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Fake Truth

­The most effective way for the media to have refuted Donald Trump’s 24/7 accusations of “fake news” would have been to publish disinterested, factually based accounts of his presidency. The Trump record should have been set straight through logic and evidence.

So one would think after a year of disseminating fake news aimed at Donald Trump (Melania Trump was leaving the White House; Donald Trump had removed the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the West Wing; Trump planned to send troops into Mexico, etc.) that Washington and New York journalists would be especially scrupulous in their reporting to avoid substantiating one of Trump’s favorite refrains.

Instead, either blinded by real hatred or hyper-partisanship or both, much of the media has redoubled their reporting of rumor and fictions as facts—at least if they empower preconceived and useful bias against Trump. But after the year-long tit-for-tat with the president, the media has earned less public support in polls than has the president. It is the age-old nature of politicians of every stripe to exaggerate and mislead, but the duty of journalists to keep them honest—not to trump their yarns.

A Dangerous Tic
Last week, ABC News 
erroneously reported that Michael Flynn, in a supposed new role of cooperation with the prosecution, was prepared to testify that Trump, while still a candidate, ordered him improperly to contact (and, by inference, to collude with) Russian government officials.

For a while, the startling news sent the stock market into a fall of over 300 points. Was the purported pro-business Trump agenda shortly to be derailed by “proof” of a possible impeachable offense? A little while later, however, ABC was forced to retract that story, to suspend Brian Ross (the reporter involved), and to offer a correction that Trump actually had been president-elect at the time of the contact and completely within his elected purview to reach out to foreign governments.

Reuters, likewise eager to fuel the narrative of a colluding Trump, asserted that the Mueller investigators had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank records of Trump and his family. Again, the leaked inference was that the inquiry suddenly was coming near to hard evidence of Trump wrongdoing and was thus entering its penultimate stage. In truth, Mueller has more routinely subpoenaed the records of Trump associates, not Trump himself or his family.

In the most egregious example of peddling fake news, CNN reported that candidate Trump had once received an email entrée to unreleased Wikileaks documents—again suggesting some sort of collusion with Russian or pro-Russian interests. But that narrative was soon discredited, too. CNN failed to note that the email was sent 10 days later than it had originally reported, and instead referred to information already released into the public domain by Wikileaks.

In this same brief period, Washington Post reporter David Weigel, perhaps eager to suggest that Trump’s popularity among his base was at last waning, tweeted a sardonic captioned photo of half-empty seats at a Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida. He soon offered a retraction and noted his tweeted image wrongly showed the venue well before the actual start of the event—a fact he surely must have known.

The mainstream media has developed a dangerous tic: the more it warns about the dangers of Donald Trump deprecating the press for its fake news accounts, the more it cannot help itself in rushing out another news story about Trump that is poorly sourced and not fact-checked—and thereby substantiating his original accusation. The more it accuses Trump of exaggeration and prevarication, the more it fails to double- and triple-check its very accusations.

Lies Live On
Other unfortunate symptoms of the current epidemic of false assertions are the now familiar rounds of accusations of prejudice and bias in reporting of “events” that are soon revealed to be manufactured or staged. Next come the sometimes strange reactions to such retractions and corrections. In September, five cadets at the Air Force Academy alleged that racist threats were posted on their doors. That prompted Superintendent
Lt. General Jay Silveria to lecture the student body with the stirring admonition, “If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out.” Silveria became a virtue-signaling rock star when his YouTube sermon went viral—only later to learn that the cadets themselves had staged the supposed hate threats.

Not much later, Marquie Little, a seaman on a U.S. aircraft carrier, posted photos that seemed to show his bed on the George H.W. Bush covered in trash and racial slurs. “I proudly serve the Navy and this is what I’m receiving in return,” Little lamented in a post. Later, Navy officials revealed Little himself had likely concocted the harassment.

The late Michael Brown likely never uttered the refrain “Hands up, don’t shoot”—a veritable rallying cry that persists for a variety of social justice movements. The Duke lacrosse players were not, as alleged, racist rapists. A University of Virginia fraternity was not a den of jock sexual predators, as Rolling Stone reported. Nor was Lena Dunham, as she wrote, sexually traumatized by a right-wing assaulter while a student at Oberlin.

What accounts for the latest epidemic of fake news and false allegations of prejudicial behavior? Examples above have preceded Trump’s presidency, but recently the trend has been reenergized by it.

The singular media hatred of Trump’s style and agenda have galvanized wider elite resistance, in which a willingness to achieve perceived noble ends of removing Trump should justify almost any means necessary. In such a larger climate of “the Resistance,” we have witnessed a new assassination chic of threatening the president, coupled with sometimes vulgar attacks on the Trump family. A spate of supposed racial harassment fosters a narrative of renewed intolerance in the age of Trump.

Fake news also channels the resistance of universities, Hollywood, and political operatives. And just as we have witnessed efforts to sue to overturn the tally of voting machines, and to nullify the Electoral College, or witness a House vote on impeachment, talk of invoking the 25th Amendment, and calls to sue under the emoluments clause, so, too, the media has substituted its original mission of disinterested reporting to keep everyone honest for one of trying to nullify the 2016 presidential election. Journalists such as Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times and Christiane Amanpour of CNN have at least confessed that, in such trying Trump times, journalists of character can no longer easily remain merely disinterested reporters.

Second, for over a generation, postmodernism in the universities has seeped into the larger culture. The new relativism has postulated absolute facts and uncontested “truths.” do not exist as anything other than “social constructs.” Assertions of truth instead reflect the efforts of a race/class/gender-based hegemony to construct self-serving narratives. (Never mind that asserting there is no truth is, itself, an assertion of truth.) Today, the elites believe that a cadre of mostly white, male, and rich sanctions its narratives with uncontested and unearned authority, through which it further oppresses in insidious fashion the relatively powerless “Other.”

“Truths” Bigger Than Facts
Instead, “truth” consists of endless “my truth” claims versus “your truth” claims. Competing stories are then adjudicated by respective accesses to power—the ultimate arbiter of whether one particular narrative wins authority over another.

In this context, if a sailor or cadet concocts a racist attack, what great difference do rather insignificant details of narrative make in the wider scheme of social justice and equality, given the larger and historical “true” canvass of racism?

Upon the revelation that the cadets at the Air Force Academy faked their stories, Gen. Silveria seemed not especially bothered by it. Instead, he renewed his calls for increased awareness of racism at the academy—as if the fake news account could (or even should) have been true and thus an occasion for remediation: “Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed . . . You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect—and those who don’t understand those concepts aren’t welcome here.” A noble sentiment to be sure, but are words written in falsity just as valid as those written in truth?

When Brian Ross constructed a falsehood, or David Weigel concocted a fantasy about poor attendance at a Trump rally, the details apparently did not matter so much as the attention to the larger “Truth”: Trump surely must have collided with the Russians, or Trump by this point certainly must have been losing crowd appeal, so it does not matter all that much how reality is conveyed.

On the one hand, larger “truths” exist of cosmic social justice; on the other, bothersome so-called “facts” are largely predicated on the prejudices and resistance of the powerful who unduly give them authenticity. In such a postmodern environment, the “truth” that Donald Trump is purportedly a reactionary sexist and bigot is what mostly matters, not the bothersome details of counter-progressive narratives or stories that in one-dimensional fashion claim to follow rules of evidence, but instead serve an illiberal reality over a liberal one. What do a few dates on the calendar matter, concerning when Michael Flynn consulted with the Russians—given the larger truth that they surely once sought to deny Hillary Clinton the presidency?

In our brave new world, fake news is the truest news. Staged oppressions serve to remind us of the real ones. The higher “good,” not the lower facts, is all that matters.

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  1. Sam McGowan
    Sam McGowan says:

    First, a criticism or two. For one, the people at the Air Force Academy were not cadets, they were enlisted men enrolled in the Air Force Academy Preparatory School. As a military historian, Hanson should know that. Now to my main point and second: NOTHING gives the media a mandate for anything. The First Amendment is not a mandate, it’s a restriction on Congress against passing legislation dictating what may or may not be published (on printing presses, by the way.) In fact, it is merely part of freedom of speech for citizens, not an institution which had yet to exist in 1791. As for their reporting “truth,” members of the media know nothing except what they are told. Furthermore, newspapers have ALWAYS been political. What we Americans need to understand is that those outlets that make up mainstream media are propaganda outlets for the Democratic Party – period.

    • ek ErilaR
      ek ErilaR says:

      You’re first point is trivial beyond belief and only a pedant would raise it.

      Your second point ignores the fact that VDH is only holding the MSM to its own standards and is not examining the contours of the First Amendment.

  2. Don Anastas √ #WAR
    Don Anastas √ #WAR says:

    In the age of Twitter, FB and other social media the alleged “journalists” know their point will be taken as it goes viral across networks. The retractions/corrections are barely noticeable as if printed in the classified ads. People like Brian Ross did what was expected of him and he got a little holiday vacation for it. No pay? I’m sure it’s tucked away in his bonus.

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      Bessie says:

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    • UltraModerate
      UltraModerate says:

      Better than Breitbart, Drudge, and Fox, which refuse to acknowledge any error and ignore any calls to do so. If anyone deserves quotation marks around their “journalists,” it’s them.

      • FairTaxGuy60
        FairTaxGuy60 says:

        Drudge simply posts links to stories published by other news outlets. What “errors” does Drudge need to “acknowledge?”

      • John Locke
        John Locke says:

        I get my news from many multiple sources and opinion from both the left and right and have determined that the mainstream media is not truthful and new mission statement accross the board is…Get Trump!!

      • EL POTUS
        EL POTUS says:

        They are not “JOURNALISTS”, they are the “PRESSTITUTES” of the DemocRAT party.


          • EL POTUS
            EL POTUS says:

            Why don’t I hear the news that Muller’s Russia collusion “investigation” against TRiUMPh is finding more guilt with the “investigators” than the investigated?
            Hohohohohohoho!!!!(in the Christmas Spirit).

          • UltraModerate
            UltraModerate says:

            Well, the reason you wouldn’t hear that news is because it’s entirely in your head. In the real world, four people have already been charged, and the only people claiming that the investigation is over are Republicans trying to convince themselves that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

            Coming up: Trump’s legal team to meet with Mueller next week. Will Trump land the plea deal he’s looking for? We’ll just have to wait and see!

          • EL POTUS
            EL POTUS says:

            You are CORRECT!!!!


            That’s a nice headline for the mainstream media.

            They only say FOUR PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CHARGED.

            What they don’t say is that the charges have NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA to do with the Russian Salad Dressing Collusion and that’s what it is.

            You, my friend are a FOOL and an IDIOT.

            We’ll wait and see who will go to jail.

            In my opinion, even Muller himself will go to jail along with Hillary, Strzok and all those other fools like you.


          • UltraModerate
            UltraModerate says:

            Boy, oh, boy, you are a sensitive little cupcake, aren’t you? You really can’t stand the fact that you KNOW, despite your adamant denial, that these indictments are only the beginning. Lots of big cases start with associates flipping in exchange for plea deals, but you’re circling the wagons and hoping it comes to nothing, aren’t you? LOL, you’re even throwing Hillary Clinton into your little delusion, since she’s to blame for everything, isn’t she?

            Meanwhile, in the real world, there’s nothing that indicates that this case is even close to over. Mueller, a Republican mind you, is doing his job as a non-partisan investigator, not chasing the empty witch hunts that dopes like you wish he would. You would probably prefer that he waste a few more million in taxpayer dollars chasing another fruitless Benghazi investigation, but fortunately he’s too smart to be distracted by empty-headed mouth-breathers like you and your shaved orangutan of a president.

          • EL POTUS
            EL POTUS says:

            “…nothing that indicates that this case is even close to over. Mueller, a Republican mind you…”
            The way Muller is going with his “investigation”, Pence will be president(in about 7 years) after TRiUMPh serves his second term as president.
            Who knows, maybe TRiUMPh will be re-elected for a THIRD TERM by popular demand because of the greatest job ANY PRESIDENT has ever done for America and Americans(that might include YOU, fool).
            As for Muller being a Republican…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
            Registering as a Republican does not mean Muller voted for TRiUMPh.
            Make a note of it.

          • UltraModerate
            UltraModerate says:

            Wow, your disconnect from reality is really pronounced, isn’t it? It’s going to be hilarious watching the hissy fit guys like you throw when you lose Congress next year. I can’t even imagine how funny it’s going to be if Trump gets led away in handcuffs or is cornered into resigning. You’ll march the streets with guns, thinking you’re going to revolt, only to be swiftly taken down by soldiers with REAL weapons.

            After that, Pence will take office and will enjoy roughly the same success as Gerald Ford, who is known for exactly four things: 1) Pardoning Nixon, 2) Falling down some steps on national television, 3) getting hit with a golf ball, and 4) getting Jimmy Carter elected.

            In the meantime, Trump is simply surfing off of the aftermath of Obama’s success and golfing away his troubles. And since he has no idea how to pass legislation and no inclination to learn, when the next Democrat enters the Oval Office, all of his “accomplishments” can be swept away with the stroke of a pen.

          • EL POTUS
            EL POTUS says:

            ” It’s going to be hilarious watching the hissy fit guys like you throw when you lose Congress next year.”
            The “hissy fit” is being thrown by the likes of you and your ilk(you know, libs, msm(is there a differenece?)) since Nov. 9, 2016 at about 2:45 am and going strong at this moment..
            That Obungo “success” you are posting about, why is it happening AFTER “the best president ever” left office?
            Obungo’s “success” WOULD NOT HAPPEN if he was still president. Heck, it would not happen for the next one hundred years if he was president.
            By the way, BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT is lowest in 17 years.
            Guess it took a WHITE PRESIDENT to help the BLACK POPULATION.
            I wonder what happened to that lady who said Obungo was going to pay her mortgage, you know, if I help Obungo he is going to help me!!!!
            Keep dreaming fool.

          • UltraModerate
            UltraModerate says:

            The success (which has been going on for the last couple of years, by the way) is the result of policies (something Trump wouldn’t know anything about). Policies take time to implement, so they also take time for their effects to be seen. That’s why Trump’s effect on the economy has yet to be seen, and Obama’s is currently taking place. Stock market, housing market, GDP, unemployment: ALL of it belongs to Obama, but I can understand why you deluded losers are desperately trying to steal credit.

            And by the way, I’ve seen hissy fits, and NOTHING beats Republicans’ reactions when Obama DESTROYED the GOP in an ACTUAL landslide (you know, the kind where your candidate gets many, many more votes, both electoral and popular). I laughed my ass off when I saw those pathetic Teabaggers screaming “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!!!” at the top of their lungs. Too funny!

            I can tell you’re just another soft-in-the-head thumb-sucker who’s afraid of everything. That’s the conservative way: fight change with all you’ve got while you wait around for long-dead industries to give you jobs. You say you’re willing to work, but you won’t work to get the skills you need to be useful in the current economy. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, the blue, blue cities have all the money, and the red, red, rural areas are wondering why nobody lives there anymore.

          • EL POTUS
            EL POTUS says:

            I guess the HISSY FITS that still are being thrown around by your ilk does not qualify as hissy fits to YOU and YOUR ILK.
            Go to youtube and you will see those hissy fits.
            Or type in Chelsey Handler, Bill Maher, Keith Olberman or any other comedian, reporter or news host and you will see what I am posting about.
            By the way, I predicted the TRiUMPh PRESIDENCY when he was coming down the escalator to announce his candidacy while you lefties were laughing even encouraging and WISHING TRiUMPh to run.
            Those wishes came true by the way and they have become your WORST NIGHTMARES for the next 8 years.
            Hissy fits indeed.

  3. Walpurgis
    Walpurgis says:

    These people know what their doing is wrong. And everybody knows its all lies. The truth will eventually overcome.

  4. Brother John the Deplorable
    Brother John the Deplorable says:

    This sort of thing is the result after a couple of generations of no-truth, of “I reject your reality and substitute my own,” wherein facts are tertiary and subordinate to the mission and the virtue of the messenger.

    Totally unrelated example: Just spotted a highway billboard the other day which said, “Cigarettes won’t help with your depression, but quitting will.” That’s an obvious lie, but the mission of driving people away from cigarettes (even as marijuana becomes more widely available) and presenting the billboard owners and virtuous renders the fact that depression is a major reason people turn to cigarettes moot.

    • Dane Norman
      Dane Norman says:

      And anyone who has quit truly understands the depression it renders.

      On another note was the billboard sponsored by Pfizer i.e. Chantix?

    • Jake G
      Jake G says:

      Cigarettes DEFINITELY don’t help with depression. I would argue quitting cigarettes helps because it’s a true step in the right direction. Smoking is really bad for you, stopping the habit is, pretty objectively, a good thing and a positive life decision..

      • Brother John the Deplorable
        Brother John the Deplorable says:

        I suspect you were never a smoker. The question isn’t whether or not one should quit; it’s whether or not cigarettes are used by smokers for depression symptoms, and there’s no question at all that they are. As such, that billboard is lying to make its virtuous point.

  5. Dave781
    Dave781 says:

    And yet Victor Davis Hanson keeps pushing the completely fake Uranium One story. All in support of a “higher good” I suppose. What a hypocrite!

  6. Dan Wafford
    Dan Wafford says:

    You can reduce your bafflement at the antics of liberals by understanding that when they open their mouths (or their word processors or twitter accounts), you can see into their souls.

  7. Name
    Name says:

    it’s more a symptom of us still adjusting to the instant publishing of internet and 24 cable tv news talk shows.

    the millenials understand fractured info better than us and will handle it better. it’s the me firdt baby boomers overreacting again

  8. william davis
    william davis says:

    There is a joke circulating in which a mean perpetrator breaks into a victims car and leaves a voucher for a free four year ride to a well known school of journalism.

  9. quodverum
    quodverum says:

    How often has this been part of televised fictionalized “drama” about lawyers “working a case”in a Courtroom.

    Under the auspices of a Judge. Judge BECAUSE an ace in the game / games of “The ethical profession OF The Law”

    Lawyer saying something to the jury of 12 good men and true about the case, the witnesses, the evidence, or the time of day.

    Knowing it to be irrelevant, false, or not admissible in the court in that case. Is admonished by De Judge and apologizes.

    So all’s well with the world of the lawyers. Who win or lose get paid one way or another in the coin of the realm and or step up possibly if lucky to The Bench.

    Pity the poor pawn, ball, victim of this GAME of lawyers, judge who are The Rulers of their game “the RULE of Law”.

    The Jury merely the “ball boys”.

  10. TrustbutVerify
    TrustbutVerify says:

    And would Dan Rather be the inflection point upon which this “Fake but True” reporting style hinged?

  11. inyouri
    inyouri says:

    “a fact he surely must have known.”

    Now the new meme is they are all claiming to make “mistakes”. If I made as many mistake on my job as these so called “journalists” I would have been fired long ago. This is nothing but propaganda and more of the American public is now becoming aware. Thanks Pres.Trump.

    • reality check
      reality check says:

      If Trump was merely the CEO of any major or even small corp and lied as much as he has for the last yr he either would have been fired in the first month or his board of directors replaced by the stockholders immediately. The only thing keeping Trump in office is because he can’t be fired. But 32% approval and sinking must/should give him and the rest of America serious pause.

    • Miek D.
      Miek D. says:

      And by claiming that they are mistakes, they are just confirming to anyone with even a tiny brain just how gullible these so called journalists think the average american, or at least of their targeted audience, is.

      • Rational_Db8
        Rational_Db8 says:

        They’re just using The Modern Liberal-Democrat-Progressive-Socialist Orwellian Dictionary
        by Rational Db8)

        Note: Liberal dictionary rule of thumb: If a term doesn’t suit the leftist purpose, focus group test to find the most favorable terms and rename the reviled thing, and that will fix the entire problem for awhile. The new name will likely be diametrically opposed in literal meaning to the thing you are applying it to – this is the key to success!

        Free speech = only speech that the liberal agrees with – anything else is clearly hate speech” and must be suppressed and stomped out by any and all means necessary.

        Right wing = Racists. Make that EEEEEEeee-vil Racists.

        Left wing = bleeding hearted tolerant compassionate wonderful rational scientific caring loving people who just want the best for everyone and their CHILLLLLLLLLdren.

        My opinion isn’t opinion, it’s fact even if I can’t begin to prove it. Your opinion, however, is clearly fantasy based hateful wishes with no basis in reality.

        It’s for the chilllldreeennnnn = Pull your heartstrings and make you look evil while we kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with after I am gone.

        ‘Lawfully’ Doesn’t = ‘Legally’ the Obama Administration tells the Supreme Court

        Affordable Health Care Act = Nobody can afford it but the most wealthy who don’t need it, but hey, the name helps us sell it to you rubes, and the special interests get rich off the program so they’re happy, and we get to claim we did something for the PEEEEE-pul again!!

        Fox News = EEEEEE-vil incarnate propaganda machine.

        Liberal Mainstream Media = fountain of truth and reality. Even more so for sites like TruthOut, MotherJones, The Daily Beast, and Huffington Post – they are the keys to wisdom!

        Utterly anemic job growth that cannot even keep up with population growth = historic 75 months of job growth.

        Stereotypes = if conservatives use them, they are hate speech and EEEEEeeeee-vil. Liberals never use stereotypes, only accurate descriptive generalizations.

        Irony (definiton): the idea that a man is a woman because he says so, but a Republican isn’t allowed to use a nickname or he must be hiding something and untrustworthy.

        Liberal apology = “I’m sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions, but there are answers to all these questions.” (end of apology)

        Liberal politician: “I take responsibility” = I have no intention of accepting any blame or consequences for these actions, but since I said the magic words, you have to quit pestering me about it and feel sympathy for me instead.

        Having one nuclear bomb, doesn’t equal having a nuclear bomb (h/t John Kerry)

        Troll = anyone who disagrees with me, even when I held the opposite position mere minutes ago.

        Swiftboating = when Conservatives tell the truth about liberals who lie about their military service, or any other liberal/progressive/socialist/Democrat who lies about an issue.

        “The Science is Settled” or “It’s not debatable,” etc., = anything they WISH were true but haven’t the facts to support.

        Obstructionist = When Republicans-Conservatives refuse to yield completely, without the possibility of compromise, to Democrat desires.

        Bipartisanship = When Republicans cease being obstructionist and agree completely to the Democrat-Progressive-Liberal desires.

        Tolerance = Even when you disagree with us, we still let you live, don’t we? Too bad it’s only in the back of the bus, suck it up and thank us profusely or we may change our minds.

        “Of the people, for the people, by the people”: clearly means “We the few, will tell the rest of you, exactly what to do.” AND we don’t have to do what we insist YOU do.

        Hacking cyber theft = “data exfiltration.”

        An own goal or major entirely preventable error that gets people killed = ‘The Fog of War.’

        Income you earn and the government allows you to keep = tax expenditures

        It’s rude to refer to transgendered people getting sex reassingnment surgery – such procedures should be called gender confirmation.,

        Budget Cut = A definite budget increase, but slightly lower than had been planned.

        Lies = Fabrications and Inconsistencies.

        “Doing something” = 1) Give a Speech; 2) Tweet a picture of a woman with a sad face holding up a hash tag.

        Liberal Opinion = Definition of meaning or fact.

        Illegal aliens = new lifelong Democrat voters.
        ……….b) noncitizen (per recent change at Library of Congress)
        ……….c) People who are not, shall we say, fully documented, of U.S. citizens (h/t Pelosi).

        Undocumented minors = Illegal alien young men with gang affiliations and criminal records.

        Felon or Convict = “person who committed a crime” and “individual who was incarcerated” (per Justice Department) because somehow magically the definition of the word is less offensive than the word.

        Criminal = Justice Involved Individual. Previously known as a “legally-challenged Individual,” but that was too prejudicial. Perhaps the term should be: “undocumented moral authority.”

        Honor a heroic or national figure like Neil Armstrong, Rosa Parks, etc., = present a picture of Obama.

        Celebrate Easter = publish a photo of the Obama family.

        History = 1) whatever we decide at the time to say it was 2) whatever spin benefits us politically.

        Liberal think tanks are intelligent and factual. Conservative think tanks are an oxymoron, and a propaganda arm of the Right Wing charged with fabrication, invention, and deflection.

        Free speech = hate speech U. California students remove offensive American flag from ‘inclusive’ space

        American flag = offensive hate speech

        Inclusive or Non-offensive = anything that agrees with liberal/progressive/Democrat/socialist opinions.

        War = “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

        Democrats are never involved in wars, only Overseas Contingency Operations.

        Terrorist attack on U.S. soil = “work place violence.”

        Terrorist = “Unlawful Enemy Combatant.” Oops, strike that, it’s out. Now they are “Unprivileged Enemy Belligerents.”

        ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) = not Islamic.

        Foreign invasion of sovereign nation = ‘Um . . . uh . . . to act, uh . . . to cross the border in an unauthorized way.”

        In fact, it couldn’t be clearer: Kinetic military action in response to man-caused disasters is going to produce un-privileged enemy who may cross the border in an unauthorized way to participate in non-Islamic work place violence immediately proceeded by the rallying yell “Allahu Akbar!” Doublespeak at it’s best, Orwell is rolling in his grave.

        Hum…. I guess a bank robbery will now be considered to simply be an ‘unauthorized loan’ or ‘undocumented withdrawal,’ and Underprivileged Enemy Belligerents will be soon be known as ‘Misunderstood Future Friends,’ right?

        Then there is the example of these courageous undocumented shoppers rescuing shoes from Hurricane Irma! Oddly enough, not one pair of work boots was rescued – no apology for such obvious discrimination was forthcoming. CNN is reporting that many soles were lost. Concerned citizens promptly started a new hashtag: #NikeLivesMatter

    • EL POTUS
      EL POTUS says:

      They are not “journalists, like you posted.

      They are the “presstitutes” of ghe DemocRAT party.

        • Jake G
          Jake G says:

          I need links and citations to support the opinion that the American media is NOT doing more to destroy our country than the Russians, who hacked our election to install a moronic stooge as our president???

          What do you want a citation for? What part of that?

          • Joe Blow
            Joe Blow says:

            Please explain how the Russians “hacked our election”? And then you can explain it to Mueller, because he hasn’t been able to figure it out, and he’s been trying for a year.

          • james r ruston
            james r ruston says:

            He has hardly got started and already he has two confessions and two indictments. You really do live in a right wing bubble.

          • Joe Blow
            Joe Blow says:

            Hardly got started? They’ve been investigation this for over a year, and the confessions and indictments have nothing to do with Trump, the Russians, the elections, the tooth fairy, or any other nonsense you believe.

          • YouInDangerGirl!
            YouInDangerGirl! says:

            Joe, have you heard of the Department of Homeland Security? The National Security Agency? The FBI? The Office of National Intelligence on Election Security? All of these agencies have, without investigation by nor prompting from the media, openly admitted that the evidence strongly indicates Russia interfered with the 2016 election in various ways. In addition, it is commonly accepted knowledge among those who study Russian espionage that misleading propaganda and fomenting divisions has been one of their favorite M.O.s since Stalin. Joe, you need to read more, buddy. Fox News can’t stay on top of everything, you know. Diversify your sources.

          • Joe Blow
            Joe Blow says:

            No, those agencies looked at a report from a private contractor that the DNC hired to investigate how their private emails got to WikiLeaks. None of those agencies looked at the server themselves, they just took the word of the DNC and thus was born “the Russians hacked the election”.
            The idea that the Russians are responsible for Herself loosing is the only thing that gets some people through the day, because otherwise they’d have to face the fact that their candidate lost to one of the most ridiculous people to ever run for the office, and that she lost because the American people can’t stand the amoral, inept, unethical, lying, stealing woman, and because she was so arrogant that she didn’t even bother to campaign in places like Wisconsin, because she was stupidly concerned with getting more votes in California, just so she could claim a popular mandate.
            My reading habits are hardly responsible for Hillary Clinton’s graft, arrogance, or stupidity.

          • YouInDangerGirl!
            YouInDangerGirl! says:

            I don’t give a fuck about what Hillary did or didn’t do, Mr. Blow. That’s not the subject under discussion. All of those agencies did not “just take the word of the DNC.” Think about it, Joe. DNC: “It was the Russians! We’re sure of it! Pass it on!” Nearly Every Federal Investigative Agency: “Sounds good to us. Will do, DNC. Need a shoe shine while we’re at it?” If this were at all true, don’t you think Americans of every political affiliation would raise a hue and cry about the trillions in tax dollars that go to fund these investigative bodies who don’t … um … investigate? Critical thinking is a dying art, apparently.

          • Joe Blow
            Joe Blow says:

            Hmm, aren’t you the one who advised me to read more? It’s common knowledge that the DNC refused to allow any government agency to study the server. In addition, there were stories in the news a couple months ago that some tech people think the transfer rate indicates that the emails were not transmitted, but more likely copied to a USB stick.
            So, your sarcastic little scenario is exactly what happened, only it wasn’t shoes that the FBI was offering to polish, if you know what I mean.

  12. jk in durham
    jk in durham says:

    This diatribe certainly has an appropriate title as much of it is fake, mostly false, or taken out of context. Any reporter who reports information that is false deserves a consequential punishment, and most of those mentioned above have been fired or suspended (which Hanson chooses not to mention). Of course, Hanson does not hold himself to the same truth standard. Had he been, he would have been suspended from ‘writing’ for life.

    The few real cases of false reporting above are dwarfed by Trump’s nearly 500 recent statements only 16% of which are true or mostly true, while 69% are false or mostly false:
    And the evidence for each is presented in detail for each statement, not just announced and conjectured as Hanson is wont to do.

    How great America could be if we held serial liars like Trump and Hanson to a higher standard.

    • inyouri
      inyouri says:

      Politifact says your comment is mostly false. The Higher standards you speak of are now the same as as Obama and Hillary are held to. You make your bed you sleep in it.

    • NoDependsLoseElection
      NoDependsLoseElection says:

      Oh so true…we need to hold ourselves to the standards of the Ra Pist Bill Clinton…or perhaps his Cuckold Wife who sought to destroy women abused by her filthy husband…or perhaps the standards of Obama who lied about ISIS, lied about $2500 savings, lied about keeping our Doctors, lied about his accomplishments, lied about the economy and lied about America.
      Grow up…we are tired of lying filth, sir.

    • wheretonow
      wheretonow says:

      Precisely one of the reporters mentioned has been disciplined (4 week suspension). You apparently define “most” very oddly.

      • jk in durham
        jk in durham says:

        There appear to be only 4 actual reporters mentioned in this story, (A seaman, Mike Brown, AFA Superintendent, etc. are not reporters).

        1) “ABC News”: yep, Brian Ross suspended. Story corrected.
        2) ‘CNN Reports’: the date of the email was reportedly incorrectly (9/14/16 not 9/4/16) and immediately corrected. If this is a fire-able offense, as Trump claims, Trump should have been fired the day after inauguration for lying about his inauguration crowds (he got much more than 1 digit wrong…). Counting this as mis-reporting doesn’t pass the laugh test.
        Story corrected.
        3) ‘Rolling Stone’: Sarah Erdely has never written a story since; she was found personally liable in court for $2 million in damages for false reporting. Story retracted.
        4) ‘Washington Post’: Story corrected. But this seems to be a case of intentional false-tweeting, and I hope (and think) some punishment will be assessed soon. Story corrected.
        But context, again. So Trump should be fired for demonstrably false information in hundreds of tweets? Yep, that’s definitely a fair trade.

  13. reality check
    reality check says:

    “The press (media) is the enemy of the people”! Identical quotes by both Trump & Stalin. It is in the interest of dictators and demagogues to villify the reputation of those who report the news because when news reports that criticize their regimes appear they can and do, as Dr Hansen provides examples of, make the public wary and suspicious of all news reporting no matter how real & verifiable 99% of those reports are. That’s what keeps the likes of Trump in power, or so he thinks. That Donald lies & misrepresents the truth almost every day and NEVER corrects or apologizes for ANY of his nonsense just makes his & Sarah Sander’s & Dr Hansens complaints fall on deaf ears.

    • wheretonow
      wheretonow says:

      People holding Trump’s job lie (ref: video causing Bengazi, keeping doctors and plans, police acting stupidly, shovel ready jobs, etc.) this has only fairly recently become true of media.

      • reality check
        reality check says:

        That’s called deflection and changing the subject, but probably already knew that but had no direct,rational response to my specific comments. Try agani, if you can.

  14. disqus_A97A9EPYY2
    disqus_A97A9EPYY2 says:

    Has a large portion of our society become incapable of distinguishing a lie from a truth or has it elected to serve the calling to destroy anyone in disagreement with it? I think the latter is true. A segment of our society is so corrupt, so devoted to a ruined, bankrupt political vision that is incapable of doing right things. That segment is the left in all its manifestations be it press, education, bureaucracy, legal or military. Is it time to purge our institutions of persons unwilling to acknowledge truth and facts? Yes, I believe it is. Now, how are we going to do it?

  15. CharlieLimaKilo
    CharlieLimaKilo says:

    It’s war. Civil war. On both sides are entrench foes backed by powerful elites. Party means nothing. Money and power mean everything. In the middle are the great hoard of pawns. Deporables and smug intellectuals alike. Be ready.

  16. NoDependsLoseElection
    NoDependsLoseElection says:

    Lets dispense with pelasantries and be Americans as we shout:
    F UCK Liberlas.
    Theyta r ethe filth that degrades America
    They should be destroyed just as readily as we destroyed the The Japanese Emperor in WWII..who was as maniacal and evil as Liberals.

  17. Cjones1
    Cjones1 says:

    Trump, the political novice and maverick, has shaken the institutional foundations of the news moguls’ self-righteous empires. They turned a blind eye to the wholesale corruption of government and misuse of government institutions to further the political viability of the Clinton campaign.
    Although much has been said about Russian election interference, we are just now finding out the Clinton campaign actually collaborated with Russian intelligence sources in the last Presidential election. Given Hillary’s past efforts in favor of Russian policy objectives and the rewards she reaped, the vaunted free press failed to compare and contrast whether members of her campaign had met with the Russian Ambassador or Russian “operatives”.
    The checks and balances supposedly existing in our government institutions and free press were manipulated in favor of a candidate who was considered to the political manor born.
    You say you want revolution, well we got it in Trump’s election!

  18. realheadline
    realheadline says:

    People who will lie, cheat and steal for some self-serving ‘greater good’ are perceived by normal people in the simplest terms — as liars, cheats and thieves. Why? Because that’s who and what they are in fact. Not heroes, not social justice warriors … just unprincipled scum.

  19. NoDependsLoseElection
    NoDependsLoseElection says:

    If only that pansy silver spoon in mouth RINO Georgey Bush had the GUTS to stand up to Dan Rather for his unscrupulous lies, had Bush been more like Trump, perhaps we would have dealt with this years ago.
    But no…the RINOS take mockery and disdain as a way to enter the club…they are the weak men who bend over and enjoy getting licks so they can join the frat…and then spend the next four years serving the real frat bros drinks.

    • Dave781
      Dave781 says:

      Bush won the election and Dan Rather lost his job. What more do you want? It doesn’t take “guts” to act like a 10 year old.

  20. Lanin Thomasma
    Lanin Thomasma says:

    The press is at war with the President, for better or worse. And we know the adage about the first casualty in war.

  21. Jarka
    Jarka says:

    Interestingly, CNN, WaPo and other media claim, that it were just normal random errors, no anti-Trump bias at all. Random errors should happen about as much pro-Trump as anti-Trump. Name me one CNN or WaPo pro-Trump error in last 2 years.

    • reality check
      reality check says:

      How about more that $2 billion in ‘earned FREE media’ for Trump during the primaries and presidential campaign, more than all free media for all GOP candidates and Dem candidates combined? How’s that?

      • georgepark
        georgepark says:

        Hey – when someone’s giving away $2 billion, let me know where I can get my share.
        You, on the other hand, would have turned it down.
        I’m sure that Hillary was offered the same, but she said NO.
        Don’t need it. I’m a guaranteed winner in this election. No need for your help.

        • reality check
          reality check says:

          As usual you guys change the subject. the comment I responded to was “Name me one CNN or WaPo pro-Trump error in last 2 years.” I responded directly and unfortunately you didn’t.

          • James C. Higgs
            James C. Higgs says:

            I am pretty certain he meant factual error that mistakenly benefited Trump. Not putting Trump on the news because he was and is a money maker for the press.

          • reality check
            reality check says:

            Is it my responsibility to understand what he means, not what he says? I thought that only applied to Trump.

          • Jarka
            Jarka says:

            you are right. btw, I do not see how Trump benefited from media smearing him 24/7 last 2 years. Yes, they had made profits from that, he did not.

      • builderjohn
        builderjohn says:

        “If it bleeds, it leads”. Trump’s dishonest, racist, false and inflammatory words and actions were the political equivalent of a horrific car wreck, no way the press was going to avert their collective gaze. He “earned” that attention the way that the kid racing around the classroom turning over desks earns the attention of the Vice Principal…

          • inyouri
            inyouri says:

            Don’t forget the MSMDNC also told us Trump is anti-Semitic His Jewish son in law, Jewish daughter by marriage and his Jewish grandchildren are just a cover so he could recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

    • cwon1
      cwon1 says:

      This rhymes with the classic “no media bias” claim from mainstream supporters. How can that be intellectually supported? Then again it’s only spoken for the benefit of one side to rationalize deeds of that side.

      The internet and the decline of the past opinion venues are at the root of ever increasing bombast and clinging to intellectual authority. The same process in academia and many other segments of polarized groups is taking place at the same time.

  22. Marty Johnson
    Marty Johnson says:

    Leftists have learned that they can lie with impunity, and their ignorant base will believe it. When the truth comes out later, their ignorant base will not even learn of it, let alone believe it, and they will be on to another, bigger lie instead.

  23. RJones
    RJones says:

    Another great piece by Dr Hanson, a man who is almost single-handedly defending western civilization and someone whom I deeply admire.

    I would love to see Dr Hanson expand on this theme to outline the entire academic project to replace our Judeo-Christian culture with something “better,” and to help us understand how so many otherwise intelligent people have been duped into participation in such an obviously self-destructive undertaking. Is it all explainable by the need to be a part of the “in-crowd” or is it because the victims are too preoccupied or too cowardly to #resist?

    Ever since declaring “god is dead” the academics have been slaving away to wring Christianity out of the culture. It began in earnest in the 60’s in using the 1st amendment to justify unleashing porn on the culture and, ironically, is now attacking that same 1st amendment idea to suppress speech of those deemed to be undeserving.

    Then those wonderful ideas of “diversity” and “political correctness” and more recently “intersectionality”, all designed to wrest power from forces said to be holding back the culture from “progress” and to empower those previously powerless individuals, many of whom are near rabid and certainly more interested in tearing down than improving, the shared culture.

    And we shouldn’t leave out the cute little innovation of diluting the influence of traditional thinking by flooding the country with immigrants, ensuring against all efforts to integrate and assimilate them.

    As outlined in Dr Hanson’s article, undermining the idea of “truth” was also necessary, in spite of the obvious difficulty that the entirety of the culture is built on facts, logic, and truth. Another key ingredient of the noxious brew is the idea of America being an evil force in the world, much evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

    And, of course, the piece de resistance, was weaponizing all the above through the public school system, universities, and more recently now, directly rather than indirectly, through the media. All this to pull Christian ideals, root and branch, out of the culture, in the name of “progress.”

    That this project to “progress” society has required continual picking at racial scabs and creating legions of undereducated working class people, and college grads who are infantilized and overly sensitized to “scary” ideas is of no concern to the many architects of this great culturacide. Fortunately for those who find themselves lacking economically useful skills, the ideas of socialism are being resurrected. That’s the ticket.

    Trump, a fortunately hyperactive 70 yr, provides only a brief respite from what these fools have done to a successful, albeit imperfect culture. May they live to regret their accomplishments.

      • jerseymark
        jerseymark says:

        Why do you think he was elected? Of course it all has to do with Trump. Your blindness is shared by so many who just do not get it.

      • RJones
        RJones says:

        (:>)…Trump is representative, a symbol if you like, of all of us repudiating the ideas of people who brainwashed people like you…but if you have to ask, you’re likely not able to comprehend. There are fewer and fewer shared values in our world views.

      • RIP_UN_1945_2017
        RIP_UN_1945_2017 says:

        I sincerity hope you’re being paid a nickel a post , otherwise you are frothing at the mouth for absolutely nothing (i.e. , a raving lunatic).

  24. tv22
    tv22 says:

    It’s weird because Trump would likely hang himself without the media’s help. They give him more credibility with their relentless attacks.

    • Its_All_Baloney
      Its_All_Baloney says:

      Yup. I’ve never been a fan of The Donald’s bombast and playground taunts. Normally I would expect much better behavior from a POTUS. But the Dem/Media Complex have been so consistently hair-on-fire over the top in their mindless shrieking Resistance that they leave no room for ordinary citizens to voice rational disagreement with something Trump said or did. Being the dagger-wielding assassins they are leaves me with no room to maneuver.

      I defend Trump, and do so happily and with clear conscience, not because he is an amazingly good president, but because Dems consistently prove to be mind numbingly bad people. They’re perpetual teenagers: self-centered, ignorant, intellectually lazy, consumed with group think and the power of popularity, driven by drama, amazed by superficial posturing and important-sounding labels, and purposely unwilling to grow up and assume responsibility for their own lives. And so, as a natural result, overflowing with envy and hatred toward the adults in their lives, who mostly just hang on and wait for the little monsters to finally grow up.

  25. Joe Lyons
    Joe Lyons says:

    The journos know what they are doing. These fake stories seep into the public mind and stay there. Incessant lying shapes public opinion toward the narrative the journos seek to instill. Putin doesn’t need his FSB to sow discord and distrust. He has the MSM.

  26. Random Ami
    Random Ami says:

    Im always in awe when I read this author. He is just magnificent. It’s like if he can read my mind and my 1000 thoughts in disarray and organize them all together in a logical, coherent way. Thanks Dr. Hanson. ,

    • triton76
      triton76 says:

      And you’ve done the same for me! Exactly what I was thinking about Dr. Hanson…in my disorganized way.

  27. E. T. Bass
    E. T. Bass says:

    Whether it be Radical Islam, tax reform, Russian “collusion”, climate change, illegal immigration, voter fraud or race relations – were it not for the false narrative, the media and the rest of the democrat party would have jo narrative at all.

  28. cwon1
    cwon1 says:

    Underlying this process are the costal cultures that feel victimized by the electoral college system that prevents outright mob rule. In their mind they were cheated by two minority Presidential results.

    Most major battles occur when each side believes they have a significant chance of winning or are completely desperate or some combination. If the left wins the WH in the coming years an outright fascism will quickly evolve.

      • jerseymark
        jerseymark says:

        The Obama Administration weaponizing the law enforcement agencies and the IRS sets the stage for the next step.

        • reality check
          reality check says:

          And the end result of this nonsense was facism? He had 8 yrs to implement facism and never got anywhere did he? The IRS never kept any more right wing organizations from tax exempt status that it did for any left wing orgs.And weaponizing(?) the law enforcement agencies never really slowed down any right wing orgs or policies, did it?Obviously he was so incompetent that he couldn’t even begin to install facism at all. Or Maybe he just forgot.

          • Its_All_Baloney
            Its_All_Baloney says:

            Yes, the end result — which hasn’t yet ended — was a distinct slide towards fascism. The fact that you don’t care enough to pay attention doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. And don’t waste my time yapping at my ankles about providing proof. If you cared enough to look with an open mind, you’d see a mountain of proof right in front of your face.

          • reality check
            reality check says:

            If you mean that the Trump presidency is a giant step towards facism, I might tend to agree with you. In front of my face, as we speak is a president who demeans and denigrates on a daily basis, the intelligence community, the judiciary and the press, all foundations that stand for democracy and against facism. I don’t intend to provide any proof of the above because it’s all there right in front of YOUR face and you can’t deny any of it. Your move.

          • Its_All_Baloney
            Its_All_Baloney says:

            So, you don’t like Trump’s style, and that makes him a fascist. But Obama spent eight years shredding the Constitutional limits on executive power, and you were just fine with that because you’re not a racist.

            Okay, got it. Say goodnight, Gracie. You’re done here.

  29. Lee Holland
    Lee Holland says:

    Why are the “honest” mistakes from the “Fake News” media always against President Trump, his family, republicans and conservatives? We hardly ever see any “honest” mistakes against the democrats from the “Fake News” media.

  30. Lee Holland
    Lee Holland says:

    Remember the false narrative of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” brought to us by the “Fake News” media and that was long before Trump.

    • jerseymark
      jerseymark says:

      And is the entire foundation for BLM – built on a lie. Progressivism itself is also built on a lie which is why they can never present what their actual goals and aims are.

  31. Peter Hill Frink
    Peter Hill Frink says:

    THE LAW OF RESISTANCE: [From The Sly Mind by Dr. Talib Kafaji] Carl Jung came up with the concept of resistance. Whenever we experience discontentment or are unhappy, there is inevitably something we are resisting. All suffering is caused by non-acceptance of a thought or a feeling, or an emotion or a situation. You suffer when you want things to be different from what they are. Unfortunately, what you resist, persists. Often, it is not the experience itself that causes pain and suffering, but rather the resistance to the experience. How we label the experience determines how we feel about it.

    From a young age, we are conditioned to categorize our experiences into good and bad, right and wrong, desirable and undesirable. For example, if you feel down, the mind unconsciously labels the feeling as bad. There is nothing wrong with feeling sad, unless the mind says so, and it produces statements about what is wrong with us. If you say yes to the experience, it will persist. This is the law of attraction.

    Whatever you are trying to fight against will continue to be present. Albert Einstein said “energy can never get destroyed, it can only change form,” so you cannot just delete parts of the universe, you can only change it into something else. To put into terms of a law, if you resists something, its only option is to carry on as it is, until it is given the option to do something else. For example, if you keep telling your friend, do not keep eating large portions of food, they will keep eating, even if there are dire consequences. Until there is an alternative way to eat different or healthy food, and you are no longer resisting, you are moving in the other direction.

    What you resist not only persists, but will grow according to Jung. Society has taught us that to get rid of whatever we do not want, we must never show weakness and never lose focus. This thought and belief has been responsible for and has caused much pain to individuals and societies. The best example of preaching to people, do not do this, but do this, is in the Arab world. Eventually people tire of hearing preachers all their lives, become numb, and do not pay attention. Often they do the opposite of what they hear. In the Arab world, preaching has paralyzed the mind of the people and given them a bad taste about the message and the preachers.

    A far better and more peaceful approach is to consciously offer no resistance, as what you embrace, dissolves. Negative states persist because we give them energy and importance, through giving them all our attention. When we offer no resistance, they will wither and fade away, and you will have a sense of peace.

    MY OBSERVATION: The resistance to President Trump has strengthened his support, and continues to do so. If the President is actually flawed in any significant way, he will “wither and fade away” if embraced and offered no resistance.

  32. ScottinVA
    ScottinVA says:

    To assign these instances as mere “errors” is folly. These news media outlets know when they’re peddling falsehoods, yet proceed anyway. Their motivation is getting out in front with their chosen “Trump is evil” narrative, knowingly at the later-paid price of credibility. In the case of Brian Ross, let’s not forget he’s the same Brian Ross who breathlessly announced the Aurora, CO theater shooter to be a member of the “TEA Party.”

    No longer the guardians of truth, the “media” have become nothing more than craven propagandists for the liberal cause. Sadly, they know this and in fact embrace it.

  33. Cherubin
    Cherubin says:

    I wonder if this torrent of fake news that seems to reveal itself more each day is really just the true face of the media that has been with us all along. Can it be that this is simply the ossified state of our corrupt news media and we are only now beginning to appreciate the dimensions of its depth and malice? It seems that the purveyors of fake news are completely oblivious to the twisted bias they employ and they have no idea how to correct themselves. This suggests they are so accustomed to their corruption that the cannot even perceive it. This does not bode well for them or for America.

  34. cdr164bn
    cdr164bn says:

    Scott Adams predicted that the President would win the information war. The Resistance would recognize that he’s getting things done just like he said he would. He’s actually effective, “but they don’t like it”. I’m seeing more and more articles like a recent one in the Huffington Post admitting that he’s winning and has had a pretty good year.

  35. Phil Ostrand
    Phil Ostrand says:

    In this world conservative “journalists” will defend a fake President who constantly lies. WHose administration is mired in corruption and scandal. You will defend anything, including a child molester because he is on your side. How will you answer for your behaviour? How will you excuse it? You are being judged by history, our country, our children and God. How will you explain your sins?

  36. Old_Blue_64
    Old_Blue_64 says:

    Or, to put it another way, the ends justify the means, which is what the totalitarian left has always believed. If they ever gain power again, America is finished.

  37. HoiPolloiBoy
    HoiPolloiBoy says:

    Media dropped all pretense of objectivity the day Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

      • james r ruston
        james r ruston says:

        I see that you are one of those who think that anyone to the left of Attila the Hun is a communist.

      • Linda
        Linda says:

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    • Iraengneer
      Iraengneer says:

      Started long before that. Consider the adoration to this day of the whore-chaser JFK. The systematic coverup of the physical state of FDR. The collusion with the despicable Woodrow Wilson. The enthusiastic, nearly orgasmic, collusion with Obumble. And much much else. No better at the state and local levels either.
      No, this has been building for around a century now, it’s simply peaking now.

        • james r ruston
          james r ruston says:

          Racist? You mean the president who got the Civil Rghts acts through Congress in spite of the Southern Democrats? You mean that racist?

          • Rational_Db8
            Rational_Db8 says:

            LBJ was incredibly racist.

            “These N3groes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again. I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”
            –LBJ (Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat President)

          • Jimmy Johnson
            Jimmy Johnson says:

            Was LBJ more racist than Strom Thurmond? A man who spoke for 24 hours on the Senate floor to filibuster the Civil Rights Act…even though he was the father of a bi-racial daughter? Probably not….

          • Rational_Db8
            Rational_Db8 says:

            What’s with the comparison? The person said LBJ wasn’t racist. History has shown very clearly that he was in fact very racist. He doesn’t have to be MORE racist than someone else to still have been a very racist person.

            But maybe you’re just adding on by noting how racist Thurmond was – and you are quite right about that of course.

            But if you want to talk about who might be/have been the most racist, then you can’t forget Robert Byrd (Dem, WV) – at the time of his death he was the longest serving Senator in U.S. history. He actually STARTED his own KKK group, and was elected their Exalted Cyclops. In later years he said he lost interested and dropped his membership – and said it was the biggest mistake he ever made (I’d bet that was more political calculation than actual belief – but who knows, maybe he really did have a change of heart).

            “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.
            — Robert C. Byrd, in a letter to Sen. Theodore Bilbo (D-MS), 1944

            And (from wiki): “In 1946, Byrd wrote a letter to a Grand Wizard stating, “The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation…”

            Needless to say, go back far enough, and there were plenty of very racist Dems. Heck, there STILL are, only their target has changed.



          • Jimmy Johnson
            Jimmy Johnson says:

            I would respectfully disagree…to disavow a race knowing you have a daughter of that race is despicable. To think he was fighting to keep the mother of his child from eating at the same restaurant or sharing a water fountain speaks volumes of his character. The fact he was re-elected so many times speaks volumes of the racism in our country. You’re right about Bryd…i just think ol Strom was in a class by himself

          • Rational_Db8
            Rational_Db8 says:

            ?? Of course it’s despicable. Where did I even remotely suggest it’s not? Again – the comment I replied to was suggesting that LBJ wasn’t racist. He very clearly was. You brought in the comparison to another, which had NOTHING to do with the topic. I never said who was or wasn’t the worst – only that LBJ was very clearly a racist. So why are you arguing a strawman?

          • Rational_Db8
            Rational_Db8 says:

            Or are you actually trying to argue that LBJ wasn’t racist because you think Thurmond was worse? Which is what it sure sounds like you’re doing – and which would be a huge logical fail on your part if so.

          • Clinton
            Clinton says:

            And of course when Senator Byrd died, Obama, Biden and
            Bill Clinton all attended the funeral and spoke in glowing terms
            about the former Klansman. Obama referred to him as a
            “Senate icon” and “elder statesman”. Much is overlooked
            when one is useful to the party…

          • builderjohn
            builderjohn says:

            And yet he rammed through congress the civil rights and voting rights laws that allowed the voters of Alabama to give Roy Moore the boot;)

          • Butteblack
            Butteblack says:

            Yes, that racist who was a member of the KKK. Look it up. LBJ traded the civil rights bill for eternal support of the black community.

        • Iraengneer
          Iraengneer says:

          understatement, if anything. If there has EVER been an honorable, worthwhile member of the Kennedy clan, I have yet to learn of it. Whore-chasers, creep, and generally lousy human beings, all of them. Yet, oddly, to this very day I see what amounts to little shrines to JFK in the homes of people who really should know better. And, of course, schools, etc. named after him. I truly do not understand it, and never have.

      • Sol Asylum
        Sol Asylum says:

        What I find amazing is how they were able to keep the truth about JFK’s abuse of women a secret for so long. IMO, his assassination allowed them to use it to shield a lot of his boorish behavior (silver spoon mentality).

    • quodverum
      quodverum says:

      The Media?

      And the “representatives of the people” in the Legislature and Judiciary? Paid Guardians of the nation Pledged to “protect and serve” its fundamentals?

      So Exercised about “the Birthers”, citizens with reservations about the candidate Obama’s, of UNCERTAIN provenance, compliance with the FUNDAMENTAL Law of the Land, that they overlooked, OR Chose not to see what was in plain sight?

      In accepting without question, reservation, criticism or curiosity the selection of Obama for “The Office of President” by the 2008 DNC of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. ALL lawyers AND also Pledged to “Uphold AND Defend” the FUNDAMENTAL Law of the land.

      The reason for that selection reported BY The Media, with the Hide in Plain Sight ploy, “Because it was TIME for an Afro – American”. The qualification of the candidate Obama for “The Office of President” therefore unequivocally his race.

      Which ALONE made him an unlawful candidate. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes selection for ANY job with discrimination for race ANY race UNLAWFUL.

      AS “the first step” for Obama’s “representing” the “Democratic” PARTY AND Friends asserted “intent” for “The FUNDAMENTAL transformation of the nation”?

      The FUNDAMENTAL Pillar reputedly “The RULE Of Law”. NOT Lawyers.

  38. builderjohn
    builderjohn says:

    Talk about whistling past the graveyard… when the president’s words are news and when a president like Mr. Trump blurts out daily demonstrable falsehoods the very first examination of “fake news” should be directed at the White House.

  39. chris_zzz
    chris_zzz says:

    The lying and refusal to be objective in this country is a threat to our continued existence as a great nation. Trump is not the remedy, but he has been helpful in inciting the elites — academic, media, entertainment, political, professional — to show their true colors. We all knew that Trump was deeply flawed, but did we know that our elites, supposedly the cream of the crop, are such a bunch of self-delusional, lying, virtue-signaling Marxists, who are vicious to boot? We do now, and it’s downright depressing.

  40. Jake G
    Jake G says:

    I’m just waiting for the moment when this author suddenly stops claiming there was no collusion with Russia and starts claiming that colluding with Russia to steal an American presidential election isn’t illegal or disgustingly immoral… I’m just waiting for the goalposts to move. The “no connections to Russia at all” argument is completely dead in the water.

    Go ahead, move the goalposts and lead the lemmings off the cliff.

    • holman
      holman says:

      Hillary has already admitted on national TV she colluded with (paid) the Russians but her lawyer said it was not illegal.

      • Jake G
        Jake G says:

        Hillary isn’t the President of the USA and didn’t collude with a hostile foreign power to hack and steal our Presidential election.

        But like I said, you’re already trying to move the goalposts. I’m POSITIVE, that at one point, you were claiming there was no contact between Trump and the Russians, now you’re admitting there was contact, but claiming it’s OK. Your morality is decaying as you try to defend the indefensible…

        You guys never have ANY other response than what about Hillary. It’s pretty sad. She’s not POTUS, Trump is.

        Do you ever ask yourself WHY a hostile foreign country would WANT Trump in to be charge of America??? Do you ever think about that? WHY would they want that for us if Trump is so great??? Because he’s an idiot and a divisive clown who makes our country vastly weaker from the inside out.

        • holman
          holman says:

          She admitted she colluded with the Russians (paid for the dossier) in order to insert it as an October Surprise (only needed a short shelf life since it was a pack of lies) in order to influence the election in her favor.

          That she lost is not a defense.

        • Its_All_Baloney
          Its_All_Baloney says:

          Any savvy foreign interloper would have worked to help Hillary win. What foreign intelligence service wouldn’t salivate over a POTUS who routes all her official emails through an unsecured server located in her private residence? The degree to which Crooked Hillary compromised our foreign policy is stunning to contemplate. The degree to which Democrats are willing to reward that behavior with even higher office is just plain unbelievable.

  41. holman
    holman says:

    When social justice prevails over justice, equal protection under the law is lost. The Goddess of Justice is no longer blind, for she is a respecter of persons. She peeks. At that point the individual’s rights and liberties are in danger of being placed subservient to the collective, and injustice to the individual can be sustained – for the good of the people.

    With regard to the press, “Veracity does not consist in saying, but in the intention of communicating truth.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

    And that is the difference between News and Fake News.

  42. Dave Hunter
    Dave Hunter says:

    You can’t make this up. There was no underlying crime that the FBI was pursuing when they interviewed Gen. Flynn 4 days after the inauguration. It was a perjury trap, pure and simple. For this reason alone President Trump should pardon him ASAP.

    • Dave781
      Dave781 says:

      It was a plea bargain – that means that WERE underlying crimes. But nice try.

      Apparently you CAN make this up.

  43. holman
    holman says:

    Enough is enough of this witch hunt.

    lead FBI agent, Peter Strzok, who exchanged anti-Trump, pro-Hillary text messages with his mistress, an FBI lawyer named Lisa Page —who was then also working for Mr. Mueller.

    Andrew Weissmann, the lead prosecutor, not only attended Mrs. Clinton’s election-night soiree but turns out to have cheered an Obama holdover at the Justice Department, Sally Yates, for her refusal to carry out a presidential order.

    Senior Justice official, Bruce Ohr, met with both Trump dossier author Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson during the 2016 campaign—and that his wife worked for Fusion GPS.

    FBI Director Christopher Wray advanced the extraordinary claim he can hold back information from the elected representatives of the American people on the grounds that it is classified or that he’s waiting for an inspector general’s report.

    If Congress refuses to do its oversight job, then the President should:

    fire Mueller, appoint another special counsel to investigate who, when, and how those in government attempted to influence the election – possibly with the help of the Russians,

    order the declassification of material such as the FBI’s application for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrants to wiretap Trump associates,

    and create a temporary position at Justice for an appointee whose only job would be to ensure Justice and FBI compliance with congressional oversight.

  44. afhack62
    afhack62 says:

    Excellent article. If the MSM had half a brain collectively its minions would understand on an instinctive level the counterproductive impact their false reporting is having on honest, fair-minded people; people who have to deal with facts and reality on a daily basis and deeply resent the MSM’s suborning of even a small part of it. But they don’t and for this reason they will continue grinding away what’s left of their reputation with the above. However, there’s a very bright lining to that dark cloud and it will become very apparent even to the MSM.

  45. DaveV
    DaveV says:

    “The singular media hatred of Trump’s style and agenda……”

    THAT is the problem. The media is not supposed to hate a president’s style or agenda just as they’re not supposed to love a president’s style or agenda. What ever happened to the principles of fairness, honesty and objectivity? We are constantly told that a reporter’s personal views have no impact on their reporting. Most people do not want the media to take side. But they so obviously do.

  46. Historybuff
    Historybuff says:

    Vic… you are spot on with your admonishment of the general media in America. I can remember when we used to be able to believe ABC/CBS/NBC… No more. Perhaps the current mass rejection & accountability-holding will bring honesty & integrity back to forefront.

    But Vic… what about donald trump?

    Are you proposing two levels of accountability… one set of standards for the media… and a different set, a lower set, of standards for the Office of the President of the United States?

    What is it, Vic?

    • RIP_UN_1945_2017
      RIP_UN_1945_2017 says:

      Only the FAR left loonies up vote you anymore HB , enjoy your disgrace ( the real HB is probably buried in an unmarked grave )

  47. ralphy
    ralphy says:

    David Hanson is brilliant as usual. Article illuminates the motives behind the social justice narrative: It has nothing to do with compassion, empathy or equality. Post modern liberalism is all about power.

  48. GlennPMorris
    GlennPMorris says:

    Release and Catch the #FakeNews if you can!

    The Post Modernism disease of the Left plagues our schools which produce Antifa/Brownshirts and Goebbels like legacy MSM

    There will be a reckoning as there was for nazi Germany and the USSR with her satellites

    The Trump Economy may do the job. May.

    • GlennPMorris
      GlennPMorris says:

      Your hallucination is noted

      We are on our Christmas vacation early this year from all the profits we’ve made this year in the BOOMING Trump Economy

      Merry Christmas!

      • Jake G
        Jake G says:

        How long do you really think Trump can be POTUS without crashing the economy??? A couple years, maximum?

        He has no clue what he’s doing and he can’t tell an intelligent adviser from a stupid one to save his life!

        • GlennPMorris
          GlennPMorris says:

          Now jake hallicinates the future

          And today’s weasel words from the stinking left:

          you probably should keep your doctor and healthcare insurance

  49. UltraModerate
    UltraModerate says:

    Here’s the thing: When the media gets it wrong, they retract the story, punish the person responsible, and report on their own mistake to follow up.

    When Trump, Breitbart, Drudge, Fox News et al, get it wrong, they absolutely positively refuse to admit any error and ignore any calls to do so.

    This is why the majority of the country still finds the mainstream media more credible than partisan right-wing news outlets.

  50. ne14a1e
    ne14a1e says:

    “What accounts for the latest epidemic of fake news and false allegations of prejudicial behavior? ”

    They have run out of other people’s money.

    • George Dixon
      George Dixon says:

      Yeah, like CNN (how many retractions and suspended/fired reporters?) and the WaPo (how many retractions and corrections?)…

      Try again

  51. George Dixon
    George Dixon says:

    Liberals dropped “I think therefor I am” for “I believe therefor it is”.

    The irony of the Trump hate is that Hillary lost her 2nd shot at the presidency and screamed “Russia!!”.
    People looked at “Russia!!” and found Democrats. Democrats screamed “Moore!!” and now Al Franken and John Conyers are gone.

    You’d think that having an ideology which fails in real time (see Obamacare, race relations, the Obama economy, etc) would make the typical democrat somewhat introspective. Instead they double-down on dumb and crawl out from under their ‘safe spaces’ to cheer the next fake news story in hope that reality will go away.

    • FairTaxGuy60
      FairTaxGuy60 says:

      Good point! And I think we lump all Democrats with the Progressives at our own peril. I think we turn them off by saying “Democrats” are the bad guys. There are many, many Democrats who are Pro-Life, Pro Second Amendment, and favor smaller government and lower taxes. It’s a shame that a truly small minority of very vocal Progressives who currently have their fingers on the levers of power in the areas of politics, academia, media, and law have taken-over the Democrat Party. Regular patriotic Democrats need to find a way to oust the Progressives from their party. President Trump was elected with the help of many Democrats. Let’s gather them under the “Trump” umbrella without alienating them and make sure we aim our criticisms at the real culprits: Progressives!

        • FairTaxGuy60
          FairTaxGuy60 says:

          LOL. No, that’s not what I was saying. I think the Democrat party consists of about 5%-10% Progressives, and the rest are just simply “liberal” and are not pushing totalitarian conformity like the Progressives are. And of those “liberals,” I think there are a chunk, maybe 20%-30% who are ok with a Trump-style Republican, but not an establishment-style Republican. We need to go after those 20%-30% without putting them off by lumping them in with the totalitarian Progressive Democrats.

          • Baroo00
            Baroo00 says:

            I have less and less patience with those “liberals” who are willing to look the other way as the totalitarians rage, hoping that they will be exempt from their wrath when they achieve power. The Democrats sent their “Blue Dogs” to the sacrificial altar of ObamaCare, and continue to move farther left with every new iteration of their platform.

            I have an inherent distrust of politicians because their very currency (votes) is an inefficient way to determine the proper allocation of resources, and because our current system rewards great campaigners and not great leaders. There are several – not many, but some – Republican politicians at the national level who seem to respect the position and work toward the good of the country, but I can’t think of a single Dem who isn’t always in “campaign mode”. Perhaps Tulsi Gabbard, although that may be because of her military background. Everyone else is either a “justifies the means” politician or a passive enabler.

            Ultimately, those “liberals” need to wake up and either take back their party or leave it, but letting the Progs speak for them makes them complicit…

          • Its_All_Baloney
            Its_All_Baloney says:

            They voted for King Berry. They voted to destroy the Republic. You can’t “fundamentally transform” something without destroying what it already is. What the USA was before Obama, was the most stable, prosperous, long-lived continuous Democratic Republic in the world. King Berry the Magnificent wanted to change that. Democrat voters climbed on board his train, bought their knee pads and lined up at his zipper.

            If there were a lot of good Democrats out there, you would have heard Democrats calling for special investigations re the IRS, DACA, Pigford, the firing of an Inspector General, the incredibly limp wristed response to the attack in Benghazi which included sacking the theatre commander during the attack, and the nearest naval battle group commander within 24 hours after.

            But what did we hear from every Democrat, everywhere? “Republicans are racist!” Accompanied by the sounds of slurping, gargling, and swallowing.

            Democrats had their chance to show us how they govern. They gave us a somersault down the road to fascism, and a corrupt candidate who promised more of the same. That’s how they lost over a thousand elected offices. Hint: they weren’t voted out en masses across the country because they were doing a good job and everyone loved their policies.

  52. jeburke
    jeburke says:

    In two years of covering six horrendous things Trump has said or done daily, VDH can find a half dozen significant mistakes by reporters — all if which were retracted and corrected within days, even hours, with those responsible for the mistakes losing their jobs in several cases. Meanwhile, the so-called President of the United States lies blatantly every day, often making stuff up out of whole cloth. The free and independent press is the ONLY check on this incessant stream of state propaganda, but Hanson cares not a fig about that. Mark my words, there will be a reckoning with so’called “intellectuals” who prostituted themselves to Trump,, and Hansen may wish that he’d stuck to military history.

    • George Dixon
      George Dixon says:

      “The free and independent press is the ONLY check on this incessant stream of state propaganda”

      That is the ideal but CNN, the WaPo, the NYT are the reality.
      Upside, your angst makes me smile… ty!

    • Nixon's Back
      Nixon's Back says:

      Whut? That’s an odd statement, do you actually believe that or is it just some primitive tribalism?

      • George Dixon
        George Dixon says:

        It reads more like a response to the mindless, primitive tribalism of the Democratic Party.
        What is more ‘tribal’ than identity politics?

        • Nixon's Back
          Nixon's Back says:

          Oh the old I’m not you are argument. A fantastically childish retort. Identity politics are played by both sides. Evangelicals don’t practice identity politics? The culture war is only being fought by one side?

          No it reads like a person so jaded by their side that they cannot see any value in one who disagrees.

          • Its_All_Baloney
            Its_All_Baloney says:

            Sorry, cupcake, Democrats are the wrong party to make that argument. You guys have zero credibility with anyone who hasn’t already drowned his sorrows in purple Koolaid.

            Disagreement is fine. Debate is fine. Compromise is fine. Calling anyone who disagrees a racist, declaring that the debate is over, and cramming through hugely unpopular, Stalinesque legislation against the will of the people, is not.

            You don’t get to lie, cheat, steal, riot, rob, and murder to get your way, then claim you’re the good guys. Sorry, nobody with a brain is going to buy that.

          • Nixon's Back
            Nixon's Back says:

            Cupcake? Lol this is what I’m talking about, primitive tribalism. Sorry you got called a racist. I don’t know you and have no idea if you are or aren’t a racist. I agree there is too much labeling on either side, but in some cases there are many racists who aren’t aware they’re racist. I’m sure if you asked Roy Moore if he’s racist he would say no. I would say anybody who thinks the 13th and 14th are superfluous are pretty racist people.

            But on the point of tribalism, you’re point that everything liberals in this country do in wrong shows that you’re so blinded by your side you can’t see anything but your hatred. I don’t hate conservatives; I disagree with them, but I could hang with a conservative without talking politics I’m sure we could find many areas where we share interest. I dunno my beef is that people on both sides seem to believe the world would be better off without the other side, but I disagree, we are friends not enemies. We just need to get out of the hateful rhetoric that divides us.

        • Nixon's Back
          Nixon's Back says:

          To declare one side of the political argument doesn’t belong in polite society is odd. It is very stalinesque. I disagree with conservatives on many things, but I don’t believe they need to be excluded from society. Sure you could have said it tongue in cheek, but it’s still odd to think others don’t deserve what you have based on political disagreements.

  53. R.L.
    R.L. says:

    “Instead, either blinded by real hatred or hyper-partisanship or both, much of the media has redoubled their reporting of rumor and fictions as facts…..”

    I think that there is more to play here. The media which is losing viewership and therefore money keeps posting false information. Why would they do that knowing it is costing money?

    I believe it is because there are some really deep pockets that are paying the media companies big dollars to keep posting fake news regarding the Presidency. The Soros cash, along with organizing for America, and other leftist organizations are most likely behind it. Then you can add in the leftist big donors who no longer have any standing in America due to their deviant sexual proclivities.

    I really believe that if you follow the money you will see why the media keeps making the fake news.

    • Joe Blow
      Joe Blow says:

      Naw. The “journalists” are true believers. And signaling their virtue to their fellow journalists is more important to them than the health of their institutions.

  54. Colt
    Colt says:

    The Left’s mantra is “The end justifies the means”. They hate President Trump because he loves America. They hate America.
    There arrogance prevents them for seeing the folly of their ways.

    • reality check
      reality check says:

      “Trump loves America”. Can you provide one single example that demonstrated his love of America
      in the first 70 yrs of his life? His “magic” bone spurs that got him classified 4F during the viet Nam war and then magically disappeared soon after doesn’t count.

        • reality check
          reality check says:

          Not exactly a direct response. Come on, Just one example of Trump showing his love for America in his entire life, pre presidency. This is so easy that any one of you can provide just one example, or maybe you can’t because there aren’t any to be found.

          • reality check
            reality check says:

            Thank you for your direct response to my challenge. Can anybody add to this concise, coherent reply with similar responses. I’ll bet you can. You can’t reply to my question but you sure can act silly.

          • RIP_UN_1945_2017
            RIP_UN_1945_2017 says:

            I am sorry to inform you sir , that no sane individual will take your ” challenges” seriously , because your reasoning is grossly simplistic , and you appear to be emotionally unstable.

          • Joe Blow
            Joe Blow says:

            Hmm. I love this country, but I doubt it would be possible to point to an action in my almost half century of life that shows my love of country. Does voting libertarian count?
            How about you, Ace, you have something in your past that shows your love of this country?

  55. Bob
    Bob says:

    Those who engage in a truth-be-damned, the end justifies the means type of political engagement be wary, for you are opening the door to similiar behaviour directed at you. Normalizing this type of gottcha news will only insure it’s longevity.

  56. JDL
    JDL says:

    When ‘news’ people command $20M/year like Megyn Kelly, they are empowered. This results in outsizing their opinions which are largely liberal. News sources are needed without the multi-millionaire TV stars delivering news void of interpretation.

  57. DevilSucker
    DevilSucker says:

    “You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect”

    But not, apparently, one of integrity.

  58. allen goldberg
    allen goldberg says:

    The word ‘Truth’ has been removed or camouflaged from the English language…now we have fake news, lies and deceit…and people like Jim Acosta….who think their POV and capabilities are superior to all of us….

  59. stevenandros
    stevenandros says:

    “Main stream” journalists are patently nothing more than democrat operatives. They are NOT nor have they been “disinterested” nor objective – for several decades.

    The democrats & their media propagandists have completely adopted “the end justifies the means” as their core belief, therefore – it’s perfectly OK to lie and misreport, so long as the desired goal of hurting Trump is achieved. They’re perfectly happy to trade the pathetic remains of the ridiculous fiction that they were fair and objective for their goal, and they are counting on the short memory of the American people to redeem their standing in the long run.

  60. Carolinatarheel
    Carolinatarheel says:

    Why don’t Lying democrats use FOX News?

    Because they know the mainstream media will continue to cover their lies!

    Thank God for President Trump. He stands behind what’s good for America!

    America First! MAGA!

  61. Charles Ross
    Charles Ross says:

    News that is “fake”, “not true” is uncorrected news, news that is put out there and left uncorrected . None of the examples listed above qualify as “fake”. They were incorrect and quickly corrected. An example of fake news is trump saying in a recent speech in Florida that home ownership among blacks was at an all-time high. (not true) Information put out there and left out there uncorrected. That is fake news, an untruth, a casual lie put out there by a president with little regard for ‘truth’.

      • Charles Ross
        Charles Ross says:

        So, I offer my wisdom and insight to help people like you, one of the deplorables, maybe grow a bit, both emotionally and intellectually, and you respond with an insipid seven word response that offers nothing nothing of value and . . . . I’m the troll?

      • reality check
        reality check says:

        When all you can do is attack the messenger, it is a sure indication that you have no rational response to the message, unless you do have a direct response & just forgot. Go ahead & respond directly right now, if you can.

        • sosumi idk
          sosumi idk says:

          Yeah. The th trolls is put them on ignore.

          Unless – and wait: this is actually more likely – maybe Peonie was merely sharing a laugh with me and Carolinatarheel, and isn’t trying to repute the troll at all.

          BTW sure sign of a troll: “Charles Ross” is actually signed up under the name “@disqus_QYbnxQGOr3 “

          • sosumi idk
            sosumi idk says:

            Welcome to new polarized America. There is no longer any reason to try to reason with the left.

            So we just do to them what they’ve been doing to us for years … simply refuse to acknowledge them as having any legitimacy.

            You’re not going to like being on the receiving end of what y’all have been dishing out. Especially since the “not trying to reason with” part goes hand in hand with not exempting you from your own (double) standards.

            So far, the wailing and screams has been fun. Hope it continues to stay this much fun, at least until you guys figure out that civility either goes two ways, or not at all.

    • sosumi idk
      sosumi idk says:

      Nah. Still counts as fake as long as the stupid people, that is, the majority of (D) voters, still believe it’s true.

      Example: how many Democrats still think “hands up, don’t shoot” is a real thing?

      This won’t end until the fake news pushers are completely discredited and even the stupidest voters understand they’re being played.

      • Charles Ross
        Charles Ross says:

        i’m a Democrat. I don’t think many Democrats think of the phrase “hands up, don’t shoot” one way or another. I suspect they don’t think of it at all.
        Here’s an example: how many republicans still think that Obama was not born in the United States and, therefore, not a citizen? Here , let me think out loud for you. A recent poll from yougov established that 51% of republicans think that Obama was not born a U.S. Citizen.
        This , even though trump himself has said that Obama was born in the United States.
        See. Trump lies so often that even when he tells the truth his own fanatics don’t believe him!

        • Its_All_Baloney
          Its_All_Baloney says:

          What anyone “believes” about an objective physical event is irrelevant. Personally, I don’t care where Obama was born. His mother was a US citizen at the time of his birth. Under US law, that makes Little Barry also a US citizen.

          What I do care about, however, is the strong evidence that Little Barry claimed to be “Kenyan born” until the day that stopped working for him. At that exact moment, anyone else who still claimed Little Barry was “Kenyan born” was suddenly a racist and a hater in a tinfoil hat.

          It’s typical of Democrats. It’s how you guys roll: Lie, cheat, steal, riot, rob, and murder; then when your cities are on fire and your people dying in the streets, blame the Republicans.

          • Charles Ross
            Charles Ross says:

            You don’t have a shred of evidence that Obama has said or written that he was “born in Kenya”. That’s just something you have chosen to “believe”.
            Let me illustrate for you an example of strong evidence: More than a dozen women claim that, in a variety of circumstance and settings, that trump molested/assaulted/harassed them, and, accompanying these claims is a video tape of trump saying “when your rich and famous, you can do whatever you want, grab them by the pu*sy, whatever”. Now that is “strong evidence”.

  62. Peonie
    Peonie says:

    Media Matters and it’s web organizations are working non-stop to produce negative press on President Trump. Media pundits are, evidently, too dumb to check the information they’re being fed by the evil David Brock.

  63. Ein Vogel-frei
    Ein Vogel-frei says:

    Mr Hanson’s points are well taken. One issue I believe is seldom addressed, is the naked commercial need driving much fake news. The old revenue model for media is long gone. Now they live in a constant hunger for the next successful clickbait. You don’t click you don’t eat. If its been slow,and you have to fabricate some (or all) the salacious details, hey do what you gotta do, tell yourself its for the grand higher purpose of The Resistance.

  64. digger5
    digger5 says:

    I think the enormous majority of journalists are diligent, competent and honest. Some of them get sloppy, especially when facing deadline. All of them have political leanings, some liberal and some conservative. Some do their job in pursuit of their political leanings, but most just want to get the facts straight.

    I never heard the story that Melania was leaving the WH. The story about the MLK bust was corrected in short order. I never heard anything about an invasion of Mexico. I don’t deny that these things found their way to the internet. I’m just saying the mainstream news that I watch didn’t report it or if they did, dropped it quickly.

    Contrast that with Trump and the birthed movement.

    • sosumi idk
      sosumi idk says:

      I heard the story that Melania was leaving the WH. The story about MLK was corrected by people other than the ones who broke it. I don’t know what is more shocking: how in-your-face the bogus stories are, or how many of them there are.

      And they seem to be working: the majority of people hear or see the headline, assume it to be true, and never see the correction. “I can see Alaska from my house”, said Tina Fey, and people willingly attributed the quote to Palin because it’s all about emotion, manipulating emotion.

      But just keep defending those diligent, competent, and honest reporters, whose mistakes always just coincidentally push the narrative that Trump needs to be impeached.

    • FairTaxGuy60
      FairTaxGuy60 says:

      Let’s put it this way…the mainstream media COULD have made a giant deal out of a lot of things Obama did, but they ignored all those things. For example, did they ever get doctors on TV to comment on what harm Obama may have done to his brain by smoking pot when he was in college, possibly making his brain make unfit decisions, and calling for him to be removed from office because of it? Well, CNN is doing just that with Trump about his Diet Cokes! THAT is the kind of stuff that is just simply one-sided all the way around the MSM, forever and ever.

      • digger5
        digger5 says:

        You have an advantage on me because I have never tried either marijuana or Diet Coke. Have a look at a recent Trump spontaneous speech or interview, then have a look at a spontaneous speech or interview with Obama. I know not everyone agrees with Obama, but he is certainly well-spoken. Trump — not so much. How is it possible that someone who is not very bright got so far? I would love an explanation: maybe he is smarter than he appears; maybe he has dementia; maybe its the Diet Coke. I don’t know, but I want to know.

        • Everett Brunson
          Everett Brunson says:

          Okay, I’ll bite. If you truly want to know then the first thing to do is to separate glibness with intellectual acumen. When BHO found himself off-script or off teleprompter he said some very silly and inane things. All one has to do is count the increase of Ums and Uhs to get the gist of the floundering.

          Second, if you are familiar with the Kiersey Temperment Sorter you will be familiar with the “intuitive” designation. I have found that a great deal of Trump’s intelligence is rooted in his instinctual grasp of complex situations. Occam’s Razor has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter. I remember well the early stories of Bill Clinton’s administration that output at the White House came to almost a standstill because of his fascination with minutia. It is not always a good thing to get caught up with the “on the other hand” arguments as witnessed by Tevia.

          • reality check
            reality check says:

            I believe that you have to enter into your equation the fact that Trump demonstrates, on a daily basis, that he know almost nothing about almost everything and shows no inclination or motivation to learn anything important to his job as president. Unless it involves improving his name, his brand or his bottom line,

          • Everett Brunson
            Everett Brunson says:

            You only echo the shallow levels of investigation that has now become the hallmark of the mainstream press. If you look at what he, Pence, and Tillerson have accomplished on the world stage you would be forced to re-evaluate your opinion. The visit to the Far East has resulted in nearly $300 billion in pending commerce deals, re commitment by the Chinese in the efforts to curb Kim’s disastrous seeking of nuclear weapons, and reinforced America’s commitment to defend Japan in the event of NORK provocations. He also tightened diplomatic relations and commitments with South Korea.

            Tillerson is currently in Europe where he ably articulated the US stance vis a vis Russian interference in Ukraine, the continued US commitment to NATO, and commitments with 57 other nations in the fight against terrorism. He has opened up conversation with Macron (of all people) that will have long lasting positive effects on the situation is Syria, Lebanon, and the Kurd occupied zones.

            The Pence/Kushner meetings with the Saudi’s have strengthened ME commitment to combat an ever growing threat to regional stability currently at risk due to the grandiose schemes of Iran and Turkey.

            Domestically Trump has enhanced security on the southern border by releasing the Border Patrol and ICE to properly do their jobs. Too, his mere election has dropped illegal crossings over 50% year to date. His spending policies and deregulation has already resulted in a lowering of this year’s projected deficit (which was the product of the last Obama budget). In addition he has nearly doubled the rate of growth of the GDP and the DOW is at record levels (breaking 87 consecutive levels this year alone.

            Stop drinking the kool-aid and re=check your own reality. Your emotions are getting the best of you and you are ill served because of it.

          • Everett Brunson
            Everett Brunson says:

            Back at you. It is always good to discuss things even when those in discussion do not necessarily agree or even approach the issue from common areas or points of view. The danger lies whenever we fall into separate pits and merely hurl rocks at the other.

    • Everett Brunson
      Everett Brunson says:

      The list of things of which you state your unawareness says much about where and how you get your news. The list of things the MSM choose not to cover exceeds the list of thing they do. If it doesn’t promote a progressive narrative, then it isn’t news.

      Your final comment re: Trump and the birther movement exposes even more. Trump did not start the Birther movement. Hillary Clinton did. Too, anyone who has viewed the alleged “birth certificate” with a critical eye easily sees that it is neither an original document nor is it authentic in any way.

      That you are here at AG shows there may be hope, but only if you decide to pay attention instead of swallowing the corporate line at every turn.

        • Everett Brunson
          Everett Brunson says:

          How stupid are you? Do you deny the birther question was originally raised by the Clinton campaign?

          In August 2008, lifelong Democrat Philip J. Berg, a former Pennsylvania deputy attorney general, filed the first lawsuit alleging that Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen. It was dismissed as “frivolous and not worthy of discussion,” but the rumor continued to grow.

          Both of those stories comport with what we here at wrote two-and-a-half years earlier, on Nov. 8, 2008: “This claim was first advanced by diehard Hillary Clinton supporters as her campaign for the party’s nomination faded, and has enjoyed a revival among John McCain’s partisans as he fell substantially behind Obama in public opinion polls.”

          It was not started by Donald Trump.

          • Dave781
            Dave781 says:

            No, I believe that Hillary started the birther nonsense. You believe the birther nonsense itself. That is what I was referring to.

            And of course Trump has repeated the birther nonsense too.

            Glad I could clear this up.

          • Everett Brunson
            Everett Brunson says:

            Dave, I have nearly 5400 comments on record. I challenge you to find even ONE reference where I buy into the birther issue. The only thing I asserted was that Donald Trump did not start the claim. You expose your bias and lack of credibility throughout this thread.

            As usual, when the argument is being lost the typical response is to move the goalpost. Try again with someone who cares.

          • Dave781
            Dave781 says:

            In the post that I was replying to you referred to the “alleged” birth certificate. So that is one reference.

          • Everett Brunson
            Everett Brunson says:

            Alleged because it has not been demonstrated to be authentic. Mine doesn’t look anything like it. It has my footprint on it. I imagine yours has the same. BUT, like I have said once and repeat again here–BHOs place of birth has never been an an issue with me. His mother is a US citizen. That makes him a US citizen regardless where he was born.

            If you recall, the same “natural born citizen” issue was raised about John McCain (born in Panama) and Ted Cruz (born in Canada). The stupidity of the argument has been exposed for each of them–both were qualified to be elected president. The same applies to BHO.

          • Dave781
            Dave781 says:

            OK then, you are not saying that Obama was born in Africa. But I think that you are mistaken about birth certificates.

            I too have a “birth certificate” with my footprints on it but it was issued by the hospital where I was born. When my mother gave it to me she told me it was a joke, and it is.

            I got my LEGAL birth from the city where I was born, and I watched as it came out of a laser printer. There were no footprints.

          • Everett Brunson
            Everett Brunson says:

            The certificate I used to get my passport was the one with the footprint on it. It was issued by the Treasure Island Naval Station Hospital. It is the only one I have–therefore the only one I use.


    The MSM threw its credibility away when it got on its collective knees for Hillary. I look forward to voting for DJT in 2020 and his second term. I look forward to Senator Roy Moore.

  66. Retired military
    Retired military says:

    I can find out everything I wanted to know about Trump by watching CNN.
    Trump overfeeds fish, gets 2 scoops of ice cream and drinks too much diet coke. There you go. Top notch reporting by the best news organization in the world. They dont have any thing more pressing to discuss.

  67. Rex
    Rex says:

    I always enjoy Hanson’s 2,000 word vomits, trying to defend an indefensible man. It never works, but I guess it makes him feel better about himself. So, kudos to you, Victor!

    • FairTaxGuy60
      FairTaxGuy60 says:

      Hanson writes incredible pieces. There is a ton of great info in this article alone. For example, are you somehow going to just call it “vomit” when he points out all the factual times leftists have faked crimes against themselves, and how the media ignores it once these fakes are discovered? And how they continue with the narrative of the fake crime even though it didn’t occur?

      • reality check
        reality check says:

        ” Hanson writes incredible pieces” You sure got that right. Definition of:in·cred·i·ble
        1.not credible; hard to believe; unbelievable. He sure does write ‘incredible’ pieces every time. We all look forward to BELIEVABLE ones.

  68. Allie Youpe
    Allie Youpe says:

    If they had not forsaken history for gender studies, today’s leftist media would know that they were following the same path as the Nazis and Stalinists trod 80 years ago. And if they do know that, they do not care.

    • inyouri
      inyouri says:

      Lenin (Proletary – editor-in-chief .)
      Trotsky ( editorial staff of Iskra and Pravda)
      Bukharin (Pravda – editor in chief)
      Kamenev (Pravda – editor in chief)

      Lenin died from 3 strokes.
      Trotsky took an ax to the head,
      Bukharin was shot and his wife sent to a labor camp.
      Kamenev was shot and a lot of his family were executed as well.

      They died easy considering the death and agony they caused millions. Ironic they set the stage for Stain and good ole Uncle Joe bumped them off for their efforts with the exception of Lenin.

  69. Peonie
    Peonie says:

    Well, AG… You’ve got trolls now, so that’s proof positive that you’re doing a great job frightening the establishment hacks…

      • reality check
        reality check says:

        Where we ‘trolls’ lie in wait for nonsense to rear its ugly, irrational head and slay the purveyors of those lies.”Just the facts ma’am” Jpe Friday!

  70. Peonie
    Peonie says:

    Victor Davis Hanson and Conrad Black are practically saints in my view. They tell the truth in the face of blasts of histrionic excoriation. I love them both dearly.

  71. Baroo00
    Baroo00 says:

    Why is it assumed that this “fake news epidemic” is new?

    Perhaps there are just more serious, alternative venues to expose the lies, and more people unwilling to sit down, shut up and take the liars on faith…