Take a Knee to PC

It’s time to stop listening in silence to the social justice catechism—the propagandists take silence as consent, and so do your fellow Americans. It’s time to let everyone know that we do not consent to nonstop progressive hectoring and that we do not regard it as simple virtue.

Colin Kaepernick shows us what we need to do. Take a knee.

Take a knee when your college’s convocation speaker is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter. Take a knee when your university’s commencement speaker calls for amnestying illegal immigrants. Take a knee when the college president calls on you to work for social justice.

And proudly wear a t-shirt that says “Liberty Matters.”

Take a knee when your teacher spends class time ranting against the president. Take a knee when you’re forced to undergo “diversity training” at your new job. Take a knee when you listen to the chairman of a corporation that fires its employees for speaking up against PC.

Take a knee every time your conscience tells you “I do not assent and I will not let my silence be taken as consent.”

Take a knee, and invite your friends and neighbors to join you.

Take a knee, and when the henchmen of the authoritarian Left try to fire you, shun you, yell at you, or simply beat you up—

Then is the time to stand up and sing the national anthem.


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8 responses to “Take a Knee to PC”

  1. ‘Take a knee’? No. Turn Your Back. Literally.

  2. Yes!
    If it is so significant for liberals to take a knee to signify their disapproval of Our National Anthem, then, take a knee for everything they say or do!
    If PRESIDENT TRUMP would televise his taking a knee on Sunday in The Oval Office, at the start of the 1st football game, and take a knee while turning off his TV, the lib’s wouldn’t know what to do next.
    They wanted this war. Fight them with their own tactics.

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    • Not really. Traditionally taking a knee is a sign of submission and a leftist would see it as your acceptance of your position as his servant. Free men stand for the flag and anthem as a sign of respect. Free men walk away from loud mouth leftists.

      • Excellent post! And very true. Stand tall and tell ’em all where to go!

  3. Does a Conservative website exist that doesn’t show this HAG’S picture somewhere on it every single freak’n day?

  4. I’d rather pull the charging handle on my AR, thank you. I kneel for no one except the Big Cheese Dude Himself.