She Didn’t Know What She Signed Up For

She didn’t know what she signed up for,
She does not understand it at all—
Why not use, for political ambush,
A Gold Star family’s condolence call?

She didn’t know what she signed up for,
When she launched her preemptive attack—
She’d assumed that the rules of engagement
Specified that no one could fight back.

She didn’t know what she signed up for,
She was ready to ground and to pound—
What’s a lady to do, if her target
Impolitely declines to lie down?



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15 responses to “She Didn’t Know What She Signed Up For”

  1. 9.9. It would be a 10, but what’s this stuff about a poet having a **job?** I thought you’re supposed to starve in some crummy pension in a crappy arrondissement in Paris, and only be discovered 45 years after your unremarked suicide. ;)

    • Yeah, so I’ve heard, but I don’t speak French, and anyway my wife said “no”. I’ll just have to suck it up and take the .1 penalty!

      • :) And, mind, I have limited tolerance for poetry, too, so the 9.9 is basically an 11, like the “Spinal Tap” amps.

  2. Oh, she knew what she signed up for,
    A life of graft and ease,
    knowing a woman of color
    can say whatever she pleased.

    Yes, she knew what she signed up for,
    buffoonery in bedazzled hats,
    believing she’s always a victim
    made her crazy as droppings of bats.

    She knew well what she signed up for,
    ensconced in her entitlement bubble,
    a witch just stirring her brew, of
    “Double, double toil and trouble.”

    • He has a fear of llamas? Or is that a hatred of llamas? Either way, poor guy … hope he gets help!

  3. Alright, let’s get Emily into this:

    “Because I could not stop for Rage-

    He kindly stopped for me-

    The Limo held but just Ourselves-

    And Imbecility.”

      • LOL. What can I do? I was raised on MAD Magazine poetry parodies, the greatest of which began:

        “I wandered lonely as a clod
        Just picking up old rags and bottle
        While onward on my way I plod
        I saw a host of axolotls.. “

  4. Excellent Mr. Grimes, the next poet laureate of American Greatness.

  5. I kinda like the idea of a limerick . . .

    “There once was a woman in DC,
    Who thought trashing Trump would be easy,
    Eavesdrop on a call,
    And politicize all,
    But she ended up looking quite sleazy.