Forget Coattails: GOP Needs Trump’s Backbone in 2018

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) just got beaten by Jell-O.

After talks to reopen the government stalled on Saturday, the Senate Minority Leader said, “negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with Jell-O, it is next to impossible.” Schumer also warned, “there needs to be a big deal on a range of topics—including not just immigration, but also domestic spending levels—for the government to reopen.” Forty-eight hours later, citing Trump’s “refusal to compromise,” Schumer joined 31 Democratic senators to reopen the government.

Empty-handed. No deal.

If Trump is Jell-O, Schumer is pudding. And the Democrats’ prospects for winning the House and Senate this November could be toast.

For long-suffering Republican Party activists and observers like myself, this weekend felt different. We waited for the usual cave-in, the standard Republican capitulation, another retreat by the Stupid Party. When Trump announced he would meet with Schumer on Friday afternoon, that familiar sense of doom set in: Here we go, the Republicans are gonna take it on the chin just like we did for eight years with Obama.

But Friday night, after Schumer left the White House, Trump tweeted this:

The president spent the weekend shaping the GOP’s message: The military and millions of legal, tax-paying American citizens should not be held hostage to Democrats’ demands over DACA. In one of his most popular tweets, Trump said:

Amazingly, Republicans stayed on message, pushing the president’s theme. House Speaker Paul Ryan called out Schumer and Senator Dick Durbin for acting in bad faith, using their own words against them from the 2013 government shutdown. An animated Ryan said on Face the Nation that the Senate Minority Leader needed to “end the politics of idiocy,” and the usually-diplomatic Speaker trolled Schumer all weekend with the hashtag #SchumerShutdown.

Even some of Ryan’s more right-leaning detractors in the House applauded his tough approach. Politico reported that “rank-and-file Republicans—including some of his fiercest critics on the right flank—are applauding Ryan’s unwavering position during the shutdown. His stance, in a nutshell: As long as the government’s closed, there will be no immigration negotiations.” Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) told Politico that “Ryan’s leadership of the conference during the shutdown has “created unity” unlike he’s ever seen in the often-divisive GOP conference.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, one of the so-called Gang of Eight that pushed for an amnesty bill in 2013, laid out his views on the shutdown and DACA, which largely aligned with Trump’s position:

A CNN poll showing most Americans preferred avoiding a government shutdown over continuing DACA—and that Democrats would be blamed for shutting down federal services—emboldened Trump and the GOP. Democrats hit a Jell-O wall and caved.

Ah, the sweet—and unfamiliar—taste of congressional Republican victory.

One unappreciated reason why Republicans voted for Donald Trump was their growing frustration with the feckless leadership in Washington. Most of the people I know who voted for Trump did so as not just as a message to the Clinton machine, but also to folks like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and others who failed to use their majority status to fight President Obama and his policies. Time and again, the Thank-You-Sir-May-I-Have-Another GOP leaders were slapped around by Obama and the media. Rank-and-file Republicans were fed up with losing.

No matter how crass, uncouth, or inelegantly Trump presents his case, most Republicans see it as a refreshing departure from the mealy-mouthed leaders of the past (think Mitt Romney.) GOP candidates should borrow Trump’s backbone—not his coattails—and finally, and forcefully, defend the agenda Republicans have promised for decades.

There are more encouraging signs for the GOP’s electoral chances this November that were not lost on Senate Democrats running for re-election in states that Trump won. Despite giddy predictions by left-wing opinion writers and NeverTrump “conservatives” that last week’s win by the Democrats in a Wisconsin state senate race portends disaster for Republicans this fall, a spate of new polls proves otherwise.

An in-depth poll by CNN shows 69 percent of Americans rate the country’s economic condition as “good” or “very good,” the highest number since February 2001, and 12 percentage points higher than Obama’s last week in office. Forty-seven percent said they are financially better off now than they were a year ago. Independents approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, 52 percent to 38 percent, and all 54 percent of all respondents agreed it was likely Trump would “create good paying jobs in economically challenged areas.” A majority of voters also said they think Trump will defeat ISIS, build the wall along the southern border, and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll reflects similar sentiments. Fifty-eight percent of Americans view the economy positively, and respondents were evenly split on issues such as the crackdown on illegal immigration, cutting back regulations on businesses, and reducing the number of federal employees. (The poll also asked some really stupid questions: “Do you think Trump is or is not a genius?” Really?) Although the Post-ABC News poll shows a 51-39 percentage point advantage for Democrats in the generic congressional poll, the RealClearPolitics average has the gap at 7.8 point Democratic advantage, a slide from a high of 13 percent on Christmas Day.

Of course, not all the news is positive. Congress’s approval rating remains a dismal 16 percent, lower than it was when Republicans took control of the House in 2010. Trump continues to be his own worst enemy as far as his tone and approach: Despite high marks for the economy and foreign policy, Trump still has low approval ratings for how he conducts himself as president. Those figures are largely fueled by an intractable Democratic base that refuses to accept the election results and wants the president impeached. In the CNN poll, 85 percent of Democrats said they “strongly disapprove” of how Trump is handling his job as president, despite the fact that 60 percent of them rated the economy as “good” or “very good.”

If the past few days offered any lesson, it is that Republicans can capitalize politically by exposing a Democrat Party with no message and no policy agenda. This is Clinton-Trump 2.0. He pulled no punches to defeat Hillary Clinton, and did it in a fashion no other Republican presidential candidate would have had the nerve to. Trump is governing the same way, and giving much-needed spine to the jellyfishes (I see a trend here) in GOP leadership.

GOP candidates don’t need Trump’s coattails, they need to borrow his backbone for the next six months. This weekend proved how that can work—again.

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102 responses to “Forget Coattails: GOP Needs Trump’s Backbone in 2018”

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    • ABC also showed Clinton +9 in late October 2016. Your point?

      • The point seems to be that ABC is biased left in an obvious way and you both seem to agree on that.

    • and pols proved that Hillary won in a landslide…oh…wait…

  1. The Bible teaches, “When the uncertain trumpet sounds, who shall prepare for battle?” (Corinthians 14:8)
    Much of the DC GOP still hasn’t learned that message.

  2. The “Democrats” have realized this all along: Obnoxious Chawlz Shoomuh, Nasty Pelosi, Cryin’ Cory Booker, et. al., understand that when they take down Trump, the FURP (F—ing Useless Republican Party) will have less backbone than a banana.

    • Steve Miller is looking out for the best interests of the American working classes that have been devastated economically by the continued influx of low skilled immigrants, as the late Barbara Jordan noted in her 1990s report on immigration. Steve Miller is a champion for working people!

      • You mean white peeps. Some reason all those out of work whites still dont want to leave the rust belt and do farm work.

      • Since you are the first to mention race, be careful for you may be on the line of being racist depending upon your reasoning for bringing up such a divisive topic that is not related. While American working class includes other races you chose it to apply only to whites when that is not what was said or implied. However, If whites are the largest number of beneficiaries that would be logical since the majority or at least the largest minority population is European and ingenious population mixed depending upon where one lives. Yet even that is not true everywhere. In coastal Cali, I’d say Hispanic is the vast majority. Washington DC would be black and other races depending upon location. Regardless, all races here legally benefit from increased immigration enforcement and lower illegal immigration.

      • Didn’t find where anything was said of Latino until you just said it. May want to look at the thread again.

        From an American First philosophy advocated by Steven Miller, merit based immigration is the best for the US and actually is for any country. Almost all countries have a merit based immigration policy. If you wish to live in the land of the free, you must pay your own way. Freedom and liberty is how we live not like deadbeats looking to scam the system, live on the dole, or garner other freebies.

        A merit based system is void of race in admittance decisions. Any who meet the guidelines of education, self-sustainment, know or desire to learn American English, a desire to be an American and in every sense an American, and especially those who bring skill and excellence to America will not be discriminated based upon race. All races are welcome to apply. The late 1700’s with a large country an minute population, the US was ready to expand. In the 21st Century, robotic automation takes away the need for ever increasing amounts of unskilled labor. We need the bright kids not the dropouts to make America Great! That is an American First as advocated by Steve Miller’s POV and mine. You can’t make much ado about racial discrimination when race is not a factor in the approval making process.

      • Other than Stephen Miller claiming to be Jewish by birth and faith, which by many is not WASP – White Anglo Saxon Protestant and being Stephen Miller is not. But Trump and thus Miller as the spokesman is for a strong nation – not nationalism, A nationalist is someone who believes the state should control production. That is the furthest from Trump’s American First or put another way our country first before others. I can’t think of any Trump policy that has to do with “white” coming from the Trump White House. That must be liberal propaganda TV partisan talking heads you have been listening. They are clueless in their echo chamber of false narratives. Pay attention to what gets done not what is being said in rhetoric from the opposition. There is definitely more than Liberals partisan rhetoric to the story since there is also the truth.

      • Steven Miller is an honest American who puts Americans ahead of mooching, freeloading illegals and so naturally Dems hate him. Dems hate honest Americans.

    • sure right after we send Obama to Kenya…stupid comment.

  3. With this sentence, Ms. Kelly stated exactly what I thought would happen.

    “We waited for the usual cave-in, the standard Republican capitulation,”

    And then we won. It’s about time.

  4. It’s going to be fun watching what they do in 3 weeks. Vote for DACA and a slew of restrictions on further immigration? They can’t. They need illegals to survive as a party. Just say OK to no DACA? The lunatic base will lose it. Shut down the government again? (Oh please oh please oh please let them do this.) Highly unlikely. What to do……

      • They vote illegally just like they come illegally and stay illegally and steal identities illegally and kill/rape/batter honest Americans illegally.
        No one is retarded enough to believe that chronic lawbreakers with no respect for anyone or anything else somehow are too honest to vote illegally. Cali is about to register them automatically to vote.

      • If none are here illegally, then we don’t need DACA or any amnesty and we can just enforce the laws robustly with no caterwauling about ‘children who had no choice’ when their criminal illegal parents brought them here criminally illegally.
        If you need a cite that criminals came illegally and broke laws here, you’re too brain dead to waste time on.

      • I thought you were just playing retarded to troll. I hadn’t realized you really that uninformed and also so very incapable of looking up sources to become informed.

        Noncitizens {actually, they’re Illegals} Testify They Voted in Compton Election
        Courts: Witnesses in trial challenging results of mayoral contest say councilwoman’s backers recruited them.
        January 23, 2002|DAREN BRISCOE | TIMES STAFF WRITER
        Eight illegal immigrants testified Tuesday in the Compton election fraud trial that they were asked to register and vote for a councilwoman allied with mayoral candidate Eric Perrodin in the June 5 election.
        Six witnesses said they cast votes for Councilwoman Leslie Irving in the election, which is being contested by former Mayor Omar Bradley. The other two said they registered but did not vote.
        Speaking through a court interpreter, the eight witnesses told similar stories of being approached by a Spanish-speaking woman who urged them to register and to vote for Irving. Four testified that Irving was with the woman.

        Husband charged with Illegal Voting, Aggravated Identity Theft, and Passport Fraud
        SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A federal grand jury returned a nine-count indictment today against Gustavo Araujo Lerma, 62, and his wife Maria Eva Velez, 64, both of Sacramento, United States Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced. Araujo is charged with aggravated identity theft, passport fraud, conspiracy to commit unlawful procurement of naturalization and citizenship, and five counts of voting by an alien. Velez is charged with conspiring to commit unlawful procurement of citizenship and unlawful procurement of citizenship.

        In 2005, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that up to 3 percent of the 30,000 individuals called for jury duty from voter registration rolls over a two-year period in just one U.S. district court were not U.S. citizens.[1] While that may not seem like many, just 3 percent of registered voters would have been more than enough to provide the winning presidential vote margin in Florida in 2000. Indeed, the Census Bureau estimates that there are over a million illegal aliens in Florida,[2] and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has prosecuted more non-citizen voting cases in Florida than in any other state.[3]….
        The evidence is indisputable that aliens, both legal and illegal, are registering and voting in federal, state, and local elections. Following a mayor’s race in Compton, California, for example, aliens testified under oath in court that they voted in the election.[8] In that case, a candidate who was elected to the city council was permanently disqualified from holding public office in California for soliciting non-citizens to register and vote.[9] The fact that non-citizens registered and voted in the election would never have been discovered except for the fact that it was a very close election and the incumbent mayor, who lost by less than 300 votes, contested it.[10]
        [1] Gov’t Accountability Office, Elections: Additional Data Could Help State and Local Election Officials Maintain Accurate Voter Registration Lists 42 (2005).
        [2] Steven Camarota, Ctr. for Immigr. Stud., Immigrants in the United States, 2007: A Profile of America’s Foreign-Born Population 31 (2007).
        [3] Crim. Div., Pub. Integrity Section, U.S. Dep’t of Just., Election Fraud Prosecutions & Convictions: October 2002- September 2005 (2006).
        [8] Daren Briscoe, Non-citizens Testify They Voted in Compton Elections, L.A. Times, Jan. 23, 2002, at B5.
        [9] A judge’s removal of the mayor from office was later overturned, but the removal of a councilwoman who participated in non-citizen voter fraud was upheld. See Bradley v. Perrodin, 106 Cal. App. 4th 1153 (2003), review denied, 2003 Cal. LEXIS 3586 (Cal. 2003); Robert Greene, Court of Appeal Upholds Perrodin Victory Over Bradley in Compton, Metro News-Enter., March 11, 2003; Daren Briscoe, Bob Pool & Nancy Wride, Judge Voids Compton Vote, Reinstalls Defeated Mayor, L.A. Times, Feb. 9, 2002.
        [10] Judge Voids Compton Vote, Reinstalls Defeated Mayor, supra note 9.

        Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections?
        Electoral Studies
        Volume 36, December 2014, Pages 149-157
        •First use of representative sample to measure non-citizen voting in USA.
        •Some non-citizens cast votes in U.S. elections despite legal bans.
        •Non-citizens favor Democratic candidates over Republican candidates.
        •Non-citizen voting likely changed 2008 outcomes including Electoral College votes and the composition of Congress.
        •Voter photo-identification rules have limited effect on non-citizen participation.

      • No thanks. Once you posted a WaPoo link I knew you weren’t sane and serious.

      • So your gonna trust heritage instead? If so rampant what happened to donnys group to find it?

      • Dishonest, election-rigging proggie cheaters withheld the data to protect their corruption.

      • But you go to breitbart? How many Pulitzers do the mercers have?

      • I read all sorts of sources, including international ones. I read WaPo and NYT for decades, but now they’re just for humor or mocking proggie comments.
        Pulitzers? Like this one? ????????????????????????????
        “Janet Leslie Cooke (born July 23, 1954) is a former American journalist. She won a Pulitzer Prize in 1981 for an article written for The Washington Post, but the story was later discovered to have been fabricated. ….”
        #FakeNews at it’s finest.

      • But WaPoo Pulitzer, Bruh.
        Pulitzer. Like this one! ????????????????????????????
        “Janet Leslie Cooke (born July 23, 1954) is a former American journalist. She won a Pulitzer Prize in 1981 for an article written for The Washington Post, but the story was later discovered to have been fabricated. ….”
        #FakeNews at it’s finest.

      • Wiki? You know that shit is editable by internet rubes right?

        You should read it, even if you don’t understand all of it. WaPoo printed a pack of lies as facts, just like now. When the poo pile “won” the Pulitzer, the FakeNews reporter told a pack of lies in the bio she submitted to the Pulitzer committee. Pretty stupid, but that’s who WaPoo hires. She went down in flames instantly and took WaPoo with her. WaPoo recovered some, but really dove into the sewage tank after Bezos bought them.
        In the pre-Obama past, Washington Post was an outstanding newspaper. It’s nice to remember how good they once were, but sad to see how far into the cesspool they’ve sunk since.

      • Read the virgina pilot article. Sorry bud, I know you wanna set journalistic standards and all.

      • You already used this, somehow that doesnt make breitbart legit.

      • Sorry bro, you dont set those standards. I wish you did.

      • I knew you didn’t have the vocabulary and reading comprehension to get through that article, but I was hoping you’d try.

      • Im sorry you dont get to decide on what sets journalism or not.

      • You’re focused on power so you think others are. Dems are fascists and demonically focused on controlling everyone else. Sad.

      • I am just telling you that your opinion on journalistic standards dont matter one iota.

      • Captain Obvious trips on his shoestrings yet again.
        Your opinion on everything don’t matter one iota. WaPoo had to give their Pulitzer back because it was based on a pack of lies. It’s on their permanent record. They didn’t give it back because they didn’t want it; they HAD to. If your opinion of that is that you love to lap it up and request more, have at it. ????????????????????????

      • When breitbart wins ONE please advise. Nobody cares if you think they are legit or not, that doesnt make it so .

      • Giving one back for lying is permanent tarnish.
        Biased proggies give those awards based on those who feed/fan their hate, like the Nobel Peace prize Obama got for being elected while half Black. He was the only US President ever to spend every day of his two terms at war and he was bombing something like 8 or 9 nations when we finally booted him out of our White House so it was all affirmative action to the point of embarrassment, but the useful idiot proggies are still proud.

      • So random guy on internet says wapo is irrelevant. Ill mark that down. Holy shit bro, everything is one big conspiracy theory to you. omg, your poor kids.

      • Careful, you’ll get hurt jumping to conclusions like that and Dollar Tree would miss you.
        I’m mixed race and a big chunk of my family is of Hispanic descent.
        It takes an incredible racist to accuse a mixed race person of white guilt. No wonder Gruber knew Dem voters could be suckered in to voting against their own interests. SMH

      • WaPoo ????????????????????????????????????
        WaPo claimed that Russians hacked the Vermont power grid. They’ve printed lots of complete bull????.
        #FakeNews is a waste of time, proggie.

      • My advanced degrees are in tech and I worked in high tech for most of my career. It paid a LOT better than teaching at the University and I retired in my late 40s.
        If you work hard at Dollar Tree, maybe you can do well someday too.

      • It’s absolutely a no. I’m a scientist and research statistician. Lawyers can be useful in business but I don’t have much respect for them and would never invest time in a law degree.
        Even ambulance chaser would be a major upgrade for you though.
        Keep working hard at Dollar Store and maybe you can move out of your granny’s basement someday.

      • Sorry bro the “i dern say I play pro baseball” doesnt hold any weight. But hey I almost believe you.

      • The view from your job as janitor at Dollar Tree really taints your outlook on American upward mobility. Sad.

      • In California illegal immigrants can get a drivers license. And then to register to vote the only proof of citizenship they need is a drivers license. Research over the last decade or so shows that 15% of all illegal immigrants are registered to vote in US elections.

      • Illegals give Dems power even without voting. They’re counted in the census which translates into representatives in the U.S. House and electoral votes for CA, NY, NJ, IL, …….

      • Well in CALI all you need is a drivers license and guess what? NOW CALI is automatically registering ANYBODY…including illegals…who gets a license.
        No Comprende?

  5. So here’s what I think. Nobody cares what the press says and nobody cares what the people think. Short attention spans are slaves to the latest sensation. Mostly it’s about money and power. Think of two alley cats. One alley cat says a nasty word about friends of the other alley cat. The other alley cat turns over the garbage cans so the alley is filled with stinking garbage until it is cleaned up.

  6. Here, in two sentences, is the difference between 2010 and 2017.

    After 2010 the American people realized they had a large object stuffed into their anal orifice.

    After 2017 the American people will find more money in their paychecks.

    Yep, that’s a bet I’ll take.

  7. Excellent article Julie Kelly, just heard this read over “Seth n Chris” [Patriot radio]. Had to let you know. Love your sarcasm too.

  8. If polled I would say that I definitely do not like President Trump, but I cannot help but approve of the job he is doing as president. I bet many feel the same. At any rate there is now a sharp contrast between the obama terms and the first year of Trump.
    Tip to the gop, focus on your successes and not on telling everyone how bad obama was and how much better things are now.
    We already know all that and many have fallen for the media scheme exploiting obama as a great, wise and benevolent leader, plus they will scream racist at you.
    The country has so quickly moved on from obama it is shocking.

  9. lets be honest…
    TRUMP gave ryan a backbone because TRUMP is a leader

  10. I am just holding my breath to see what he does with DACA. if he gives in to these people and gives them any possible path to citizenship, this country will be over. No matter what is agreed to the left will run to some judge who will make law out of thin air and before you know it, 800,000 people will turn into ten million. We will turn blue just like California and then forget about it. Nothing else Trump does will matter.

  11. I am less enamored of TRUMP than many. Sounds like hero worship, leader worship, or rightists reaching for whatever straws of victory they can. Does everyone understand what is actually at stake?

    1. If these DACA parasites are given citizenship (after some set period) they will, without further immigration law changes, be able to import legally millions of their relatives. Whole new “chains” of Third World migration will be inaugurated. The nonwhite invasion, colonization and racio-cultural and political conquest of these Anglo-Occidental states of America will be unstoppable. We have almost reached the Third Worldizationist “tipping point” even without such a betrayal.

    2. If DACA-ites are legalized, it is only a matter of time before all (non-violent-criminal) illegal aliens are put on a “path to citizenship”. This is denied now – to facilitate this phase of the nonwhite conquest of the USA. But the nature of the Treason Left is always to push for more (unlike the cowardly Right, which never fights for anything, not even its own alleged an drather anemic “conservative agenda”).

    The same thing happened with the sodomite movement. First, they made libertarian arguments about “removing coercion” and leaving “good citizens” alone. Then, after the repeal of anti-homosexualist legislation, they pushed for “gay positivity” in educational materials in the schools (as well as the normalization of homosexuality in pop culture). Then they pushed for “full inclusion” and “non-discrimination” in employment (they have not achieved – yet – adding “sexual orientation” to FedGov Civil Rights Act protected status, but they’re getting close; and they have achieved this in many states). Then they pushed for family rights in custodial and adoption matters. Finally, they pushed for what seemed truly outlandish and beyond bizarre: “same sex marriage” equality. They cheated in getting that via the (still !!) radical Left-activist SCOTUS. But the trend towards at least state-level “marriage equality” was undeniable.

    3. Once the bulk of the entire 30-35 MILLION illegal alien population (already, scholarly research has recently revised the oft-cited number of “11-12 million” illegals upwards to over 22 million – but there is very credible evidence that this revision itself is still underestimating the true number, which will only become apparent after a mass amnesty has been legislated) has been put on a treasonous “path to citizenship”, the non-whitening of the US will proceed in rapid-fire fashion. Our annual intake of LEGAL immigrants will be in the tens of millions (it was around 1.8 million in 2017 – and note, 95%+ of those are nonwhite, as they have been every year since approx 1970). ALREADY, the US is projected to become 51% nonwhite by 2040 (real date, even without ANY amnesty: approx 2030). If all this amnestying + new legal immigration + pre-existing legal immigration (existing “chains” of family reunifiers + diversity lottery + H1B “skilled” migrants + “refugees”) occurs, Whites will fall to less than 25% of the US population by 2050. You read that correctly.

    TO REPEAT: in 1950, America was >90% White. In 1980, when Reagan was elected, America was 84% White (not counting illegal aliens, whose numbers, however, were far smaller than today’s). Today, America is barely over 60% White (not even counting illegals). Trump could not even win the popular vote in 2016, despite having a criminal who was also a terrible candidate as an opponent, as well as coming off 8 years of the same, opposing party. The GOP has lost the popular Presidential vote in 6 of the past 7 elections (and barely won it in 2004). Even without any amnesty, do you think ANY REAL Republican will be able to win after 2028? And given how Far Far Left today’s Democrats have gone, and given how deleterious the real state of the economy is (this is in no way Trump’s fault, but is rather the product of more than 80 years of Federal fiscal mismanagement, whose effects are only growing more extreme over time), what do you think will be America’s future when Third World Democrats CONTROL all branches of the FedGov?

    Socialism, multiculturalism, mass criminality, chronic Third Worldist cronyism and corruption, fiscal collapse, hyperinflation (“monetizing the National Debt”, which is continuing to explode under Trump, who does nothing about it, either via serious spending reductions or mass FedGov asset privatization), and eventual monetary enslavement, and periodic butchery, of Whites.

    Of course, my hope is that there will arise some kind of White guerilla resistance to this Third Worldist totalitarian future. But even if there does, most Americans of all races will suffer horrendously in the coming decades. This is guaranteed. Nonwhites + socialism = decivilization and eventual outright barbarism. Visit a ghetto sometime and ask, “Are these social and demographic conditions good for business, employment, and civilization?”

    THIRD WORLD PEOPLES MAKE THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES. Being “American” has nothing to do with it.

    Why are we allowing ourselves to be transformed into a Third World country via mass immigration???!

    Trump is pathetic. There must be NO DEAL on illegals, certainly not in exchange for an unguarded “Wall”. GTF on with deporting them, TRUMP! What is the matter with this fool? The more rapidly he gets rid of them, the more rapidly he removes the whole possibility of any Amnesty at all.

    • Here is what we Trumpers want:

      A. Complete deportation of ALL illegal aliens as rapidly as possible, including fiscal and legal punishment of any “subversive cities” and their elected officials. Federalize and mobilize all state National Guard units to aid in this mass deportation (which once announced will rapidly turn into “self-deportation”).

      B. The full-scale militarization of the US/Mexico border. By all means, BUILD THE WALL – but then man it with a garrison force of 20-50,000 permanent troops.

      C. Immediate end to “birthright citizenship”.

      D. A permanent moratorium on all immigration. NO MORE IMMIGRANTS EVER – FOR ANY REASON.

      d1. Ideally, we should have first allowed 50 years of Whites-only immigration to go some distance in restoring the historic racial identity of the US. But if we are debating granting citizenship to millions of low IQ, low skilled, nonwhite criminal trespassers, we are simply too weak a people for this to merit discussion among patriots.

      d2. If the votes cannot be mustered to stop all immigration, then let us at least press for:

      a. a radical reduction in numbers of legal immigrants (to preferably as low a number as possible);

      b. a reconfiguration of legal immigration away from “national quotas”, “diversity lotteries”, and “family reunification”, and towards highly-skilled immigrants who, for the first time in a century, might actually be what is claimed of them, “good for the economy”;

      c. an actual regime of strict security vetting, with a prima facie rejection of any immigrant streams (eg, Muslims) likely to constitute future national security threats.

      What Trump is doing and proposing to do are totally inadequate to what must be done wrt immigration to save some remnant of George Washington’s nation, and the historic American Way of Life.

  12. Under no circumstances should citizenship EVER be granted to someone who is trespassing is the country illegally.

  13. Negotiation 101. State your position taking an extreme position favoring your side, defend it vigorously, make concessions only very sparingly and small concessions relative to what the other side is pushing for, attack their positions as unreasonable and defend your positions as reasonable – repeat until you reach a compromise far favorable to your side of the ledger. If the other side will not yield, do not do the deal – work to change the situation to undermine their position and bring them back to the table or just shelve the deal.

    Trump policies are correct. Trump wins on substance. Substance matters much more than style.

    The Trump style, while irritating at times, is smarter than it looks. He understands that is opponents are not swayed by reason, facts or logic only by their interests. But he also understands that their ideology makes them hypersensitive to slights and symbolism. So he manipulates them into a frenzy by near daily provocations – forcing them to spend all their fury on trivial inconsequential issues and preventing them from uniting effectively to oppose him on substantive issues. It is like a misdirection play in football – get the opponent focused on your right by insulting and trash talking the players on that side and sending misleading signals you are coming at them, then run or throw to the left where they are weakened and indisarray. Strategy 101. Works like a charm.