Congratulate Mitch McConnell on Electing Doug Jones

Roy Moore did not lose Tuesday’s U.S. Senate race on substance. He lost the special election due to an over-the-top smear campaign from the Left and betrayal by his own party’s leadership. Let’s congratulate Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on electing yet another Democrat to the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

Moore’s election should have been a slam-dunk. On paper, Moore made sense as the candidate most likely to win the Senate seat held previously by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Moore is a conservative Republican; he was an ardent law-and-order candidate who served 40 years as a judge; and he was a devout Christian and strongly pro-life.

But today’s Republican Party is renowned for its ability to kowtow to the Left. Whether they be rival Democrats or members of the media, the GOP is in a constant struggle to be perceived as legitimate or “normal” in order to combat the Leftist counter-narrative. Republicans care too much about what the Left thinks of them.

As a result and by default, the Republican candidate most likely to appeal to the Left will be the one that the GOPe and the media support. Roy Moore was not a milquetoast establishment candidate. He had eccentricities of behavior and temperament that would have made him an awkward companion to many of the elites in the Senate. But, more than that, he believed in preserving the middle class and upholding traditional values and, apparently, he was serious about it. It wasn’t just campaign rhetoric. That was unacceptable to the GOPe.

True, Moore did leave much to be desired. Even apart from the disturbing claims made against him, he came across as awkward in public. He certainly wasn’t afraid to pander in public either, as evidenced by that ridiculous display he put on by riding horseback to vote on election day (though I confess this reminded of George W. Bush’s idiotic “Mission Accomplished” stunt on the deck of an aircraft carrier when combat operations “ended” in Iraq in 2003). When defending himself from the relentless sexual allegations, he further undermined his case in a bizarre interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. From all insider accounts, Moore’s campaign management was an unmitigated disaster—especially compared to the disciplined campaign that his opponent, Doug Jones ran.

But Moore didn’t lose on policy grounds. And he didn’t lose because he was some frosty radical. On the contrary, Moore’s positions were supported by a majority of Alabamians (especially Republican voters in Alabama). Moore lost because of a shameless smear that preyed on the decent instincts of Alabama voters.

To compound difficulties for the Moore campaign, the Republican Party pulled its funding of the campaign at an absolutely critical juncture in the election (at the same time that the Democratic National Committee was pouring resources into the Jones campaign).

When Steve Bannon departed the White House, he vowed to go on the outside and fight for the Trump agenda. In a contentious interview with former “60 Minutes” reporter Charlie Rose (who resigned as a result of his own sex scandal just weeks ago), Bannon described how he was hemmed in working for the administration, and prevented from fully supporting the agenda Trump promised and voters made clear they wanted in 2016. In fact, during his interview with Rose, Bannon specifically named Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as one of the primary targets of his new crusade to defeat the stilted Republican establishment.

McConnell, clearly, won’t go without a fight.

When Moore unexpectedly defeated the vanilla Alabama Republican Establishment candidate, Luther Strange, McConnell and the GOP elite were put on notice. They threw everything they could at Moore. It was Mitch McConnell and the Republican elite who first put the media on to these unsubstantiated rumors about Roy Moore—just as it was the Republican Establishment that put the FBI and media onto the fictitious Trump-Russia “collusion” dossier in the summer of 2016. These Republican “leaders” will brook no compromise with their own base if it means empowering people who might threaten their little fiefdoms in Washington, D.C.

The entire Alabama special election was a case study in how the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party hates the average American. The GOPe understands that any Republican candidate will win Alabama when the senate seat is yet again up-for-grabs. But very few Republican candidates will actually fight to protect the middle class and against their donor interests as Moore would have done. This is the true reason they are happy to be rid of him. The GOPe is firmly in the hands of their corporate masters, which is why they fought so vociferously to get a Democrat elected in Alabama. This was about defeating you first, so that they can put their preferred Republican globalist candidate in office at the next election.

Doug Jones is a blip. The Democrats, aided and abetted by weak and sometimes malicious Republicans, played on well-meaning Alabama voters who are, naturally, sensitive about the name of their state being drug through the mud and morally repulsed by the nature of the allegations that were leveled against Moore.

Still don’t believe the bipartisan fusion party hates you? Listen to Doug Jones’ acceptance speech. While celebrating his victory last night, Jones made the dubious claim that his election represented a historical fork-in-the-road for Alabama. Finally, according to Jones, Alabama had taken the correct turn at this fork by electing him, because so often Alabamians had taken the wrong path. They can rest easy, I suppose, knowing that now they have Doug Jones there to tell them all about their wrong choices. Here we have an elected official describing the way in which the state that just elected him is an embarrassment to him. Why, we haven’t experienced a Democratic leader who hates his own population this much since . . . well,  since the Obama Administration!

And what can the overwhelmingly Republican voters of Alabama expect? An ungodly assault on children, as Jones supports the most aggressive pro-abortion policies. They can also anticipate a complete stall in Trump’s governing agenda, as the Republican majority in the Senate is narrowed to just one seat. Alabama voters essentially will get two years of everything they’ve always disagreed with. But, hey you’ve squelched a sexual predator (or did you?)! Everyone should feel good about Doug Jones’ victory last night. Chuck Schumer certainly does. So, too, does the mainstream media. Hell, even Mitch McConnell is happy. If that doesn’t show you how dangerous the Establishment is, I don’t know what will.

Voting against Roy Moore didn’t buy Alabamians more time to get loose of the noose the elite are putting around their neck; it just gave the Establishment more time to tighten it.

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About Brandon J. Weichert

Brandon J. Weichert is a geopolitical analyst who manages The Weichert Report. He is a contributing editor at American Greatness and a contributor at The American Spectator . His forthcoming book, Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower is due out from Republic Book Publishers in 2020. His writings on national security have appeared in Real Clear Politics and he has been featured on the BBC and CBS News. Follow him on Twitter at @WeTheBrandon.

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46 responses to “Congratulate Mitch McConnell on Electing Doug Jones

  • I recently read Phyllis Schafly’s ‘A Choice Not An Echo’. It’s a decade-by-decade recounting of actions by the GOP establishment that display one consistent fact: They would rather have a Democrat win than have the power within the GOP shift to conservative Republicans.

    • Don’t confuse a polemic with a history of the mid-20th century Republican Party.

      By the way, what did you do during the last decade to help “have the power within the GOP shift to conservative Republicans”? Posting in the comboxes of Internet echo chambers isn’t “help”.

      More precinct walking and less Internet big-talking, please.

    • I disagree. The Trumpotatoes defeated you. Those you call “the GOPe” are the people who show up to do the work. They keep the Republican Party in being between elections, recruit the candidates who can win, volunteer for campaigns, raise the money, and get GOP voters to the polls. What did you do in 2016?

      Talk is cheap, Rog. Don’t be full of it.

      • I took myself to the polls and voted for who I wanted to rather than who they wanted me to.

  • It’s not the end of the world. There should be better candidates out there than Roy Moore.

    Maybe Alabamians can start a recall election against Jones and find a better candidate to replace him.

    • No “recall election” is possible for federal offices.

      Now stop fretting about Alabamians and get busy recruiting “a better candidate” for every elected office on your own ballot, Warren. 2018 will be here in just 18 days. But the 2018 campaign season began late the evening of Nov. 8, 2016. Have you been wasting all that time?

      • Both you and DMH above aren’t merely phaggots, you’re perverts. Dispute this if it isn’t true.

      • Both you and DMH above aren’t merely phaggots, you’re perverts. Dispute this if it isn’t true.

      • And you aren’t merely a phaggot, you’re a perverted one. Dispute this if it isn’t true.

  • “True, Moore did leave much to be desired. Even apart from the disturbing claims made against him, he came across as awkward in public. He certainly wasn’t afraid to pander in public either, as evidenced by that ridiculous display he put on by riding horseback to vote on election day (though I confess this reminded of George W. Bush’s idiotic “Mission Accomplished” stunt on the deck of an aircraft carrier when combat operations “ended” in Iraq in 2003). When defending himself from the relentless sexual allegations, he further undermined his case in a bizarre interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. From all insider accounts, Moore’s campaign management was an unmitigated disaster—especially compared to the disciplined campaign that his opponent, Doug Jones ran.”

    This, of course, is Mitch McConnell’s fault.

    The case against McConnell relies on believing that the Republican Senate Majority Leader doesn’t want to elect Republicans. It relies on conspiratorial thinking – Mitch McConnell, despite his wall-to-wall obstructionism during the Obama Era – wants to enable Democrats, and elect them even! It relies, too, on a sense of entitlement – that no matter how awkward or stilted or undisciplined the candidate, no matter how unable he is to respond satisfactorily to softball questions about an alleged scandal, no matter how much of an “unmitigated disaster” his campaign was, that Trumpist Republicans were *entitled* to the seat.

    Magical thinking and an entitlement mentality will surely help win the next election. Keep it up.

    • Yeah, the hot-headed Trumpists would rather snipe, blame, and finger-point than get off their duffs and do the real work of getting their candidate a majority of the vote. Politicking is not for the lazy.

  • The original sin was McConnell sticking his nose in the primary in the first place. If he’d let Mo Brooks prevail, all of this would be moot.

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      • The Republicans are a business lobby masquerading as a political party, and as such are guilty of swindling their supporters out of their votes. A large faction of the Republican party really doesn’t want to govern, doesn’t want to win, they only want just enough influence to protect the interests of their business buddies. That’s one of the reasons they loathe their constituents, all that democracy mess and middle and lower class interests stuff interferes with their real job. Plus most of their voters aren’t even millionaires. Ewwww!

      • The GOP quickly got rid of their radical element in the 1870s and really settled down to “business” quickly thereafter. And they’ve never changed.

      • You’re a complaining couch potato masquerading as a mouth.

        A large fraction of R.C. Smith really doesn’t want to be politically active, doesn’t want to walk her own neighborhood door-to-door, and as such is guilty of swindling Trump out of the majority of the popular vote. But I’m not calling for her to be stoned.

      • I think you are a homosexual. Go ahead…deny it. We’ll wait. (Still waiting…)

      • They’ve got a lot in common with African rebel armies – the point is to exist: that gets you guns, money, and all sorts of stuff from some big nation or other. No one actually wants to win a rebellion; then they’d have to try to actually deliver on their promises and try to run the country, all while the next rebel army sets up to fight *them* Who needs that kind of a headache?

  • The nation would be better off if McConnell and his ilk dropped dead tonight.

  • Re Weichert’s excellent 12/13 article on Moore’s 1 point loss- Moore’s ride to the polling place was not “ridiculous” but a tradition with him, and his supporters, reminding some of portraits of American patriots of the past. More importantly, Bush’s visit to the carrier group with his “mission accomplished” congratulations was not “idiotic” but a traditional visit of a Commander in Chief to his troops in combat. The carrier’s mission required thousands of men to work and risk their lives 24/7 for months to take down Saddam’s defenses and war machine. This mission they accomplished, decisively. Their mission was not to make Iraq a happy Disneyland forever. The peacekeeping efforts that followed would be bungled and finally abandoned by our politicians.

  • Roy Moore lost because enough Republican voters wouldn’t hold their nose and for the guy and a 90% turnout of democrats. It is that simple. McConnell had nothing to do with the stench arising from Moore’s campaign.

  • McConnell’s goals are much closer to the democrat goals than they are to those of Conservatives!

  • McConnell, like the GOP-e, like the Rockefeller Republicans, is, so far as I am concerned, TWANLOC.
    “May history forget they were EVER our countrymen”. These low-life scum would have either been complicit with the Brits, or “neutral” at the least, during the Revolution. Gotta be “prudent” you know. I’ve put cow plop on fields that was more useful, and smelled no worse, than McConnell, Rove, the Bushies, and all the rest of them. They are, as a group, as strong a call to “water the Tree of Liberty” as are Piglousy, Schumer / scheisskopf, the Clintons, or any of the rest. TWANLOC, and a stench in the nostrils of honest men and women.

    • The reason you hot-heads lose, Iraengineer, is that you keep knifing your own allies. You’re also just a small, noisy minority in a party that only has the allegiance of a minority of Americans.

      If you were really an engineer, you’d recognize that you’ve been doing things wrong for a long time.

  • The election of Trump is the first battle in a larger war of American exceptionalism . If you think the anti American experiment forces will surrender easily you are dreaming. It will take few more election cycles to revive American exceptionalism

  • Now the Democrats are going to go all in 2018 with blitz smear campaigns as they know the media and some of the RINOs are willing will give them cover and never see a lie. This will ensure the 2018 elections will be a continual bloodbath of cascading accusations complete with the requisite unverifiable “October surprise”. IMHO the Democrats are misreading the publics toleration/saturation point with all of the slime. I believe they are counting their chickens before they hatch.

  • Mitch; Congratulations, fucktard. Why don’t you and McCain freakin’ retire?

  • McConnell did not back Roy Moore. Bannon backed Moore. Blame Bannon and Moore for Moore.

    Among the many shortcomings of Trumpists is their fingerpointing at everyone but the real culprits, themselves.

  • Moore lost because black people refused to allow an open racist represent them. Period. But way to ignore that. I guess it doesn’t matter when it won’t negatively impact YOUR life.

  • Don’t blame the disheveled drunk, Bannon
    Don’t blame the p-grabbing pervert who just reinforced what a vile and despicable creature Moore really was
    Just blame Mr Head-in-the-sand who’s been ignoring the cancer that is Trumpism because all that matters to him is getting his tax cuts for the wealthy

    Or blame every last one of them – including the candidate whose abuse of a horse on national television the morning of the election may well have cost him the race

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