Defining the Space Between NeverTrump and the Alt-Right

I am a red-pilled normie. At least that’s what I think the “Dissident Right” would call me. What does that mean? I’ll break it down.

“Red-pilled” refers to having discovered a hidden truth. The reference is from the movie, “The Matrix,” where Neo takes the red pill and discovers that what he thought was reality was only an illusion. Here the illusion being dismissed is that Republican leaders are trying to conserve traditional values. Once you put the dots together, you’ll realize that these leaders are flim-flam men harvesting cash and influence from their constituency. They conserve nothing except their own privileges.

“Normie”? Well, that means I still haven’t given up hope for restoring the American project. The dissidents have already declared America dead and buried. Their only concern is how the American Balkanization will proceed.

And how is a red-pilled normie supposed to behave? Well, let’s make a comparison.

Red(pill)-Blue(pill) America
If you’re a wholly woke alt-righter you’re only waiting for the revolution to start. Then you can take part in some kind of Armageddon which even those who long for it admit might not go so well.

But according to the script, crashing the system is the only way out. So, all’s going according to plan. Trump is just an early stage of the project and there’s nothing to say or do except organize, cache supplies, and prepare for the crash. Clear path ahead, check.

If you’re a blue-pilled normie, all is despair and confusion. You must not only negotiate the continuous retreat before the Left’s agenda but it is also your solemn duty to battle Trump with every fiber of your un-woke being. This should be a familiar scenario to any Republican who endured the Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama regimes. So, nothing to do but wail and gnash your teeth. Clear path ahead, check.

But what about me? What’s my deal? Well, I live in the territory between these two populations. I interact with both and actually empathize with both. Until about a year ago, I didn’t even know there was anybody else in here with me. But then I read “The Flight 93 Election” by Publius Decius Mus at American Greatness and another article by Angelo Codevilla, and I knew I wasn’t alone.

It’s been a giddy couple of years since the beginning of the remarkable campaign that put Donald Trump in the White House. Every week or so the roller coaster that is the mainstream media ratchets up Impeach Trump Mountain only to come crashing down on the other side and around the track again. The thrills and chills provide enormous entertainment value and so far, the ride has managed to stay mostly on the tracks. Yet all this entertainment comes with a price tag. Most of it is measured in dyspepsia and loss of civility around the water cooler but that’s just par for the course now anyway. The other price is the continuing ebb of trust and tolerance, and a palpable desire for some kind of reckoning.

Split the Difference? Don’t Bet on It
But is the path ahead clear for the red-pilled normie? I’d say no. We have a challenge. We must avoid the traps to which the blue-pilled normies succumb daily. The endless hand-wringing over Trump’s latest tweet or some fabricated headline proving that the Right is conspiring with Putin or preparing to hurl American womanhood into some “Handmaid’s Tale” type of bondage. You have to stop trying to split the difference with the Left. We share no common ground.

So that’s one side of the challenge. But the other side is to maintain morale and the conviction that we can restore the kind of country we believe in. We must be courageous enough to believe we can eliminate the largest injustices of the government programs under which we live. Affirmative action and all other forms of government coercion against free association are unconstitutional and must be eliminated. Simply put, these are all discrimination against Americans for being either white, male, normal, or all of the above. Millions of unassimilated immigrants and punitive trade agreements are stealth attacks on the sovereignty and economic health of Americans and must come to an end.

That’s a tall order. The Dissident Right has decided that this restoration is impossible. They might be correct. The trick for us is to prove them wrong, if we can. We have to be willing to use the tactics of the Dissident Right (which are actually the tactics of the Left) in the service of restoring reason.

So that’s the needle red-pilled normies need to thread. Recognize the enormous extent of dysfunction that has become embedded in our institutions but don’t allow the despair of either the blue-pills or the dissidents to stop you from working to overthrow it and restore the America we remember and desire. We can get back to a normal world—a place where the values that affirm life aren’t readily questioned, mocked, or disparaged. Where even though people don’t always do what’s right they at least know what right is.

We are embarking on a long journey and we need to be prepared for that. But we have nothing to lose. If the blue-pills are right, then we’re doomed anyway. So, we might as well go down swinging.

If the dissidents are right then the world we know will be turned upside down. It will just be a continuation of the struggle on a smaller and sadder stage.

If we’re right, then we can look forward to seeing a better place for ourselves and our children. And defeating the Leftists would be a truly satisfying revenge. That alone will be worth the effort.


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"photog" is the nom de plume of the owner-operator of Orion’s Cold Fire ( a website devoted to right-wing commentary, photography and science fiction and fantasy.

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14 responses to “Defining the Space Between NeverTrump and the Alt-Right”

  1. The problem is the Left. BLM. AntiFa.
    They don’t care that you are trying to thread the needle. You will end up pepper sprayed if lucky. You will end up with an acid attack or bludgeoned with sock-padlocks until you have a skull fracture.
    See what happend with Chernovich’s Deploraball. And Milo at Berkeley.
    You wish for “Peace in our Time”.
    The post is between Never Trump and the Alt-Right. But you don’t mention the left that would try to injure, maim, or kill you for wearing a MAGA hat.

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  2. Not sure if the author is aware that Trump likes affirmative action, and illegal immigrants.

  3. NeverTrumpers just know how to complain. That leaves Antifa and other hard left groups to larp with dissident right groups every once in a while, and both those groups represent a tiny sliver of America. Red-pilled normies (Republicans and Democrats) need to focus on removing corrupt politicians from Congress, but besides that can enjoy the 3%+ GDP growth from President Trump’s America First policies and actually get on with their lives.

    • Never Trumpers lose with dignity, but always lose. They serve as the straight man in the sitcom of modern political propaganda as written by the media. It is a function they willing fulfill. Whether it is McCain, Romney, any Bush or a fool like Jonah Goldberg, their function is to take the pie in the face. These clowns hate Trump because he refuses to play the role as required by the script.

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      • Sometimes it seems like the biggest crime Trump commits — so far as the GOPe is concerned — is proving that they didn’t have to be the straw men they have became.

  4. I think some of us make this more complicated than it needs to be. Race preferences for example are illegal in the employment context. There’s a very narrow exception to address proven past discrimination, but no company is going to go out and voluntarily prove that they’ve been discriminating, so it’s rarely used. So we have a “downhill battle” if it’s about “restoring” individual merit as the sole factor determining hiring; we just have to enforce the law. Similar things could be said about illegal immigration (multiple generations of laws have been passed to combat it), trade (Trump is using pre-existing tools that have been given to the Executive to advance our trade interests). etc., etc. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, etc., lay out not only the foundations but also the general contours of our philosophy, and they remain the ruling documents in our society.

    • Sir,

      ” the ruling documents in our society”

      They are legacy documents. Not irrelevant but not ruling certainly not day to day governance.
      That is the Federal Register-our actual working Constitution, checked only by The Bill of Rights and probably Fear of the armed people. It’s administrative law. Most have never heard of it.

      See also Humphrey’s Executors and the APA/Administrative Procedures Act. Effects of which are govt agencies can tax the entities they regulate [$$$] and govt employees can’t be fired.

  5. There are a lot of red pills, not just one. The author has only taken the mildest one, he needs a few more.

    For instance: what does he think about the role of woman in society? Does he look forward to continuing to “remove gender imbalances” and growing role of woman in leadership? Does he regret their are not more women in STEM? Does he think woman’s biological makeup reflects in their psychology? How does he think society should deal with the “woman problem”? Does he know what MGTOW means?

    Alcoholics Anonymous has a rule that new members can not sponsor other new members for a few years. You can’t lead someone on a path that you yourself and just discovering. The problem I have with this writer, and others like him (the Zman comes to mind), is that they are simultaneously discovering the path and trying to lead a tour of it. That never works well.

    I had the same feeling watching Glenn Beck years ago when he had his Fox TV show. One day he’d be interviewing someone like Tom Woods and he’d be all excited by Libertarianism, the next day he’s be reading about Civil Rights and worshiping MLK.

    One thing that is admirable about many of the leaders in the AltRight is that they have done their homework. They have read all the books, taken all the red pills, and thought through the corner cases. They have memorized the music before taking the stage.

  6. When you define the options in this way, it is easy to come off as the reasonable center. One of the few pieces AmGreatness has published that seems easily as daft as the more dogmatic commenters.

  7. Unless you are willing to Name the Jew, you are not fully redpilled. That’s what this is about.

  8. Great article! As a result of the administrations you mention, I believe that the country has, and is, moving towards a red-pilled normie type of country. Sure, the wacko extremist left will continue throw tantrums, and the fringe alt-right will continue to push for revolution, however, look at the results of elections just since Obama was immaculated. The Democrat party has essentially been decimated. The number of seats won by Republicans for local, State, and National seats isn’t even close. Are they all traditional conservatives? No. But people rejecting Romney and McCain, despite it giving us Obama, to me meant that red-pilled types had had enough of the casper milquetoast type republicans, and this is now clearly evident with the election of Trump. Rush Limbaugh’s program is stronger than ever. Tens of millions of listeners every day listening to common sense conservatism. The silent majority if you will. And there are many other signs to numerous to list here. Dare I say that the trend is in our favor. At least I hope it is. The country isn’t lost yet. I think there are far many red-pilled normies than you may think. And that’s a good thing.