What’s At Stake in Alabama

Are we “really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice” or are we “forever destined to depend for [our] political constitutions on accident and force.” That’s the question Alexander Hamilton asked during the fight to ratify the Constitution. And the special election in Alabama should cause us to ask it again.

The question: “How will we govern ourselves?” is thrown into stark relief in 2017. The answer is what’s at stake in the Alabama U.S. Senate race. In both our legal system and in politics, will we be driven by innuendo and accusation or by due process?

The primary between Roy Moore and Luther Strange was a spirited contest between two ideological factions battling for control of the Republican Party. Moore won. But coverage of the general election campaign between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones has focused on salacious claims against Moore stemming from events alleged to have occurred nearly 40 years ago.

The timing of the claims—they have never surfaced during any of Moore’s prior statewide (and similarly controversial) campaigns and did not come up during the primary—makes their motivation and perhaps their veracity suspect. But this is not a defense for Roy Moore or an excuse for or justification of what he is accused of doing in the late 1970s. I have no way of knowing what happened in rural Alabama all those years ago. And neither does anyone else who was not directly involved.

What is apparent, however, is that accusing Moore after the primary was designed to kill his candidacy and prevent the Republican Party from choosing a replacement—thus handing the precious Senate seat to Jones, who would have absolutely no chance of winning otherwise. Alabama went for Donald Trump by 28 points, after all. Dirty tricks are nothing new in politics. But this level of cynicism is destructive of republican government because it consciously seeks to deprive the citizens of Alabama of a senator who would accurately reflect their political principles.

Candidate Calculus
Voters are generally sensible of their own interests if given time to reflect and to allow inflamed passions to cool. Alabama voters considering their options should be running a not-too-complex calculation. Two candidates are vying for the opportunity to represent them in the United States Senate. The job for voters is to determine who will best represent their interests and beliefs. Of course, they must also consider whether the candidate is up to the job.  

Now add in also, the fact that there are credibility problems with some of the accusers. The principal accuser, Beverly Young Nelson, has admitted forging at least part of Moore’s inscription in her high school yearbook which she had previously used as the sole piece of physical evidence supporting her claim.

Moore has denied signing the yearbook from the beginning. What’s more, Nelson’s stepson, a Moore supporter, says, “I know for a fact that there is a lot that that woman does not tell the truth on. Do I think that Beverly is trustworthy? No, I really don’t. Could I see her making it up? . . . The odds are in that favor.

Before deciding, voters must compare everything known and claimed about Roy Moore against what they know about Doug Jones. He supports the Democrats’ entire cultural Marxist agenda, including Obamacare, restricting free speech and the Second Amendment, and expanding government-funded abortions. Right down the line, Jones would be an energetic supporter of the entire Schumer-Pelosi agenda.

So voters must ask themselves, which is worse: what Roy Moore is accused of but denies doing in his private life 40 years ago, or what Doug Jones promises to do to the country today?

The answer for most Alabama Republicans is obvious which is why Moore maintains a very tight lead over Jones, according to the RealClearPolitics poll average. Still, most people—even those with strong political beliefs—want to see justice done and do not wish to “reward” a potentially bad man. But I submit that thinking in these terms is missing the larger point of justice. An election is not about rewarding or punishing any particular man. Justice, in this case, has multiple parties with claims deserving consideration. The focus has been on the private matter of Judge Moore and his accusers, but the citizens of Alabama and of the country also have a claim for justice in this election that in most ways supersedes, or at least preempts, the others.

Voters also realize—better than our public intellectuals—that justice requires a process focused on a full airing of facts and time to assess them in context. The Roy Moore hit job—and that’s what it was whether the allegations turn out to be true or false—was timed and calculated precisely to avoid a full airing of facts. It sought political advantage, not the truth. Rewarding that would also be a miscarriage of justice.

Passions Versus Interests
The attempt to whip emotions in the closing weeks of the election when another candidate could not take Moore’s place even if one was wanted, is a cynical attempt to deprive the people of Alabama of a senator that fairly represents their views.

While many Alabama Republicans may fairly disapprove of Moore’s actions while he was single, they also see someone who appears to have lived a life of personal probity since then and, much more important, someone who will represent their interests and beliefs in Washington. That’s what every election is about. Elections are very rarely a referendum primarily on the character or piety of the candidate. If they were, who could withstand the scrutiny?

Emotional manipulation in the closing weeks of a campaign is an attempt to use the passions to take what cannot be won with reason and persuasion. If the political or legal process uncovers facts that upon mature reflection demand it, Moore could be expelled from the Senate or by voters at the next election. In the meantime, voters just want to know what’s in it for them and they’ll choose the candidate who can give it to them. That’s the way it should be.

Observers who want to condemn Moore based on so-far unproven accusations think the election is about him and his character. Voters know better. It isn’t. It’s about how the senator they elect will vote.

Rare is the citizen who is looking to the elected class for role models. They just want their will done. And for the 65 percent of Alabama voters that backed Donald Trump last year, that means relying upon reflection and choice, trusting our institutions to do justice, and voting for the candidate the represents their views.

About Chris Buskirk

Chris is publisher and editor of American Greatness and the host of The Chris Buskirk Show. He was a Publius Fellow at the Claremont Institute and received a fellowship from the Earhart Foundation. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses in financial services and digital marketing. He is a frequent guest on NPR's "Morning Edition." His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, and elsewhere. Follow him on Twitter at @TheChrisBuskirk

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201 responses to “What’s At Stake in Alabama”

  1. If I understand American Greatness, religion is very very important for America, but good character – presumably the offspring of religious belief and acts – is nearly meaningless.


    • I don’t think you’re trying to understand what American Greatness is saying.

      They’re saying that the voters of Alabama have a right to not be disenfranchised of having their views represented. I’m not and Am G is not saying that (to my knowledge), assuming Roy Moore is guilty, represents our values or Alabama’s values in terms of sexual assault (let’s not assume the worst in people by default or society will crumble really fast. Assuming the worst in our enemies is much harder to do though, and I probably even struggle with that, but I do so for the sake of principles that are worth having).

      I’m saying that I want to vote for someone who would best represents my values in the senate according to how I prioritize them (against sexual assault of any kind as well as being against abortion, for example). Assuming Roy Moore is guilty, the choice would be between two unsavory people for me, so I pick who I think will do the lesser of the two evils in the future, not in the past, though the past performance is definitely an indication of the future.

      I will agree with those who are against Moore that Moore lying about abusing women, assuming he did, is morally wrong (and he clearly has not repented of that since he still denies that, assuming he is guilty). I find it wrong for people who are for Moore to come to Moore’s defense and saying that such behavior can be forgiven (which it can be forgiven under the proper circumstances and testing (and I’m not talking about party affiliation but I mean admitting one did wrong and making amends for a long enough period of time, not focusing on defending oneself but focusing on trying to become a better and a changed person, which I believe even the worst person can change, though I have a right to be very skeptical at first)).

      One also has to consider that with Jones, he’s less likely to be booted from the senate than Moore, and so the ideal (assuming Moore is guilty) would then be for Moore to leave once he was elected so that there would be an opportunity for me (though I’m not an Alabama voter, but I’m pretending I am one) to get someone who better represents my values.

      If you think that, for example, Senator Al Franken should be replaced by a Republican instead of another democrat, then you may disagree, but otherwise we have a similar mindset (if you were a Minnesotan and Al Franken was up in a general election against a Republican tomorrow and the only two reasonable options were him and the Republican and you were a Democrat, it would be fair for you to feel disenfranchised and wanted a Democrat representing you who didn’t have such issues). Of course, if Al Franken were running for 2018 senate (just a thought-experiment) knowing what we know now, and he still became the Democratic nominee for Minnesota senator, there might still be disenfranchisement from you I presume.

      Overall, I am strongly dissatisfied with some arguments from both sides, and this is one of the few articles that I think actually does a good job of navigating through this “minefield of minefields”, as I find it super easy to make an error on either side.

      If Roy Moore does get elected and he is guilty, I do doubt he would continue to sexually harass, else he would get in trouble (and it only takes one picture or one piece of good evidence) and then hopefully people won’t let him be a primary winner ever again but have someone else who represents the people just as well minus that baggage of sexual impropriety, assuming Roy is guilty.

    • What evidence do you have that impugns Moore’s character?

      He didn’t leave a young woman trapped in his submerged car to die slowly of suffocation while Ted Kennedy never bothered to go for help.
      He didn’t prey on a young employee and pressure her to service him, leaving BJ Clinton’s DNA splattered on her blue dress.
      He didn’t molest a sleeping woman while smiling for the camera, or grope other women both on and off camera like the photos with Franken.
      He didn’t walk around his office in his underwear or touch his female employees then buy their silence with money Conyers took out of taxpayers’ wallets.
      He didn’t text naked pics to girls and ask them to send him naked pics then run as a Dem for NYC mayor as Carlos Danger Weiner either.

      Moore’s clean record makes him positively angelic, especially in comparison to the rapes, molesting, and homicide by Dems.

      • First, the evidence is the accusers who went on record with their names, and dates. You may not like it, and you may not believe it, but that’s evidence. Second, our present #MeToo age knows no party – you are more than a little selective in just listing the Democrats. Plenty of Rs going down too, including this week. Third, most of the above list paid a price: Kennedy, in a different era, lost any chance at the Presidency, Clinton was impeached and disgraced, Weiner in jail, Franken and Conyers had careers ended. You guys, by contrast, are going to make a guy who cruised malls for young chicks a US Senator just as you made a guy who bragged of grabbing them by the pussy President. But finally, really, what’s your point re the above? That child molesting is not as bad as the above so if they got away with it, Moore should too?

      • There are no credible accusations of a crime. And the yearbook entry was forged. There are enough wannabee actresses and enough Soros money to accuse any man in America with the same level of “evidence.”

      • They don’t care about evidence, anyway. Moore has been convicted for his politics in the same way that these slime ignore the actual rape of Bill Clinton or Roman Polanski. The Left are morally bankrupt thieves, nothing else. There isn’t a decent Leftard in the whole country. The second American Civil War can’t start soon enough!

      • No, when there’s no police report, rape kit, photos, or other evidence, then the stories are just unsubstantiated accusations from dishonest, Dem-motivated accusers.
        Tons of accusations were made by people on the record that Obama was a foreign national ineligible to be US President but those accusations were not evidence and you never described those claims as evidence.

        As I pointed out, we have a dead woman in Kennedy’s car, Billy’s DNA on Monica’s dress, pics and texts that document Weiner’s predation BEFORE Dems thought it was just fine to run him for NYC mayor, photos of Franken molesting a sleeping woman and groping others, and a settlement that Conyers paid out of taxpayers’ wallets.

        A young woman was deliberately left to die a slow, agonizing death while Kennedy talked to lawyers and your response is that he lost any chance at the Presidency??? Yikes, why do Dems defend killers???
        BJ was impeached and disgraced? Really? He was all over the campaign trail for many, many Dems including Obama and HRC. (HRC demeaned and attacked Billy’s victims; did you vote for her anyway?) So BJ was really just as lionized and worshipped by Dems as Kennedy was, at least until HRC lost.
        Weiner didn’t go to prison right away. Dems were fine with running him for mayor AFTER there were pics and text messages.

        What you just wrote, in a revolting attempt to cover your adoration for a killer and a battering rapist, is subhuman. You mock and demean those women and what they suffered by declaring that minor setbacks to powerful men was punishment enough, and you do that for petty partisan reasons. That’s really sick.

        Unless you have video of Roy Moore in the mall doing something illegal, or police reports or DNA or photos, it’s just another pack of Dem lies.

      • Ah, the red herring tactic. I learned this early in my career from a seasoned trial lawyer: when the case is against you, change the case. Neither Bill Clinton nor Ted Kennedy are running for the Alabama Senate today. I raised them because you raised them in an attempt to distract from this guy and this election. There is no “adoration” and all of this is, again to my main point, besides the current issue. You are simply trying to demonstrate moral equivalency when the real issue is absolute qualification: does this guy have the moral fitness to sit in the Senate? And in two lengthy posts from you, the only thing you’ve said on point (all else being attacks on Democrats not running today) is this: “when there’s no police report, rape kit, photos, or other evidence, then the stories are just unsubstantiated accusations from dishonest, Dem-motivated accusers.” So yes, there was no contemporaneous rape kit or police report from these young girls who say they were molested long ago. My view is that it is still credible evidence, because the accusations show a pattern, because there is no evidence that any of these women were activists predisposed to not like Republicans, and because several of them made contemporaneous reports to friends and family. Your view, as best as I can tell unsupported by other than your partisan zeal, is that they are all of them liars, and likely bribed or otherwise motivated. And you wonder why women are rising up?

      • The case isn’t against me. There’s no evidence of any wrongdoing by Moore. The wrongdoing is on the part of lying, forging Dems who are now so evil as to be subhuman. They’re a literal threat to our democracy. Americans are not going to react to that with tolerance forever.

        You’re just a lying storyteller until there is evidence.
        Unless you admit there’s tons of evidence that Obama’s a foreign national.

      • And the poker tell: when the story is against you, go to the adjectives. “Liar”. “Subhuman”. And others. It’s a lot easier than fact, isn’t it? And it must feel great. It’s the modern style. But the age of reason is not dead. You have no understanding whatsoever of what “evidence” actually means. But your senior, Republican, United States Senator does have that understanding, and as a result can’t bring himself to vote for this guy. He has eyes, and a sense of both logic and shame. It appears not to be widespread.

      • Oh, I love the facts. They show a consistent pattern of conduct. I also love most of all when my opponents get personal and leave those facts — lady. It’s fun to watch folks sweat.

      • Can’t wait to see all the “patterns of facts” coming out of Congress and Hollywood and the media. FrankenGroper still sits in the Senate and LyinLizzie Warren got outed by Cherokee genealogists yet she’s still there.
        The same people who told Americans we’d keep our plans and doctors while saving thousands of dollars every year are now saying the tax plan is bad. By next November Americans will KNOW the Dems are lying again and still working against honest Americans to protect terrorists and illegals.
        It’s going to be a good year ahead and I’m stocking up on popcorn as I watch more and more regs get deleted while more and more conservative judges get confirmed to the federal benches.

      • Here’s a fun fact for you: look at your shrinking margins among college educated women in NJ, VA and Alabama. So my advice is not to buy too much popcorn beyond November, because your margins are shrinking even faster than you clever folks can think of all those cute nicknames for your opponents. It’s adorable. My one Christmas request: please, oh please, have Steve Bannon keep picking Republican nominees that will please all of you who read this page.

      • I spend a lot of time with college-educated women. (I worked for two large research universities and my advanced degrees are from a major research university.) Like most everyone else, they care about jobs, wages, good neighborhoods, good schools, and safety/security. Of course, that’s about educated women, not social justice useful idiots with ______ Studies “degrees.”

        It’s the economy, stupid.
        Obama was the food stamp President.
        Trump’s the jobs President.

        It’s good for Repubs that Moore lost though it’s a shame lying proggies were willing to destroy an innocent man to get that done. If Jones wants to get reelected in a red state, he’ll have to work with Trump and Repubs. If he votes with Schumer 90-100% of the time, he’s a great campaign ad for 2018 GOP and he loses in 2020. Meanwhile Franken is still in the Senate but Moore isn’t. That’s the Dems’ War on Women.

        My Christmas request: please stick to the lies and hate that come so naturally to Dems at least until 2018, and continue to ignore the economic concerns of Americans that got Trump elected. We’ve got a lot of Dem/Obama messes to clean up and your distractions are a big help. We’re happy to compare that record to fewer un- and underemployed Americans, fewer Americans living in poverty, and a bigger American middle class.
        Dems didn’t lose because they took great care of most Americans; Dems lost because they did not and didn’t care.

      • Yes, I’m sure you’re highly educated. Your erudition and tolerance comes through with every post.
        You and I must know different women, because the ones that I know share your list but add “respect”, which generally includes having a President who (a) is not a serial molester and (b) does not gleefully campaign for one. But you know, the great thing about all of this is that for al the trash talk, we’ll see in November, won’t we? I am just noting the objective fact of the present trend line. It is, by the way, hilarious that you now say “it is good for Republicans that Moore lost”, after your posts of the last week in which you reached back to Chappaquiddick in an attempt to give Moore enough moral equivalency to win. Nice back pedaling – you may not be all that educated but you are, I grant you, flexible.
        But my favorite part was you calling Obama a “food stamp President.” I do love when you far right folks try to come off as all calm and college-educated reasonable but then can’t quite help letting the ol’ Freudian racist slip show. It remind me of the German scientist in Dr. Strangelove whose hand kept rising in a Fascist salute – it’s inbred. That was simply awesome.

      • Food stamp usage hit an all-time high under Obama, and that all-time high came YEARS after the recession ended. The increase in food stamp use was largest for whites. Please explain how the heck the factual description Food Stamp President is racist in any way (particularly since I’m mixed race). Thanks.

        I tagged proggies with Killer Ted to emphasize their flagrant hypocrisy about their War on Women. I remind people that Franken is still in the Senate for that same reason. Reaching back to Chappaquiddick is your euphemism for a young woman who is still dead (how dismissive of you). I did and do resent the dishonest smear that Dems ginned up against Moore, but that doesn’t interfere with my ability to assess the outcome. I’m trained to evaluate relevant data and update my assessment accordingly. I looked at my assessment and improved it. Some people saw/see it as a Dem win either way; I see it as a Repub win either way. Here, I’ll explain.
        It would have been delicious if a man who’d been dishonestly tarred with lies at the last minute prevailed anyway after all the money and celebs and resources Dems poured in. Such colossal rejection of the Dems would be great short term and might also depress enthusiasm of Dems going forward. The downside would be that Dems would hammer on the lies nonstop, at least until the yearbook was either admitted or proven a forgery and the ethics committee did nothing but did drag out the inquiry then say never mind.
        The GOPe is so lame I thought they’d fall down on tax reform but it looks like they might pull it off. So 51 Repubs might mean less infighting and more judges and cleaning up more messes. As the economy does better and better, it’ll get easier to keep Repubs together and they’ll have more credibility and good will from indie voters and moderate Dems. Meanwhile Franken is still in the Senate and a Cherokee genealogist has called out Warren’s lies and cultural appropriation. The Dems are living in glass houses. That’s all good.

        Yes, clearly you know different women than I do. I grew up working class and my first job was field hand. I worked in a UAW factory to earn money for college and worked skilled trades to earn money for grad school. My family and social circle is extremely diverse in every way. My entire career after grad school is in higher ed and high tech. So I really do know plenty of college-educated women, but unlike you apparently, I know lots of working class, working poor, and middle class women as well as disabled veteran women (and men and kids across all groups too). Women who worry about paying for groceries and the rent/mortgage month after month care a lot less about decorum and protocol than people like you understand. The upward mobility escalator has been broken for decades. The Bush/Obama economy has been a disaster for millions of Americans who fell out of the middle class or lost any chance to reach it.

        It’s the economy, stupid is just an informal way to reference Maslow’s Hierarchy. The middle class shrank over the past 10 years and real wages (adjusted for inflation) have been stagnant for millions of Americans for 30. Most of the jobs created over the last 10 years are part time or low wage or both. That’s not what middle and working class Americans want for our families and grandkids. We’re not willing to be your serfs.

        By all means, keep sneering down at honest, hard-working Americans for wanting a good future for our kids. It’s taking a little time, but President Trump’s policies are starting to benefit not-rich Americans in the wallet. Higher household incomes and higher full-time employment trump Fake News. Avoiding extreme candidates will help a lot too. Notice no Repubs are treating Moore the way Dems treat and fawn over HRC.

      • 1. If honestly have to explain to you why it is racist to call the only black President ever a “food stamp President”, out of all the possible things to call him and everything
        else he accomplished, then you are actually even less educated than I

        2. Trump won because Hillary was fatally weak and Trump is a superb marketer. It was a race to the bottom. He won.

        3. Franken is leaving the Senate. His successor is already appointed. Democrats do censure their own. Republicans, although actuallyjust ones like you, to the credit of the good people of Alabama, vote for them.

        4. Keep bashing Senator Warren, see #1 above, and tell me one more time you’re not
        racist and how educated you are. It’s more fun than Netflix.

        5. Moore was guilty. And beyond guilty, unfit. Alabama’s senior Senator and a great many other Republicans realized it. They likely lack your, um, grad student pedigree and intellect.

      • 1. You can’t explain why it’s racist because it’s not in any way racist. Facts aren’t racist and it’s not racist to note the FACT that Obama is the Food Stamp President because it’s, well, a FACT and there’s nothing racist about food stamps especially as the largest increase was among whites.

        2. If the economy had nothing to do with President Trump busting through the Blue Wall, then Dems will have a good 2018. I know a lot more working and middle class people than you do obviously, and they don’t see it that way. We’ll see.

        3. Franken is in the Senate every working day and we’ll see if he actually leaves. We have pics of him molesting a sleeping woman and groping other women yet the Dems keep him around. The Dems’ War on Women rolls on. How many Dems used public money to settle complaints?

        4. What’s with the stupidly bizarre claims that facts are racist? Warren is a white woman no matter how often she lies about it. The records are available and a Cherokee genealogist has put together hundreds of records that easily refute Warren’s lies on the subject. Warren is cultural appropriation at it’s worst. Warren isn’t Cherokee unless she can prove it, otherwise she’s just a lying thief. This hits the fan whether she runs for reelection to the Senate or for POTUS. That WILL be worthy of popcorn.

        5. Three unrelated people who don’t know each other told a news reporter you’ve been sexually abusing small children in your social circle for years. A mandated reporter is about to come forward but in the meantime we all know you’re guilty anyway. Karma is coming for you and why would anyone believe you since accusations are enough. What nasty pedos you proggies are.

      • I’m reminded first of all, whenever trying to have a discussion with a fanatic, of Scott Fitzgerald’s maxim that “the test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.” Everything is so simple to you. The world is complicated, but it’s much easier to spout dogma rather than work through concepts. Until now, this country has thrived by avoiding extremists. A corollary to ideologues like you is that you think that since you are wrapped in a simplifying (and simple) world view, everybody else must be too. Look at this page and all the “libtard” comments, and your own use of “Progies” the way the McCarthyists through around “bolshies.” Trump’s approval rating is under 40%. You think 60% of this country are Progressives? That’s Bernie Sanders’ fantasy, not mine. Trump
        has lost the middle, including non-dogmatic centrists like me. But that’s a lot to digest for you in one swoop, so let’s go to your points, which will be easier for you:

        1. Obama came into office in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, steered the economy to safety, and then presided over 8 years of prosperity, which is one reason he got reelected (despite your all Caps from two posts ago “why do you think Trump won” in which you try to portray an economic revolt – were that the case, Obama would have been like Carter or Bush 42, a one-term economic loser). Unemployment dropped, the market soared, and new jobs were created (no scandals either, but why should I bother spiking that ball now?). To call him the Food Stamp President is highly selective, and selective in a way that reinforces the racial stereotype that black people are lazy and just want to sit around and collect welfare. It’s a dog whistle, which your leader has perfected. The sideways smear, the glancing blow, followed by the denial. At least own up to it when called out on it, but your leader taught you not to. Deny, deny, deny. So yes, it’s racist. And again, you know it.

        2. I do love that you repeat with each post how many working and middle class people you know. Leaving aside the “doth protest too much”, I don’t doubt that Trump rallies are filled with the working class. He is outstanding, maybe the best in our history, at getting people to vote against their economic interests by focusing them instead on social issues. It is, no sarcasm here, brilliant. But they’ve lost their health care, the tax bill isn’t going to help them, and meanwhile they have a President in scandals up to his eyeballs who on a daily basis denigrates the dignity of the office. What people like you who just read this page and so only hear your own voices in this echo chamber don’t realize is the raw hatred that Trump engenders. That hatred is going to drive turnout rates through the roof in November. The Republicans will lose the House. There are likely too many Democratic Senate seats in play to also lose the Senate, but you can say bye bye to the House, and hello to the House Judiciary Committee considering impeachment articles after Trump either fires Mueller or pardons himself or Junior. Trump ran an outstanding campaign against a weak, dishonest, scandal ridden candidate, and he still won Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by just 80,000 total votes. You aren’t going to catch that lightening in a bottle again. He chose to hold onto his base by continuing to throw biscuits to you guys rather than acting like a real President. He’ll have you, but everyone else hates him, and since you purportedly have all those college research degrees, you’ll figure out that it’s a bad equation.

        3. Give it up on Franken already. He’s leaving. You should be thrilled. He would have been the VP Candidate in 2020 and unleashed his wit and talent to create a hilarious and entertaining skewer of Trump/Pence in every speech. The key player on the opposing team went down with an ACL tear, so revel in it. Kirsten Gillibrand and many other leading Democrats led that charge and there is no room for him to come back. The only outed molester who will remain in high office come 2018 will be your leader. But the day of reckoning on that is coming, and you can hear the footsteps. There is no Democratic War on Women, but there are going to be a lot of very talented Democratic women running for President in 2020, and one of them is going to win the nomination and the office.

        4. Calling someone Pocahontas is racist. Calling someone Pocahontas in a White House ceremony honoring Native Americans is racist AND insensitive. This
        President loves calling names. He engages in behavior that we punish our children for doing on the schoolyard. He has zero concept of the dignity of the office and the way his behavior has ripple effects through the country, right down to the Nazi march through Charlottesville. If one wants to attack Warren for her ancestry claims and dispute that, one can say “you are lying when you claim you are an American Indian”. Or you can call her “Pocahontas”. You don’t see the difference, but the majority of folks do, hence the approval rating. Also, while I know it’s almost as much fun to throw around big college words like cultural appropriation as it is to flash your working class friends, that’s not what cultural appropriation means. Still, C for effort.
        5. Your #5 is the essence of a straw man argument – you build up a construct that is factually weak, attribute it to your opponent, demolish it, and thereby “prove” that your opponent is weak. That’s not what happened, because the evidence was substantially beyond that. Moreover, that report occurred a month before the election. Moore had ample time and resources to rebut it. Instead, he admitted his propensity for young girls in his interview with Sean Hannity, then bailed. The last week of the election, the coward was not even on the campaign trail. If there are such “facts”, then fight. You guys have press, have reporters, have resources – where was the counter-argument? But that is, again, I suspect a bit complicated and headache-inducing for you, so let’s try this since you talk about your, er, research credentials at Really Big Universities. Let’s play a subset game. 1. Were all the people attacking Moore and calling for him to resign Democrats? (no) 2. Were the only people defending Moore Trumpies like you? (yes) 3. Do Democrats also attack their own and call for them to resign when they do Bad Things? (yes) In short, you and your fellow travelers on this page could not find it in yourselves to get past your loyalty to the Cause and call out Moore. You lost Alabama in the process, a feat of fantastic incompetence, but again, this country doesn’t like experience. Which, coming full circle, my oh so educated and Working Class Hero friend, you are going to find out in spades come November.

      • You want to keep making excuses for Moore, go ahead, But last I looked, none of the people cited are running for office.

      • There’s nothing to excuse Moore for, he’s innocent.
        The ‘banned from the mall’ lie was refuted by the man who managed the mall at the time, the yearbook is now admittedly forged, and the accounts that include anything inappropriate aren’t the least bit credible.
        Dating young women who are over the age of consent AND only after getting the consent of their parents is just fine.

        The point about the examples I gave is that there is physical/forensic evidence in each case (interesting that the only time the Dems actually made the criminal resign was when a Black guy got caught since Franken is still a Senator). I started by asking about evidence supporting the Dem lies about Moore and of course there is none at all.

        Sadly, proggies tend to have poor reading comprehension and no actual critical thinking skills, so even stating the difference clearly wasn’t enough. It may not be lack of language and cognitive skills though, maybe you’re just that massively dishonest. Most proggies are irredeemably dishonest too.
        It’s hard to even see hater Dems/progs as humans these days.

    • “If I understand”

      You can basically answer this question with a blanket “no”. Tell us again about the feminists who rape women like Bill Clinton did.

      Also, did you pick that avatar because it was the douchiest picture you could find? If so, well done!

  2. Telling the truth, keeping your promises, and holding to your principles even when it costs (as when Moore was twice removed from the AL supreme court) also goes to character.

    Trump changed everything by actually doing what he promised to do to the best of his ability (some things he is doing later rather than on day one, and others need the Congress, but it exposes their lies such as on Obamacare).

  3. I can always count on American Greatness to defend the indefensible.

      • Is this particularly vile lair not you “safe space” ?

      • You don’t get to mock the idea of a “safe space”. The left invented them, and they invented the term, and they’re the only ones that use them.

        No one on the right needs a safe space. Nearly every one of us loves a fight.

      • Oh.., but I do get to mock the idea of a right wing “safe space”. Indeed.., I did mock the idea of a right wing “safe space” (see above). And your declaration.., that the “left” invented the term.., and accordingly.., it can only apply to them, is ridiculous. You make that ridiculous declaration despite evidence that many “right wing” zealots frequent “safe places” like this zealot site, a site where right wing zealots congregate, a site where most everyone safely agrees with each other.

        As to no one one the “right” needing a “safe place”, that is contradicted by the new leader of the “right”. He, Donald Trump certainly needs that “safe place” afforded him by places like Fox News Channel, because when outside that “Safe Place” he wines like a beat child about being mistreated.

        As to your assertion that “nearly every one” on the “right” loves a fight assumes you are their spokesperson. A notion I know not to be true. I’m on the “right”, you don’t speak for me.., and I don’t necessarily “love a fight”.

        Thanks for this opportunity to disrupt your “safe place”.

      • Could you possibly not know where the term “safe space” originated? On college campuses. Literal, physical places where opposing viewpoints were not allowed to be presented. These physical safe spaces are a phenomenon exclusively associated with the left.

        The idea did spread to online forums, yes, but this wouldn’t be an example of one, since your comments are tolerated and not zealously deleted by moderators.

      • “These physical safe spaces are a phenomenon exclusively associated with the left.”

        Just as increasing the debt was “exclusively associated with the left”

        Well.., not any more – LOL!

        Racist politicians for many years was “exclusively associated with” the “Democrats” in the South.

        Well, not any more – LOL!

        Marriage in America was once exclusive to heterosexual only.

        Well, not any more – LOL!

        The term “Coach” used in the NFL was once exclusive to a white man.
        Well, not any more – LOL!

        You see.., as conditions change in society, as habits or practices change, so does the use of a once “exclusive” term, quite often expanding the use of the term, as seen respectively in terms now expanded to include Republicans, Republicans (again), homosexuals, and Black men.

        For example, in this case, as it relates to the term “safe place”, similar to a college student’s reliance on the confines of a school’s “safe place”.., a 71 year old man’s dependence and reliance on the safe confines of Fox News Channel accordingly expands the use of the once “exclusive” term of a “safe place”, to [now] include the very well qualified inhabitant of that particular “safe place”, to wit: Donald J. Trump.

      • A “friendly media outlet” is not a new concept, so there is no “change in society” or “practice” in that regard.

        There is little about this analogous to the physical safe spaces created on college campuses, but let me briefly address your argument anyway. Since he officially declared in 2015, Trump has faced an overwhelmingly hostile media, which has not hated any elected official this much since Joe McCarthy. Not only are you wrong, which is common, you are in fact the opposite of correct in every one of your arguments here, which is rare.

        Your last comment was so bad, your argument so off-base, that I suspected you of a being a paid troll. A glance at your profile says otherwise. Now look, you can browse my comment history if you like for proof that I don’t often resort to name-calling, but I do believe you’re an idiot. Not someone that disagrees with me, but someone incapable of thought. Maybe “idiot” isn’t the right word, but you definitely have a wildly-inflated sense of your own intelligence and wisdom to delude yourself into thinking you can instruct readers of this site.

        BTW, you keep accidentally writing “safe place” instead of “safe space”, which is just more proof of your unfamiliarity, and fully damning to you because, this is, at root, an argument over semantics. I look forward to seeing if you’ll feel insecure enough to go back and fix your mistakes.

      • Comparing the American media’s justified treatment of the likes of a Joe McCarthy with the equally justified treatment of the likes of a Donald Trump is fair and accurate.., a comparison you should consider with an objective circumspection.
        But.., the hostility between Trump and the media, the media and Trump.., not withstanding the “save space”/”safe place” provided by FNC, is a two way street. In fact.., I believe.., Trump is more hostile to media outlets like CNN, than they are hostile to him.

        As to your ridiculous accusation that it is “I” who thinks he can “instruct readers of this site”.., remember.., it was “you”.., it was “you” who chose to interrupt a conversation “I” was engaged in with another individual, initiating discourse with me with the following “instructional” post:

        “You don’t get to mock the idea of a “safe space”. The left invented them, and they invented the term, and they’re the only ones that use them.”

        Well now.., in any fair analysis, your documented dialogue initiating statement would easily be considered as “instructing readers on this site”.
        To wit, “instructing” me as to “who” can use that term,
        “instructing” me as to who can “not” use the term..,
        “instructing” me as to “when” it can be used,
        “instructing me as to “who” the term can be directed at when used.

        Your delusional arrogance is quite comical.., indeed!

        You further delude yourself into believing you are the de facto “editor” of this site. It was you who chose to note.., what you perceived to be.., grammatical/semantical errors in my occasional use of the term “safe place”, rather than your seemingly preferred term, “safe space”.

        Finally.., I don’t care what you think of me.., and I certainly don’t care enough about you to take time to research your past statements, something you admit to doing in regard to me.

        But.., honestly speaking.., I get great satisfaction knowing an “idiot” thinks I “maybe” an “idiot”.

    • I concur. This site and this author is quite desperate. Jones is a tough prosecutor with an extensive gun collection. Happily Alabamians are being informed of that.

      • LOL, thank you for that laugh. Considering the polls, I would say it is the Left who are desperate.

    • What’s indefensible is the cynical A-holes who didn’t knock Moore out of the primaries with this information, which was totally in their power. Instead they rolled the dice to turn a deep-red seat blue. If they gave a s&%@ about the allegations, they would have taken care of it earlier.

  4. Good points: the accusations were timed precisely to eliminate any resemblance of due process. Sure, it’s a travesty to elect a criminal into the Senate, but it’s an equal travesty to condemn a man without due process. Consult “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The thing to do is to elect Moore and refer the matter to the Senate ethics committee, which will have time to do a thorough investigation.

    • You know that he did it. Everybody does. Stop making lame excuses and pretending to be sanctimonious.

      • What you think and what you believe means not a damn thing to the people of Alabama. You sound like the guy calling for the lynching before a trial can be held.

      • I’m just acknowledging that there are a lot of people making excuses who don’t seem to disbelieve the accusations.

      • So wait for a time and place where this can be examined under a clear light and not in a rush to judgement half-cocked. If he is elected, the Senate Ethics Committee can hopefully do a nonpartisan effort.

      • So nice for you to inform people of the where and when of dealing with lawbreakers. Your advice has been noted.

      • I can see that you are a Bible expert so you’ll get no contest from me on that note, but your rush to judgement with no facts in hand speaks poorly of your grasp of procedure and law. Common sense and patience is needed.

      • You belief that someone should be convicted based solely upon an accusation is also noted. Of course, you didn’t hold that same standard to Bill Clinton, did you? Don’t worry, if you had any principles or decency you wouldn’t be a socialist.

      • I believe that Bill Clinton is also most likely guilty of rape, and I’ll never vote for him.

        By the way, socialists don’t live in areas where they can actually get a job and then get one. Socialists believe that the president will change the nation to bring the jobs (back) to them.

      • The Senate Ethics Committee isn’t going to do squat. They have no jurisdiction over what happened before a Senator was elected. If the voters of Alabama want a child molester to represent them in the Senate, then that is what they will get.

      • I’m on your side but they do have jurisdiction. See mark Hatfield.

      • Keep in mind BernieLee that with all his drawbacks and warts, Moore lost by a whopping 1.5%.

        Jones will hold that seat as long as he can persuade the good people of Alabama that he is a Conservative……..until a critical vote comes up and Schumer yanks his chain.

      • I suspect that Senator Jones will vote as a senator from Alabama and I am certain he will thus retain his seat.

      • Of course he’ll vote as a Senator from Alabama…where else. How profound…..

        He’ll also,as I said earlier, attempt to mask the fact that he is a Progressive/Socialist and is pro- abortion up to the day of delivery, and willing to execute the baby if it were to be born alive somehow after being dismembered in the mother’s womb.

        He”ll play the part of the conservative up to the moment Chuck Schumer needs that vote in the Senate to impeach the President of these United States.

        He MUST be defeated…he is a danger to this Republic, our legally elected President and the Capitalistic system that made this the greatest nation in the history of man. Schumer, Pelosi and Sanders are Socialists or worse and must be put down. Communists and Muslims are already in the government and exposure of them and the plots to “fundamentally change America” must be crushed.

        “Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice….
        Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue”.


      • What isn’t profound is your inability to get my point. Your ignorance is revealed in your post.

      • Read what Barry Goldwater stood for and what he didn’t stand for. He would hate tbgrs like you.

      • Just like Pravda. Lie and then say “as everyone knows”. Amazing how the Leftard always regresses to the mean. Every single one of them would act like Stalin given the chance. Truly enemies of all that is decent.

      • Oh, gimme a break. Stop defending a pedophile. He lost anyway.

    • Given what we know about the accusations against Moore and what we have seen from the McConnell’s, McStain’s, and Flake’s in the Republican Party, I’d be willing to bet dollars to donuts that the corrupt political class (ALL of the Dems along with the aforementioned and other RINOs) will work their tails off to deny the will of the voters when Moore is elected.

      If he is not elected, chalk that up as the first successful Soros-funded assassination. That cabal has been after Trump from Day 1. Moore is seen by that cabal as an extension of Trump. There will be great rejoicing over the success of anti-democratic efforts should Moore not get elected. I pray that the voters of Alabama will see through all of the fraud that has been schemed around this election. I encourage them in the good fight.

      BTW, there is SOOOO much about the yearbook signature that smacks of forgery, it is hard to know where to start. We already know that Beverly Young Nelson was not honest when she first went public with the yearbook signature. She stated that everything written was inscribed by Moore. We now know that isn’t true. But there are huge indications that what she still purports is false:

      1) There appear to be different inks employed between Roy (or is it Ray) and Moore

      2) The capital M of Moore is entirely different in style than the capital M in Merry Christmas

      3) Moore is not aligned with Roy (Ray?)

      4) What is purported to be Roy has an “oy” which looks identical with the “ay” observed in “say”. There is a downward (though subtle) stroke on the “o” that is observed in the “a” of “say” that is NOT observed in other instances of the letter “o”. Since we can assume that whoever inscribed the tribute did not write “To a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not SOY Merry Christmas”, we must assume that the very subtle downward stroke in the middle letter of the inscriber’s first name is more consistent with interpretation as “Ray” rather than “Roy”.

      5) Moore was not a D.A. at the time the yearbook was purportedly signed. The “D.A.” after “Moore” is consistent with his assistant stamping documents while he was a sitting judge and appending her initials to indicate that the stamp had been used. This would have been what appeared on Beverly Young Nelson’s divorce decree when Moore presided over her divorce case. (Motive?)

      Of course, we were previously told that Moore was banned from the Gadsden Mall. The person who was mall manager at the time and who would have been responsible for such a decision has stated no recollection of that. So, to say that there are a whole heck of a lot of holes in the case against Moore is putting it mildly. And, it should be remembered, that even if Moore did try to date younger girls, that was in the South almost a half century ago. The case is being tried now based on mores of the day rather than mores of the time and location where the presumptive behavior occurred.

      • Yes, and if due process existed, Moore would be entitled to have all that considered. Looks like the claims would fall apart.

      • We have to pray for enough informed voters who see through the flak being thrown up about Moore.

    • The Senate Ethics Committee has no authority in situations of this nature. Go to their web site and read the rules. None apply to allegations from the past.

      • The only limitation on the Senate is what SCOTUS tells them they can’t do.

    • Whoaaa. To Kill a Mockingbird is no longer considered fit reading for school children. And for good reason. It doesn’t portray a progressive view of the issues. If you have to cite To Kill a Mockingbird to elucidate the moral issues involved, you’ve already lost the 21st century electorate.

  5. Here’s the thing: Everybody knows on some level that Roy Moore did what he did. You can tell by their pathetic excuses like “Well, it was a long time ago” and “In the Bible, Joseph was a grown man and Mary was a teenager, and they worked out just fine.”

    The real travesty here, however, is that Alabamians are about to be presented with a test. It’s one of the easiest tests you could ever take. It’s called “Should I Vote For a Child Molester?” And unfortunately, many, many people are going to fail this test miserably.

    • Damn shame your reading comprehension is so poor.

      The ambush was laid after the primary, when the Republican Party couldn’t replace Moore with time and exposure so short. These “horrible” allegations never arose in any of his prior elections…..get it so far?

      Jones had no path to victory without this skullduggery so this entire fiasco is dirty politics. Get Moore elected and if the Senate in it’s holiness can’t abide the man, then another special election will be the way to resolve it or the next regular election the people of Alabama can pull the lever for someone else.

      • Keep defending him. If he wins Alabama loses. Cancellations will pour in, and Alabama will not be able to get businesses to invest in the state. Alabama will be last in everything. Mississippi will be grateful.

      • It’s not the defense of Moore, it’s the opposition to how and when the ambush was laid.

        You are over ramping the business response to this election.

  6. Alabamans hate Yankee values and evil liberal elites. Don’t worry, they will pull the lever for Moore, with or without holding their noses. The line from Sweet Home Alabama comes to mind: “Hope Neil Young will remember . . . a Southern Man don’t need him around anyhow.”

    • Yup, Yankee values don’t think much of child molestors. Should I be surprised that Alabamians do?

      • Anthony Weiner (D-New York)
        Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey)
        Gerry Studds (D-Massachusetts)
        Sam Adams (D-Oregon)
        Neil Goldschimidt (D-Oregon)
        Ed Murray (D-Washington)

  7. If you ever read the bible in its original Hebrew you know that the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to do with sex. Rather, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God because of greed and the treatment of strangers. There is no doubt that if Christianity was properly understood to be the enemy of greed, racism and xenophobia, our politics would be different.

    I mean George W Bush claimed he did well in the South because, to quote W, “they share my values.” In 2004 over 90% of White Evangelicals in addition to voting for George W. Bush also voted to keep “Separate but Equal” in the Alabama State Constitution. As though we needed more evidence, what the support for Donald Trump and Roy Moore by Evangelicals proves beyond all doubt is that “Values” in front of the word “Voter” has always been code for Race.

    That said, in regard to the specific charges that Roy Moore in his thirties had a thing for young underage girls, everyone including myself who has ever lived South of the Mason Dixon line knows the charges are without doubt true. That is Moore’s actions are part of a Southern tradition, it is where “pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen” originated. That is a man in his twenties, goes out “sow’s his wild oats”, as he gets toward his thirties settles down, establishes himself professionally and then in his thirties goes out and finds and marries a virgin, be she 11, 12 or whatever. This is a Southern tradition.

    Moore and his lawyers in their defense have admitted this on several occasions. So for anyone, especially contrary to what both Moore and his attorney’s have say is more than ignorance it is downright lying. But this belies the main problem. The main problem being that anyone claiming to be a Christian like Moore, Trump and most of the Republican party who also embrace racism, xenophobia, religious bigotry, gay bashing and misogyny are by definition hypocrites. That is Christianity by definition is mutually exclusive from racism, gay bashing, religious bigotry, xenophobia and misogyny.

    The choice for Alabama on Tuesday will be the same choice it has had since 1964, to support what is good for Alabama, one of the poorest states in the union that benefits more than most other states from social programs like Obamacare, or because they hate Blacks more than they love their own children to continue to support the most reprehensible people who steal what they can from Alabama.

    • Sodom and Gomorrah were about buggery and same sex intercourse. Not impoliteness to strangers.

      • Leviticus said that a lot of ridiculous things were abominations:

        Eating ham
        Eating shellfish
        Eating leftovers
        Eating fat
        Checking your horoscope
        Burning incense
        Women wearing pants
        Going to church within 40 days of giving birth to a boy
        Going to church within 73 days of giving birth to a girl
        Holding employees’ wages overnight
        Planting different seeds in the same field
        Eating fruit from a tree within four years of planting it
        Trimming your beard
        Cutting your hair at the sides
        Not combing your hair
        Working on the Sabbath
        Selling land permanently

        AND mistreating foreigners – “the foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born” – which many religious scholars agree is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

  8. You keep silent for forty years and then ruin a man’s career with an unprovable allegation — and that makes you a hero? Not to me.

    • It makes you a hero with Pelosi and Schumer…that’s what’s important!

      • Ed: though I know you’re right I wonder how much that’s worth these days. Just a thought. ????

    • If 9, 12, or 16 separate individuals, not knowing each other, unconnected in any way other they all having the same or similar experience, all recount that experience, specifically accusing the same man.., that recounted experience is no longer in the realm of “unprovable”.
      For example, if you arrive at your badly damaged parked vehicle.., and 9,12, or 16 individuals recount the same account, implicating the same individual in a “Leaving The Scene of an Accident”, in those witnesses you have the benefit of a “provable” leaving the scene of accident charge against the individual accused by the 9, 12 or 16 separate and distinct witnesses – period!

      • Danny Alt: thanks for commenting. I appreciate the scenario that you are trying to weave into an analogy that I presume is meant to apply to Roy Moore’s circumstances. However there are so many variables involved in your “equation” that it would be impossible to reach any reasonable conclusion without also making a number of assumptions.

        First assumption: “not knowing each other.” You cannot either absolutely know that nor prove a negative.

        Second assumption: “unconnected in any other way.” This is already demonstrably false since two or more of the accusers are known to be affiliated with the same political party and/or oppose the candidate’s politics.

        Third assumption: “all having the same or similar experience.” This is so vague as to be meaningless. Did he fondle them all the same way? Did he say the same phrases to each?

        Fourth assumption: “that recounted experience is no longer in the realm of ‘unprovable.’” I assume you’re using the term in a legal sense in which case it’s irrelevant. The statute of limitations precludes that very possibility.

        Beyond that, if all it took was a number of people making similar/same claims, then a braying internet mob would be all it takes to establish a viable jury.

        There is more than enough reasonable doubt, as to 40 year old memories, victims’ lies of omission and commission and/or exaggeration, not to mention personal and political axes to grind, to render this whole thing tantamount to a witch hunt and farce.

      • You offered a “criminal defense” of Roy Moore as if he was a criminal defendant on trial, not merely a candidate for public office

        A “criminal defense” seemingly directed at an [imaginary] juror, sitting for summation in a criminal case.., limiting the juror (me) to a “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of proof in a mere political decision ( a vote).., yours was not an argument particularly intended for an American voter’s “standard of proof” to be employed before voting.

        Your sophomoric “lawyerly” argument included an unwarranted insistence that I confine my standard of proof to that of the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard seen in a criminal court proceeding – not the typically less rigid standard of proof used to differentiate between two candidates for public office.
        Interestingly.., your criminal defense of Roy Moore is [actually] quite unnecessary.., the Former District Attorney has safely eluded prosecution forever.., as you specifically refer to when you listed what is described as my “fourth assumption”.

        So all that remains is the typical “standard of proof” typically employed when comparing candidates for public office.

        First.., you state that it would be “impossible to reach any reasonable conclusion without also making a number of assumptions”.

        The “reasonable conclusions” in this case is to reasonable conclude for whom to vote, not whether to convict. And when choosing “either” candidate, Moore or Jones, absent definitive 1st hand knowledge of the mind and heart of the candidates, something you and I do not posses, “fair assumptions” must be made to “reasonable conclude” for whom to vote.

        And there are “fair assumptions” one can reasonably make outside of the constraints of a criminal proceeding, “fair assumptions” based on facts known to most voters, not the “fair assumptions” legally disallowed for consideration by jurors in a criminal trial.

        Accordingly.., your dubious implication that “two or more of the accusers are known to be affiliated with the same political party and/or oppose the candidate’s politics” as possible proof of a conspiratorial connection is without intellectual merit. If [indeed] factual, that 2 or more of the alleged victims oppose Donald Trump, then those 2 or more alleged victims are also connected to more than half of American voters.

        When 9,12 or 16 women are sexually accosted by the same man.., it can be reasonably said “they all had the same or similar experiences”. And it is not a “similar experience” so vague as to be considered “meaningless” when considering a vote.

        In conclusion.., the standard of proof I employed in evaluating candidate Moore, would not be the “standard of proof” I would consider as a juror in Defendant Moore’s criminal trial. Seemingly.., the voters in the extremely Red State of Alabama, based on facts known, made “fair assumptions” and reasonable concluded to vote against Roy Moore, rendering the 9,12, or 16 alleged victims similar experience not at all “meaningless”.

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      • One huge thing wrong with your analogy: Your badly damaged vehicle is proof of an accident of some kind, and your witnesses’ statements aren’t needed to prove it happened. Accusations of an event in the past have no proof, and likely will never have proof.

      • No.., the particularly right thing right about my analogy is that the 9,12 or 16 witnesses are proof that a crime (Leaving The Scene) actually occurred, a crime where the perp left the scene attempting to elude detection and possible arrest. My analogy was not meant to merely prove an “accident” occured, LOL!

      • So you know that Bill Clinton is a rapist and favor charges against him? Oh, don’t worry, I was just kidding. The Leftard don’t have actual principles except “steal what I can from my neighbors” and possibly “killing babies is the greatest and only right”

      • Yes, I know, or strongly believe, Bill Clinton is a rapist. I favored his impeachment and desired a conviction in The Senate. I was disappointed it did not happen and I let my U.S. Senators know of my disappointment.
        So.., I remain consistent in the knowledge that when 6, 9, 12 or 16 separate and distinct women accuse one man of sexual improprieties, knowing of no circumstance in history whereby 6, 9,12, or 16 women conspired to falsely accuse prominent man.., I logically believe the accusers.
        Am I to understand that you believe Weinstein and Clinton’s accusers.., but.., you don’t believe Moore or Trump’s accusers ?
        The Democrats and Republicans take turns losing their respective principals, it usually occurs when they are in control. Right now it is The Republicans that are laking principals.

      • And yet, that’s where it failed. There are many examples of so-called witnesses to imaginary crimes lying. I think I get your basic point – the more the witnesses, the more likely it’s true. But in the case of Roy Moore’s accusers, each claim is based only on one witness, each of which is very flawed and have questionable stories. And each claim is totally out of character with a man who has led a scandal free life outside of those claims, before and 35 to 40 years after.

      • The actual occurrence of “a woman” (singular) falsely accusing “a man” (singular) is very rare in our society, the percentage of such incidents is estimated at less than 10% of all sexual assault claims. However.., the actual occurrence of 6,9,12, or 16 women (plural) falsely accusing one man (singular) is historically unprecedented.
        You will not be unable to recite the specific event, aptly documented in our history.., whereby 6, 9,12 or 16 separate and distinctly different women definitively conspired to falsely accuse a well known man of sexual improprieties. And that’s because, like snow in Tahiti, it simply doesn’t happen. If someone reports that it snowed last nite in Tahiti, it is logical to doubt it.
        While history is replete with thousands, maybe millions, of documented well known sexual predators accosting numerous women, in serial fashion.., there is no precedent for 6, 9,12 or 16 women doing what Moore/Trump claim is [unprecedentedly] occurring to them today.
        Accordingly.., most commonsensical thinkers, untethered from supporting one for whom they maintain an affinity, will.., in cases such as Moore Trump, logically believe the numerous women and fully expect the accused to lie about it.

        BTW.., up until this day.., Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Bill Cosby, Dustin Hoffman, John Conyers et al, have all led “a scandal free life outside” of the respective claims made against them. The very nature of the sexual predator is one of maintaining his secret preoccupation. That is just a fact.

      • Actually, the figures on how many women lie about sexual assault are all over the map. I tend to believe the women who complained about Trump, partly because there were so many, but like everyone, he has a right to defend himself. The ones you mentioned in your last paragraph, Lauer et al, are accused of multiple crimes over a long period of time, not just a couple of incidents forty years ago. Your claim that sexual predators maintain secrecy is obviously false, because many people knew what these men were doing. Are you implying that since Moore is a sexual predator in your mind, he must secretly have been abusing women the last 40 years and we just don’t know? That’s quite a stretch and you have absolutely no proof whatsoever.

      • I personally know.., for every accusation there are considerably more who remain quiet.
        So.., yes.., I do believe, based on my experience in tracking, apprehending and prosecuting, sexual predators, that Roy Moore has transgressed way more than you..,, in your preoccupation with sipping the Kool Aid.., will ever know.
        And.., I specifically say “you”.., because you are particularly ignorant.., unlike the very knowledgeable voters in Alabama.., and I.
        They agreed with me.., and not with you!
        And now everyone knows what those closest to him know, specifically the residents of Alabama – the apple red state, about “your” Roy Moore.
        Really, really, LMFAO, more than once!
        Thanks for helping me re-live it with [yet] another laugh.
        In that it wasn’t a criminal trial.., the proof was in the election results!
        Now.., don’t be a sore loser now! LMFAO.., yet again.

      • Well I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. The polls show most Alabama voters don’t believe the allegations, but you know better. So yes, there are many victims who don’t report, absolutely. That proves nothing about whether or not people lie about assault. That’s the flaw in your logic.

      • Kindly go back and review the polls to which you disingenuously, or ignorantly, refer.

        An outdated, December 3rd, poll, the poll to which you seemingly refer, indicated that most Alabama residents did not believe the allegations against Roy Moore.

        However, nine days later.., on Election Day.., the “Exit Polls” indicated that 52% of the Alabama Voters believed the allegations against Roy Moore were [either] “definitely” true or “probably” true.
        And that “exit poll”, on December 12th, directly corresponds with the actual “election results”.

        As to my so called “flawed logic” (lol). Documented history of sexual predators.., and the documented history of false sexual misconduct allegations lodged against men, clearly indicate the following facts:

        1) History is “replete” with documented cases of one man sexual assaulting or accosting many women. Commonly referred to as “serial” predators. The numbers, throughout history is in the millions.

        2) History does record, while certainly “not replete” with, documented cases of one women falsely accusing one man of sexual assault, sexual misconduct or a sexual accosting. That phenom is commonly referred to as he said- she said. One woman accusing one man.
        While there is historical evidence of such (he said/she said) false allegation cases.., the number of such false allegation charges constitute considerably less than 10% of all sexual assaults reported.

        3) History, however, does not at all reflect the documented recording of incidents of 9,12, or 16 women “falsely” accusing one man, the very same man.., a man of considerable means and power, of sexual assault, sexual misconduct.., or sexual accosting another.
        That phenom, witnessed in the case of Roy Moore and others, is virtually “unprecedented” in recored history. Feel free to attempt to disprove that virtually “unprecedented” circumstance.

        Accordingly.., one can “logically” assume that Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Roy Moore, and other such credibly accused men.., largely because of the number of credible accusers in each case.., are all very likely serial sexual predators. Just as snow fall being virtually “unprecedented” in The Island of Tahiti.., I can logically assume that it did not snow there yesterday or today.

        An election decision, not being a juror’s decision in a court of law, where there a “beyond a reasonable doubt is the expected standard”, the appropriate standard of “very likely” is more than enough to vote against a “very likely” sexual predator.

        And once again, despite your disingenuous or ignorant reference to an clearly outdated poll.., Alabama voters employed the same logic as I have expressed here.

        The “flaw in logic” comfortably resides with you, sir.

      • Wow. You are in deep denial. News Flash: The child molester lost.

    • Well Patricia michaels. Thankyou for demonstrating your ignorance.

      • Awww, don’t cry little girl. Some proggie will find you a safe space and some crayons.

      • BernieLee: thanks for sharing your concise, thoughtful commentary. I will endeavor to give it the consideration it deserves.

    • What about the women. Several were psychologically scared by Moore. He got what he deserved.

  9. If you want an accused child molester in the US Senate, make Alabama proud and vote Roy (I am always a boy trolling shopping malls) Moore!

    • Hey Fool……I hear there’s a witch burning down at the hanging tree…..hurry on along now.

    • The convicted child molester is Dem Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Weiner and Dems ran him for NYC mayor AFTER the evidence of him texting nude pics to a girl and asking her to send him pics of herself was public.

      When they pull Moore’s car from the water with a dead woman in it, a young woman who slowly suffocated in agony while Ted Kennedy chose not to bring help to her, then the Dems won’t be at such a yuge disadvantage when it comes to treatment of women.

  10. Moore: Christian, conservative, supports Trump agenda. Jones: pro abortion including late term, bigger government and higher taxes, pro gun control, pro open borders and illegal immigrant amnesty.

    • If you want to vote for your underage daughters future 32 year old boyfriend, vote Roy Moore.

      • Lynch mentality. What happened to due process? Does he have to get daily testosterone antagonist or castration? Or should all congressMen be castrated? Are you joining the Gillibrand lynch mob?

      • Castrated? Do you really think that that is what this about? You are sick.

      • You don’t have to tell me that I already new that. But what are the options of rehab for sexual assault. Atascadero State Hospital in California has a special program for this illness. Or what about Freudian psychoanalyst. Maybe this is the result of problems during child development. Isn’t this about sexual harassment or sexual assault. Have you considered self analysis?

      • Yes, that is what it is about. Will men and women who love men use the shield of the secret ballot to empower the mob of eunuchs and cat ladies, or will they vote for somebody who shares their views?

    • You’re clueless. Your taxes are going up because of a republican plan. Most of the country wants gun control, both dem and gop. Roy Moore supports Christian sharia law.

  11. Excellent article! As for Roy Moore and the accusations. I have been dismayed at how the media has been spinning the story. They have proclaimed that relationships between young women in their teens (17-18) and men in their early thirties are somehow improper. Who died and made them judge and jury? It has always been common for men to make something of themselves then marry a much younger woman. As for the accusers, there are holes in both their stories (I completely discount Tina Johnson who seems to be another #MeToo accuser.) According to AL.com, Nelson’s yearbook is for 1977, which would mean it was passed out while Moore was still in law school in Tuscaloosa. There are other questions about her as well and her stepson is not the only close relation to disbelieve her story. A boyfriend who knew her at the time doesn’t believe her either. As for Corfman, she was already a disturbed young women addicted to romance novels when she and her mother appeared in court because her father had sued for custody because her mother wasn’t able to keep her from misbehaving. She has failed to mention that she went to live with her father 10 days after the hearing. There is also something else. An Australian journalist went to the station in the Outback where Moore spent several months living and working with a Christian family. One of the women was 16 at the time and says she was “very close” to him, and that she never felt uncomfortable around him. Personally, I believe the allegations of molestation and assault are false and the accounts of him associating with young women deserve a big SO WHAT. The real issue is that a lot of people who claim to be conservative hate Roy Moore because he actually stands for what he believes. Moore is a staunch critic of the Federal judiciary and politicians hate him because of his position. He also believes the Fourteenth Amendment has been misapplied in too many cases as judges use it to legislate. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but I know that Judge Moore is a warrior in the war for the soul of this country.

    • Exactly what kind of Republican behavior would you not defend? This is an example of what Trumpism has done to our norms of civilization.

      • Well, workingmansdem – IF it turns out that the only thing Moore is guilty of was dating, or attempting to date, 18 and 19 year old single women while he was a single man in his early 30’s – yea, I would “defend” that, as you put it. I am not sure what civilization you might be referring to that such actions would be outside its “norm”.

        I would not defend “Republican behavior” if it involved being sexually reckless repeatedly while President, having adulterous sex in the Oval office, being repeatedly a sexual predator, being a rapist, or allowing a young woman with whom you planned an adulterous liaison to drown in the back of your car. However, it is not Republicans that first come to mind when I think of these situations.

      • In the north we call 14, 15, 16 year olds “girls”. So I guess I would call it “general Western Civilization”. Up here, that is outside the norm. Way outside the norm. You would be called a child molester, and it would be accurate. It gets you banned from the mall – it even does in alabama, apparently. I have no defense of Messrs. Clinton or Kennedy. I favored Clinton’s impeachment and was appalled that women’s organizations were silent on him. Your distinction has no difference, other than defending your prefered party.

      • The age of consent in Alabama today is 16 and I believe back then it was 14 (I know Mississippi raised that age form 14 to 16 in the late 90’s). Only one of these girls claims to be under 16. What the north thinks of those ages is irrelevant, what matter is what people in the State of Alabama think. I think the term pedophile is being misused unfairly as in my understanding it has always been used with regard to prepubescent children

      • Oh, only one? Then your guy is good to go. To bad he isn’t running in Yemen or Nigeria. I believe the consent age there is 12.

      • At least two dozen women came forward to me, along with 10 men, and all claim you raped them when they were in their early teens, with the youngest being 12 at the time.
        How soon will you be reporting to prison?

      • Er, I think you have confused the standards for a criminal conviction with the standards for elective office. Here is an example of why we need to reinstate the literacy test for voting.

      • I haven’t confused anything. The people of Alabama decide both so it’s THEIR standards of propriety that matter not what “people in the north” think. It is that kind of superior attitude that has cost the Democrats in the south.

      • The standards for elective office, other than age and residency, are up to the voters.

        I hope the police arrest you soon. Those charges are serious and I believe the victims who are outing your crimes.
        If we restore the literacy test for voting, then you’ll have to study hard to get your GED in prison or you won’t be able to vote.

      • lol, man, I would give my life, literally allow myself to be shot in the head, if it were guaranteed that literacy would be a prerequisite for voting, as in, being able to read a paragraph of 12th grade prose and being able to answer questions on the content.

        Why, it could even be in the potential voters’ preferred language.

      • It would be the end of the Democrat party. Dipshit knows this but is obviously nothing but a troll.

      • He probably does know. He’s a troll, but not an especially dumb one. The run-of-the-mill mid-intellects believe they voted for HRC because they’re smart, and have no idea how many illiterates and near-illiterates there are in this country.

      • I agree. You clearly wouldn’t make the cut since your IQ appears to be in the single digits.

      • He isn’t my guy. I don’t live in Alabama so I have no say in who gets elected. I do find it odd that for years democrats have been telling us girls of these ages should be allowed to get birth control and abortions without parental consent, yet all of a sudden they supposedly are shocked that girls of these ages are having sex possibly with older men. My point is only that if people in the state of Alabama don’t feel it should be illegal then I can’t see them holding it against him.

      • Sixteen was the age of consent in Alabama, workingmansdem. (It still is, I think). Only two of Moore’s 9 accusers were under that age. Still, assuming either is accurate, that is reprehensible conduct that would preclude Moore from being in the Senate, IMHO.

        Still, you are very quick to rush to judgement. (You apparently even still believe the now thoroughly debunked “banned from a mall” story.)

        One thing we know from our psychology friends is that child molesters, and sexual predators of adult women for that matter, do not change. While as a Christian I must acknowledge the possibility of redemption and reform, I must also concede it happens very rarely. They don’t change. We have seen this play out again and again, from Bill Cosby to Harvey Weinstein to numerous politicians. The misbehavior never stops. It continues throughout long careers unless they are caught. The general rule holds: once a sexual predator, always a sexual predator.

        That is a another odd thing about this case. Of the 9 allegations against Moore, only one took place in the past 30 years, and none within the past 25. Moore has been (apparently) happily and loyally married to his first wife for 30 years, with no evidence of any misconduct in over a quarter century. So if Moore WAS guilty of being a sexual predator in his 30’s, he is one of those very rare few who reformed on his own. How do we know? Because he has not behaved inappropriately with any women for over 25 years? How do we know that? Because I can 100% guarantee you that if he had, we would have heard about it by now.

      • I live in a state other than Alabama, and I don’t want Roy Moore having any influence on laws that might affect me or my state. Unfortunately, I get no vote in the matter.

      • So is rape and murder outside “the norm.” Yet you had no problem living with it or even voting for those largely suspected of it. What proves so bothersome to you and those like you, is having to watch democrat chickens coming home to roost!

        What a terrible thing.

      • You call yourself a dem and attack Republicans. So you either didn’t vote, or voted for a Socialist or a rape enabler. For living in a glass house you sure don’t mind throwing stones.

      • Actually, I don’t think Franken should resign, either. The Dems just threw him under the bus so they could use him against Moore and President Trump. If he had any stones he’s stay and fight.

      • Totally agree. And not just against Moore and Trump. The Dems and the media are one and the same. Once they establish a standard, it is they who control when it’s applied. This whole #metoo thing was a past-due explosion of released pressure, but it’s going to die out, and when it does, liberal women will fall right back in line to protect the men they feel need protection, just as they did with Clinton and countless others.

      • He has not resigned, nor will he. He will certainly claim that since he apologized, he can’t quit because his vote for Socialism is just too important. All those screaming for the head of Roy Moore will nod in agreement. That turd in this thread. workingpieceofshitdem, will not even blink.

      • I would certainly not defend any Republican who want to make DACA permanent…

      • Well, let’s see. If he was credibly accused of rape like Juanita Broderick accused Bill Clinton we wouldn’t defend that. If he was drunk and drove into a river and the woman who was not his wife who was with him drowned, we wouldn’t defend that.

        Sure blame it on Trump. You voted for a rapist twice and his enabling wife at least once. If I supported the party with the ideology that murdered 100,000,0000 of their own citizens in the twentieth century I certainly wouldn’t be worried about Roy Moore.

    • If we just move forward one decade – a man 43 dating a woman 24 no one would even raise an eyebrow. This whole thing is a manufactured sliming.

      • Well, there is a huge difference. If a 43 year old was dating my 23 year old daughter, I’d be alarmed. If a 33 year old was dating my 14 year old, I’d be murderous.

        The point is, we have no idea whether these allegations are true, and we’re under no moral obligation to give an Alabaman Senate seat to the social justice hivemind

    • So were you in the room when these alleged assaults took place, a voyeur? Nothing in your post indicates any first hand knowledge of anything.

  12. God, what an appalling defense of the indefensible. “At long last, have you no shame.”

  13. what’s at stake is that the Republican party is hell-bent on proving that a child molester can win a senate seat with the support of a pussy-grabbing draft-dodger and a self-fellating investment banker

    trump=moore=bannon=”return of george wallace”


      • Um, tbgr. They were unfaithful to their wives but they were with consensual adults.

      • BJ Clinton sexually harassed an employee into servicing him, and then he used her lady parts to ‘flavor’ his cigars. The First Lady abused the power and prestige of her office to demean and attack BJ Clinton’s victims.

        Ted Kennedy drove a young woman into a pond and left her, alive and trapped, to die slowly of suffocation while he tried to cover up his homicide. Later he was described by Dems as the Lion of the Senate.

        Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Weiner preyed on little girls and even after we knew he sent out nude pics and asked her to send pics to him, the Dems ran him for NYC mayor.

        None of that is about consenting adults and HRC’s choice to demonize her hubby’s victims while giving him a pass made many more women into victims of powerful men over the years since.

        Why do Progs and Dems hate women?

      • No, she walked into his office, dropped her skirt reveling thong and seduced him. Her word. She was an adult. I will agree with you that he shouldn’t have fallen for the temptation.

      • Juanita Broderick did not consent and neither did Paula Jones, but you knew that already and were simply lying.

      • The later was approached. Clinton was punished. The former contradicted herself to the point that far right conservative special prosecutor Kenneth Starr stated that he did not have credible evidence to back her claim. He thus had to rely on the president lying bout receiving oral sex.

    • Uh, that’s “alleged child molester”, numb nuts. Vox populi doesn’t make it. And the rest of the post just brands you as sicko slime.

  14. this coming from the party of ‘lock her up?’

    what a joke

  15. Do Republicans care in the least what liberals think of their senatorial choice?

    • No, but they should care what psychologically healthy adults think.

      • They don’t. They care only how someone will vote. Character is meaningless.

      • Do you think going after a man based on unverifiable accusations from forty years ago indicates psychological health? Could your life survive that level of scrutiny, especially if whether the accusations are true or not makes no difference?

  16. If this tactic works this time — if Moore isn’t elected — it will be used in virtually every election in the House and Senate as well as for the President and Vice-President FOREVER.

    Reward the Dems for trotting out ancient sexual accusations this time and they’ll do it every time. Is that how we want to conduct elections for the next couple of decades?

    • Yes, that is what I want – no child molesters in elected office.

    • I don’t think so…people will get tired of hearing tripe about decades ago. I remember when it was a big deal if a politician had smoked weed when he was young, before that, it was if there was a divorce. George W Bush was accused of having a DUI. I really think this sexual harassment ‘pile-on’ will seem quaint in future elections.

  17. Moore is the new face of the GOP. He’s the greatest gift the Dems could ever ask for.

    • So you think all the Dems should not vote tomorrow in AL?

    • “Moore is the new face of the GOP. ”

      Nice try but fail. As much as you would like this to be true most elections are local and people in other states will want somebody to represent their state and they are not going to give a fig who the Republicans in Alabama elected.

  18. The polls on this one are all over the map. I’m thinking there are a lot of Moore voters who aren’t showing their preference. Two months before last year’s election, Trump was polling at 57% against Clinton. He won with 63%. I’m thinking any undecided vote with be heavily for Moore.

  19. There’s really not that much to think about.

    Moore’s getting the Clarence Thomas, Duke Lacrosse Team treatment.

    How’d that work out for their accusers?

    Jones is a dyed in the wool Soros Progressive.

    Pro-Partial Birth Abortion.

    Anti-Second Amendment.

    Higher Taxes.

    Lower Military Budget.

    Open Borders.

    WTSANDRAFLUCKE is wrong you people?

  20. Good article. Shows why the political left is complicit in the fake news.

  21. In the first place, Roy Moore should never have been the Republican candidate for senator based on his history of being twice removed as chief judge of the Ala supreme court by his own peers for refusing to carrying out lawful orders and instead relying on his own personal religious beliefs for interperting his legal actions. That alone would disqualify someone with that history from a nomination for any important position in any other state by either party. To top it off, his comment,captured on a radio program last week when he stated that the last time America was great was when we had slavery. Ala voters need to decide if is it in their own interest to elect someone who will perpetuate and enhance the reputation of Ala as no further enlightened than when Goerge Wallace was Governor 50 yrs ago.This sordid & sorry reputation will come under scrutiny when major companies such as automakers, insurance companies or the aerospace industry or any other factories or manufacturers choose to locate in other states because of the reputation of Ala bama as little more than a swampy backwater reveling in the moral standards of 100 yrs ago. G GA,SC and NC will thank you.

  22. While a victory by Moore would give a Republicans a short term gain it will become a perennial drag on campaigns across the country,

    • Probably not. It’s unlikely the claims can be substantiated. Once there is no proof and no recent accusers, the lying accusers go away. The fact is that child predators like Dem Rep (and NYC mayoral candidate AFTER the first allegations with photos hit) Anthony ‘Carlos Danger’ Weiner don’t stop after a year or two.

      Every time some proggie brings up the entirely unsubstantiated claims, I mention that we have Bill’s DNA on the blue dress, photos of Franken molesting a sleeping woman and photos of him groping others, a legal settlement that Conyers paid out of American taxpayers’ wallets, and Ted Kennedy’s car pulled from the water with a dead woman in it – dead after she waited a long, agonizing time for help as Kennedy left her to suffocate slowly.

      Given all that forensic and physical evidence, I ask them for similar evidence on Moore or Trump.
      There isn’t any, any at all.
      I explain that I’m not a useful idiot so I’m not susceptible to be manipulated into voting against my interests like most Dems are and do.

    • How so? By linking other Republicans with an AL senator? By claiming Democrats are morally superior? I don’t see it.

    • Nonsense. This stupid DNC talking point is absurd. People vote in their own states, not based on what happened in Alabama. Moore will win by at least 5 points because stale 40 year old accusations with nothing since he was married over 35 years ago still beats putting another Pelosi/Schumer lefty stooge in the Senate.

      The Republicans will talk tough but they won’t do anything because they really need the vote. They have already backed way off on their silly threats. After Moore wins, he will be seated, keep a low profile and in six months we’ll be in the middle of the 2018 mid-term shoot out and nobody will even remember this kerfuffle. He’ll serve out the remainder of the term as a reliable conservative vote until 2020 without much more attention and probably be re-elected in a landslide.

  23. Do Democrats care about Republican criticism of Clinton and Kennedy? HECK NO! So liberals opining about Moore has no impact. No votes are changed.

  24. After reading through all of the comments it is clear that liberals are real intent on using weak emotional arguments to try and shame people into believing lies.
    Their basic argument is “if you don’t believe our lies about Roy Moore then you are a child molester supporter”.
    They offer no facts, because all of the “facts” appeared out of nowhere five weeks ago.
    This isn’t like Bill Clinton who had years and years of accusations against him.
    Yet they had zero problem supporting him through all of the years he was in office, now suddenly they are the party of tough morals.
    You’re selling, but I an’t buying.

    • I’m not buying, either. The coincidence of this popping up after 40 years but after the primaries and just late enough so that the ballots could not be changed is just too much to buy.

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  25. Of course you ignore Moore’s religious test comments about Keith Ellison, his shocking statement about the post 10th amendment, his racist comments, his desire to prosecute gays, his placing the bible over the constitution and did I miss anything? Oh yes, he defied the law and was removed from the bench twice.

    Trump’s rally at Pensacola was like something out of the Third Reich. Don’t think you fool us for a moment – we know what you are up to and it won’t work.

    Moore is as despicable a human being as has ever run for office. You all go on and on about the Constitution and you support a scoundrel who has nothing but contempt for it.

    You here have reached such a level of base moral depravity, it is truly shocking.

    I expect nothing but hate mail now, because that is exactly what you Trump and Moore supporters are – hypocritical, morally bankrupt haters. Go at it.

    • Shocking moral deprevity—that’s just so very special coming from a liberal!

    • So I guess we can put you down as a “maybe” for the tickets for Moore’s post-swearing in gala.

  26. This article is more than a little schizophrenic, because it goes back and forth between Moore not really being justly accused and the more troubling proposition that he may have done it but Greater Issues Than Pedophilia Matter. In support of the former, the author misstates fact. He writes “justice requires a process focused on a full airing of facts and time to assess them in context. The Roy Moore hit job—and that’s what it was whether the allegations turn out to be true or false—was timed and calculated precisely to avoid a full airing of facts.” That’s malarkey and you know it. The Post story was published on November 9. The election is tomorrow. A month is a long time to have your own team interview those making the allegations, investigate their own background, and put together a dossier on what you did if you were, in fact, somewhere other than the Mall preying on young girls. Moore’s a lawyer and knows that damn well, because that’s how lawyers rebut cases. Instead, he (a) denied (b) would not give interviews and (c) basically shut down the last ten days. There was plenty of time for “a full airing of facts.” Moore, as always, prefers to demagogue it, and people like the author support that with an article longer on sophistry than logic.

  27. roy Moore is scum. You put party over crimes against children.

    • Another guy with a rope and an attitude. Let the people of Alabama vote and the legal process will correct any broken law. The age of consent is a factor so consider that today in the witch burning and Puritan New England, age of consent is 16.

  28. Just about every Country in the world has or has been a victim of a terrorist attack in one form or another.
    Some of those terror cells come from the Middle East
    Some in the past has come from Europe
    But there has never been a worldwide terror based organization coming from America



    They use Religion as a weapon
    Make females second class citizens
    Impose their horror on the environment
    Shut down the media
    Declare that those not loyal to TRUMP BIN LADEN as the enemies of the country.
    Declare the Constitution as a suggestion that should be removed (By Roy Moore and Trump)
    Want to use children as a unit of profit
    Incite riots,become complicit in the killings that have occurred
    Support of the KKK
    Support of Nazi’s

    The Republican party now officially endorses sexual perversion and child molesters


  29. First, we live in a plutocracy, a nation controlled by the holders of great wealth.

    Second, Roy Moore’s record in government is enough to disqualify him from membership in the Senate, regardless of his personal sexual “adventures.”

  30. As I see it, any political candidate who can make libtards and RINOs pee their pants like Roy Moore has must be the right choice.

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  32. The Roy Moore hit job—and that’s what it was whether the allegations turn out to be true or false—was timed and calculated precisely to avoid a full airing of facts.

    Excellent measured reflection!

    One of the things that has bothered me the most is the way Conservative, Inc.–who have been opposed to Moore from the start–have ignored the above obvious truth and helped the Left. One way they do this is to simply refer to him as being “credibly accused” and move on with no examination of any of the accusations or context. They don’t like Moore’s positions, either, so they earnestly swallow the Left’s pose as genuine and actually help them propagate the narrative so they can just as cynically use it against Trump supporters, disdainfully deriding anyone who looks at the big picture as a sell-out to the Code, morally preening and virtue-signaling with the best of the Left.

    There is no pause, no reflection. These “thought leaders” immediately get on Twitter and their outlets’ blogs and hammer out story after story, and it’s clear that their audience is their peers and their concern is their reputation. One can almost see the thought bubble over their head reading: “I am a thought leader, so I must guide the rubes, but I have to protect my reputation for principled purity above all, which is this case means adopting a narrow consistency to the catch phrase ‘Character counts.’ Hmmm…I wonder what Douthat, or Goldberg, or Shapiro would think about this piece?”

  33. Jones supported Bubba Clinton, a serial rapist. The whole left supports rapists. Especially non-White rapists. The idea that this guy was dating teens is hardly a crime. The age of consent was 16. It was legal. Legality and morality MEAN NOTHING TO THE LEFT or to the Traitors in the Lincoln Party. M-O-N-E-Y. McCain, Romney, Graham and others.

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