp’ has concrete, bi-partisan retaining walls. My despair is because this has gone on for more than one year. I have seen it get worse, and the one thing that might save the USA is that there are different media segments. Business media seems to have retained clarity. Because I follow Diplomatic media so closely, they got a wake-up call from the State Dept end of November, and now less rumor, more real news. I can not assess the impact if >50% of Americans keep ignoring the legacy news, the online chatterboxes, and the more worrying ‘experts’ who feed the punditry, but I do not see the ‘progressive’ faction growing at all.

      Ace of Spades sees what is wrong: February 16, 2018 “Well,
      That’s About It For the RUSSIA Collusion Narrative, But the DieHard Liberals We Call “NeverTrumpers” Aren’t Giving Up Just Yet”

      Lee Smith unmasked Fusion GPS, Iran echo-chamber still at work, and How FB and g00gle starves legacy media of ad revenue. He had to post at tabletmag, hard to assess his echo.

      Julie Kelly is more insightful than the rest of amgreatness, but I still maintain they all spend too much time reacting to the latest outrage instead of changing the subject to real news. That is why I despair. And why I read the sane foreign media, and, having finished Merry’s McKinley bio, now in 1910 with Morris’ “Colonel Roosevelt”. TR was eloquent about the same exact issues distracting the media and political class today. We just need a few more Lee Smiths, with real echo. Yes, I need more sleep, less time writing, but, always good to see the real Clinton :)

      Time to check on Syria, and how TeamTrump intends to partner in the QUAD (Japan, India & Australia) to counter China’s OBOR – and if THAT will break through the concrete retaining wall of the foreign policy swamp.

      • The excellent Daniel Greenfield over at Frontpage gave an
        spot-on analysis of just how today’s media has devolved from
        doing what we’d recognize as journalism to what he refers to as
        ‘story laundering’. As he concludes, the media’s product is no
        longer news, it’s narrative

        If you haven’t already read Greenfield’s article, I’ll include a link:

        Always good to hear from you, D4x.

      • TY – keep forgetting to check Frontpage for realism. Interesting that Greenfield did not cite Lee Smith, who posted three of four of
        his in-depth real investigative reports on Fusion GPS at tabletmag on July 21 & 27, Nov 4, following his FB & g00gle expose on June 21, before his expose of the new twist on the Iran echo-chamber, deployed on Josh Meyer’s genuine investigative report on Project Cassandra at Politico in Dec, 2017. You can find all of Lee Smith with tabletmag search – he is doing the real investigative work that Greenfield read.

        Greenfield’s “[…]The media is trying to cash in on the
        institutional legacy of the corporations that bear the old names, but have no functional resemblance to what the news business used to be[…]” applies as well to magazines, which I commented on elsewhere in this thread, re: The New Yorker as High Priest of #resistance talking points making my case of how culture&thought media drive news media. Picked the wrong commenter for that :) Adding here, I also saw two older voices of the ‘thought’ media cave: in 2012, The New Republic (1914 voice for the then bi-partisan Progressives) and, worse for America, in 2016, The Atlantic (1853 voice of the abolitionists, but centrist in the 20th century). I find It ironic? that The Nation, consistently liberal since 1865, and the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States, is more honest than all of them put together. They exposed the Russia! collusion as a DNC product in Nov, 2017, and got shunned by all. The Nation does cover TeamTrump’s foeign policy, adding their opinion separately from the news reports, but I
        find it easier to go straight to primary sources at WH &, and State’s Twitter, because they re-Tweet from our Embassies.

        From Dec. 11, 2011, Joseph Epstein at the Weekly Standard, a
        lively history of TNY: “[…] taken over by David Remnick [1998], an earnest journalist who had written well on the Soviet Union and
        other matters. […] meant a turn toward a more specific politics. The politics were liberalism now distinctly aligned with the Democratic party, both in a large number of its general articles that make American foreign policy seem what the left calls “the imperialist project,” […] with all the complexity of old western movies:

        Good guys wear Democratic hats, villains wear Republican ones, and that isn’t the Lone Ranger but Barack Obama riding to the rescue. In its covers, its coverage of events, its need to seem au
        courant, and its insistent politics, the New Yorker has begun to seem more and more like a weekly news or opinion journal (“of
        salvation”) than the magazine once adored by earlier generations of
        readers.[…]—elegant, literary, ironic, laced with a bracing skepticism […]was the spiritual house organ for people looking for relief from the clang of rivaling opinions, the barkering of each
        week’s Next New Thing, the knowingness of haughty punditry,
        the maelstrom of the world’s unrelenting noise. […]”

        My disillusion over ‘conservative’ media’s ongoing failure to stop reacting (like Kelly here), and change the story to real news is now deeper. I see the collusion between the Wilsonian#resistance and BushNeo-cons, in punditry, solely because it’s Trump in the Oval Office.

        I still wonder why it is taking the author of the “Flight 93 Election”,
        Michael Anton, so long to reset his predecessor at WH NSC, Ben Rhodes, echo chamber reset. Took a year to finally start posting much more on WH foreign policy. When will Anton get a few more voices with real echo to notice?

      • If it makes you feel better, CNN has lost 30% of its viewership, so one channel is sinking beneath the waves.

      • Not really, because cable news is NOT the ‘head of the snake’, and the threat is not a ‘snake’. CNN is one small tentacle of the monster with too many tentacles. That’s why the mythical Norse Kraken is the model, and metaphor, for so many literary monsters. The Watcher in the Water, at the Door to Moria, in Lord of the Rings is one of the better monster Kraken.
        Too many tentacles, aim for the head.

      • But the head never surfaces. Who is the head of the liberal kraken? Off George Soros, there’ll be a dozen other Progorrhoid one world billionaires stepping up to fill his shoes. So Soros isn’t the head, he’s just another tentacle. The head never surfaces. It never takes a hit.

      • IF you can reach the head, so much better for you. In the mean time, aim for what is in reach and strike at that target. A million Americans striking a million Progressive targets can still do a lot of damage

    • In the 1970s, there was no internet. Perhaps the growing distrust of the “media” is due to the invention and popularity of that august institution.

      • In the ‘70s we had Watergate. Two schlub reporters brought down a Republican President. Suddenly, everyone with a typewriter wanted to be a journalist, and every journalist wanted to be the next Woodward or Bernstein. Digging into and reporting the facts took a distant second place to political activism, and for the first several decades, that activism was virtually all slanted heavily to the left.

        The growing distrust of the news media is not due to the internet; it’s due to the news media becoming ever more untrustworthy. The internet is just another medium of communication. If millions of people weren’t desperately seeking a viable alternative to kool-aid drinking propagandists parading around in journalist costumes, the MSM would still be the only kid on the block.

      • Eisenhower bashed the press at the 1964 GOP convention for its liberal biases, Washington did not seek a third term because, among other things, he was sick and tired of being lied about by a mob of infamous scribblers, and the treatment got at the hands of the press was nothing less than vicious. Media bias has been around forever. The Internet simply leveled the playing field. Once upon a time, Dan Rather would have gotten away with that fake but accurate nonsense he tried to pull. In a world where everyone can have a voice if they choose, Rather got found out and called out within hours of his making those claims about Bush the younger’s military service.

  3. If people buy the product of these journalists’ labor, they are also part of the problem.

    • We cancelled cable 3 years ago. In part because a cable fee subsidizes the pay of the channels one doesn’t watch (or hates). A Roku Player or some such can allow you to edit your tv menu and save you time & money and also allows one to avoid the real time slop that gets retweeted or highlighted elsewhere on the net. You’re not keeping a CNN-MSNBC-PBS artificially afloat. Ignorance in this case, has some bliss and a few more bucks in the pocket.

  4. Since 2016??? Since at least 2008 going forward. They have merely been perfecting their “fake news” art over time!

    • Actually, it goes back at least as far as the 1960s. Walter Cronkite, long time evening news anchor, and then called the most trusted man in America, admitted some years after he retired that he was a Democrat and had slanted the news to favor liberal causes throughout most or all of his career.

  5. Rick Wilson is a special case of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    • Wilson I always expect his ears to move around… YODA like…

    • You might add that unlike MANY media members and politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, she knows the difference between “the medium IS the message” and “the media ARE the message.” Media is a plural word- plural for medium. News commentators and politicians saying “the media is” make me cringe as much as if they had said, “we is” or “I are”.

      • cringe away.

        America is in a fight for its very founding principles and you think we give a rats a$$ that your pathetic feelings are tweaked by a grammar issue?

        Its losers like you that made America weak.

        We need strength, not weeny whining.

      • Bad grammar is not evidence of “strength.” Stop whining about what we need and losers.

      • Seems to me that arguing for low standards (of grammar or anything else) is the mark of a leftist. Perhaps you should surf over to the Daily Kos and hang out with your moral and intellectual peers.

      • Seems to me that’s as pathetic as your last posting.

        Whereas my point destroyed you and still stands unchallenged by any thought you might have had:

        “We need the grammar police like a fish needs a bicycle.
        What we do need is courage and you wouldn’t know what courage is if it hit you in the face!”

      • The fact that you are a sub-literate dolt that supports similarly sloppy thinking is your problem, not mine.

        You wouldn’t know a cogent thought if it hit you in the face, much less be able to express it. GFY.

      • GFY?

        Mr. cogent thought?

        You remain an idiot and you remain a coward.

        Get behind the real men and women who are changing our country for the better. And stop whining about their heroic actions by complaining about spelling mistakes and grammar errors.

        You are a silly, pathetic whiner.

      • Your insistence on correct usage is altogether admirable, but…
        when “the media” is referred to COLLECTIVELY, it is a singular entity, thus rendering “The media is the message” to be the correct construction.

      • You are right and what you have said echos what is said in dictionaries, both US and British.

    • I’m inclined to agree. Using extended metaphor successfully is much harder than she makes it look here.

  6. The Democrat & the Filthy Fake News Media are completely corrupt & the entire country knows it. We all know the would kiss Hilter & Stalin’s feet & gladly spew any propaganda they wanted if it would give them 3 minutes of real bad news about Trump. Of course jobs & the economy are booming, wages are rising, & ISIS has been all but destroyed just as Trump promised so the lying corrupt Democrats & Fake News Media mostly have to just make it up.
    As it’s clear now that Russia Collusion was a Fraud made up by a conspiracy of Democrats, Russians, & Obama FBI/DOJ Criminals the Dems & Fake News Media pray every day the the criminal Mueller Conspiracy will find something or anything against Trump even if they have to coerce perjury to get it. Look for the Fake News Media & Dems to become even more frantic folks as more Americans see their incomes rise & the country shakes off the last of the Obama misery & weakness. Remember what it is though. The tantrums of corrupt filthy liars!

    • Or we can just use actual facts and events. They make our case for us.

  7. Great job, Julie. You’ve illustrated clearly how the little skanks deserve every word you wrote.

  8. What were the indictments really about? Those named are not in US jurisdiction and I doubt that Russia will extradite them. So, no arrests, no trials just a big splash with NO law enforcement results. This is all just for show. What’s behind it?

    • Bingo. Mueller just indicted a group of Russians, working in Russia, for violating US law. Good luck making any of that stick. This is right up there with a Special Counsel executing no-knock warrants at 3:00 a.m. to seize evidence of a private citizen failing to register as a lobbyist. Makes ya wonder why we even have an FBI, doesn’t it?

      Oh, wait … the FBI had already investigated Manafort and no charges were filed. Uh oh. This entire Special Counsel circus starts to smell like a personal vendetta. So, what’s worse than a Special Counsel on a political witch hunt? How about a Special Counsel who uses a political witch hunt to settle personal scores?

      But … but … Bob Mueller is above reproach! So, how’s that Uranium One deal working out for him?

    • What’s behind it? Insanity on the part of the people who hate Trump.

  9. GQ Magazine Jay Willis “Florida Shooter’s Ties to White Supremacy Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone”
    Time Magazine Accused Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Was a Member of White Supremacist Group

  10. I’ve seen editorials in the WSJ that are the exact opposite of editorials in the New York Times. We do have a healthy press. It’s just that the msm says pretty much the opposite of what journalists like Megan McArdle, Salena Zito, Cathy Young, Julie Kelly, WSJ journalists and others say.

    We basically no longer have a common reality and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? Does America even still exist as a country? When I see the daily, non-stop hate for Trump in the msm it sure does look like America has already ceased to exist as a country and is a low intensity civil war. What was once a great nation now just seems to be a big pot of ever more intensely boiling hate. Our society certainly is now sailing in uncharted waters.

    • When I was younger we had a left wing newspaper and a right wing newspaper in our medium sized city. Today it’s just the ailing left wing paper. What I’m getting at is we’ve always had different ways of looking at things. The Internet has helped as conservative papers died out in the big cities.

  11. The profession of journalism has been stained these last few decades. Journalists are trusted less than used car or insurance salesmen. Trouble is, now that we no longer believe them what real power do they hold?

  12. It is enlightening to watch the people who should know better hyperventilating over the announcement of some very questionable indictments. After watching the unfolding drama (or maybe it’s comedy) of the FBI, DOJ, IRS, ATF, etc., weaponized by the Obama Administration and embarrassing themselves by going all in for Hillary Clinton before, during, and after the 2016 Presidential Campaign and election, we’re now supposed to believe that these indictments are for real? Anyone want to bet the farm on whether ANY of those indicted will ever appear in a United States courtroom? And as to the grand jury process, we all know by now that any prosecutor who actually passed the bar exams can get a ham sandwich indicted. The grand jury process has become a travesty in 21st century America. The art of journalism was mostly lost decades ago. If is just that the corruption in the MSM has become more visible as the MSM’s monopoly on information has completely crumbled under the all seeing gaze of the Internet.

    • Now that the internet exists, the “mainstream media” is everywhere from Breitbart to the Los Angeles Times to Rolling Stone, etc. Anybody with access to a computer can get information from just about any source desired.

  13. Is American Greatness another of the Koch brothers funded right wing groups?

  14. Ah. Too clever by half Ms. Kelley. Your disappointed the media is simply reporting what is happening, revealing your dear leader to be an international disgrace as well as the current majority party in Congress who tolerate and even encourage his absurd behavior as he embarrasses the United States daily. As you know in your heart and mind, Don is not doing the job and doesn’t want it really because he simply isn’t up to it. Never was and never will be. He has given free reign to his staff, and the Heritage Foundation and their ilk to do what they will with regard to policy and the governance. With no ideas of his own and not a plan in site, this luke warm body will sign any bill put in front of him. And make know mistake; to a dude like him you’re just a piece of ***. Don is just a sad clown attempting to bluster his way to the finish line. Keep preaching to your choir though. I’m good with the first amendment

    • We are Happy …YOU are not
      WE have 7 more years of enjoyment
      You have 7 more of misery hahaha

      • Who needs any more for losers like you?
        Keep posting your sniveling and bleating!
        I’m enjoying watching you losers squirm.

      • I can’t tell you what a chore it is trying to keep up with you brainiacs. Parroting White House talking points is not a substitute for objective study of the issues over time. So what the hell. Why not dump the PBR, get out of the lazy boy, turn off the TV, and engage in some critical thinking regarding your prejudices and the way things are really going down in the world beyond your TV and phone. Rise above the noise!

      • Little boy; Does your Mom know you are trying to converse with adults at a conservative news site?
        Or is she actively coaching you?

  15. The author is upset because the free press doesn’t whore for Trump. Too bad, Julie, you sycophant. You are in front of Trump and on your knees satisfying him so frequently that there is room for nothing else.

    • Well if you’re going to whore, you should do it with equality. You understand how important equality is to the Left, right?

  16. The media was actually duped by the Russians spending a few thousand dollars on Facebook ads. Let that sink in.

    • Facebook, Twitter, and Snap are poison, they are not boons.

    • Florida was duped as well. Thats how the orange Russian got away with winning florida. Of course,our history is that presidential elections are stolen here ( ala Katherine harris).

      • I lived in Florida at the time. It was an ocean of Trump T-shirts and bumper stickers. Tim Kaine couldn’t even get a couple hundred people at his rallies. You are delusional. If anything it was only close because illegals voted overwhelmingly for Clinton.

      • There with the illegals again? They didn’t vote. The russians swayed you. The difference is that we now have indictments s showing that what I’m saying is true. You, not so much. Illegals voting, hah. Prove it.

      • Illegals voted in the millions. Own it. Assistant attorney General of the United States when announcing the indictments stated clearly they did not sway th e election in any way. So you have no proof. Ironically the Russians are duping you as we speak.

      • First, there has never been any (repeat “any”) proof submitted to make the argument that illegals voted. In fact, the only fraud I’ve heard of was republican (but even that was only a couple of cases in South floriduh). And the indictments don’t address if they were unwitting or not. It just doesn’t address the issue. Ironically, your already duped. Read the indictments.

      • I have read the indictments. They placed ads for multiple campaigns. Both the indictment and Facebook themselves have stated the goal was not one candidate but to dupe idiots like you. Aliens work, vote, and show up for jury duty.

      • Sounds like they act like good citizens, if we can believe you.

      • Unfortunately 20% of them have a criminal background, 50% are on some form of government assistance, and 100% of them shirk our labor laws.

      • Even if one did know that an illegal voted, since we have a secret ballot, you would not know for what candidate that illegal voted. The issue is a non-issue invented as a public relations tool by advertisers for a particular political cause.

      • Illegals vote for the party that supports illegal immigration. Easy to understand.

      • Illegals had a secret ballot, if and when they voted. You assume you know who they voted for, as well as assuming you know they voted at all.

      • No secret ballot in Florida, right? Or are you peeking inside the booth?

      • Sure, because Hillary was such a great candidate that everyone wanted. You probably don’t know anyone who voted for Trump so there is no way he could have been elected.

  17. Trust Erick Erickson and Rick Wilson to both get it spectacularly backwards….
    I’ve formed the opinion that the NeverTrumpers, particularly the noisy ones, are the equivalent of those sly and slimy
    sea creatures that, through camouflage, embed themselves among their favorite prey.

  18. Good article. But…
    Imagine the hue and cry if it had been written by a man.

  19. You know you’ve struck the right note, Mrs. Kelly, when the trolls come out in a disorganized gang, and try to trash your comments section.
    There aren’t as many sore losers as it appears: It’s only one or two that have been given separate accounts, with several pussyhats to switch.

  20. What a great article. I have to confess, I watch MSNBC and CNN occasionally for my guilty pleasures. The buffoons on those networks are extremely entertaining.

    • As a college student, I did a work-study semester at a VA psychiatric facility. Listening to the babble of deeply damaged people is not entertaining. That’s why I don’t tune in CNN or MSNBC. It’s like trying to decipher the language of the old man who’s standing at the window shouting at crows. They have a world view, and in their world, what they’re saying makes sense. But who has the time and patience to sit down, sift it word for word, and figure out what in the world is going on inside their pointy little heads?

  21. Ms. Kelly, this should be standard, weekly fare. Great job.

  22. Stopped watching, listening to, and reading the MSM years ago.

    Came to the conclusion bureaucracy was my enemy and never my friend, sinecures for power-drunk people to pull down good salaries and benefits and rich pensions at my expense.

    Reached the judgment the FBI and other federal departments such as DoE are in great need of reevaluation, encompassing everything from outright closure to large cuts, to complete reorganization.

    The Left has made a great hot mess of our democratic republic.

  23. When all is said and done with Muller and his illadvised appointment the real work must go on. The leakers, doj, fbi, Clinton, steele, and the Obama admin officials need to be held to account. Crimes agianst America were committed and there will be no justice until those who committed these crimes are held to account.

    Further these trials should put on display for all Americans to see just how horribly the msm has failed in their duty. A price needs to be paid for their part in this attack on America.

    To make America great again the swamp not only needs to be drained. The criminals need to be punished and publically so.

    • Yes, but …. You are correct that there was gross criminal abuse of governmental power by the Obama administration; and yes, it needs to be investigated and criminals indicted, tried, convicted, and punished. And yes, the American public needs to see this happen, on the right to restore confidence in our Republic, and on the left to reinforce the message that there are boundaries that no one should violate no matter how righteous they believe their cause to be.

      BUT …

      This needs to be done with patience, exceeding care, and flawless attention to investigatory procedure, because we are dealing with the foundations of the Republic here. Republicans won’t hold power forever. The pendulum will swing. Sooner or later a Dem will sit in the offal orifice — I mean, Oval Office. And I’ll gay-Ron-teaya there are millions of Dem/prog/leftists frothing at the mouth and counting the days until they get their grubby little hands back on the levers of power and go full tilt against anyone remotely tied to the Trump administration.

      We are in danger of sliding into a state of affairs where each new administration spends most of its time and energy investigating the old one. That would be a horrible way to govern a once-great nation. But yet, there was criminal malfeasance, and bad actors should not be allowed to assume their high political office confers immunity for crimes committed.

      So, yes: we need an investigation. We need justice. We need reason to believe the Republic can survive this sustained onslaught from the insane left. But we also need to tread very carefully, ensuring this is a criminal investigatory process and not a political witch hunt like “OMG! RUSSIA!”

      And for this reason I suspect Sessions is doing it exactly right, treading softly, methodically dotting i’s and crossing t’s, and quietly swinging a very big stick — and doing it all to the consternation and frustrated howls of right wing believers out for blood.

      • Sessions? Pursuing pot smokers and taking money from citizens without benefit of trial by jury? I think you’ve placed your faith on the wrong man.

      • I don’t agree with the feds enforcing marijuana laws. That’s a states issue, IMHO. And I’ve been a vocal critic of civil forfeiture since I first learned of it in law school, many years ago. But what Sessions is doing is called “enforcing the law.” If you’re unhappy with that, work to change the law, not to undercut the man whose sworn duty is to uphold it.

  24. The media publish so much hate filled and biased lies daily against the President, his administration and all conservative thinking Americans. If you read the daily headlines from various news outlets on Realclear Politics or Drudge, it is actually pretty horrible. They twist statements and post things out of context and even outright lie. THEY are who is ruining our country right now!

      • Today: “Whatever Trump is Hiding is Hurting All of Us Now” NYT, “Trump and Republicans Will Be Toxic for a Generation” CNN, Yesterday : “America Is Under Attack and the President Doesn’t Care”, The Atlantic, “Trump is Making MS-13 Stronger” NYT, “Moscow Is Laughing at Trump, and All of Us” The New Yorker, “Infrastructure Spending Won’t Transform America” WaPo, “ There Is a Downside to all the Conveniences of Capitalism” NYT…just two days of headlines.

      • I also see such things every day at Real Clear Politics or places like Yahoo News. Certainly very depressing to see how insane the left has become. America was very fortunate to have avoided the raging insanity that ripped apart so many countries during the dreadful twentieth century. Has our luck run out?

  25. The news media has a political party, the democrats. Not the other way around.

    • Arm chair Marxism is the shared belief system in both cases.

  26. Your a rasist bigget llamaphobe! There all going to jale! In 2020 Trump will LOOSE and Clinton will win by a lanslide and become the first women president of the Untied States. PERSIST & RESIST!

  27. Presstitutes being presstitutes. So what else is new?

  28. The younger generation has only been taught a single word regarding Cold War/Soviet complicity….”McCarthyism”. Try mentioning the guilt of the Rosenbergs or Alger Hiss and see where that conversation leads.

    It’s been so galling from inception.

    • Don’t be silly.
      Ever since Mr. McCarthy was vindicated, and the “who actually did what” book “Blacklisted by History” came out, the term McCarthyismhas been quir=etly replaced with an all NEW slew of
      “This is what they told me to say!” words and terms.

  29. Thanks.. great stuff..

    What’s sad is this author is doing actual “fact checking,” … something the so called Politifacts of the world don’t do..

  30. Literary gold. Perfectly describes the media’s complicity.

    • No. To CNN this is dangerousalternativeoutofcontrolnewmedia. Only they and their loose affiliation of fake news on-air copy reader talking heads and fake news printmongers are [real] media. Just ask em.

  31. the American greatness has turned into American piece of shit

  32. Rickhead Wilson — one of the nastier and more lowbrow of the apparatchiks who regularly denounce everything Republican, conservative, or right-wing — claims to be a Republican?!?

  33. The center for disease control is going to stop using rats in its experiments and start using left wing journalists and NeverTrumpers instead. There are some things rats just won’t do.

  34. “…debunked President Trump’s comments that Russian election-interference is a “hoax.”

    I don’t recall Trump ever claiming that Russia didn’t try to interfere with the election. He’s been quite clear that the hoax was that he and/or his campaign colluded with them to steal the election from that loser, Hillary. The indictments make it clear that the Russians were behind some of the “not my president” and “#resistance” rallies against Trump after the election.

    The person he actually stole the election from was Ted Cruz, with a sleazy primary campaign of lies and dirty tricks. The Marxists should be thankful – they dodged a howitzer when they got Trump instead. Imagine what a brilliant, organized, competent and conservative President Cruz could have accomplished by now with the media howling against him for colluding with Canada and demanding the indictment of Rafael Cruz for shooting JFK from the grassy knoll. They would have been laughed all the way back to Havana.

  35. I know this is NBC, but leave it to them to put a loony political slant to the Olympics as well. I watched the first night of skating and the announcers had a chill up their leg for the North Korean skaters. Since the NK team was to appear 10th, they must have edited the tape to put them on first and devoted (and I mean “devoted”) a full segment on them. You would have thought they were the favorites (to win, not just to NBC). They ended up 11th. By the time I went to bed the U.S. had not skated.

    Previously they had gushed on and highlighted Kim Jong Un’s sister (NK’s deputy director of the Propaganda “REALLY” ) “who stole the show”. They also got damp on the “so cute cheerleaders” and their matching costumes. I guess Kim Jong Un took some money out of his personal huge food and booze budget to pay for the tickets and costumes. If any other country did this they would be ridiculed. It also turns out NK stiffed the hotels for the athlete’s (and probably cheerleader’s) hotel rooms.

    The regular North Koreans are starving and literally “eating sh*t”. Un has farmers use untreated human waste as fertilizer since they don’t have any other. This has caused a parasitic worm epidemic. It’s not the athlete’s fault but for NBC to go nuts over the North Koreans who have pledged to nuke us, is probably to stick it to Trump who has challenged Un’s threats. Josef Goebbels, Kim Jong Un’s sister’s hero, must be smiling up from hell (or possibly Paraguay).

    • The ice skating has been unwatchable. It’s been taken over by the lgbtq movement from the participants to the Hunger Games commentator. Heterosexual participants are probably made to feel out of place like they got lost on the way to the Olympics and wound up at “The Bird Cage.”

  36. One of my favorite aspects of this is yet again conservatives and Trump is the charge that because some on the alt-right support Trump he is tarred with that. On the other hand, the CPUSA–the genuine commies, you know, Stalinist, Holodomor-denying, gulag-supporting commies–endorsed Hillary and I don’t see any claims that the ctrl-left has tainted her and I didn’t see any calls for her to disavow that support.

    Which she shouldn’t have had to do. There’s no reason to think that she solicited that support or welcomed it. But if some nuts on the right support Trump, that’s different.

  37. I grew up with Walter Cronkite on the tube telling us “that’s the way it was” and believing him without question…I then learned it was not “the way it was” at all and he was lying left wing commie. From the day of that awareness I have know that the legacy “media” are not really much different than Goebbel’s propaganda…. they LIE towards a particular purpose. We may not know the reason an individual lie is crafted the way it is…but we do know WHY they LIE as a purpose….they lie to deprive us of our liberty and increase state power. Why…so that THEY have more power over us as a result…if you respect them, you are heavily into the Stockholm syndrome.

  38. Also the media was having a fit that the school shooter was trained by the NRA. It turned out that in ROTC he was trained by the military. However, think of how bad it is “to be trained by the NRA”. Many states require you to take a gun safety course designed by the NRA and taught by NRA certified instructors in to order to get a gun license. I know at least Mass and Florida do.

    So being trained in gun safety by the NRA is very, very bad.

    • The NRA donated $10,000 to the ROTC marksmanship program at the Florida high school while the shooter was in attendance. The NRA donates millions to schools for such programs. Personally, I’d rather they donate to schools than political campaigns. But, I’ve always thought the political lobbyist was a job that shouldn’t exist.

      • F-ed it up for democrats you mean. Before the CU ruling the only corporations allowed to influence elections were the big corporate media complex acting under the umbrella of the 1st amendment. CU leveled the playing field giving all corporations and organizations the same 1st amendment protections. Democrats long for the long lost days were there was only one voice…the one pushing for the leftist agenda.

      • I didn’t know that. I have always been of the belief that all campaign contributions should be illegal. Then no one is pushing any agenda. I don’t believe $=free speach

      • The concept of publicly financed campaigns sounds great – – each candidate gets the same amount of cash to make their points and the best candidate with the best ideas wins. Unfortunately, the media is no longer objective, having taken sides and often acting as a political cheerleader, with unlimited access to the print and electronic media, in many cases calling it “news”, under the aegis of the 1st amendment. The people’s voice would be effectively muzzled. Granting the people their voice through financial support of the candidates they choose (yes, $=free speech) levels the playing field and provides a voice for all.

  39. There is law in the US against interference in US elections. Why were none of these Russians charged with these laws? Conservative news sites (and even some mainstream news sites) are now pointing this out.
    If you read the actual indictments, it is true, this most central charge is missing.
    Why charge them with identity theft and money laundering, but not charge them with interfering in a US election?
    If you can charge them with something as vague as “conspiracy to defraud” the entire “United States of America” , then certainly you can also charge them with interfering in a U.S. Election.
    This should be addressed by Rosenstein, isn’t that the purpose of this whole thing?
    How can you accuse Trump with this if you won’t even charge the Russians you’ve caught red handed?
    I’m glad Mueller showed his evidence, it’s now time to discuss what he means or doesn’t mean by interference in a US election.

    • “There is law in the US against interference in US elections. Why were none of these Russians charged with these laws? ” At least you got it 1/2 right which puts you way ahead of most of the rest of those commenting here. The indictment claims that these individuals and ‘entities’ charged engaged in a conspiracy against the USA by attempting and actually interfering with American democratic elections. It is all laid out in exquisite detail including the budget of $15 in addition to the entering into the US of Russian agents that posed as American citizens to promote the candidacy of Trump and cause chaos with the Clinton campaign. But be careful because this isn’t the end of the investigation. It’s just the beginning. These indictments have NOTHING to do with the Hacking of the DNC emails nor the connections ,whether witting or unwitting, between the Trump campign and other Russian operatives as well as those that were indicted. No one in the Trump Admin nor Trump himself has been vindicated or charged as a result of these indictments. Be patient. Mueller is likely to surprise us all! And sooner rather than later. for sure

  40. Deny all you will, Trump is up to his hair in Russia. Sitting on his hands with knowledge that Russia meddling is nothing less than treasonous. Fortunately the folks who realized this far out number those who refuse to accept facts.

    • Lol – we’re laughing at you. I believe the term you’re looking for is people in “your echo chamber” accept those facts.

      • Unlike you folks living in your bubble my minds open to other arguments, just haven’t seen any compelling to counter the mountain of facts.

    • Obama was the President then, right? John Kerry approved the Russian travel visas, right? Did you know that Hillary was hoping that Trump would be the R nominee? She thought he would be the easiest to beat in the general election.

    • in lefty land they call this a ‘factual rebuttal’…..morons

  41. A couple of 4chan kids pulled off a hoax that the entire mainstream media immediately fell for – how embarrassing – but I guess they have no shame – once the lie is out there, the retraction goes unnoticed by most of the dopes that want to believe them.

  42. When you come home with stains on your face you don’t look in the mirror. The last thing they want to do is look at themselves.

  43. Each side believes what their journalists say so they do have a lot of influence. Here’s an example I just read about over the weekend from the WSJ which is a good example of why I believe the conservative side is the sane side.

    The Wall Street Journal has a good article ( “The Closing of the Academic Mind” in the Review section, Feb. 17-18, 2018 ) by a law professor at the University of a Pennsylvania Law School. Her name is Amy Wax and she got into a great deal of trouble for writing an op-ed with another professor last year about our loss of cultural values.

    Here’s what they wrote: “Too few Americans are qualified for the jobs available. Male working-age labor-force participation is at Depression-era lows. Opioid abuse is widespread. Homicidal violence plaques inner cities. Almost half of all children are born out of wedlock, and even more are raised by single mothers. Many college students lack basic skills, and high school students rank below those from two dozen other countries.”

    Here’s what they said should be done to fix this disaster: “Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”

    For writing this and for saying that some cultures are more functional than others they were vigorously condemned as white supremacists and Nazis by most other professors and administrators. No denying the left ( half the country ) has become quite insane and is sinking ever more deeply into it. Does America even still exist as a country?

    • They were spot on with this. The social upheaval of the sixties sent commons sense and good citizenship out the window and anything goes came pouring in. We are paying the high price for that now.

      • We are indeed but now what? Where do we go from here? I’ve read comments by leftists who say they don’t agree with identity politics. It’s the far left though that sets the agenda for the entire left so it doesn’t matter whether or not more moderate leftists agree with it. All that matters is if they’re willing to support it and the vast majority obviously are.

    • The hysterical left is about 20%, not ‘half’ the country. Unfortunately, that 20% controls too much of education, legacy media, and the punditry + ‘experts’ in think tanks. They are not insane, more like drinking from the same cup of soma in order to remember the talking points.

      • It’s the “hysterical left” though that sets the agenda for the entire left so it’s far more than 20%. They are quite insane. Read what’s going on in academia if you doubt that.

      • That’s what I wrote, except disagree on the ‘insane’ label. I have been painfully aware of the destruction of American academia since 2003, especially fake historiography. Most of my online time is unmasking the deliberate deceit of the academic credentialed foreign policy pundits/think tanks, elsewhere. No one with an echo, not even Victor Davis Hanson, is seeing TeamTrump’s actual foreign policy. Weichert, too lazy to take the time to do primary source research, is one of the most blind, doing more damage at Amgreatness than the progressive Wilsonian left.

        Exiting the misnamed amgreatness. waste of time coming here. Complaining does not fix anything.

  44. Here’s some facts:
    If you hate Hillary and believe she and her husband are unindicted criminals, it’s important to remember that Mueller’s investigation has already produced the following:

    The indictment of 13 Russian nationals for their role in a sweeping strategy to influence our elections
    A guilty plea by former national security adviser Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI about the extent and nature of his contacts with Russians during the 2016 campaign.
    A guilty plea by former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadapoulos for lying to the FBI about the extent and nature of his contacts with Russians during the 2016 campaign.
    Charges of a litany of financial crimes against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates. They have both previously pleaded not guilty, but CNN’s Katelyn Polantz and Sara Murray reported Friday that Gates is finalizing a plea deal.

    • so what- small potatoes – Flynn may change his plea based on new evidence, and nobody believes a word out of CNN

    • I think your whole Russian collusion business is absurd but even if it were true that Trump is working for Putin I’d still totally support Trump because he’d still be infinitely better than anything on your hate whitey left.

      Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article I saw on “real clear politics” called “The Gay Rights Movement Is Undoing Its Best Work” by Andrew Sullivan. Every day I see articles like this on Real Clear Politics. What does this mean? It means the left has become insane and since the Democratic Party is the Party of the left it certainly makes sense to avoid voting Democratic.

      “As many of us saw our goals largely completed and moved on, the far left filled the void. The movement is now rhetorically as much about race and gender as it is about sexual orientation (“intersectionality”), prefers alternatives to marriage to marriage equality, sees white men as “problematic,” masculinity as toxic, gender as fluid, and race as fundamental. They have no desire to seem “virtually normal”; they are contemptuous of “respectability politics” — which means most politics outside the left. Above all, they have advocated transgenderism, an ideology that goes far beyond recognizing the dignity and humanity and civil equality of trans people into a critique of gender, masculinity, femininity, and heterosexuality. “Live and let live” became: “If you don’t believe gender is nonbinary, you’re a bigot.” I would be shocked if this sudden lurch in the message didn’t in some way negatively affect some straight people’s views of gays.”

      • This Is a fact:
        publicly judging someone for their race, gender, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation alone is discrimination. Period.

      • I agree and that fact that your beloved left classifies me as a privileged oppressor is why I consider you fanatics wildly insane and totally distrust you.

        I recently read an article by Andrew Sullivan called “We All Live on Campus Now” about how the leftist insanity in our wonderfully progressive universities is seeping out and poisoning our whole culture.

        Does that concern you or any of the wonderfully progressive white leftists commenting here? Obviously not. I think people like you are waging a race war against people like me. I naturally do not appreciate that at all.

      • Waging war?!? My point is, don’t be a dick. Even if you are one. Not saying you are. I agree there are many “snowflakes” on the left who demand “safe spaces” & all that. But, to put all progressives in that samebox is like saying all conservatives are white supremacists. I just don’t understand why more people on the right seem to be have biases based on ones race, religion, or personal life choices.

      • Most of the people I work with in Chicago are Vietnamese and Hispanic. I have infinitely more in common with them than with leftist fanatics like you. Don’t give me the business about how “white supremacists” are a huge problem in this country and are supported by the right. I’ve lived in Chicago all my life and have never met a “white supremacist.” That’s just a typical leftist lie.

      • Did you read my comment? I did NOT say “white supremacists are a huge problem. I was just pointing out that both sides have radical ideas. I was simple trying to draw a comparison between the two. Not all liberals are intolerant fanatical snowflakes & not all progressives are racist, homophobic, intolerant ammosexuals. I’m trying to find a common ground here. Yet I’m the “leftist fanatic”

      • It’s the far left that sets the agenda for the entire left. It doesn’t matter whether or not you personally see white people as privileged oppressors. What matters is that you support the left. You vote democratic. You want Trump out of office.

        The far right is tiny and has no influence on the right. There are no white supremacist universities. Conservatives do not support and promote Richard Spencer the way your left supports and promotes the hate whitey bigot Ta-Nehishi Coates.

        Coates is a national correspondent for the Atlantic who’s been given many awards. The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates is among 2015s 24 recipients of “genius” grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

        The recipients of the MacArthur Fellowship get a no-strings attached award of $625,000, which is paid out in equal quarterly installments over five years.

      • I respectfully disagree. You’re cherry picking facts

      • Coates is quite a big cherry. Your left adores that fanatic who despises white people and demands reparations.

      • “My beloved left”?
        “Privileged oppressor”?
        “White leftist”?

        You assume alot

      • I assume a lot because I read a lot about how insane the left is.

  45. Considering that the media love Kim Yo-jong’s “high cheekbones” maybe Elizabeth Warren can now claim to be a North Korean native.

    • She would make that claim in a heartbeat if she thought it carried some advantage. Unfortunately, she hails from elite academia, which visibly discriminates against Asians in favor of Native Americans. So, she’s never going to give up her exalted status as a princess of the Cherokee nation, because there’s no money in being North Korean.

  46. The conspiracy between the media, the Dummycrats and the NeverTrumpers in a failed coup against a sitting president continues.

      • They all read The New Yorker magazine, high priest of the obstructive ‘resistance’

      • The Conde Nast troika: TNY+ Vanity Fair + Vogue. Yes, there
        was a meeting Feb 16 2017, launch of the Oscar de La Renta commemorative
        postage stamp. Vogue Editor Anna Wintour’s embrace:

        The reason Wintour ‘disappeared’ Melania is that she
        legitimizes POTUS. Vogue has more
        global reach than the NYT+WaPo combined. Her approval finally rebounded to 51%,and then came Stormy, and now the Playboy bunny. I figured out the conspiracy in September, when Melania’s Sept 21 UN Spouses luncheon & “Our future rests in our children” speech got transformed into a joke about her hot
        pink coatdress:
        I remembered HRC likes that same hot pink, and searched for images.

        Don’t scoff. Singapore’s Straits Times covers China’s Madame Peng fashion under ‘Diplomacy’, and Vogue has long covered UK Royal, and FLOTUS fashion as such.

        TNY’s editor Remnick, a Russia expert, wrote “An American Tragedy” Nov. 9, 2016. Since then he issues new talking points. Misogynist! is the most recent. No coincidence TNY published the latest scandal. The New Yorker’s history was that of a non-partisan voice with the most powerful echo in America. Remnick has mis-used that powerful echo legacy ever since July 21, 2008. I cancelled my sub in 2014, do not keep close track, but, see the headers.

        The culture/thought media leads the news media. Trump knows, but no one in ‘conservative’ media understands.

      • I wish they would remember that before they publish another hit piece on Trump.

  47. The media is getting too much credit. They are the skanks in the parking lot giving out free BJs on the chance somebody may buy them a drink. They never get the drink; they keep doing it.

  48. If they keep up this pace they’re gonna end with an STD.

  49. American Greatness is a Russian owned propaganda rag set up to support Trump!!
    Half the posters are bonafide Russian trolls! The MSM is far from perfect, but they do report the unvarnished truth! Sorry, but unvarnished truth doesn’t agree with your propaganda!

    • Swing … and a miss!

      Try again, Sweetie. Soros doesn’t pay for failures. He didn’t get filthy stinkin’ rich by paying people to not produce.

  50. Nicely written. I would like someone in the media to write a story about Russia meddling with our elections in 2014, 2012, 2010 and 2008. I would bet that the Russians did very similar things as they did in 2016.

  51. Is this hook-up journalism?
    The Resistance is likely saving the Trump indictments until just before the election.
    It’s not over until the fat lady tweets.

  52. Chris Cillizza (CNN) made an admission in an article today that “he (Chris Cillizza) lives in a fact-based world”. Best joke I have heard in a long time…

  53. The self-impotent (sic….as in very sick) MSM is prancing around sans clothes.:-)

  54. The above message is brought to you by American Greatness, a member of the media.

    • I’ve seen editorials in the WSJ that are the exact opposite of editorials in the New York Times. We do have a healthy press. It’s just that the msm says pretty much the opposite of what journalists like Megan McArdle, Salena Zito, Cathy Young, Julie Kelly, WSJ journalists and others say.

      We basically no longer have a common reality and without something as basic as that, how do we have a country? Does America even still exist as a country? When I see the daily, non-stop hate for Trump in the msm it sure does look like America has already ceased to exist as a country and is a low intensity civil war. What was once a great nation now just seems to be a big pot of ever more intensely boiling hate. Our society certainly is now sailing in uncharted waters.

      • You can assume whatever you like. That doesn’t mean that this site is not part of the MSM, available to all with access to a computer.

        I’m not sure when or if the US ever had a “common reality.” The idea of a common reality also seems to be an assumption of yours.

      • I’ve often had leftists tell me that we never have had a common reality. Well we sure did have a lot more in common than we have now which is why America used to be such a highly functional society. Unfortunately for us all, those days are long gone and will never return.

      • No, the greatest cause of disunity during the lost decade of Barry’s administration was the poor economy that Barry was either unable or unwilling to fix. Once people get good paying jobs and feel that they are moving forward again and not stymied by the federal government, then you will see unity improve greatly.

      • Well that together with a significant portion of the MSM finally realizing they’ve been a bunch of beagles chasing after prey they thought was near but turns out not only to have been in a field far away but of a nature they misunderstood (alternative view being they understood what the prey really was but the MSM was preoccupied with its own agenda.)

      • Fat chance of that ever happening. There’s about as much chance of the left becoming sane as there is of ISIS converting to Judaism. It’s just not going to happen. Things like that simply do not happen in our world.

      • Marik now has a good point.what is this common reality you refer to and when did it exist.

      • In spite of race riots and protests we had vastly more in common in the sixties than now. There were a great many World War Two vets still in their forties during the sixties. That was a vast reservoir of social cohesion which was overshadowed by race riots and anti-war protests but it was quite real and did go a long way to providing a solid foundation for this society. That’s obviously long gone.

        The first Mayor Daley ( his son also served as a later mayor ) was the mayor of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. He sided with the police against the anarchists and could never have imagined that Chicago would one day be a “Sanctuary City” where people here illegally would be protected from deportation.

        Our present mayor, Rahm Emanuel, sides with thugs against the police and has sworn he’ll fight to protect the many illegals living in Chicago from deportation.

        Or compare the California of 1968 to the California of 2018. In 1968, in spite of riots and protests, California was a vastly more functional state than it is in 2018.

        The difference between the Democratic Party of 50 years ago and the Democratic Party of today is like the difference between day and night. What would great liberal democrats like FDR or JFK have thought of a city like Chicago being a “Sanctuary City” or, far worse, a border state like California being a “Sanctuary State” which, in effect, tells people all over the world that once they make it across the border they’ll be protected from deportation and safe? They would have thought their Democratic Party has become insane and they’d be right.

        It’s really quite horrifying how far downhill our society has gone in the past 50 years. Not because of immigrants. I know a great many who are very good people. This destruction has been caused by our hate whitey, socialist left. The left is insane.

        “We will prosecute employers who help immigration sweeps, California AG says.”

      • As a wise man once said – politics is war by other means.

      • Common reality exists when there is a commonly accepted consensus. Up through the 1800s there was a lack of consensus with regard to the position and status of blacks leading to Civil War and the subjigation of the South thereafter.

        Then early 1900’s brought the womens vote and the start of the Progressive Movement with President Wilson and friends. As they dominated the political scene while everyone else went about building America, we had a long period of “common reality” based on the growth of government during crises – depression and WWII.

        Beginning in mid 50’s, conservatism entered the political scene but only marginally. With the 60s, our common reality was shattered by the JFK assassination, the civil rights movement and the Viet Nam war. While the Progressives took advantage of the emotional reaction to the Killing of JFK and passed their “Great Society” “War on Poverty” , the war led to the upheaval of the Democrat party resulting in its complete take over by the Progressives with McGovern. It has continued to move further Left ever since.

        So beginning in the 70s, conservatism began to make headway as the moderate and conservative Democrats moved to the GOP. Since then as the conservative movement has grown it has challenged the Progressive world view and as a result established the division we see today. TWo conflicting world views, two diametrically opposed ideologies have split this nations and unless the soft middle decides to accept one over the other, there cannot be a “common reality”.

      • It’s not simply that we have different world views though. It’s that the left has become insane and is sinking ever more deeply into it. This is sanity versus insanity. Not simply different views of reality.

        Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article I saw on “real clear politics” called “The Gay Rights Movement Is Undoing Its Best Work” by Andrew Sullivan. Every day I see articles like this on Real Clear Politics. What does this mean? It means the left has become insane and since the Democratic Party is the Party of the left it certainly makes sense to avoid voting Democratic.

        “As many of us saw our goals largely completed and moved on, the far left filled the void. The movement is now rhetorically as much about race and gender as it is about sexual orientation (“intersectionality”), prefers alternatives to marriage to marriage equality, sees white men as “problematic,” masculinity as toxic, gender as fluid, and race as fundamental. They have no desire to seem “virtually normal”; they are contemptuous of “respectability politics” — which means most politics outside the left. Above all, they have advocated transgenderism, an ideology that goes far beyond recognizing the dignity and humanity and civil equality of trans people into a critique of gender, masculinity, femininity, and heterosexuality. “Live and let live” became: “If you don’t believe gender is nonbinary, you’re a bigot.” I would be shocked if this sudden lurch in the message didn’t in some way negatively affect some straight people’s views of gays.”

  55. Good for you, Ms Julie. That about covers it. The MSM is no longer on my radar. They only preach to the choir.

      • yes, we know you are unable to find news sources. You could take a course on how to use Google to help you find them.

      • as if no one else can answer it? your snide comment doesnt deserve a straight answer.

      • Well, unless you know the person personally you can tell me if you get news from alt right internet only opinion sites.

      • I enjoy a good laugh at the conspiracy theories about “deep state” and how the transgender and gay people are out to “corrupt the kids”.

      • No I prefer bbc, dw and france24…..are you a hannity fanboy?

      • You only go for neo-corporate propaganda. Roger that. Let’s see how that works out for you. Keeping your head in the sand = TRUMP 2020.

      • Yea I like the bbc, its pretty good. Tell more about alex rich and how many chicks you picked up at the bar being a birther.

      • Alt-right? Fanboy? Birther? Ad hominem after ad hominem. Jeez, you are a great debater. Super smart. You belong to the BBC lmao!

      • Gullible trumpkins and their multitude of conspiracy theories.

  56. Why this is slut shaming of the worst kind. Women and media analogized as slutty women must always be worshiped, trusted , revered and given inordinate amounts of money. And no matter what lies they tell, how frequently they tell those lies or what sexually transmitted or other infectious diseases they may harbor you must always, always believe every single word they say. Because… identity politics (Marxism) in its many guises.

  57. Facts are hard to deal with without a little smarm on the side. We understand.

  58. Ms. Kelly you wrote exactly how so many of us believe the MSM is acting. Spot On!

  59. No one would believe the wusskies did not meddle in our elections, just like nobody believes that climate does not change. The wusskies always meddle and the climate always changes.

    All this brouhaha is an attempt to hide the corruption and criminality endemic to the Barry administration.

  60. They sell Trump hate 24/7 but I just don’t run into people who tell me that they voted for Trump and now hate him. The media seem to be preaching to their own choir of Trump haters who voted for Hillary. They are not moving the dial. Tell me if I’m wrong.

    • You are correct. Polls and focus groups repeatedly show Trump voters are overwhelmingly satisfied with his performance as POTUS. They don’t make a big show of it because they don’t like getting sucker punched in the parking lot.

      My daughter in law voted for Trump. She tells me she could never admit that at work. It would cost her her job. But being surrounded by insanely screeching left wing lunatics eight hours a day certainly doesn’t make her more likely to vote Democrat in 2020. So when office conversations swing to politics, she just smiles and nods, then quietly goes out and votes Republican.

      • I have young relatives in the same position. You could be fired, one way or another, for letting out for whom you voted. I think when leftists run their mouths everywhere about how much they hate Trump and no one defends him, they must think he’s on the run. It’s that in a society like ours, one in which leftists control the media, you just can’t speak openly.

        I’m looking forward to seeing the wailing when Trump wins in 2020!

      • Nonsense.

        trumpy is no where near a majority approval. ONLY trump core supporters are ‘satisfied’ with trump. They are the only ones willing to accept his lies, adultery, cheating, sleaze, incompetence, and chaos.

      • Should I repeat myself, HB? Polls and focus groups repeatedly show that Trump voters overwhelmingly approve of his job performance. They know what they voted for, and they know what they voted against; and given the available alternatives they are happy with what they got and doubtful that any other candidate could have faced the endless Progorrhoid hatefest and done any better.

        There was a time when I considered you a rational, informed commenter and enjoyed reading what you wrote. Those days are gone. But the question does arise: if you despise Trump so much, why are you here posting on a website called “American Greatness,” which openly supports his policies? You should clean up your act. You’re beginning to smell like troll.

  61. Trump provides the contrast over how they fawned over and protected Obama.
    …not to mention George W’s insistence that fighting back was “beneath the dignity of the office”.

    I’ll add this all started in earnest when we began asking and valuing reporters for their opinion.

  62. Who cares?

    At this time the lying liberal shit-hole media (LLSHM) complex is only further deepening the hole it has dug for itself. ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, the WA Post and the NY Times all lose credibility and readers/ viewers while FOX grows. Liberal print publications are in terminal decline. CNN is a caricature of unhinged broadcast liberalism as NBC is a caricature of broadcast standards. Do the Americans in fly-over country notice the LLSHM-hate and bias directed at the president in contrast to the fawning racist favoritism they showered for 8-long years on Barack Obama?
    You bet they do!
    They also notice democrats like Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, Gregory Meeks and Andre Carson partying with racists and supporters of terrorism like Louis Farrakhan and President Rouhani of Iran, and the colluding LLSHM-media not reporting or condemning it.
    That is why the LLSHM has no credibility and is bleeding influence.

    • Obama spent 20 years in a south side of Chicago church that gave Louis Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award. One of Farrakhan’s “achievements” was to preach to blacks that Jewish doctors were injecting the AIDS virus into black babies.

      No man has done more than Farrakhan to promote anti-Semitism among blacks yet no white leftist has ever had the decency to criticize Obama for his commitment to such a bigoted church.

      These same leftists though then love to squeak about anti-Semitism on the right. The left is simply awful. How they can consider themselves wonderful and intelligent is a mystery to me.

      • A clinical psychologist once pointed out to me that at it’s root, paranoia has a strong element of self-validation. You gotta be a pretty amazing person for the United States government to dedicate a team of covert operatives to destroying your life in subtle and devious ways.

        The same dynamic is at work with liberals, IMHO. These are people devoid of personal honor or self respect. So they gain their validation by belonging to the “right” group and believing all the “right” things. Their entire sense of self worth is dependent on maintaining the fiction that these things are, indeed, “right.” And since without this sense of belonging and importance their lives would be empty and meaningless, they will defend their delusions to the death.

        In this sense, liberalism is a mental illness. I used to hate it when people said that, but since Obama rose to power and brought with him a tidal wave of proggish self-importance and entitlement, I’ve come to regard it as an obvious fact. And with the election of Donald Trump, it’s inarguable. Progs have lost the ability to deal with objective facts in a rational manner. To a Prog, if the Hivemind says something is true, then it is true and anyone who argues is a racist and a hater.

        Unfortunately, you can’t govern a republic when half the voters are demonstrably mentally ill, blame the other half for all their problems, and look to the government to make their lives work. I fear our nation is headed for a huge fall, and I don’t know how to fix it.

      • I agree. A horrible situation. America was extremely fortunate to have avoided the bizarre forms of insanity that ripped apart major nations like Germany, Japan, Russia and China during the dreadful twentieth century. Has our luck run out?

        Hope springs eternal and I certainly hope not but the left just seems ever more deranged and there just seems to be steady erosion of the social fabric. Lost ground is never regained. It just always seems to be this steady unraveling of our society.

        I’ve had leftists tell me if I really believed things were so bad I’d at least get out of Chicago but where would I go plus I have a lot of cats who are even more territorial than I am so I couldn’t move them and sure couldn’t leave them behind.

        Housing would also probably be very expensive in a good area plus I don’t like the idea of driving a long way to work. Too much time, too much hassle. I live a very structured life. I’m very much a creature of habit just like my cats. Habit is like fire. It can heat a house if under control or burn a house to the ground if it’s out of control. If you have habit working for you, you can actually get a lot done with much less effort because you’re just kind of coasting along on auto pilot.

        I know many people with back trouble especially at work ( I work 2nd shift running CNC ( computerized ) machinery although I’m off today ) where we’re on our feet for long hours and constantly active. Sometimes I feel we’re like Morlocks always working away at night on our machinery.

        When I tell my friends at work though what simple core exercise to do to greatly lessen the odds of back trouble or hernia they believe me but lack the self control to do it every day so they suffer the consequences. I think that’s horrible. I know two guys at work who went out for back surgery and never came back because the surgery made the problem worse. They live in constant pain. Just like being in hell and constantly being stabbed by the devil with his pitchfork. What a nightmare.

        I have super good health though so I almost always feel good and that naturally helps me avoid becoming very depressed about our situation. All we can do is hope for the best. Hopefully fate will be kind to us and spare us from the abyss.

        Here’s a link to a Caroline Campbell video I think you’ll like. Such a beautiful church. Such beautiful music. Such a beautiful woman. Some say it’s Satan, the Prince of Darkness, who’s the supernatural force behind our fallen world but if that’s true then at least Satan’s not all bad because we certainly do have many beautiful things in our terrible world that we should be thankful for.

    • This writer is very good and a breath of fresh air. The so-called News Media are literally disappearing: just today the Washington Post and the New York Times refused to let me read their articles (appearing on Real Clear Politics) if I would not buy a subscription to their newspapers/newsletters. So I simply deleted their offerings and moved on to American Greatness and others who have something to say worth reading. The reading Market is moving on and the ignorant can only threaten. The Never Trumpers are really pathetic; where do they go next?

      • We REAL Republicans go right here. Been here for decades. Ran campaigns, knocked on doors, put up signs, manned phone booths, sent emails, posted web sites, held party offices.

        Where were you?

      • You’re a fanatic HB. You should get back into your pajamas and go back to bed. A nice 12 hour nap will help clear some of your brain fog. Perhaps then you’ll be able to think of something rational to say.

      • HB is a terminally ill NEVERTRUMPER. Every post is contentless drivel on how horrible Trump is.

      • I’m beginning to suspect that HB is really JEB! Bush, still smarting from an embarrassing primary loss to a political neophyte.

  63. Julie, are you kidding? These media floozies have turned shame into a badge of civic pride!

    History will prove them wrong, of course. But, “Hey! While the party is going strong they will never give up their one-night-stands.” Oops, I meant the 24 hour news cycle.

    Only syphilitic degeneration will do them in. Sadly, it takes time.

    • Pravda continued to spew their propaganda as long as the Soviet Union endured. Marxists embedded in our society will continue to use the MSM for propaganda pursues. The concept of shame is not in their repertoire.

  64. Great column. It describes the tawdry behavior of these media whores to a T.

  65. Nice rhetorical trick. And you think you are getting facts.
    First two things are described: 1) An alt right group claimed Cruz was a member, and 2) Cruz’s Instagram account had him wearing a MAGA hat and making pro-Trump and racist comments. They they state that he was not a member of the alt-right group. Leaving you to think that the pro-Trump statements and MAGA hat on his Instagram account were fake too. Actually, those were proven to be true.

    • The Associated Press reported that he was a member of a white supremacist group because a member of a white supremacist group said he was – without ever verifying whether it was true.

      But oh how they very much wanted to believe it was!
      Much like trusted ABC journalist Brian Ross wanted to believe James Holmes was a member of the local Tea Party.

      • James Holmes was a member of the TEA party! Of course it was A different James Holmes than the killer, but hey, that would ruin the fake news story.

      • Yes, and they should have verified that. But they did verify the proTrump statements and Maga hat on his Instagram account.

        One piece of misreporting (later corrected) doesn’t invalidate totally separate and validated reporting.

      • My point wasn’t that Trump supporters are inherently evil, btw, it was to point out deliberately misleading information in the article.

  66. yet another Trump apologist living in a world of echo chambers and massive denial

    he’s a putin stooge, and can’t get out from under the russians because they have pictures of Trump being fisted by a dozen Russian tranny-hookers with whips as he slithers in his own excreta

    and that’s the star that this rag and its writers have hitched their wagon

    he’ll drive you into a sewer you could never even imagine

    • Oh, would that you could find a smidgen of evidence to back up your whining. But you can’t. I can tell the next 7 years of the Trump administration will be hard on you.

  67. Somehow it escapes your attention that Trump has had this information in Friday’s indictments for a long time before Friday which means he has broken his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

    Trump’s refusal to accept his own national security team’s conclusion the Russia attacked our basic and most sacred Democratic process is the definition of “adhering to” our “Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” His state of denial of emboldens America’s enemies to continue their attacks against our democratic process, and makes him a willing accomplice in their efforts to undermine our republic. It’s weak and sad and the Trump supporters should be ashamed of themselves.

    At what point do you actually show some love for your country over your worship for a traitor who has broken his oath to America?

    • Truly stoopid comment. Are you saying Mueller clears every action he takes with Trump before going forward? Otherwise how would Trump know.

      And yes there was wusskie meddling. I am sure that that $1 million is what put Trump over the top! Hahahahahahaha!

      • Well Trumptard he gets a DNI briefing every day so he has to have known for a very long time now that the proof Russia attacked our election infrastructure is incontrovertible. Since Trump wont enforce the sanctions he signed into law and he wont take any action to protect us from further attacks he is in violation of his oath to protect the country. If you gave a crap about the country or even if you had any spine whatsoever that’s what you’d be thinking about instead of this made up nonsense. Go back to your homeland Comrade.

      • “Somehow it escapes your attention that Trump has had this information..”

        How would Trump have known that Mueller had this info unless you are stoopid enough to believe that Mueller clears everything with Trump? Otherwise you have no idea if the DNI even thought it worthwhile to bring up with the prez, or even knew about it. I know you don’t know..

        Try harder, please.

      • READ the words dummy. I never said – not even in the first post – that Trump knew what Mueller is doing. The big orange traitor however does get this information in his DNI briefings that occur daily though so he absolutely knew Russia did these things and that there’s clear proof. The rest of us found out Friday, but Trump has to have known for a long time now. He chose to not do anything about it – which means he violated his oath. #trumpers-r-traitors

  68. “Yale University teaches students counter-narratives around whiteness.”

    Yet another example of how insane the left has become. Every day I see things like this. Why would anyone be a leftist? Why would anyone ever vote for the leftist Democratic Party? These are questions I often wonder about.

    • Yes, because “white” is a completely artifical construct that is not used by anyone but swamp denizens. Most “white” people think of themselves in terms of their ethnicity, NOT their skin color. Universities are full are really uneducated people these days.

      • My father was Irish Catholic, my mother German/Swedish Lutheran. I have no sense of identity with any of those groups. I really don’t even have a “white identity” since I know many Vietnamese, Hispanics and a few Indians who don’t seem at all different whereas the white leftists who love to squeak about things like “white privilege” and “white supremacy” seem utterly alien and incomprehensible to me.

        I consider white leftists quite insane. They most definitely are not my people. How could I possibly have any sense of identity with such obviously deranged fanatics?

      • Well, I am part Scottish, English. Irish. Jewish, Swedish, German and native Indian. I never think of myself as “white” but usually as a Heinz 57.

        That is a big difference with black Americans. They know so very little of Africa and the ethnicity they have, and like “white”, “black” also is an artificial construct only used by swamp denizens to dole out federal dollars.

      • Race is as real as gender or ethnicity. It’s not an artificial construct. For the most part, it doesn’t matter but it certainly does exist. Claiming it doesn’t exist is just wishful thinking. I don’t know of anyone who would say race is just a social construct.

      • If you look at DNA,two people from quite different races may have DNA that matches much more than people inside their own “race.” Race is an artificial construct based on visual characteristics, but having little to do with genetics.

        For example the Iranians and most Indians are ARYANS. Look at Nikki Haley, for example. So the majority of ARYANS are really dark skinned and not the blue-eyed blond haired ones in Germany.

      • Scientists can determine race from DNA. I think you’re just engaging in wishful thinking. No one I know would believe you.

  69. “Walk of Shame”? I doubt they shall ever trod there. Shame assumes a moral compass & integrity.
    The leftist MSM has neither. To them it shall always be “The ends justify the means.”

  70. Walk of shame? They don’t see it that way. If pregnancy should happen just abort.

  71. Julie: Thanks for pointing out Erickson. He proved ONCE AGAIN, that you can never trust a nevertrumper. Ever. Plus, for a guy who wears his Christianity on his sleeve, Erickson has few commentariat peers in the self-importance department, and that’s saying something. Once again, he jumps on the fake news media bandwagon to demonstrate his foolishness. If it were up to him, Hillary Clinton would be president today. That’s all you need to know about his discernment.

  72. The media just doesn’t get what a joke they are anymore. Sad and funny.

  73. So real I can just see the msm sitting up all night waiting for a booty call.

  74. Moose and squirrel were on to it, but nobody listened. Boris and Natasha danced the night away after Wisconsin.

  75. An item for the “more things change, the more they stay the same” file. In a June 14, 1807 letter to John Norvell President Jefferson said, among other things, that “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.” He added that “the accounts which my fellow citizens have read in the newspapers are just as true a history of any other period of the world as of the present, except that the real names of the day are affixed to their fables.” How true!

  76. In 2015, an ex-hedge-fund manager told Michael Cohen he’d obtained photos of Trump with a bare-breasted woman. The man said Cohen 1st blew up, then steered him to the chairman of a tabloid co. known for sometimes buying and burying embarrassing material.

  77. One of the most graphic depictions of the corruption and bias that has destroyed the credibility of the mainstream U.S. media – however, a more apt metaphor cannot be found. The media really is overrun and infected with whores.

  78. The totally corrupt left.
    The DNC is the party, Alinsky is Big Brother, the MSM the Ministry of Truth, the liberal mindset is Doublethink and the gobbledygook they spew is Newspeak.

  79. So Kim Yo-jong has “high cheekbones”? She must be part Cherokee! Lizzy Warren’s long-lost cousin?