Goodbye, America?

On Sunday, my wife and I went for a walk in a park located in an affluent area near where we live. We were struck by the fact that no one else there was speaking English. We heard only Chinese and Russian. It felt eerie, as if the park had somehow been taken over by, lost to, people who represented America’s two most populous strategic adversaries.

Sunday evening was New Year’s Eve, so we tuned into the countdown to midnight at Times Square. This year, again, given pride of place just before midnight was John Lennon’s anthem to a world without America.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace…

No countries, of course, means no America.

And the world Lennon invites us to imagine is clearly a Marxist utopia.

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man.

America now more or less officially starts the year with an observance that features a radical rejection of America and everything it is supposed to stand for.

The refusal of American athletes to stand for the national anthem needs to be understood in the broader context of the push by the American Left for a post-American world. It will be, as John Kerry has enthusiastically explained, a borderless world. And we have a preview of that world in today’s Europe.

The EU has brought about a borderless Europe. Consider the astonishing change that has made. Again and again throughout its history, since the Persians attempted to conquer Greece, Europe rose to the challenge of defending itself from invaders. Today, borderless Europe can barely rouse itself to recognize that it is being invaded as millions of Muslim men of fighting age pour into Europe unopposed. Remarkably, this time the invaders don’t even need to use weapons. This current collapse of will represents a huge advance even on France’s feeble efforts to fend off Hitler’s invading horde.

The problem, of course, is that these invaders, like the Axis powers of World War II, have not bought into Marxism-Lennonism. They simply see it as an opportunity for them, and quite rightly, too. No doubt the final chapter of this invasion, when the invaders decide to make it clear to the Europeans that they are in now charge and what that means, will be as bloody as any of Hitler’s plans for his defeated foes.

The European countries rescued from Hitler by American fighting forces, put back on their feet economically by American generosity, and protected thereafter from the Soviets seem to have reached the conclusion from their experience of World War II and its aftermath that “resistance is futile.” The people of Israel seem to have drawn the opposite conclusion—that being able and willing to fight for your people and your country is a matter of life and death. Neither the Marxist-Lennonists themselves nor those who are keen to take advantage of the insidious progress of Marxism-Lennonism in the West approve of Israel’s determination to survive. Perhaps that helps explain the United Nations’ dedication to condemning Israel.

My high school gym teacher told us that if we left our locker unlocked and our belongings got stolen, we were as much at fault as the thief. In those days I thought he was a jerk. Today, of course, I appreciate the wisdom in his words. The principle of not tempting your neighbor to wrong you goes a long way.

History’s clearest lesson is the plain common sense truth that peace is maintained by deterrence. Deterrence prevents what weakness invites—and deterrence is evidently impossible in a borderless world.

I look forward to New Year’s Eve celebrations that feature “America the Beautiful” instead of “Imagine,” an America where athletes stand for the national anthem with hearts bursting with gratitude, where America’s adversaries say among themselves, “Whatever we do, we must be careful not to provoke the Americans.” I reckon many Americans who voted for Donald Trump feel much the same way.

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81 responses to “Goodbye, America?”

  1. Missing in Curry’s otherwise-excellent piece is that the “invasion” of Europe is by Islamic supremicists, every bit as evil and totalitarian as Leninism & Stalinism.

    • Dear Dan,
      Sorry I was not more clear–but there is this:
      “Today, borderless Europe can barely rouse itself to recognize that it is being invaded as millions of Muslim men of fighting age pour into Europe unopposed…”

      • Great to hear from you, gives me a chance to wish you a very Happy New Year !!

      • Hitler was a Godless Democratic Socialist who said this:

        “National Socialism and religion cannot exist together…. The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the coming of Christianity.”

        – Adolf Hitler, 10th October, 1941

        I be to differ,, The heaviest blow that ever struck humanity was the 21st century Exodus of Muslims into Europe and Canada/Australia. Eventually leading to the erosion and deletion of National Identity.

      • Hitler was flexible enough to welcome Muslims as allies.

      • In Hitler’s war to exterminate Jews, what better ally to have.

      • Rubbish. Christians have been slaughtering Jews since the fourth century. Far more Jew were killed by Christians than ever by Islamic regimes. Christians really are the scourge of minorities; not Islam.

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      • Funny. The Canadians and Aussies don’t seem too perturbed about t. Why are you?

      • Dan, great piece….Beatles were Brit’s….look where the Brit’s they are…think they are finally waking up

      • Yes, and I think this well-makes the point too: “…these invaders, like the Axis powers of World War II, have not bought into Marxism-Lennonism. They simply see it as an opportunity for them, and quite rightly, too. No doubt the final chapter of this invasion, when the invaders decide to make it clear to the Europeans that they are in now [sic] charge and what that means, will be as bloody as any of Hitler’s plans for his defeated foes.” And, by the way, I am in full agreement that America is at grave risk of being lost.

      • Dear davidscott999,
        Yes, America is at grave risk, and the hour is late.
        Thanks for your comment.
        Best wishes..

      • Robert,

        I thought you may enjoy my comment to the article: Study: 27% of California Adolescents Identify as ‘Nongender Conforming’

        I’ve heard of a movement within California for secession from the Union. I hope it is serious and growing. California’s economy is the 6th largest in the world; larger than the majority of countries. If California becomes a country on its own, we can fairly project that: It will be “borderless”; illegal immigrants will flow in unimpeded; Illegal immigrants will likely be granted “immediate citizenship” and all associated rights by virtue of “being there”; prior to the paperwork, illegal immigrants will be able to vote; illegal immigrants will have immediate access to government sponsored healthcare, welfare benefits, and housing; criminal sentencing will be extremely lenient; crime rates will be sky-high; taxes will be sky-high; protest and agitation will be universal and constant; terror attacks will be commonplace; and so on. In my view, the best outcome will be California’s secession so as to serve as an example of what NOT to be. The remaining 49 states, and the bulk, of the USA will take serious heed for what California becomes. Hopefully, the horrid example of the near-future country of California will restore simple sense to economic, foreign, defense, and domestic policies. President Trump’s election was a start on simple sense (I no longer call it “common” sense), and lets hope that more citizens run for office – those who are not a part of the professional political class. The remaining 49 states also need to institute term-limits locally (by state), and for Congress and all Federal offices. We need the churn of an active citizenry through our offices, not the stale and rotting minds who inhabit our institutions now, serving 20, 30, and 40+ years in many cases, and who owe favors and commitments to Deep State elements, vice the American people. MAGA.

      • Dear David,
        Thank you!
        Your scenario for a California nation-state is brilliant, proving once again that reality is the Great Teacher.
        But it is sad to think America would need to go through this trauma to learn what is obvious from a glance at the news from Europe’s surrender to these crazy ideas.
        Meanwhile, I mourn the elite-led destruction of my beloved home state.
        Thanks for taking the time to write & God bless

      • I have often thought that ordinary citizens should be drafted into a term at governance. Everyone should know how their government works and be an active part of it.

    • Thanks, Doctor!
      Great to hear from you, as always.

  2. Of course they can’t rouse themselves to recognize that they are being INVADED! They have been led to believe that they are involved in a humanitarian effort. They are FOOLS! The people actually know they’ve been duped. But the EU clones have been fed their joy juice and refuse to see. Don’t look behind the curtain and the little man pulling your strings, Merkel and the rest of your useful idiots.
    As for the song “Imagine..” There will ALWAYS be an owner, a controller, an emperor, someone pulling the strings. You are living in lala land if you believe otherwise.
    We need to distance ourselves as a nation from these One-Worlders. They have spit on our generosity. They have repudiated our willingness to help them. Leave them behind and take care of our OWN!

    • Rubbish Trump has said Merkel policy on immigration is a disaster. We need to stand up and support the peoples of Europe who are turning against these globalists in their tens of millions! Don’t be like Hussien Obummer the muslim traitor who did nothing to help the Green revolution in Iran! Trump is a MAN of courage and ALL his followers MUST be the same.

  3. The fightback is winning and growing every day. In Europe note the Visegrad countries are all against this mulsim invasion. Add in Austria and Italy will have a Eurosceptic party in power shortly. Then there is BREXIT. The Globalists are going down.
    Look what has happened now in the greatest nation on earth – Trump won and is winning every day for Americans. Newt Gingrich believes 2018 will see President Trump win big! Fight these globalists with all you have.

    • I wish the europeans well, but it’s probably too late for them. Hopefully we in the US will learn a lesson and DEFEND ourselves.

      • Then we better not only get to it but keep it going. I fear that too many of our fellow travelers think that by electing Trump, they somehow won this “war.” That’s very far from the truth, and if they and we all don’t keep the pedal to the metal, Trump will only represent a speed bump on the road to overwhelming Leftist tyranny.

  4. Marxist/’Lennon’ist? Really?? Vlad Lenin is spinning right now because he was just compared to the world’s most famous peacenik. Hard to take something serious with such a glaring woops….twice, no less.

    • What Lennon called for in his lyrics is exactly what Lenin and his followers prescribed. No possessions, no greed, no hunger…..everyone working for the collective. With Lenin as the supreme ruler. Except that Lenin and his followers would rule with an iron fist. The article was spot on.

    • Lennon was no ‘peacenik’ — he was a cowardly appeaser. Appeasers make war more constant and more deadly. Lennon was just a looney rich hypocrite.

  5. In bemoaning the “invasion” of his park by the Russian and Chinese the author overlooks the fact that both groups actually fled communism. Unlike islamists these groups do NOT seek to change America and can observe ruefully America turning into something they thought they had escaped .

    • The Russians I know who fled communism and brought skills discipline and productivity also took the trouble to learn English.

      • So just because the author overheard them speaking Russian makes you conclude they don’t speak English? Logical thinking at its best. Here’s one Russian who has taught English to ignorant natives for 20 years.

  6. “Goodbye, America” starts off by pointing to the absence of English. Point well taken but that leaves me reflecting on America’s history and how much this nation has changed. Just since 1865 America that was established in 1776, changed dramatically.
    With the defeat of the CSA gone was the consensual union of states and in came the union of states by enforcement, by the gun. In the following decades America rapidly changed to the point our Founding Fathers would never recognize it.
    By 1913 the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the FBI came into being. They are institutes of massive power and they represent the might of DC who today surpasses in every way the Monarchies of Europe which our Founding Fathers broke free.
    In that sense “Goodbye America” can be applied to so many versions of her that have come and gone.

  7. At the time of his murder, “No Possessions” John Lennon was living in a flat that 99.99% of affluent New Yorkers could never afford.

    So much for consistency.

    For that matter, the re-inaugurated Mayor of NYC, Comrade “Bill de Blasio”, sworn in by Sen. Bernie Sanders, denounced walls and borders. Do either of them share their digs with illegal aliens?

    • DiBlasio, unlike his predecessor as mayor, moved into the immense mansion owned by the city

  8. Why do not you take a trip across the Hudson river and see what the ret of the cointry. if the rest of the ountry was like NYC, I wouldd emitrte or commit suicide. NYT has the biggwt concentration of fools and sycophants of tyrants on the planet

  9. I never liked “Imagine” and never understood its appeal. I felt the same about Obama.

    • Dear Easy Way #6,
      A brilliant suggestion! Thank you.
      ‘Never understood their appeal.’ Sounds right to me–those of us who never liked “Imagine” were the same folks who were puzzled by the wave of Obamamania.
      Best wishes..

      • I wasn’t at all puzzled by the popularity of Obama. He fit the prevailing “feel-good” template perfectly, and knew how to play to it perfectly. In my opinion, GW Bush, the fake conservative, ruined the GOP for a generation and set the table for Obama.

    • Have always hated “Imagine”, but I think its appeal came and comes from teens/twenty-somethings who by nature of their immaturity are “anti-establishment”. Being anti-establishment or pro-establishment is like eye color – it’s in our genes. Which also explains why equally intelligent and learned people are on each side of the political divide. And the fact that some change their beliefs over time is no different than genetic good health changing to genetic ill health.

  10. A very well written article showing the reality of truth. Maybe too late for Europe because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but not too late for the United States and thankfully our president can see what is happening.

    • Dear John Warden,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.
      It is very late indeed.
      Like you, I am thankful, every day, for President Trump.
      Best wishes..

      • And all of us are likewise thankful for your work, Dr. Curry, and look forward to reading it regularly in the coming year. Best wishes, sir.

      • Dear glendower,
        My heartfelt thanks to you for your kind words!!
        Best wishes and Happy New Year to you!

    • It isn’t unless you/we keep fighting for it every day for many years into the future, well beyond even 2 Trump administrations. The Left still controls most institutions of our society, and fully intends to regain total control. The earthquake election of Trump shocked them, but we have a very long way to go to restore the republic.

  11. >>> What has been happening is an election changing invasion.

    We must:
    . Stop chain migration.
    . Build the wall.
    . Repatriate the illegals.

    I recently read a discussion from Germany where they were considering a separate geographic area – WITHIN GERMANY – for Muslims. And another, where they were considering an area for German women that would provide extra protection from …. (yes, you guessed right).

    Europe is finished – they are helping with their own demise.

    America better get a grip – and that means the three points above – at least that is a start.

    • with the “no-go” zones and “shariah zones” that ALREADY exist, it would seem that such is pretty much de facto the case already. Predictable, and was predicted in fact; said predictions of course denied and condemned by all the self-anointed “elites” in their trendy salons. I didn’t see any of the shariah enforcement patrols at the Golden Globes or the playground in the Hamptons.

  12. Fail to control your borders and you have no borders. The left is happy to bury us under the masses of third worlders.

    • Dear Simple-Man,
      Yes, and yes.
      Thanks for joining in.
      Best wishes…

  13. When a dumb whore comes on National TV (CNN) and shows how to properly don a a gas mask with a bong attached to it I’d say we’re already done. This country has already gone to s hit!

  14. Of course John Lennon was singing about having no possessions while sitting on millions of dollars/pounds so he could afford to tell others to share. To this day, the remaining Beatles remain wealthy beyond anyone’s needs and do not participate in the “brotherhood of man” aka the great unwashed.


    • Then we all better get out to vote; no slacking. Because our opponents will be out in droves.

  16. I have felt like a stranger in America ever since 2008.

    • Dear johnnywoods,
      I understand.
      Best wishes for us all…

  17. A bit too self-flattering. Europe was not rescued by America. Read some history fella. America did not win the war; it was part of a winning coalition. We came late to the fight. By the time we arrived, the French, Brits, Canadians, Aussies, Russians, and Scandinavians had been at it for 3 years. We came late. Don’t try to steal more credit than we earned.

    • >>By the time we arrived, the French, Brits, Canadians, Aussies, Russians, and Scandinavians had been at it for 3 years.<< CORRECTION: …had been LOSING it for 3 years. ALSO: Up to a scant six months before Pearl Harbor, the Soviets had actually been on the OTHER side, partnering with Hitler, so that the Nazis and the Soviets could divvy up Poland and the Baltic States amongst themselves.

      • Actually, the ‘winning” began with the Battle of Britain and the Soviet resistance at Stalingrad. I don’t recall our involvement in those events.

      • >>Actually, the ‘winning” began with the Battle of Britain<< Winston Churchill begs to differ with you: His famous quote about it being not even the "beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning" was made A YEAR AFTER the Battle of Britain. And even before America's official entry into WW II, we were supplying the Brits with immeasurably valuable aid ("Lend-Lease" ring a bell? Its launch PREDATED the Battle of Britain.) And again, the Soviets were the PALS of the Nazis right up to June 22, 1941 – a scant six months before Pearl Harbor – so it's hardly correct to mention them in the same breath with the French, Brits, Canadians, Aussies, and Scandinavians, who were FIGHTING THE NAZIS, not AIDING them, as the Soviets were. FINALLY, *after* Pearl Harbor, the Soviets received MASSIVE military aid from the U.S., enabling them to resist at Stalingrad and elsewhere. So your blithe dismissal of "our involvement" really shows how poorly informed you are, BCML.

      • I am not trying to low ball our contribution. Just don’t exaggerate it. Churchill rhetoric was important to morale and results but was exactly that: rhetoric. Britain won the BofB with their own resources. The Soviets never aided the Nazis. The Molotov VanRibbentrop was about neutrality. Germany broke it. And then Russia beat the Germans into the frozen ground. With no help from us. “Massive aid”; you’re misinformed. As I frequently say, America did not win the war; we were part of a winning coalition. Americans want too much credit. We seem to need to grab our share then a bit.

      • “I would like to express my candid opinion about Stalin’s views on
        whether the Red Army and the Soviet Union could have coped with Nazi
        Germany and survived the war without aid from the United States and
        Britain. First, I would like to tell about some remarks Stalin made and
        repeated several times when we were “discussing freely” among ourselves.
        He stated bluntly that if the United States had not helped us, we would
        not have won the war. If we had had to fight Nazi Germany one on one,
        we could not have stood up against Germany’s pressure, and we would have
        lost the war.” Nikita Krushchev.

      • Me thinks you have suffered a terrible blow to your head.

  18. Yep. Vote democrat and Europe here we come. Don’t vote and Europe here we come. Talk, persuade, vote, vote with care.

  19. Good article. It’s strange with all that imagination they can’t imagine a world where we judge a person by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

    Here’s hillary weighing in: “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders”.

  20. Old German folktale:

    Once there was a stupid farmer who left his henhouse door open all the time. Then the weasels and skunks got inside and hid among all his hens and started killing them. And the silly farmer said, “Miein Gott, Mein Gott,, zee weasels are my henhouse in, I must a hammer get and nail shut the door.”

  21. It is hysterical that the very sound of foreign languages made the author clutch his pearls. What’s next, women and brown people voting?!? That’s not the America I grew up loving!

    • That’s because you sound like a retard thus, being low-IQ, you quickly went into your SJW mode, and didn’t read the article, just the first line….then you gave up and threw your little tantrum.

  22. The principle of not tempting your neighbor to wrong you goes a long way.

    I wholeheartedly agree, but try telling that to any woman if the subject of sexual advance comes up.

  23. I’m constantly disappointed that AG turns away from the “Flight 93 Election” to become the second coming of National Review. What are you doing to prevent the destruction of America?

  24. Sadly, the author’s knowledge of history is fourth grade level.

  25. Robert Curry is new to my readings. I think his writing should be mandatory in all federally funded schools. It would be a blessing to see Mr.Curry go into our Churches, and make more public events. What amazing insight this man has, and the knowledge he has gathered, his presentation of that knowledge is all consuming.
    I had read another article of one of his interviews related to John Lennon’s song “ Imagine”. It was sang by some artist on News Years in NYC. When I heard that song it repulse me. But I can remember back when I was a wide eyed teenager thinking that was an amazing song, lyrics. Funny how when one grows up, sheltered from the progressive left, learning to think, instead of follow how their views can change. I’m so grateful to my mother that kept me from so much of that brain washing, progressive, Marxism, communism’s way of thinking. Thank you Mr.Curry. I now have a writer that I can present to my teenage grandchildren that will open their eyes in a delightful way. May our New Years become Happier as time moves on. We have work to do, and a message to send. Americam’s We must get busy if we want to save our beloved Country.

    • Dear Regina Notman,
      Thank you very much for your kind words!
      By the way, I wrote Common Sense Nation for you and your teenage grandchildren. What is taught about America in our schools is a scandal. I am always very moved when teenagers tell me “I learned so much from your book!” Makes my day.
      You made my day today.
      With all best wishes

      • Thank you, and please continue the education of America.